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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Sather simply screwed up by getting two instead of one Rangers desperately needed and Jagr clearly acknowledges that. That and only that made Nylander to go and Rangers will have a very hard time to digest Sathers moves. All of them except the Cullen trade.
This is all wrong. Jagr acknowledges that he is sorry to see Nylander go, but he is clearly excited to play with his new and yes, better centers. He's been quoted in several interviews as saying as much.
“The truth is,” Jagr said about the signings of Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, “GM Glen Sather brought Christmas in the middle of the summer. The Rangers had to sign a centerman, so they had to embellish their offers a little, otherwise they would have no one. They hoped for one and they got both Gomez and Drury.”
“The future of the organization will be built around them. Sometimes, one has to deal with things quickly. No one is irreplaceable. I don’t have time to cry about not having my centerman and I would only hurt myself [by doing so].”
I'm not familiar with Czech culture, is Christmas bad there?

What made Nylander go was his insistance on a 4 year deal which Sather wisely balked on. You do not give 35 year olds 4 year deals. Not anymore. Sather went and signed both centers only after Nylander recieved his Edm/Wash offer. He did give Glen the option to match but Glen turned it down.

I don't know what you are basing this notion that Nylander is a better center than Gomez or Drury. They have both proven an ability to play with anyone they have been paired with in their careers. Nylander has shown an ability to play well with Jagr and only Jagr. You might be right in the end, but there is nothing in the careers of any of these players to indicate that they'll be utter failures with Jagr.

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