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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
I have a hard time seeing Holik as a great Devil but i still think you are comparing apples and oranges.

Holik is such a different player than Gomez.

I agree with you when you say lets not get ahead of ourselves lets see what he can do. But the guy has never had a Chance to play for a different team before. Thats just as important as saying hes gonna fail because another high profile Devil has. Thats the easy way out IMO

You are just following the Holik adage and it isn't a real sound argument.

You would have a better argument if you compared the pressures of the size and length of the contracts and playing in New York City for both players.

Im gonna end it here. After all this is a Jagr thread. Have a good day Devito.
the fact that he has never played for another team is exactly my point. he didn't go to the devils from another team and adapt to anything. we don't know yet that he can play with jagr. good point about the contracts and the different expectations for holik and gomez. but with this huge contract and the expectations from gomez the pressure could be too much. i think we shouldn't say that he will play great with jagr yet. he hasn't played a game. lets wait and see. you have a good day too.

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