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03-07-2004, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Janerixon
no way is blackie going to be in the ahl while lundqvist is starting at the NHl level, its just not going to happen.

look mclennan is here now so we can try and move dunham and go with mclennan/labarbera split for the rest of the year. mclennan is not signed for next season so he is a ufa and does not have to necessarily be brought back. regardless of if its him or not, blackie if healthy will be with the pro-team, this year he was going to be the starter in hartford but due to his injury that fell apart, since the whole team is rebuilding there is no reason it cant be blackie and someone else with the pro team, be it blackie and mclennan if he is brought back, maybe blackie and sauve if we make a deal for him, heck maybe even blackie and labarbera but lundqvist will not be here unless he has an amazing camp and shows he is NHL ready which i just dont see happening

if we want to lose next year then playing all kids with a combo of blackie and mclennan or blackie and labarbera sounds about right to me, we will win some but we wont steal any games unless we get amazing goaltending

i just dont see anyway dunham is back next year, he will make 3.6 and and if we buy him out that will cost 2.41 million
players who are signed for next season
de vries 3.1 mil
holik 8.85 mil
jagr 6 mil
poti 3.1
kasper 4.2
total: 27.66 million

so everything really depends on who is still moved (de Vries and poti) and the cap and its number

i just dont see dunham here and it looks as if something could be brewing
I agree, but young goaltending seems to be our one strength with Lundqvist and Blackburn. I would rather use the assets we have to move in a deal for a young player/prospect/pick. We have so many holes to fill that it doesnt make sense to me to package our assets for yet another young goalie. If you feel Sauve is a future franchise goalie then maybe you do it, but Im just as happy with Blackburn and Lundqvist right now.

I do want Dunham GONE. If we get anything of value for him I take it and run regardless of position.

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