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I have the bag. I'll list some pros and cons

It does work, it will clean & dry your equipment.
You could literally leave your equipment in the car all week, then put the thing on 3 hours before you leave for your game and it will be dry and most of the odors will be gone.
It has wheels
It's really big
You'll be the best smelling guy on the team
You don't need to take your equipment out of the bag to clean it

It's really big (You could fit a body in this thing), this could be an issue if you have a smaller car or have a crowded locker room. I can hardly fit the bag into my civic.
While it does clean your equipment and take away most of the smell, it doesn't do a perfect job. You'll still have to wash the stuff every once in a while.
Makes the room smell like hockey stench while the bag is cleaned
Doesn't do much for the smell inside of your gloves (if that bothers you)

It does a decent job on your jersey, socks, etc. but I'd recommend putting those in the wash after every game because they do tend to carry the smell if you don't wash for a while. Although I've gone months without washing my jersey and stuff and they still don't smell bad most of the time.
Sometimes you have to run it twice (6 hours) in order to get everything good. I've run it three hours before leaving for a game and my equipment was still a little damp.
The instructions for equipment placement don't include your pants, but there's plenty of room for them.

The bag does its job. I was lucky to get it for $130 for the whole system because epuck screwed up and included the dryer with the bag for the price of only the bag. Normally you'll find it for like $170 for the whole system. If money isn't a problem for you, then I'd go for it. Personally I love the bag, though.

epuck has their own review:
and one customer review

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