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07-19-2007, 03:44 PM
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Slap shot is a shot with a big backswing and the stick loses contact with the stick. It is the contact of the stick on the puck as the stick comes back through that makes the puck move.

Wrist shot is a shot with small or no backswing and the puck stays on the stick. The puck is "flung" off the stick blade almost frizbee like. The wrists roll through causing the puck to spin off the blade.

Snap shot is a shot with no back swing. Usually you pull the heal of the stick blade back and thensnap the heal through the puck. The toe of the blade is sort of the pivot. Does that make sense?

Backhand shot is the same as a wrist shot but reversed. The hand motion should be the same. The puck should roll off the stick blade.

A flip shot is what you see when you try to roof the puck from up close.

A back hand flip shot is the same thing as a flip shot, just reversed.

A one timer is a play, not a shot type. Normally, a one timer is a slap shot performed just as the puck gets to you. You don't stop the puck to prepare for your shot. It can also be a sweeping shot motion.

A deflection is simply redirecting the puck with your stick to a part of the net the goalie is not covering and can't react fast enough to keep up.

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