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07-20-2007, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
Why? For more cap relief. Ok, so they send Strudwick down. That's 8 defensemen left. Still 1 too many. Maybe someone gets dealt, but if I'm concerned about the cap I'll trim the fat if I have to with waivers. Maybe Sather isn't concerned anymore but that's what I would do if there was concern. The thing about Strudwick and Pock is that Renney knows he can throw them out as a forward if he has to.

I know most of this is somewhat far-fetched but I'm just trying to be creative.
I could end up being wrong on this but I don't see why the Rangers would lose Pock or Hutchinson for nothing on waivers when they can move strudwick..

Strudwick makes about $200k less then Pock and $100k less then Hutchinson...If the Rangers need $200k in cap relief at the begining of the season then something is terribly wrong...seriously....

The Rangers carried 8 defensemen for most of last season...They can have Pock and Hutchinson as healthy scratches on most nights...

Marc Staals progression will dictate all of this...which i guess is the point of the thread...

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