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03-07-2004, 06:31 PM
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Sorry mate but I just don't follow your line of thinking on this. How could keeping in a player who were minus four last night and has been playing right poorly for some time now that we will lose this offseason help us in the playoffs when we have seen that Gleason is a much better and more effective defencive defenceman that Modry ever will be regardless of how many or few games he has played at this level.

That line of thinking is what saw Nelson Emmerson and Craig Johnson play on the top six while Frolov saw no time up there at all. It is the kind of thinking that sees us scrape into the playoffs to get swept while our lads, the players who will be on the team next year, sitting on the bench not getting the experience they need to actually have the experience that you are criticizing them for.

Modry, IF he could be relied on to play solid defencive hockey, wouldn't be the key to our winning the cup. In that, he is expendable. You certainly aren't suggesting that he would be a difference maker and if so, what would you be basing it on because he hasn't been that yet.

He has helped here and there and even had a good season or two but, to say he would be THE reason we would make it out of a playoff round is just fantasy. The facts are he is more likely to cost us games then to lift us to a victory. I went and looked to see how many Game Winning Goals he has this season and since I want to see him traded and don't want to lower his value any more than he has already, lets just say it isn't anything great.

So, it isn't hindsight at all mate, Modry is here now and the deadline is Tuesday. IF we moved him for a brilliant player who actually can contribute and we get back Miller (a top two defenceman) and Visnovsky and are able to add a Barnaby or a Witt or another solid player we might actually be able to do something in the post season.

I cant see how you could possibly argue that keeping Modry would be better than moving him for a more needed piece of the puzzle at all.

Especially when we have seen that we have players who are better suited to playing defencive hockey than he is now or will be next year, when he is on another team.

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