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07-20-2007, 12:08 PM
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OK maybe I for one and on the other side of the fence here, but I for one think good teams in big markets really do and will make a difference. And a big one at that...

Take New York for example, we have the New York Rangers, one of the most storried franchises in the history of the NHL. The Garden sells out nearly every night... Now most of these are hardcore fans or buisness men...

But think about it... is bad hockey fun to watch, if your team sucks do you enjoy watching hockey games.

I still watch them, I watch them all, but I'm a hardcore hockey fan, and I still find myself shutting the TV off circa 03 with the Rangers down 5-0...

A casual fan it doesn't even take that much, why the hell would they watch, terrible teams, and for that matter how do you capture the attentions of the young possible new viewers watching games for the first time...

Fact of the matter is to build a successful national product it HAS to do well in big markets. If the Rangers are good, if they're exciting the first time fans start watching more hockey. With the millions and millions of people in NYC, with the sheer amount of people there is, the Rangers have the oppertunity and the ability to pick up more casual, and first time fans than almost any other team in the United States.

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