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07-20-2007, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Isles4ever11 View Post
Don't mean to "hijack" the thread (Isles fan ), but I'd figure I'd add to the conversation.

I think the whole, "if [insert NY team] is good, it's good for the sport" argument is complete crap. In every sport.

As Sign pointed out, it definitely increases viewership in the area, and not even for the said team's fans. Just for example, I can name a few Islander fans off the top of my head that watched the Rangers/Sabres series rooting for Buffalo - they would never have watched that series if the Rangers weren't there.

I think rivalry has a great effect on viewership and fan interest.

But on the flip side, I went out to San Francisco and had the pleasure of seeing the Giants face Cincy at AT&T Park. Beautiful stadium, btw. Anyway, I started to talk to a few Giant fans, explained that I was from NY etc - and they said that the Mets and Yankees don't have any effect or any interest unless the Giants are directly tied to those teams.

I think that's the same deal for all sports. I think the media overhypes New York, and while that may help the popularity, the fact is - there will be an increase in viewership (in the NYR case) with Ranger fans, and probably the Islander and Devils fans. Not a Dallas Stars fan.

Just my opinion.
I agree with you to an extent..but not completely. I think that SOME casual viewers do care about New York teams. All I have to do as I mentioned earlier is point back to 1994. The Rangers were all over ESPN, Jeff Beukeboom was in Sportscenter ads, the Rangers won the ESPY for team of the year....if there is news regarding New York (or Boston..or Philadelphia) teams, ESPN is going to hype it to death and that in turn will get people talking. Most of the time it will be negatively, but people will tune in to root against those teams.

I also think alot of it has to do with stars on the teams. There's a reason A-Rod got the most all-star votes and Jeter was close behind him and it doesn't have much to do with Yankees fans around here since I know that for the most part they don't seem to vote in droves. The same goes for David Wright and Jose Reyes getting in.

I think that some fans in Atlanta, Columbus, Nashville will tune in if a New York team is playing but it will usually be to root against them. And that is fine - any publicity is good for the league. I think the reason the 2000 World Series did so well is that alot of people hate both the Yankees and Mets so they really didn't want to pick sides and were indifferent. But, look back to the 03 and 04 ALCS and millions of people watched to root for the Red Sox and against the Yankees. If the Red Sox were playing the Blue Jays, it wouldn't have been the same.

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