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07-21-2007, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Isles4ever11 View Post
But that's just it. The Yankees are the true exception - they are going to get marketed no matter what - but teams get marketed because of the players you have.

I did a little research with basketball. The Knicks were not on national TV once this entire year. In contrast, Denver, who has Carmelo Anthony, was on national TV 15 times this season. They finished 6th in their conference. The Knicks still play in NY, they still draw, but they really don't have a star. And Marbury is no star. That's why Denver is getting tons more air time than the Knicks. And they should!

The reason the Rangers have been on NBC a lot this year is because Jaromir Jagr is a player that people love to watch. And Henrik Lundqvist will be there soon.

That's why you see a team like Pittsburgh on TV every week. That's why the Mets are on FOX every other week etc.

It's not the cities, but the stars that cause the team to be marketed, IMO.

The Rangers, in 1994 - you have Messier. You have Leetch. You have Richter. That's 2 sure fire hall-of-famers, and arguably the best US goalie of all time. Tell me that's not marketable.

As Sign said, what's great for the NHL is that they have 2 really young stars who they can market - Ovechkin and Crosby. They have a great core of young goaltenders, and they have the remaining "older" stars like Jagr and Sakic and Hasek that help the league as well.

That's why you see Pittsburgh, and Colorado, and Detroit, and the Rangers on TV every week. And once the Caps get good, they will join them. And that is what the NHL has to look forward to.
Um, no.

Granted, when it comes to cities that aren't major media markets, the stars determine whether or not they get air time.

But when it comes to NY (and to a lesser extent LA and Chicago) every major network and every major league office is desperate to have them get as much on-air time as possible.

You throw out last year's Knicks team's failure to get national exposure as an example (which by the way, didn't stop the TNT team form spending as much time discussing them as they did any other team in the league.)

I counter with the previous 10 years' Knicks teams. Last year, the Knicks were godawful... after YEARS of being godawful. That's why they didn't get air time. But why did they get air time in every year previous to that given that they've been crap basically since the turn of the century? BECAUSE THEY'RE THE NYC TEAM.

And by the way, I'm willing to bet a coupla beers that the Knicks will get some national air time again this year, despite the fact that they were as bad as they were last year - the Randolph trade gives the networks/league a reason to put them on, which they will most assuredly capitalize on. (Mind you I'm a Knicks fan so I'm hoping for this.)

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