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07-21-2007, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by RCallahan43 View Post
i was gonna say that lol, I loved Langdon. Im glad no one mentioned crap like Oliwa, but someone mentioned Sandy, he stopped fighting when he thought he was a goal scorer.

My top 10 gritty players that are or played for the Rangers:

1. Sean Avery - I was excited when the Rangers got him.
2. Todd Harvey - only if he stayed healthy, Im shocked he retired at a young age of 31.
3. Darren Langdon
4. PJ Stock - Another player who retired at a young age.
5. Jason Strudwick - he dont have alot of skill but sticks up for teammates
6. Dan Cloutier - Im shocked no one mentioned him, yea he may not be a great goalie but he is fun to watch.
7. Tie Domi - Very underrated player
8. Matthew Barnaby - will fight anyone anywhere
9. Steve McKenna - he was ok, at least he tried to fight, too bad he fell down everytime.
10. Chris Simon - good tough guy with skill, too bad he goes nuts sometimes.

I totally forgot about PJ. I used to love that scrapply little fella. Boy he never quit, could you imagine if he was 6-3.
I agree with Cloutier too. I like goalies who can and will fight with people in the crease. Problem is, he doesn't stop enough pucks so he's not too liked.

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