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07-23-2007, 11:47 AM
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Actually they do, which is why you don't find them in your local pro shop. Sticks, pads, and even the skates are all reinforced and custom made at the player's request. If the player is a strong skater, power wise, then the skates will have double or triple stitching and more leather, etc. Same goes for padding. Sticks are different. The pro stock all have more pieces to them which makes them stronger inside, however, the flex and length all play a factor into how well the stick will hold up. For instance Bret Hull used a flex "67" because he liked more whip on his sticks while Chris Pronger, I believe, uses about a 120 flex which is like using a California RedWood tree. A 120 flex stick is not made for consumer use, only pro stock by the way. Nagy uses about an 80-85 flex but cuts it down to the middle of his chest. The shorter the stick the less chance it will break because the flex point has changed.

Just out of curiosity, which player's stick did you snag? If it was a bigger guy with a huge flex, the stick will last a very long time, depending on the condition and use. If it's a smaller guy with less flex, the stick will still last longer than your average consumer model.

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