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07-23-2007, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Pro lite 3 and LS2s(off the top of my head, and at 5am, I just don't recall about the custom+) both are neutral holders but the boot of the CCM will put you more on your toes and the Bauers will be more on your heels. Takes time to adjust, I adjusted just fine after a few ice times. The problem will be fit, the only skates that will fit similar are the supremes(30/50/70) or the flexlites. The Supremes will be a bit tighter and the flexlites will be a hair wider. Try the skates on before you make the plunge.

RBKs are the closest fit to the Tacks, the only difference is that the heel is slightly wider.
^ Bingo.

I switch from Bauer 4000's to CCM 652's a very long time ago and hated the transition. My entire skating ability was thrown out of alignment. I went right back and bought a pair of 7000's and then Vapor XX's right after that and never looked back. I would suggest you stick with CCM.

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