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03-08-2004, 02:01 AM
in the hall
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lets be realistic... if someone grabs that pick they arent trading it... ovechkin has been hyped for two years now... its no coincidence that pittsburgh is doing the 1984 routine this year.. heck florida even tried to pick ovechkin in last years draft.. how many teams or front office people put their neck on the line to try to get that to work..

to put things in better perspective.. ovechkin has played for the last two years now in probably the most advanced league a draft elligable player can play in and has succeeded making himself one of the better players in that respective league at such a young age.. this is a league that kovalchuk could not even compete at... he is as skilled as kovalchuk with better intangibles.. its probably true that kovalchuks success has helped ovechkin immensly so its even more unlikely he will get traded.....

if im the rangers.. being realistic here is my plan... we are sitting pretty at #4.. offer up that along with any other picks aside from next years first that pittsburgh would want if they say no then oh well tried and failed.. u move on and focus on the bigger picture.. sidney crosby.. he should be who the rangers are targeting at now.. stock pile 2005 not 2004 but sather is too impatient... one problem with any future deal with pitt.. its not going to involve our picks its going to involve tjutin or jessiman... we cant afford to make that type of trade... i think realistically we should just draft with each of those 5 picks or atleast begin to stockpile for next year.....

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