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07-23-2007, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
NMK - I completely disagree. Kovalev is more talented than Sullivan, and he actually shows up in the playoffs. Kovalev has 84 points in 100 playoff games (+9), and the past two playoff runs he has been a ppg player. Sullivan has 11 points in 29 games (-10), six of those coming in a playoff series for Toronto back in the 98-99 season. He hasn't shown up for us in the playoffs when he is healthy, and he has been hurt in practically every series. Yeah, I love Sullivan and value him more than Kovalev, but this is a guy that has been missing for three straight playoff runs. How can that be ignored? This isn't a one year fluke, this is three straight years, and it can be argued that his diminutive frame leads to this lack of playoff success. To be frank, we can't count on Steve to be there when it counts. Kovalev isn't much of a leader, but his offensive skills are just as good as Sullivans (much better on the powerplay) and he will show up in the playoffs. Add in another first round pick and I think the value is completely fair.

Maybe its just me, but I fail to see the point in having one of our top players always absent when the game is on the line.....3 years and counting (and I love Steve Sullivan...) 30 games missed this year, 12 the year before that....lots of groin and back trouble...

If you want to argue against his playing style here in Nashville, I will readily concede that point. I'm not saying this is a great trade, but I do think it would help our team come playoff time. Additionally the first rounder would be a huge piece to upgrade our roster (and not necessarily at the deadline).
Problem is, good luck making the playoffs with Kovalev in the lineup. Of course, you could just sit him until playoff time.. that'd be the best case scenario for having Kovalev on you're team.

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