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03-08-2004, 06:35 AM
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Torn on the Messier news front

The first is a link to today's Star-Ledger:

"asked if he would not go to a new team if he were traded, Messier agreed that he would not. "

Off course I know that he is entitled to do what he wans, but I admit to being torn between agreeing that someone like him can do what he wants to now and another feeling of being a little pi$$ed off that he cannot seem to want to help an organization that has been paying him basically non-stop for 1994. We took a 2 year hiatus for thanking him and acknowledging him as one of the primary reasons we won the Cup. But we picked up right where we left off, didn't we? Highest paid, more playing time for no other 40 year old in the league.
The Rangers have been paying him a king's ransom and giving him many more playing minutes than any other team in the league would have. Without those minutes, he would not have the scoring points that he wanted so very much. If he were playing 10 minutes a game on any other team in the league, he would not be #2 in scoring all-time.
Not only is he utterly incapable of leading, not only can he not even set an example for whatever youth we have by simply showing up to practice (and let's face it, if you have significant special teams time on THIS team, the least you could do is effin' practice), but he does not want to help the organization out in the end by helping them rebuild.
Thanks a lot Mark. This is why I need for you to retire as soon as possible. You are now a part of the problem and far from being the solution. The faster you are gone, the faster we can get to that period in a few years from now to when I fondly remember you again. Right now, you and Jackass are the face behind the last 4 years of blind futility.

Couple of things from the Post:

"(if he gets anything for Jan Hlavac, he should be Executive of the Year) will "

"Sather's disastrous coaching selections, the blindfold he wore every time he sent Mark Messier over the boards, are utterly indefensible. And, even acknowledging how barren of prospects was the organization Sather took over and the time needed for draftees to mature, the presence of one or two regulars of 23-28 years by Year Four would be of some reassurance the GM knows where some bodies are buried in other organizations"

This is my problem. Why is the stupidity of giving playing Hlavac on the 2nd line ahead of Jaime Lundmark continue? At this point, what is the point of playing Messier ANYWHERE but the 4th line? If Hlavac cannot be traded, he should never see the ice again as a member of the Rangers. What's the poing of playing him? And Messier's ice time should be restricted to 10 minutes and his play should be restricted to the 4th line. It just does not make any more sense to keep piling the minutes on to him. Let those that are going to be a part of the solution play instead of these 2.

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