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The LilWinger11-Beakermania Date Thread Part VIII - Rename IWIHAC Edition

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05-25-2008, 07:05 PM
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The LilWinger11-Beakermania Date Thread Part VIII - Rename IWIHAC Edition

Original horrible name courtesy Iwishihadacup.

We have 1000 posts to pick a better name for this poster..

Link to Part VII

Link to part VI

Link to part V

Link to part IV

Link to part III.

Link to part II

Part I


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05-29-2008, 01:39 AM
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Kachino82's Thread Highlights

1) The Montreal Canadiens are out of the playoffs and Beaker invites LilWinger11...
2) anarmandaleb + LilWinger11 potential jello tub match #1 (damn, don't have enough vCash to pay for the the Pay-Per-View)
3) Jaydee96 + anarmandaleb on/off relationship #1
4) LilWinger11 long awaited response
5) Lord Chezz changing his name to SexyChick87
6) The dog drinking martini leaves his marks on the thread (kudos to you Fido22)
7) Brieremania trolling on the board
8) Everything that anarmandaleb writes can be turn into sexual innuendo
9) Grammatical errors being corrected by anarmandaleb
10) Major revelation from LilWinger11: "majored in journalism for first three years of university"
11) Very brief discussion about baseball which turned to ...
12) People don't believe the thread is still alive
13) Nate2k4 states "I majored in Journalism too" but nobody cares since it's not LilWinger11
14) Special rule allowing moderators to ban Brisebois' fans
15) AD and Russeltown make their appearances
16) anarmandaleb --> AAL = Alcoholics Anonymous Lady? Ana? "A"?
17) Habs10habs with the Monica Schnarre story
18) The OMG Hossa gif
19) Rumor: Lilwinger11 going into Lasenza (e4)
20) Fido22 notices Catherine? Is she for real?
21) Catherine is for real. New flavor of the week?
22) Holy Trinity --> LilWinger11 + "A" + Catherine
23) Ice Poutine works for Canada Post (doing the work of an industrial engineer but not getting paid like one.)
24) LilWinger11 destroy the Eklund rumor: "No La Senza in the States."
25) Shocking! Another LilWinger11 rumor: "LW was probably spotted at a sports store trying on hockey gear."
26) LW responds by saying: "You haven't lived until you've seen me in the Nike Bauer Supreme pants".
27) Roadtrip to Connecticut?
28) Tower of Babel...
29) Juicy Fruit commercial... summary of the entire thread?
30) anarmandaleb has half a huge nose?
31) Yes, she does ... "Half a huge nose... sounds about right."
32) AD and Fido hitting on each therefore not even noticing ThaDevilGirl.
33) anarmandaleb' username behind the scenes!
34) Lady Rhian is quite nice. Starting to kiss up early for next season. Courtesy of Habs10habs...
35) AD and Fido hitting on each therefore not even noticing ThaDevilGirl Part 2...
36) The Giant Poutine --> Montreal Canadiens HFBoards Holy Grail?
37) Posters draft year discussion...
38) Jaydee96 + anarmandaleb on/off relationship Part #... Pick your number...
39) Mcphee makes his first appearance on the thread...
40) Chess --> chest ... bishops --> ....
41) LW with a habs jersey + nike/bauer supreme hockey pants + red stilettos while eating a poutine --> Beaker's ultimate fantasy.
42) Mcphee is our dad? Beaker + LilWinger = Brother + Sister ?
43) LilWinger11 --> HFBoards' Fabian Brunnstrom... Overrated she is according to SexyChick87...
44) FFS = French Federation of Speleology
45) Iwishihadacup: Traducing --> to cause humiliation or disgrace to by making malicious and false statements. Translating?
46) Fido + anarmandaleb --> Game of speleology?
47) Billy Kautsitsin (a probable stalker) recognizes Beaker/Briere as another stalker...
48) A/S/L? = Any Sex Lately?
49) What are Beaker and LW doing during the Intermission Report on Versus?
50) Thread Part I locked
51) The LilWinger11-Beakermania 'Mercy' Date Thread Part II
52) Banning? The HFBoards Omerta?
53) Jaydee96 + anarmandaleb on/off relationship Part #... Add 1 to the previous number.
54) LilWinger11 (Brunnstrom of HF): "I like the other coach..."
55) Lord Chezz @ 50... A must see!
56) The other coach is a female!
57) "She's 57 and married, and has children our age, but if you're into that.."
58) Jaydee96 bets "Cotton Eye Joe"
59) GoHabsGo247 raises to "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"
60) Jaydee96 goes all-in with "Yogi Bear Theme Song"
61) SexyChick87 quickly calls with the "Badger Song". Aces are not getting cracked...
62) Le_sean: "If Jesus were alive today, do you think he'd like banana bread? Just seems like something he'd enjoy as a light snack."
63) Charley_5054 watching anarmandaleb and TDG making out!
64) Threesome-speleology game!
65) Honestly, how many times have TDG mentioned her French essay?
66) Blah, blah, blah....
67) Fido22: Anamarmandalibadaleb, Will you marry me?
68) Anarmandaleb: Okay, but we gotta make it fast!
69) Where is Catherine?
70) Jaydee96 arrives and pays the price for the 81...
71) Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness the awkward bond of dog and wife (in more ways than one). First, I must ask if anyone has any reason as to why these two should not be married(excluding the obvious bestiality aspect).
72) Then in the name of the Gainey, the Carey, and the brothers Kostitsyn, I now pronounce you "Dog and wife."
73) TDG *calls the stripper*
74) Lord Chezz (50 years old) arrives... No not true!
75) LW, AAL and TDG goes to 281.
76) Elisha Cuthbert hotter than AAL?
77) Le bon Serge Kostitsyn: "Ouellete, quand est-ce que tu es sorti de prison?"
78) Pierre Mcguire with his trademark long stick...
79) Man, with way too many things happening here today, why the hell did I post something like that? Kachino82
80) Icerocket doesn't get the topic of this thread...
81) LW11: Don't feel bad- the original thread was about me, and I'm a little confused myself. I think you kind of had to be here from the beginning.
82) The thread is about nothing...Think of it as an extreme version of Seinfeld.
83) By the way... they're real, and they're spectacular. Nice!
84) Apparently today is National Frog Jumping Day in the United States. Really? A day in honor of Vaclav Prospal? Kachino82
85) Jaydee96 evil plan? (e4 or e5?)
86) LW: I am a sucker for a Quebec accent...as an American of Quebecoise descent, would I be the jumper or the jumpee?
87) Rumor: LW's about 4'11 and weight 80lbs.
88) LW's is 5'1'' and weight 125 lbs. Ooooo, petite!
89) Beakermania favorite sentence: Scott Norwood wide right!
90) Fact: When Fido is not talking to AD, he always notices TDG!
91) Bacalhau com natas e bacalhau a bras FTW!
92) TDG: Too bad I still have an English essay for Friday! Again with the essay? What's next Chinese essay? Portuguese essay?
93) H10H a Backstreet Boys fan? e3! TDG? e1!
94) TDG: <3 Bacalhau a braz com batatas! Oh yeah!
95) SexyChick87: Bacalhau a braz com batatas ---> Pleasure in sex, the internet and Poutine....
96) Rumor: Jaydee96 over Ana? Hum, will see about that shall we...
97) TDG 1000th post: Batatas for everyone!
98) Jaydee96 "No offsides, no penalties and I'm dekeing her 5 hole"... Nice!!
99) See #78...
100) Blah, Blah, Blah...
101) Yada, Yada, Yada...
102) Patience is key? Bad luck with women? Who didn't go thought that?
103) "It's like being a Leaf's fan, everything seems to start off well then you just end up disappointed." courtesy of GoHabsGo247..
104) "It's like being a Leaf's fan, everything seems to start off well then you just end up missing the playoffs and playing golf earlier each year." courtesy of Ice Poutine.
105) What women want? Class 101?
106) WTK: They don't even know. But they expect us to know. It's a vicious cycle.
107) "Maybe there's something wrong with the girl, not you." courtesy of anarmandaleb. I thought it was "It's not you, it's me"?
108) KostitsyntheBagBaby: My advice would be to follow every instinct (which is wrong, trust me)...??????????
109) Making these updates is great... It forces me to read all the posts and know each and everyone better... Viva HFBoards Montreal Canadiens!
110) Ari1160 to Ana: "Hi!"
111) *sound of wolves howling in the night* tumbleweed going left to right on your monitor.
112) Anarmandaleb to Ari1160: "Hi!"
113) The entire board goes emotional.
114) Rumor: H10H looks like Benjamin McKenzie? The girl needs glasses.. End of that rumor...
115) Beaker's age limit is >=14 1/2.
116) Rumor: "Man brain is even more complicated"... What???
117) Mens: We love sports, we want sex and we want things done our way. It's pretty simple.
118) Fido: "I was violated by the banana!!!!!"
119) AD: Wasn't me... Maybe SexyChick87?
120) Banana's upcoming wedding... Wow, something real to discuss ...
121) LW11: Am I going to be responsible for crashing the entire internetz? HELL YEAH!
122) Beaker + LW11 hooking up? Maybe! Beaker + LW11 + Alcohol --> Les Feux Benson & Hedges!
123) Jaydee96: Everytime I see you post I cant help but smile knowing that soon your Portugal avatar will be replaced by an Italy one! Getting cocky little Jaydee? LOL
124) Ana: "Germany FTW." Getting delusional little Ana? LOL
125) Ana: "Who have you got out of the Group of Death? I'm thinking Oranje and the Azzuri." Will die for France and the Netherlands to make it out of that group...
126) I just wish I'll be in Europe for Euro 2008 like I was there for World Cup 2006..
127) Joey: "How is this such a big thread??? Not a single ounce of it makes any sense to me..." Well said man, says the guy who's making the summary...
128) Lord Chezz trademark "GTFO N00B"! Did I get that as a rookie user?
129) Riverside Habs Fan: Is that Luis Figo in your avatar? It's Ricardo Alexandre Martins Soares Pereira you noob!
130) See #101 and #102
131) LW11: I'm a skating instructor...
132) Fido: You're a skating instructor? Please go see Latendresse. How come nobody thought about that before?
133) LW11: And now, for the questions I'm sure you all have about the figure skating- yes, I wore those short little outfits. Yes, the skirts have pants attached, and we also wear tights. No, I can't quite do the splits anymore, but I could until a few years ago. Yes, I used to take ballet. No, I can't lift my leg over my head, although when I'm warmed up I can get my foot to about shoulder height... Almost 2 full threads until that post... Was worth the wait...
134) LW11: Kachino82 had been summarizing and updating periodically... I think it's post #2 in this thread. I don't know when he last added to it, but it's something. Thank God for Kachino82 eh? LOL
135) WTK to Beaker: "What do you want to do to her mom?" AHAHAH
136) TDG the "looka" playing goalie... Like David Aebischer (full of holes) or Carey Price (a brick wall)?
137) LW11 is better looking than Rod Brind'amour? I ******* hope so otherwise.............
138) TDG: "So. I'm tired and I have to finish my english essay. I hate school." Again with the damned essay!!!!! Argh!!!
139) TDG: "Not needed, I already have my stuff because we had to do an oral about our subject. But still, it's freaking boring. I wish I had a laptop to go outside and type it" Easiest sexual innuendo ever! My name is Captain Obvious or Vince Mazuka.
140) Tower of Babel Part II
141) THREAD PART III.... Who would have thought that after the first post of part I...
142) TDG: "Still doing my essay"... So the essay is still doing her essay?
143) SpreeEndaz: "No SpreeEndaz mention in the original post... this is going nowhere fast."... Happy?
144) SpreeEndaz: "Are you fronting? Because SpreeEndaz will hijack your school thread if you are insulting SpreeEndaz." Again... Happy?
145) LW11: "We're going to be getting harassed so bad at the MnG." You're damn right about that!!!
146) TDG: "doing the M&G here in Montreal?"... No, in Mexico essay!
147) Beaker: "Thanksgiving in November.... :..... I'm gonna have to get used to dating an American."
148) WTK: "American? I'd be more concerned you're dating a..
Wait, are height jokes allowed?"
149) WTK: "Ten years from now when my children ask me "Where have all the turkeys gone?" You know who I'm blaming."
150) Ana: "Yeah no fair. LW11 and I are both 5'1. People will take one look at us and make us sit at the kids table when we are clearly growed up."
151) H10H: "Oh you're a mid...I mean you're vertically challenged too? Cool that's 2 people that I will be taller than."
151) TDG: "ESSAY IS FINISHED! NO MORE ESSAYS! *dies*... Finally!!!
152) Yada, Yada, Yada...
153) Thread should be renamed: "A journey through Jaydee96's potential relationship"
154) The story of "Speedo Guy"... or how to steal your brother's girlfriend...Awesome!
155) Kachino: "LW11 --> Overrated...and will become a bust like Brunnstrom..."
156) TDG: "that's mean"
157) Fido: "Whats ya gonna do about it essay?" and the legend about TDG starts!
158) TDG: "Please, don't call me essay lol"... Hum, I guess people will always call you essay now...
159) Fido: "All in favour of henceforth calling TDG "Essay" in latino gangsta fashion say I." ... Hell yeah!
160) No looka, no essay, veto power? What?
161) TDG is Mexican! Fido: "That's one high maintenance Mexican refugee we got here."
162) WTK: "I found it hilarious. A lot of racist and sexual jokes and mostly all of it is random as hell."
163) Fido: "Reminds me of a thread I know."
164) Not enough info on H10H and WTK relationship.
165) H10H steps to get a Russian woman! Have to take notes...
166) Still not enough info on H10H and WTK relationship.
167) Yada, Yada, Yada....
168) Beaker: "Yeah I saw the pictures.... not as hot as i imagined. You ruined my blissful dream."
169) LW11: "What? Beaker? Whhhhhaaaaaaaat??????????????"
170) What happened yesterday night... according to Jaydee96.
171) Poutine!
172) TDG: "I'm bored actually." Hum, that's not the first time I've heard you say that...
173) Where is Catherine? Where is she?
174) Briere and LW11 spending quality time alone on the thread...
175) What's up with LW11 and Bruins' talk???
176) Good job Jaydee96... Keep up updates...
177) NO MORE ORANGE!!!! Except for people who will cheer for Oranje!
178) TDG: "Meh, kinda bored. Trying to study Astrophysics but don't feel like it." See a pattern here???
180) Kachino getting a seizure looking at Beaker's potential avatar...
181) LW11 is a 7' orange mascot...
182) LW11 to Beaker: "It's a shame you don't live around here- I could put you through some power skating lessons that would whip you into shape" ... Beaker's ultimate fantasy!
183) Beaker: "Those Flyer avatars would be great right now. We have a long weekend. Don't be Jealous." Take that Flyers!
184) Lord Chezz is back!
185) H10H new avatar!
186) Jaydee96 update #? Man, I lost count..
187) What will WTK do with the girl from last night?
188) LW11: Cougars FTW!
189) LC: Poon Pang LW11 Battatas Beaker
190) AD: My friancée and I just bought a triplex and we moved to the top floor. Friancée = Fried fiancée?
191) LC: "THERE IS NO I IN TEAM...but there is one in kiss my ass"
193) Russel: I have two bottles of 25-years aged Porto here. Where do you live man?
194) Jaydee's getting laid tonight?
195) Ana: I've finally identified a fourth current NHLer who is objectively hot. Who wants to guess? Roenick? Odjick?
196) What is LC babbling about in Ice Poutine's picture?
197) Habs10Habs reaching 10K posts!
198) LC at 50 years old is going to be legendary!
199) Ana crush on Randy MF Jones... WHAT?
200) Russel wearing a Flyers hat? You suck! You suck! You suck! (Kurt Angle theme)
201) Where Fido? According to Ana at some Russian store... looking for....
202) Yada, Yada, Yada...
203) H10H: I got a call from my g/f at 2am saying that her aunt passed away. I feel so useless being here and having her go through this without me. Sorry to hear it man, my condolences....
204) Congratulations WTK for getting accepted at SMU.
205) JD: A couple of the lesbian girls were hotttttttt. 2 of the girls on the team were dating and the coach once caught them in the shower having fun together. NIIIIIIIIICEEEEE!!!!
206) LW11: Ask the one from Cornell if O'Byrne ever stole her purse... That joke will never get old right? Right? Right?
207) Threat Part IV! Les Swiss Vampire Nurse's Aides Edition... Nice Weird Title?
208) LW11 is not a lesbian, not a vampire, not a nurse's aide, not Swiss... Whhhhhaaaaatttttt? What a misleading title... I'm so disappointed...
209) Fido: I like lesbians who like boys.
210) Iwishihadacup: I like vampire pies... WHAT? ***?
211) KTBB: Obligatory "I don't understand this thread" post. Welcome to the Club dude!
212) Le_sean to IWIHAC: I keep thinking you're a Sens fan with your username. LOL.
213) H10H to Kachino82: lol...you're updates rock and are a must read. You're or Yours??? Oh yeah props to Kachino82....
214) Congrats to AD for his upcoming wedding.
216) THE CAST: -Lesbian: WTK -Vampire: Russel and Essay (yeah the Mexican chick) -Swiss: Ana -Nurse:Beaker. -Aid: LW11
217) Fyug: So I saw this in the latest posts thing, was intrigued by the title and wandered in. Now I'm confused, scared and I may have just been violated by beaker. What the hell do you guys put in your poutine?........ Don't ask dude... Don't ask!
218) MORTAL KOMBAT!! Oh man, I love that game... Johnny Cage Wins... Flawless Victory... Fatality!
219) Russeltown: I hereby confirm that AAL is for real. Really? What's that ******** Ballack avatar?
220) Essay says hello... Essay...
221) H10H to Essay: So hello pretty lady, what's your name? Essay to H10H: Piss off buddy, I'm a lesbian.
222) WTK after learning she's playing a lesbian: 'Bout time I get some f'in' recognition.' Yeah, damn right...
223) Fido on H10H: As soon as WTK goes away, he finds another innocent poster to abuse.
224) AD obsession with his 11,111th post..
225) Fido: H10H EVIL!!!
226) SpreeEndaz: SpreeEndaz is happy.... So are you happy that I wrote something about you in this update? You better be....
227) TDG to SpreeEndaz: You are random... OHHHHHHHH what an insult...
228) TDG to SpreeEndaz: GTFO, you Facebook stalker.... OHHHHHHH add fuel to the fire...
229) TDG: So.. I'm looking for a job. Boring stuff. Boring again!!!!! but looking for a job?
230) WTK to TDG: Write essays on particular topics, host them on the internet and make people pay cash for the essay which they can then use for their classes and get high grades. Perfect job for Essay!
231) Eliash: How did this thread make it to 10 pages? Wait a second.. how did it even get to 4 fricking parts?!...... You sir are the __th person to ask that... You're the weakest link...Goodbye!
232) Essay the Looka wants to see the "Banana"
233) Russeltown: Remove your fingers from my holes, it hurts! Iwishihadacup
234) LW11: Where is everybody this morning? Out looking for lesbians, Swiss people, vampires, and health professionals?
235) HFBoars is back...
236) TDG: it was a long and boring day.... ****** what the ***** is her problem?
237) TDG: Never said that, but you know it was a boring day... AAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... This thread is only missing HarryI...
238) Kachino82: "Being the "unofficial" thread summary guy, I honestly lost count on how many times you've use this word... " Seriously, I want to kill myself instead of counting the times she used that word...
239) WTK: Some guy ranked 92 beat me on NHL 08. He then proceeded to message me and tell me how much I suck. Yes, you do suck!
240) LW11: "ZOMG Pogge is teh sux!".... You're damn right about that...
241) LW11: "Wow... I'm starting to feel like a puckbunny"... Elisha?
242) TDG: "Don't worry, I don't think I'll ever stop saying "boring"...... Kachino82 dies after the explosion of his brain...
243) Kachino82 comes back to life with his back-up brain...
244) WTK: "I won't lie. When I was younger I ________...." Complete the following statement...
246) Russeltown having a bad day... Have to stay strong buddy...
247) Ana: "I'm thinking of quitting and giving it all up to become a country singer. What do you think?" Any demo tapes available on the Internet?
248) WTK: "I'm not going to MSVU for the sole purpose that it's a lesbian school." Hum....Right....
249) Bob Loblaw Bob Loblaw
250) Ana: "I get an avatar on June 2nd." No, you got lucky because of new rules... Rookie user... saying the guy who just became a registered user...
251) Jaydee96: "Ana...you can put an avatar. The new girl...Frappier just signed up and has one already." ... Dude, why did you tell her when she went behind your back to marry Fido? And why did you mention Gerry Frappier's daughter?
252) Ana: "It shall be Michael Ballack." Why Ballack and not Marcell Jansen or Bastien Schweinsteiger or David Odonkor or Miroslav Klose or Lukas Podolski?
253) Fido: "The anarmlilwingerandaleb 10 foot tall sexy lady. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice."
254) Bob Loblaw Bob Loblaw
255) LW11: "But, but, but the Habz are classless and they R Divrs! and ZOMG Komi won't fight hes a panzy!11!!11!!! Begin is clasless and ole ole ole is for SOCCER GAMES!!!11!1! And they burn their police cars lolz. Yeah, we are better." AMEN...
256) Beaker: "Boo Ya dudes, I'm soooooo getting in there at the MnG." ... It's going to be legen........ wait for it...... lactose intolerant? .... dary!
257) WTK goes to the gym... comes back from the gym... goes to the gym ... comes back from the gym... goes to the...
258) What is LW11 real name? .... X-Files soundtrack playing...
259) Cjbhab: "man.. I wanna **** lilwinger." ... Hum, I think that's not the first time you've posted this right?
260) Beaker: "I hear Erika is still available.... :teach!"... Nice comeback... Can you do better than Ryan Miller vs J-S Aubin?
261) Katieboo: "I don't get the whole deal of all this. explain please"... Go to your right and pick up a ticket... When you hear your number, Beaker will explain you what the 5 threads is about...
262) Oh wait, Beaker just explained to you... What's the deal about not respecting the "First come first serve" motto?
263) Bob Loblaw, Blah, Blah, Blah, Yada, Yada, Yada...
264) Ana: "Check me out, I finally got an avatar..."... BOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ballack --> B_ll_ck... add an "u" and an "o" and what do you get? Just kidding... I like the German team but prefer Portugal, France and Netherlands..
265) Ana: "Most girls have really low self-esteem (sad fact of life-blame parents, media, whatever). That's why they need to play mind games. When you find a girl who doesn't play mind games you've found a keeper because she'll probably be sure of herself and that's what you need in a good partner." Great advice Ballack #1 fan...
266) LW11: "Just temporarily... I went to shoot some pucks in the garage." ... Sidney Crosby's older sister?
267) DAMN, have to read 10 more pages! Someone just shoots me!
268) Fido: I closed a 100M$ financing today (seriously....but not my money) and managed to participate in this thread. This, all on my birthday.... Good job dude... Have fun ...
269) HarryI: "I'm bored."... And the Legend begins!!!!!!!!!!!
270) TDG: "I hate saturdays." ... Man, am I the only who see that TDG is perfect for HarryI????
271) Kachino82: "HarryI and ThaDevilGirl should get a room so that they won't be bored anymore..." ... Yeah, someone had to say it...
272) Ice Poutine: "HarryI and ThaDevilGirl should get a room so that they won't bore anyone..." ... Damn right about that too...
273) Jaydee96 __th post about the thread dying...
274) And finally, H10H has come back to HFBoards......(say it like the Rock WWE)...
275) H10H: "The contract would be worth 5.25 million over a 10 year period."
276) Guillemin: "When I post in this thread, it feels like I'm the third wheel on a date for two..."... Hum, I honestly don't think you're the only one who feels that way...
277) H10H: "A few years ago when my little brother passed away. This was one of the songs that they played during his viewing. It's one of those songs that when I hear it puts a smile on my face, and a small tear in my eye."....... Sorry to hear man...
278) Farenheit vs Celsius... Farenheit 9/11 ---> Celsius X/Y????
279) 3 more pages... Take me out of this misery!!!! ARGH!!!!!
280) TDG: I say alcohol should be banned... Essay the looka is bored and no fun?
281) Thread 5 of this saga! What the hell? I honestly thought this was done after maybe 2 threads... 5 threads? Man....
282) KTBB: "BTW, Kachino's getting lazy with the updates. From 60 notes in III to 8 for IV? For shame. You aught to be whipped, I actually had to go read a few pages." WHAT? You ungrateful ****** ***** ******!
283) TDG: "Phoenix has landed!" The Coyotes where able to get who?
284) HarryI: "I'm tired...sore and...no..." And the legend continues... See #269...
285) CHfan1990: "Wow that's great news!...Now I hope they find signs of life. That'd be pretty cool." H10H replies: "That would be great news, it would definitely increase WTK's chances of getting some this summer." So true, so true...
286) TDG: "Well, its mission is more to study the water on Mars, and the weather. It will last only a few months until the carbonic ice covers Phoenix." zzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzzzzzz
287) Thief50: "Yeah but next week someone will click on that link and will still have no clue of what you're talking about." ... What? OMG, there's a war in IRAQ?
288) H10H: "Hey Harry, any chance that you'll dump your current g/f and go help TheDevilGirl with her organic chemistry?" What will Harry do? What does he want?
289) LW11: "I took chem in Grade 11 and got a C-, the lowest report card grade I got in high school" C-? What a disagrace!
290) Where is Momo? Wait, who's Momo?
291) H10H: "Actually I didn't do too bad in grade 11 Chem if I remember correctly I received a B- (78%). But my strong subjects were Math, English and Law." Man, you still remember things that happened 25 years ago?
292) Beaker: Automerge?? Oh god I'm being replaced.... Thank for everything Beaker, we'll miss you...
293) Harry: "Boring!" ... Where is Randy "The Legend Killer" Orton when you need him?
294) Harry and Sally... huh, TDG bickering like an old married couple.
295) Harry: "Boring" ... Hey Orton, here's the guy you have to beat the **** out...
296) TDG: "Phoenix, Mars!"... Phoenix, Arizona... Phoenix, Arizona... Again, repeat after me, Phoenix, Arizona...
297) Billy: "Die Laat skemer in Keulen,Duitsland.In die voorgarand is die gebruik van derschoek Hohenzollern-spoorwegbrug met die Katedraal va Keulen in die agtergrond en die Museum Ludwig aan" ... Completely agree... couldn't say it better myself...
298) Bob Loblaw Law Blog
299) LW11: "If you can hold off on that lawyer for a year or so, Beaker would be available... he should have plenty of free time, seeing as how they added the automerge feature here."... Well said, crowd chanting "LW11!"
300) Fido22 overdosing with the automerge option.
301) Fido22: "McPhee, you are a man of experience. Is it true that too much automerging can make one go blind?"... I can't see anymore... I can't see!!!!!
302) IWIHAC: "like pie" ... Again with the pie? What's up with that? Saw too many times American Pie?
303) WTK: "I refuse to join the automerge parade, you bandits." ... You can always automerge in private.
304) LW11: "It was an eleventh birthday present, and I think my parents got a cheap one thinking that I'd outgrow it... which, of course, I didn't." ... No comments.... Don't want to get banned..
305) E-S-S-A-Y, E-S-S-A-Y...
306) H10H: "lol...it could have been worse, atleast I didn't try to put on her cheerleading outfit. " Thank God for that right?
307) Since when did LW11 changed her avatar... Thank God for her that Gordon Ramsay is not here because she would hear him yell at her... "**** you Donkey!"... See Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares..
308) Will TDG study or only talk about studying?
309) Harry: "Long day at work...so tired..." You're still alive after getting in the ring with Randy Orton?
310) I rather read Bob Loblaw Law Blog instead of this "CRAP"!
311) WTK: "H10H pubes arrange in an image of Jesus." ... ROFLMAO
312) Ohashi_Jouzo: "How? Like: -open guard position -Doggie-style preferred. I think you might get a lot of sex-crazed martial artists applying..." MUAHAHAHAHAHAH....
313) IP: "An Essay on Chemistry...?" OH NO! Not again!
314) Welcome Gardak! Are you Xavier from the movie "Augerbe Espagnole"?
315) WTK to TDG: "The only chemistry you need to know about is the chemistry you and I have." ... Green Bay Packers fans anyone?
316) WTK Love Life...
317) Fido: _________________, but you're half an inch taller...
318) TDG: "I'm off to my Chem exam. Wish me luck!"... Break a leg!
319) StlRams514 makes his appearance in the thread.
320) WTK: "The StlRams514 edition."... Oh I see why my name proposal for thread V was rejected...
321) Karma is a *****!
322) LW11: "I've never gotten hatemail. I've never heard from any of your moms either. Maybe I;m just boring?" OH NO, you didn't say the forbidden word!!
323) Ballack's wife: "Mike Babcock was captain of the McGill Redmen."... I don't know how many times I've heard it this week..
324) Reasons to sign-up on facebook...
326) Now that Essay died of joy, who's taking her Brad Wilkerson's bobblehead?
327) TDG: "It's coming with me to heaven!"... Hum, ThaDevilGirl going to heaven?
328) H10H: "I'm in my backyard and I just noticed that my next door neighbour's (Husband & Wife, both Leaf fans), are sunbathing in their backyard. I also noticed that I left my garden hose out and it's about 3 feet away from me. Now for my question. If you were in the situation I am right now. Would you grab the garden hose, reach over the fence and spray them?" Why ask an obvious "YES" question? H10H
329) WTK: "WeThreeKings goes to the gym!" WHAT? You ******... How dare you talk about me referring to myself at the 3rd person while you're doing it too? Bleep... Bleep... Bleeeeeeeepppp...
330) Please shoot me! 400 more posts to read! 15 more threads... DAMN!
331) H10H: "It's amazing how much this thread changes from page to page." NOOO? Really? DUH!!!
332) Whose the Crazy Eyed Mulher?
333) Essay the Bored Looka... Should I get royalties for that nickname?
334) WTK attraction to TDG goes to another level...
335) TDG should wear the crazy eyed picture as her avatar? Who's in favor for that? Everybody right?
336) OJ: "Jesus Christ you guys (edit: and gals)! Like, 14 pages between the end of work yesterday and the start of work today... Where's Kachino when you need 'im??"... Kachino82 is a lazy ass *******...
337) Kachino82 Super Idea For Thread Part VI Name:"Thread Part VI: WTK refuses to go to SMU and goes McGill to pursue ETBL..." ... Unfortunately, it got rejected!
338) Kachino82: "Kachino goes berserk with the amount of work he has to do with these crazy threads..." ... Seriously, reading 40 pages of "CRAP" is mind blowing...
339) WTK next avatar: "As soon as Bouillon and Dandenault are gone from Montreal, guess what's WTK next avatar? ... Crazy eyed mulher, that's right!...."
340) BK: "Not to mention that she definitely looks like a typical Portuguese." So true, when I was there, I saw a lot of women who look just like her...
341) Bob Loblaw Law Blog
342) Ballack's Wife: Guys attracted to walls...
343) Everybody, let's sing: "This is the song that doesn't end"...
344) See #343...
345) See #344...
346) TDG: "Who called me?" ... Hum, caller display: (902) XXX-XXXX... Where does that come from? Hey WTK do you know where they use (902)? I guess your elaborate plan of trying every number possible in Montreal worked...
347) Phone Messages Thread...
348) H10H: "I just noticed that out of 837 posts in this thread, I've personally made 149 of them." ... Damn you H10H ... Damn you...
349) Kachino82 likes Elaine... Oh wait, Jimmy likes Elaine..
350) After having to deal with kid's parents, LW11 changes her hourly rates for skating lessons: _____ $/hour for teaching the kid + _____$/hour dealing with the kid's parents.
351) H10H: "lol...since the majority of my posts here are crap. It shouldn't effect your updates too much. "... No comments...
352) Hey Francis, Seafruits ---> Fruit de mer... Je crois que tu ne feras plus jamais cette erreur la...
353) Kraft Dinner Discussion
354) Jaydee: "Glad i didnt miss much..answering machines and guys going for walls."... You're right about that...
355) Ballack's Wife: "Hey Jaydee. It's not time to break out the Bengay yet, is it? I hear you have to be at least H10H's age for that." LMAO...
356) And the Art Ross trophy goes to H10H...
357) Chezz Dancer...
358) Dancing Traitor Russel Derian Hatcher #1 Fan...
359) Alright done with Thread V.... Finally!!!!!
360) Thief50 and Ballack's Wife pulling some "SpreeEndaz"...
361) Thief50 loves Jennifer Garner... Happy?
362) Ballack's Wife in a room alone with Chris Higgins? Who would pay to see that?
363) KTBB: "How many of these threads do I have to ignore?" ... You're not the first one to write that and for sure will not be the last one too...
364) LC reaction after seeing the dancing LC: "WHAT THE ****"... Hey man, you can use it as an "after" picture in the Battle of the Budge...
365) Bob Loblaw Law Blog...
366) H10H to TDG: "Yes but you're Essay and you're a looka. So it's alright if you don't know everything." ...
367) TDG to H10H: "Heh, I'm not really into girly stuff...Natural ftw! (Well obviously I take care of myself... like the required minimum...)
368) Well, after the first 3 pages of Thread VI, I already want to shoot myself reading about pedicure, pink toenails...
369) Kareem: "Well, if you're not making the conscious decision to be rich, healthy and happy you're making the unconscious decision to be poor, unhealthy and miserable." Well said... Well said...
370) Beaker: "I still can't believe she said YES!"... So are we all...
371) IP: "I also wouldnt mind 'working' on Essay..." ... ... Who doesn't?
372) Russel: "I sait I'm working on AN essay... not ON Essay!!!" ... Man... this thread is too much about essay... or Essay...
373) Thief50: "Pfff, you mentioned me one time. Kachino82 " ... Oh no, I'm so sorry Thief50 ... as sorry as when I forgot Jennifer Garner was in "Dude Where's My Car" ...
374) Ohashi_Jouso to Kachino82: "Before you get any ideas, I'm clean shaven. And I mean cleeeeeeean." .... Shasheburi Konoyaro! ... Just kidding...
375) "A": "PS. I read Kachino's thread update and now I feel like SpreeEndaz." ... So how do you feel? Tell me more...
376) Thief50: "I've never said what you wrote on #362 in that thread "... True but you would pay to watch it right?
377) Fido: "My gf is a leo ... My wife and my gf are both leos ... My sister is a leo too ... Wait, think that makes me a lion ... Go hunt girls, I'll be sleeping here. Bring me back something nice to eat."
378) H10H: ""To my good friend, may your life be long and prosperous"... Nice story man...
379) Jaydee96 becoming a future McPhee?
380) IWIHAC: "how about we find me a new username??"... Why?
381) "A": "Hey. I want to work for the government. That's what I want."
382) LC: "you can be my assistant"...
383) "A": "But then you'd be the one getting the benefits, not me."... So true...
384) LC to "A": "You're so much prettier than Alba"... with "A" replying: "Of course I am, unless you want rat poison in your coffee every morning."
384) AD: "I played horribly... got 5 scored on me with at least 3 bad goals where ("I wish I had another look at that shot")..But we won 8-5 anyways." ... It's great to play behind the Red Wings eh?
385) H10H: "I didn't have coffee until my 1st year of University. Having to do a lot of all-nighters, coffee becomes your friend quite quickly." ... Coffee was a great friend during University... So many all-nighters..
386) Ari: "ohh and i broke my thumb yesterday lol.. by playing hockey."... I guess no more video games for a while... or whatever you were doing with your thumb...
387) Jaydee: "...I hate shopping...I go to store, I buy what I have to buy and I get the hell out." ... Igualmente... Igualmente...
388) "A": "I'm getting impatient for Euro2008. I need something to get overly emotionally invested in."... So still feel like SpreeEndaz...
389) Beaker: "Colts over the Bills"... Yeah for sure ... Who likes the Bills anyway? Oups... Shouldn't have said that...
390) Kudos ZNK for your 20,000th post!
391) IP: "Has anyone ever found how fast was the speed of dark?".. Very good question... What's the answer Essay the bored looka?
392) IP: "Well, dark is the absence of light so can we say that absence of speed is the speed of dark?"...
393) LC: "Off for my 6 chick marathon ;p"...
394) Russel: "My dance moves hypnotize women. That's a fact!"...
395) Interrupting this thread highlights for some people to talk about their fantasies about the show Family Guy.
396) Spelling Bee... Did you guys see Harry over there?
397) LW: I'm here. I'm more of a nerd than a geek, but w/e.... What's the difference between both?
398) HarryI: "I'm bored!!!! I actually broke up with my ex gf 2 days ago..." ... Who here cares about that? Oh wait... Essay the bored looka! ......... Sorry to hear that man...
399) AD is having another one of his S&M parties again...
400) Beaker: "Good night all of you....And a special good night for you know who "... Well thank you Beaker... special good night to you too... Muahahahahah...
401) TDG: "100+ posts? I am not reading that!"... She can read about astrophysics but don't want to read 100+ posts? Hey TDG, did you know that... well Harry is now single?
402) Next thread name: "Part VII - The findanewnameforiwishihadacup Edition" ... Well I guess, it didn't get through...
403) SpreeEndaz... Just go with the 37'' widescreen TV..
404) Just 20 more pages for Thread VI... Nooooooooooooo!!!!!
405) TDG: "I didn't missed it. Harry told me (well us, on the chat). Poor guy."... and then?.... and thennnnn? and thennnnnnnnn?
406) H10H: "Do you have any ideas on how you can cheer him up Essay?"... Hum, should I add something here or not? ... Oh wait... here TDG's reply: "I do, but I'm not telling you^^"... You don't have to tell... You don't need to because... well because....
407) Nobak: "I nominate the spacebar for the Jacques Beauchamp. It's becoming seriously underrated." LOL!!!!
409) "A": "Who's got his tongue in Zetterberg's ear?"... KTTB: "That would be Cabbie aka Iwishihadacup"... Iwishihadacup is a black and is from Quebec?
410) WTK: "I wouldn't say twisted so much as curved."... LMAO...
411) TDG: "I sold my soul to devil to pass my semester."... WTK: "But you're ThaDevilGirl, you can't sell your soul to yourself. Unless you're implying you sold your soul to me, which makes me the Devil and you my girl." ... TDG you can denied as much as you want but all the signs are showing that one day, you're going to go to SMU...
412) Kachino82 to "A": "Did something special happened during that day? Tell me more..."... Sandman: "Everything happened that day"... Well said man... Well said..
413) Jaydee to Kachino82: "honestly, even I knew right away what she was refering too."... What is that suppose to mean?
414) And Natey2k4 has finally come back to HFBoards... to disappear completely a day later...
415) "A": "SpreeEndaz can be kind of a jerk sometimes, unlike Georges Laraque."... Oh now I know how you fell when you've said that you felt like SpreeEndaz...
416) Erika Higgins and Erika Komisarek: The Midget Ninja Sisters coming soon to a theater near you...
417) SpreeEndaz to Midget Ninja #1: "Sell Shish Taouks, you have all the prerequistes."
418) IWIHAC hurts his leg and is in terrible pain...
419) Finally Spree has chosen a TV...
420) IWIHAC: "Anyone living in quebec having spare time? Why don't you call Badaboum... or maybe LW11 or the little girl right next to her...
421) Hum, the first handicap jello tub match of Anarmandaleb + LW11 vs WTK? Come on people, make it happen!
422) Triple thread tag team? WTK + TDG vs LW11 + "A" vs BKer + H10H ?
423) I win and I get to have sex with you...You win and you get to have sex with me?? Wow, crazy negotiation skills...
424) LW11: "And we say H10H is mentally about 16..."... Shocking overstatement... 16? Are you kidding me? He's at most 13...
425) Bob Loblaw Law Blog
426) Midget Ninja #1: "I'll rip out your teeth for you if you're feeling left out..." Will you be able to reach his teeth first of all?
427) TDG: "Midgets "... Hum, 5'5'' talks like she's 5'10''...
428) Hey Beaker what the hell happened at post #824 in Thread VI..
429) WTK: "I bump my head everyday at work on the top of the cooler."... H10H, Midget Ninja Sisters, Ari all jump of joy but still can't reach the cooler...
430) MN#1: "Some chick I went to high school with seems to spend her entire time exotic dancing..."
431) Congrats Beaker for getting the job...
432) MN#2: "I'd suggest the "Get A Room" edition, but I fear we'd be overrun with horny 14-year-old boys from every forum on the boards." LOL
433) MN#1: "I think Kachino's given up on summarising us."...Wrong, never thought about stopping but had other things to take care off...
434) Sandman: "hmmm i see.. apparently im not well versed in old school eeyore as much because i only remember the blue-grey version (at least the stuffed eeyore my ex bought me is blue-grey)"... LOL, next thread title all because of that post? Nice..
435) Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! Russian store has been burned down!!!
436) Eklund: LC is going to propose... Hum, I guess we'll follow that... Congrats man...
437) IWIHAC: "i get robbed of my title... again!!"... Yeah, robbed like the Washington Capitals vs the Philadelphia Flyers in the first round.
438) I'm using way too many brain cells reading people posts making fun of IWIHAC...
439) Gardak: "And in case you were wondering...we ARE dirty. Most of the time"... What are you talking about... We are dirty (in every sense of the term) all the time! Bordel de merde Gardak... Réveille-toi!
440) Russel: "Seriously, H10H and A*, how can you manage to post 150 and 121 replies respectively on a 1,000 posts thread!!???" ... Record is H10H with 181 posts in Thread III...
441) LC's honeymoon --> going to Russeltown?
442) MN#2: "I just had a thought... how much would it hurt to have to wax that kind of fur?"... OUCH!!! It hurts like hell just thinking about it..
443) JD: "are they trying to say my life is a fail and their no hope for me?" Huh.... Again, what is that suppose to mean? Seriously, they are plenty of agencies in Montreal... Continue and you'll find one.
444) JD: "I have 4 weddings".. Wow, already set up for 3 ex-wives?
445) MN#1: "How terrible of a Higgy fan am I? I didn't know it was his birthday. I'm sure I had that information stored somewhere in my stalker brain, but me. But let's pretend I remembered."... Wow, just WOW!
446) MN#2: "Better idea- tell him to give my number to Gui. I'll do my best to help him with his skating. "... Why the sarcasm? I don't get it...
447) Russel: "Yeah... my gf met my mom this weekend. My mom's husband was really smily... something he is usually not, while my mom was... well... having a disappointing attitude. "... LOL...
448) Fido: "2-2 baby! Cups on home ice baby!"... Were you disappointed by the final result? Muahahahhahaa....
449) Fido: "Cup will be won tonigh. We can hockey a little bit, no?"...WRONG!
450) IWIHAC: "stop arousing me guys... my mouth is painful".. Not even going to write something here since...
451) TDG: "Eww no, it ends tonight, I tell ya!"... What ends tonight? Care to elaborate?
452) TDG jinxing the Detroit Red Wings... Thanks TDG..
453) JD: "ana, a friend of mine contacted me tonight and he apparently knows you. I've got all the dirt on you now!!".. Hey what about "All the dirt on Ana" for next thread title?
454) TDG: "Stupid Osgood"... No, stupid TDG for jinxing him...
455) Gardak: Portugal FTW and Batatas for Gardak!!!!!
456) IWIHAC: "*chokes on soft plantain puree*"... Ah man, dude, you're killing me...
457) H10H with his legendary stories...
458) Thief50: TLC... Tables, Ladders & Chairs? LOL, nice one... Happy that I mention you again?
459) TDG: "Sardines, Cod (Morue- the infamous "bacalhau" ), shrimps and other seafood. Also, there is "frangos assados", which is grilled chicken... so yummy, and smells good! Other speciality would be the "chouriço", a smoked sausage. It also comes with cheese! Always together. Don't forget the Porto.... .... Damn, by reading that post, I'm getting ****** hungry... I'll kill for bacalhau com natas, bacalhau a bras, frango piri-piri (sp?), chourico...
460) JD: "I see all of you want the dirt on Ana. well, I cant give it to you. Im not a bad guy, I cant ruin her career." Ah come on JD.... Come on! ... Coooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeee ooooooooooonnnnnnnnnn!
461) Thief50: "Hey, don't take my joke."... Hum, feeling protective of someone stealing one of your jokes?
462) Fido: "Oh great! Ana was an intern at the White House under Clinton" ... ORL?
463) Beaker: "Kachino's thread highlights and The links to the first six threads have been added to the first page of this thread." ... Thanks
464) Thumbleweed blown to the right... Thumbleweed blown to the left... Sound of the wind blowing in the background...
465) MN#2 congratulating MN#1 for her 2000th post... Hey what about me?
466) Jeffonfire: "I'm sorry but, this thread sucks."... Yeah, it sucks...
467) SpreeEndaz: "Stop it or the OP will quote you in his archive."... Too late Spree... Too late...
468) Spree: "The title is Romeo And Juliet, both the main characters die, isn't that enough ? I mean, who gives a **** about the salami seller living down the corner?"... HAHAHAH
469) MN#1: "I'm so over you, SpreeEndaz."... For the _th time... What is that suppose to mean?
470) Katieboo: "4 pages, suck it..." LOL! very funny!
500) Beaker meet LW11 and .... and then ... and thennnn.... and theeennnnnn.....Beaker (lawyer) with his huge salary (because he works for Miller Thomson) proposes to LilWinger11 and this thread seriously goes to the next level.
501) LilWinger11 long awaited response again. Can we bet vCash on that decision? All-in on "YES"! Oh yeah, for sure I'm winning this bet with how things are going right now.
502) How long is the Fido+A union going to last? Over/Under 30 days? Can we bet vCash on that? How long has it been? 2 threads... a week a thread? 14 days? Hum, will the relationship end when the Euro 08 kicks off? Fido cheering for Portugal and "A" cheering for Germany? 3 more days before kick-off for the Euro!
503) Jaydee96 + anarmandaleb on/off relationship #? I guess every good/bad things have to come to an end! That thing is definitely over... Nobody is going to cry over it right? I guess Jaydee got over it pretty easily... What about Ana? I guess so got over it pretty easily too with Ballack...Oh wait, it's not Ballack anymore, it's Higgins. Midget Ninja with the same "losername"...
504) anarmandaleb is still correcting grammatical errors. Not so lately. What's up with that? She doesn't like her job... Should probably go into psychology (men/women relationships)... She's a writer? She's an aspiring country singer? She's.... What's next? Puckbunny? Work for the government?
505) Where is Catherine? Seriously... Where is she? Seriously! What happened to her? Honestly what happened to her? Is she with Momo? Where's Momo? Catherine and Momo eloping? With Momo back... Only missing Catherine... I guess she's too busy designing clothing..
506) Is ThaDevilGirl still going to be ignored by Fido and AD? I guess not anymore... Força Batatas! Is she still going to talk about her essays? Essay! Hey essay! Yeah, I'm talking to you essay! NO MORE ESSAYS! HURRAY! National holiday for that?
507) TDG meets HarryI... -I'm bored... -I'm bored too... zzzz....-Want to help me for organic chemistry? -Hum, organic chemistry? Hum.... To be continued... I guess Harry got his *** kicked by Randy "Legend Killer" Orton... that's why I haven't seen him lately...
508) Stay strong H10H... All Montreal Canadiens HFBoards members are with you... Special mention to Russeltown for going through similar thing.... You guys are back... Kudos to you guys... OK maybe not to Russel because he's a dancing Flyers fan!
509) Good luck to WTK at SMU...with those lesbians... WTK goes to the gym... comes back from the gym... goes to the gym... goes to SMU... goes to McGill...to SMU.... to McGill... Dude make up your mind.
510) What's up with people (*cough, Thief50, Ballack's Wife, *cough) on this thread pulling some "SpreeEndaz"? See #143.

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The LilWinger-Beakermania Date Thread Part VIII- The Find A New name For IWIHAC Editi

The guy needs a new name, people.

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Darn it... new software, pushed this back to page 4...

Here's a bump.

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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post

Beaker, in H10H fashion, but with bulging (i.e. animated) hearts for eyes... yeah, I know. Sounds retarded, but I could use a break from Coach Jesus for a while.
Hey, i can do that right now. Gimme 10-15 minutes to go get a beer and 2 minutes for the avatar. BRB!

EDIT: here ya go Ohashi_Jouzu: Two versions.

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Is that why I didn't see it? I figured you forgot so I started a new one. Could you merge mine? I'm sure you've been waiting to merge one of my posts like forever...

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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Hey, i can do that right now. Gimme 10-15 minutes to go get a beer and 2 minutes for the avatar. BRB!

EDIT: here ya go Ohashi_Jouzu:

Nice! IP

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Originally Posted by LilWinger11 View Post
Is that why I didn't see it? I figured you forgot so I started a new one. Could you merge mine? I'm sure you've been waiting to merge one of my posts like forever...
Yeah i copied the first two posts to start the new one and it put the new thread where it would be by date... I didn't realize it did that cause it didn't for threads 2-4....

And I already merged you baby...

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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post

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Aww. Beaker is smitten.

My vote is for iwishihadneverthoughtofthatnicknameinthefirstplace .

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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
Aww. Beaker is smitten.

My vote is for iwishihadneverthoughtofthatnicknameinthefirstplace .
So you came back from euphoria after Germany's win today?

Oh sorry Off Topic...

I propose La Coupe Francis (comme la coupe Longueil)...

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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Hey, i can do that right now. Gimme 10-15 minutes to go get a beer and 2 minutes for the avatar. BRB!

EDIT: here ya go Ohashi_Jouzu: Two versions.

Cheers! My comp at school is poo, so I'll have to tackle it later. Appreciate it though!

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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Cheers! My comp at school is poo, so I'll have to tackle it later. Appreciate it though!
No problem 'Skilled-Chopstick-user-San'.

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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
No problem 'Skilled-Chopstick-user-San'.
Well done! Surprising how much Japanese is recognized around here!

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Sundays are so boring.

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What the **** is this thread about? Haha

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06-09-2008, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by TomPlex View Post
What the **** is this thread about? Haha
Oh, right! Back on topic. My stab:


Wait... that's a step in the wrong direction...

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06-09-2008, 12:16 AM
Ice Poutine
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Originally Posted by TomPlex View Post
What the **** is this thread about? Haha
We need a new name for someone's dog.

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06-09-2008, 05:37 AM
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06-09-2008, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
No problem 'Skilled-Chopstick-user-San'.
Dude... dude... no, dude. Awesome.

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06-09-2008, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post


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06-09-2008, 08:18 AM
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agreed fully LW

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06-09-2008, 08:33 AM
Blades 0f Steel
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I don't get these threads...?

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06-09-2008, 08:47 AM
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herearejustafewrandomnamesithoughtmightbehelpfulin ourquesttohelpiwishihadacupfindanewnickname


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06-09-2008, 08:48 AM
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It's not animated or avatar sized, but...

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