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GKJ's Annual Color-Me-Up Mock Draft - The 2009 Edition

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06-26-2009, 12:17 PM
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GKJ's Annual Color-Me-Up Mock Draft - The 2009 Edition

Over the years I really go with more emphasis on the colors, and less emphasis on the reasoning (actually I did more than I intended), for a few reasons. First, trades are make after I make the draft which totally skews everything. Second, it's a lot easier to be in the mind of 1 or 2 GMs when you're in one of these new-trend first-person drafts. Third, just like when you make your predictions for the season, sometimes its best not to think too much (for those counting I had 13 of 16 playoff teams). Last, it seems to be easier to predict trends rather than your own person BPA or to say "there's no way Team A passes on Player X if Player Y is on the board."

2008: I believe I had 7 players go in their their spot, or to their team, but generally, I thought trends held up pretty good even if it wasn't the right player. Then again, it's easy to get the top of the draft right.

2007: 6 of top 14 either selected by the teams, or in the spots taken. Detroit also took Joakim Andersson later in the draft, whom I had as a 1st round pick.

C, Oshawa/London (OHL), Canada

There seems to be growing speculation that the Islanders may be going another direction, but really why go another direction when there is a player who is already so polished, humble, and wanting the challenge of being the face of an otherwise downtrodden franchise. The next 2 names are great prospects, but Tavares' play the last two season should have set himself apart from the rest.

And also TSN is going to have a friggin' camera at the Islanders draft party. After the Islanders begged them to do it. That would be kind of dumb if they didn't take Tavares. If they don't at least it would be great television. They are the Islanders...

2tampa bayLIGHTNINGvictorHEDMAN
D, MoDo (SEL), Sweden

The glory in having a miserable year like the Lightning did, is having the #2 pick in the draft. And in holding to their MO, GM Brian Lawton is doing is best to make a mockery of it. The Lightning will get their #1 defenseman of the future with this pick, the organization will need to put the team around him so that he can follow the career path(s) of the guys he's being compared to.

C, Brampton (OHL), Canada

Oh how the fates were tempted. When the Avalanche traded a 1st round pick for Adam Foote, thank God for them that they made the playoffs last year, or Columbus would have this pick. The Avalanche, not used to picking this high, have a lot of things to address before they haul themselves out of picking in the lottery again. It's back to basics for the used-to-be Quebec Nordiques when they built their championship teams through the draft. They can start with their future franchise center, and hopefully for them, Joe Sakic will be around to play with him next year if Duchene is in the NHL (which I think he will be).

D, Spokane (OHL), Canada

This would make the top 4 picks in the draft out of the OHL, which is very impressive in a day where top prospects can come from almost anywhere. I think the Thrashers are finally putting it together. Last year at #3 they took Zach Bogosian who had a better rookie year than a lot of people thought since he was out for half the season, and he...well...plays in Atlanta. They're also probably going to be able to give themselves the option to keep whoever they pick in juniors next year to give him the proper development. Cowen is the 2nd best defenseman in this draft, and would have 3 great young defensemen, which is such a great value.

LW, Timra (SEL), Sweden

Bob McKenzie said this is how MSP/MPS wants to, I kind of liked it the other way though.

That said, Dean Lombardi sometimes is shrewd, and he usually stays over here with his picks. Now this pick could be traded, or he is as likely to go with a number of other selections here. Paajarvi is going to be the first European off the board, no doubt (I think?), and here is someone that would fit in well with a lot of the Kings other young prospects as a pure scorer from the left side. I don't know if he is a safe pick, and I think like Oscar Moller, he will get a chance to take another run around in Sweden and at the WJC's. This should be the last top 5 pick for a team that always seems to have one.

C, Vancouver (WHL), Canada

Eventually something has to work for the Coyotes, whom last year were in their on-again phase of the neverending cycle going from rebuild to reload, usually firing duds. Over the time though, they have accumulated a nice collection of prospects, that at some point has to pan out. Here goes a nice, big center who I think might end up being better than any prospect or young player they have, and might be more NHL ready than some prospects who seem to may be rushed into the NHL.

7torontoMAPLE LEAFSbraydenSCHENN
C, Brandon (WHL), Canada

People may think this is too easy to simply take Luke Schenn's brother, but maybe it makes more sense than it did last year when the Leafs traded up for Luke Schenn. Whether it's staying at #7, or moving up, I think some how the Leafs will end up with Brayden Schenn. Brian Burke has leaned towards American players with intangibles in recent years, but it seems that like Kane would, Brayden Schenn also is that Brian Burke-type player.

C, Brandon (WHL), Canada

All the trading of high draft picks or not developing enough young talent finally caught up with the Stars this year, when they had no one to fill in for everyone who got hurt. Moreover, they also had no one to play defense. To this message boarder, their demise was not a surprise to me this season (then again injuries help me there). The Stars are going through an overhaul, and with new GM/old player Joe Nieuwendyk at the helm, who finally fired Dave Tippet (and hired another Kings outcast), it's just kind of a guess here. I'm going to go total swami angle here, this is simply a guess based on nothing substantial other than a new GM who probably isn't qualified to try and prove something.

D, Leksand (SAL), Sweden

A curious year for the Senators, I'm not sure if anyone is happier to be at the draft than the Senators. Last year it seems like they got a great value pick with Erik Karlsson, who may be in the NHL next year. OEL, also a Swedish defenseman, may not be as fast, but he may be as good. I'm sure whoever drafts him would love for him to come over.

C, London (OHL), Canada

The Oilers have a lot of centers hanging around, and not all of them can play at the same time, but some of the older centers seem to be wearing out their time and patience of the Oilers, some who may be moved to go in a different direction, such as the AHL wonderboy Rob Schremp who after 1 game last season was dubbed "I don't know how the Oilers can send him back now." Pat Quinn is going to get some of their acts together, but it's a franchise that really can't afford to not keep having the next guy in line ready, which is where Kadri should come in.

D, Chicago (USHL), USA ---> Colorado College

Yes, I have Moore, NOT Jordan Schroeder as the first American off the board, in somewhat of a surprise I think. The Predators last year did go with a forward, but usually go with defenseman, usually from the WHL, but Moore has been a riser.

D, Windsor (OHL), Canada

It's a whole new game in Minnesota, and it's likely to include a whole new philosophy. Chuck Fletcher as GM, Todd Richards as head coach. I think it's going to be forward-thinking, up-tempo in Minnesota, and what they really could use, is a defenseman in the back with that same kind of personality. Also, it doesn't hurt to have the year that Ryan Ellis has had, with WJC's, U-18s, OHL Championship and a Memorial Cup. Ellis may not be the best player, but he might have the single most impressive resume of team accomplishments. Intangibles cannot be measured like skill, speed, power, even defense. Simply a guy who is a winner. Something not many players have not only in this draft, but in the Wild organization.

RW, Minnesota (WCHA), USA

The Sabres have gone away from one thing that kind of made their drafting successful in recent years (although Tyler Myers looks like a damn good prospect)...identifying college players (current or future) who can play at the NHL level. You go back to Drew Stafford, Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller, and Chris Butler would probably be a Calder Trophy candidate next year if he didn't play too many games this season. Schroeder wasn't as good in the WJC's, but he will be a sniper at the NHL level, who can pick corners and thread needles with the best of them.

D, Drummondville (QMJHL), Russia

Leave it to the Panthers to finally look like they're going to make a play in the east and get into the playoffs, after trading their best forward, and now going to lose their best player, maybe before he is in his prime. Now, Kulikov, by accounts of this mock draft, would have dropped down. If he's still around at 9 or 10, it wouldn't shock me at all to see someone jump up and make a play. Kulikov is going to be the first Russian off the board, and he isn't even playing in Russia. Probably a plus, for this no-luck franchise, who might find have some if they end up with Kulikov.

C, Andover (USHS MA), USA ---> Boston College

Another first time GM making a go of it here at the draft, but I don't see a philosophy all that much different than Brian Burke. They've been finding the guys, and not really caring where they fall on everyone's draft board (maybe mine), but this is a player I really like who should fit in well when he gets to Anaheim, in a no-fail situation.

D, Saint John (QMJHL), Canada

Finally, the Blue Jackets stopped messing around and started putting a team together last season under Scott Howson. Columbus leans towards guys from the Q. Kind of makes me think they would try to trade up for Kulikov. But it doesn't really matter where they're from if they play in Canada. Why not just take the best guy from there, for a team with a history of staying at home.

17st. louisBLUESzachBUDISH
RW, Edina (USHS MN), USA ---> Minnesota

I call the Blues trying to possibly stretch the draft board here, kind of a little off the pace here. A lot of their prospects are maturing fabulously, and they'll always take the player they think is best, but it also seems they like a lot of American kids who also go to college, and their drafting record suggests they're more successful at that. Remember, no one thought T.J. Oshie was a 1st rounder either.

RW, U-18 (USNTDP), USA ---> Denver

Montreal finds themselves back in a spot they're familiar with - in the teens. Not really sure what they are, 2008 seems like it was a mirage mainly since that was an even year and this was an odd year, thus Alexei Kovalev didn't feel like playing. Bob Gainey makes I think somewhat of a predictable pick (I've predicted Chipchura and McDonagh). Most predictably, he doesn't draft French-Canadians high (3 of their 5 picks last year played south of the border. The last French-Canadian to be selected as the Habs first pick in the draft was Eric Chouinard in 1998, before that you have to go to 1988. I'm sure Louis Leblanc will test that as a French-Canadian playing in America.

19new yorkRANGERSpeterHOLLAND
C, Guelph (OHL), Canada

Last 4 years in the 1st round for the Rangers: OHL, Russia, OHL, OHL. The late Cherepanov being the outlier (which I don't blame them for since he was a dropper, and in this mock, there is another big dropper). So I say, back to the OHL again for the Rangers, who also seem to be in this spot again, late-teens, and on the verge of another scorched-earth fire sale again, perhaps. Some point soon, the kids will play.

20calgaryFLAMEScalvinDE HAAN
D, Oshawa (OHL), Canada

Sutter usually stays in Canada, except for Mikael Backlund, whom Sutter finally got over into the WHL. de Haan grew two inches a couple years ago, and I think is going to be pretty strong when he fills out. Hockey sense, poise, few mistakes -- sounds like Robyn Regehr.

C, U-18 (USNTDP), USA ---> Kitchener (OHL)

Oh the web the Flyers weave. I think the Flyers are going to end up trading this pick for someone who wants Josefson (if he's still there, at this point every fan is yelling at their computer screens to trade up). Maybe to the Islanders, because the Flyers would do themselves very well to trade down if there are more guys they like. On this pick though, Morin is an American who is going to play in the OHL. Sounds like what he wished James van Riemsdyk would have done.

C, Djurgarden (SEL), Sweden

Eventually, the player who is dropping, has to come off the board.

23new jerseyDEVILSnickLEDDY
D, Eden Prairie (USHS MN), USA ---> Minnesota

I have Leddy down lower a bit, but since when did the Devils care about things like that? The Devils do jump around a bit, but the college players is where they've been having success.

RW, Peterborough (OHL), Canada

I want to see the Caps trade this pick. They're in position to go out and do something like trade for Kaberle or someone like that. After the foreign flavor around building the Ovechkin Machine, the Caps may end up staying conservative, in keeping with this draft pick. CSB lists him as perhaps the toughest player in the draft.

RW, Omaha (USHL), Canada ---> Harvard

I'll leave it to the Bruins to take the French-Canadian who is going to play college hockey in suburban Boston (home of Passion Pit).

D, Skellefteå (SEL), Sweden

One of the ironies in passing on Victor Hedman, would be the Islanders taking his teammate from the WJC's. Who in that tournament, I felt was every bit as good.

D, Kootenay (WHL), Canada

Carolina drops off the board completely. Because sometimes that's just what happens.

F, Red Deer (WHL), Canada

How about the Blackhawks making a big run? Good for them, and I guess good for them that they're finally out of the lottery and at the back end of the first round. The Blackhawks are a who's-who of good ol' Western Canadian boys. Let's add someone everyone else knows about.

F, Frolunda (SEL), Sweden

Team Sweden adds another. They've been not taking Swedes recently, but they're still Team Sweden. They'll keep going back there.

LW, Ilves (SM-Liiga), Finland

Rajala is one of my favorite players in he draft. As a fan of Finland, I'm sure he'll end up somewhere that I don't want him to.

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06-27-2009, 08:39 AM
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Nice call on the Glennie to the Stars choice...and if you make an imaginary trade between the Ducks and Rangers, Kreider and Holland end up in their actual spots.

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06-29-2009, 05:18 PM
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Nailing Kulikov to Florida was impressive too

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06-29-2009, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
Nailing Kulikov to Florida was impressive too
Rajala to Pittsburgh. Not so much.

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