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GM Game #4 Sign Up Thread (7 teams left)

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01-07-2010, 08:24 PM
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GM Game #4 Sign Up Thread (7 teams left)

This game will be run by GOGOgadgetGuinos, BigG44, and I.

The time that this game hypothetically takes place in is the trade deadline of the 2009-2010 season. After the deadline has “passed”, we will vote on playoff seeding, as well as the winners of each playoff round until we get a Stanley Cup winner. After the Stanley Cup voting, we will have an off-season, complete with Free Agency, the draft, and more trades. If you have questions about specific details, PM one of the commishioners.

If you are interested, please PM me with a list of 3 teams that you'd like to be the GM of. For the time being, you'll only receive one team, and when the time comes that there are open spots, we'll have people run 2 or more teams. Respected GMs over the past couple years will have priority in their team selection. Sign up will not be done on a first come first serve basis. Also note that GMs with a bad reputation may or may not be accepted, dependent on the amount of overall interest.

Note: Don't think that anything is wrong if I haven't responded to your PMs. If you PMed me, chances are you have been given a GM position. Do not post in this thread. It will be left open so I can observe who actually reads the rules. If you post in this thread, you will not get the first team on your list.

Have fun!

Do not ask for an additional position at this time.


Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division:
New Jersey Devils-
New York Islanders- TourettesGuy
New York Rangers- johnnydollaz89
Philadelphia Flyers- BiLLY_ShOE1721
Pittsburgh Penguins- GOGOgadgetGuinos

Northeast Division:
Boston Bruins- BigG44
Buffalo Sabres- stempniaksen
Montreal Canadiens- 79 André Marcoux
Ottawa Senators-
Toronto Maple Leafs- Haligonian

Southeast Division:
Atlanta Thrashers-
Carolina Hurricanes- NowitzkisBrownNugget
Florida Panthers-
Tampa Bay Lightning- TLinden16
Washington Capitals- Ktown Sens Fan 19

Western Conference

Central Division:
Chicago Blackhawks- Pitt's Best #87 #66
Columbus Blue Jackets- Classic Devil
Detroit Red Wings- T_Cage
Nashville Predators-
St. Louis Blues- AlexMaz

Northwest Division:
Calgary Flames- RR
Colorado Avalanche- Mach 9
Edmonton Oilers- papershoes
Minnesota Wild-
Vancouver Canucks- King Canuck

Pacific Division:
Anaheim Ducks-
Dallas Stars- Halifaxhab
Los Angeles Kings- IslesRock4
Phoenix Coyotes- habsman56
San Jose Sharks- C-Saku Koivu MTL


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01-07-2010, 10:21 PM
Ever Forward
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Lots of quick interest and we are already over half way full. List will be updated in the morning.

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01-07-2010, 11:00 PM
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Restricted Free Agents

  • You are responsible for qualifying your own players. If you do not qualify a player, they will become an Unrestricted Free Agent. However, in certain cases, high profile players will be automatically qualified. A player cannot become an UFA due to an inactive GM.
  • You must come up with an offer. Do NOT send a PM to the RFA agent asking how much money a players wants. You will be ignored.
  • If you wait to the last second to make offers to a player and you low ball the offer, the player will go to free agency as a Restricted Free Agent and seek an offer sheet.

Qualifying Offers
  • Players who earned less than $660,000 in the previous season must be offered 110% of last season's salary.
  • Example: Aaron Gagnon’s contract paid him $575,000 last year. His qualifying offer would be $632,500 ($575,000 X 1.1).
  • Players making up $660,000 to $1 million must be offered 105%.
  • Example: Colin Fraser’s contract paid him $700,000 last year. His qualifying offer would be $735,000 ($700,000 X 1.05).
  • Players making over $1 million must be offered 100%.
  • Example: Shane O'Brien’s contract paid him $1,600,000 last year. His qualifying offer would be $1,600,000 ($1,600,000 X 1).
  • A player’s cap hit is not the same as salary. Make sure you are using salary to determine qualifying offers.
  • Example: Fabian Brunnstrom’s cap hit last season was $2,225,000, but his salary was $875,000. His qualifying offer would be $918,750 ($875,000 X 1.05).

Offer Sheets
  • We never developed a good system for arbitration. Therefore, there will be no arbitration. If a qualified player makes it to free agency without a contract, he will be eligible to receive offer sheets.
  • Depending on the volume of qualified players in free agency, the agent for restricted free agents will accept offer sheets from opposing teams.
  • Once an offer sheet is signed, the player’s team has 24 hours to match or reject an offer.
  • In the event an inactive GM does not respond to an offer sheet, the league commissioners will decide for the team. This is to keep the game as realistic as possible. If Andrew Cogliano signs an offer sheet for under $1 milllion, an inactive GM will not be the reason he goes to a new team.

Draft Pick Compensation for Offer Sheets

$863,156 or lessNone
$863,156 - $1,307,8123rd round pick
$1,307,812 - $2,615,6252nd round pick
$2,615,623 - $3,923,4371st and 3rd round pick
$3,923,437 - $5,231,2491st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick
$5,231,249 - $6,539,062Two 1st's, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick
$6,539,062 or moreFour 1st round picks

*The amount is determined by taking the total compensation due in the Offer Sheet, and dividing by the number of years specified in the Offer Sheet, or five (5) - whichever is less.

Example: A 10 year offer sheet worth $50 million results in Four 1st round picks as compensation instead of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick.

*You must use your own draft picks as compensation. If Anaheim offers a qualified player a contract worth $2.5 million, the Ducks must hold the rights to Anaheim's 2nd Round Pick in 2011 before the offer is official.

Eastern Conference Restricted Free Agents
Player NamePOS2009-2010 Cap HitNew Cap HitNew Term
Atlanta Thrashers    
Lehtonen, Kari G $3,000,000  
Pavelec, Ondrej G $1,433,333  
Little, Bryan F $900,000   
Denny, Chad D $850,000  
Stewart, Anthony F$575,000  
Pospisil, Tomas F $528,333 
Sterling, Brett F $525,000  
Mannino, Peter G $525,000 
Siddall, Matt F $518,750  
Vernace, Mike D $500,000 
Kaip, Rylan F 500,000 
Lehman, Scott D $500,000  
Boston Bruins    
Wheeler, Blake F 2,825,000 
McKelvie, Zach D $2,725,000 
Stuart, Mark D $1,300,000  
Paille, Daniel F $1,125,000  
Lehtonen, Mikko F $800,000 
Sobotka, Vladimir F $750,000 
Bodnarchuk, Andrew D $708,333 
LoVecchio, Jeff F $707,500 
McQuaid, Adam D $623,333 
Regan, Kevin G $605,000 
Fata, Drew D $550,000 
Larman, Drew F $550,000   
Buffalo Sabres    
McArthur, ClarkeF$1,400,000  
Gogulla, PhilippF$850,000  
Kennedy, TimF$850,000  
Weber, MikeD$750,266  
Gragnani, Marc-AndreD$750,266  
Mancari, MarkF$574,750  
Kaleta, PatrickF$522,000  
Lamoureux, Jean-PG$500,000  
Generous, MattD$500,000  
Kostka, MikeD$499,500  
Whitmore, DerekF$499,500  
Carolina Hurricanes     
Rodney, BryanD$550,000  
Carson, BrettD$522,500  
Dodge, NickF$517,500  
Blanchard, NicolasF$510,000 
Goertzen, StevenF$500,000  
Angelidis, MikeF$500,000  
Fitzgerald, ZackD$500,000  
Borer, CaseyD$500,000  
Peters, JustinG$500,000 
Samson, JeromeF$493,333 
Florida Panthers    
Garrison, JasonD$1,077,500 
Sweetland, AndrewF$1,030,000 
McArdle, Kenndal F $850,000 
Plante, Tyler G$850,000  
Campbell, Greg F$762,500  
Kreps, KamilF$682,500  
Collins, DanF$628,333  
Beckford-Tseu, ChrisG$575,000 
Beaverson, LukeD$570,000  
Aston, PeterD$551,666  
Duco, MikeF$546,666  
Henry, JordanD$542,333  
Tarnasky, NickF$525,000 
Brine, DavidF$522,500  
Montreal Canadiens    
Price, CareyG$2,200,000  
Trotter, BrockF$875,000  
Johansson, MikaelF$875,000 
Pyatt, TomF$850,000  
Carle, MathieuD$850,000 
Kostitsyn, SergeiF$816,666 
Latendresse, GuillaumeF$803,250 
Halak, JaroslavG$775,000  
Lapierre, MaximF$687,500  
Belle, ShawnD$600,000  
Wyman, J.T.F$550,000 
Busto, MichaelD$516,666 
Desharnais, DavidF$512,500  
Russell, RyanF$503,333  
Benoit, AndreD$500,000 
D'Agostini, MattF$500,000 
Stewart, GregoryF$500,000 
Chipchura, KyleF$500,000 
Desjardins, CedricG$492,500 
New Jersey Devils    
Eckford, TylerD$984,000  
Clarkson, DavidF$837,500  
Bergfors, NicklasF$818,333 
Pelley, RodF$550,000  
Snetsinger, BradleyF$533,333 
Davis, PatrickF$522,500  
Fraser, MarkD$500,000  
Walter, BenF$500,000 
Magnan, OlivierD$498,333 
Stoesz, MylesF$491,666  
Sestito, TimF$487,500  
New Yorks Islanders    
Bergenheim, SeanF$862,500 
Kohn, DustinD$850,000  
Schremp, RobF$715,000  
Smith, TrevorF$660,000  
Tambellini, JeffF$587,500  
Hughes, BobbyF$580,000  
Moulson, MattF$575,000  
Moore, GregF$575,000  
Lawson, NathanG$550,000  
Thompson, NateF$550,000 
Bentivoglio, SeanF$531,666 
Flood, MarkD$525,000  
MacDonald, AndrewD$483,333  
New York Rangers    
Girardi, DanielD$1,550,000  
Crowder, PaulF$975,000  
Ambuhl, AndresF$875,000  
Heikkinen, IlkkaD$875,000  
Dupont, BrodieF$850,000 
Valentenko, PavelD$850,000 
Sauer, MikeD$846,666  
Staal, MarcD$826,666  
Lisin, EnverF$790,000 
Zaba, MattG$574,500 
Potter, CoreyD$550,000  
Wiikman, MiikaG$542,500 
Byers, DaneF$500,000 
Locke, CoreyF$500,000  
Ottawa Senators    
Lee, BrianD$1,275,000 
Zubov, IlyaF$850,000  
Foligno, NickF$850,000 
Picard, AlexandreD$800,000 
Campoli, ChrisD$633,333  
Regin, PeterF$607,500  
Smith, DerekD$600,000  
Winchester, JesseF$550,000 
Kinrade, GeoffD $535,000  
Kudelka, TomasD$533,333 
St. Pierre, MartinF$525,000 
Bass, CodyF$513,333 
Keller, RyanF$500,000  
Hennessy, JoshF$500,000 
Philadelphia Flyers    
Coburn, BraydonD$1,300,000  
Teslak, MichaelG$925,000 
Carcillo, DanielF$893,750 
Parent, RyanD$855,000 
Tollefsen, Ole-KristianD$600,000  
Matsumoto, JonathanF$600,000 
Syvret, DannyD$575,000 
Dingle, RyanF$550,000 
Bellamy, RobF$532,500 
Duchesne, JeremyG$530,000 
Powe, DarrollF$520,000 
Laliberte, DavidF$518,333 
Bartulis, OskarsD$516,666 
Clackson, MattF$507,500 
Beaulieu, JoshF$498,333 
Pittsburgh Penguins    
Letang, KristopherD$835,000 
Johnson, NickF$592,500 
Bourque, ChrisF$577,500 
Vitale, JoeF$550,000 
D'Aversa, JonathanD$525,000 
Conner, ChrisF$500,000 
Lovejoy, BenD$500,000 
Boogard, AaronF$493,333  
Engelland, DerykD$492,500 
Tampa Bay Lightning    
Ranger, PaulD$933,333 
Mihalik, VladimirD$850,000  
Helenius, RikuG$821,666 
Downie, SteveF$821,666 
Szczechura, PaulF$600,000 
Lawrence, ChrisF$585,000  
Karsums, MartinsF$575,000 
Lundin, MikeD$550,000 
Simek, JurajF$550,000 
Miller, DrewF$525,000  
Tukonen, LauriF$500,000 
Smolenak, RadekF$500,000 
Jones, BlairF$500,000 
Toronto Maple Leafs    
Gustavsson, JonasG$2,500,000  
Kulemin, NikolaiF$1,487,500 
Hanson, ChristianF$925,000 
Rogers, KyleF$875,000 
Tlusty, JiriF$855,000 
White, IanD$850,000 
Brent, TimF$525,000 
Oreskovic, PhilD$508,333 
Foster, AlexF$505,000 
Hamilton, RyanF$500,000 
Deveaux, AndreF$500,000 
Mitchell, JohnF$487,500  
Washington Capitals    
Backstrom, NicklasF$2,400,000 
Miskovic, ZachD$875,000 
Beagle, JayF$875,000 
Fehr, EricF$771,750 
Gordon, BoydF$761,250 
Fleischmann, TomasF$725,000  
Schultz, JeffD$715,000  
Gordon, AndrewF$606,666  
McNeill, PatrickD$541,666  
Wilson, KyleF$500,000 
Dovgan, ViktorD$500,000  

Western Conference Restricted Free Agents
Player NamePOS2009-2010 Cap HitNew Cap HitNew Term
Anaheim Ducks    
Wisniewski, James D $2,750,000 
Ryan, Bobby F $1,921,666 
Mikkelson, Brendan D $821,666 
Christensen, Erik F $750,000  
Weller, Shawn F $608,333 
Pogge, Justin G $605,000  
Levasseur, Jean-Philippe G $580,000 
Salcido, Brian D $550,000 
Donally, Ryan F $525,000 
Bolt, Bobby F $495,000   
Calgary Flames    
Pelech, Matt D $850,000 
Boyd, Dustin F $650,000   
Chucko, Kris F $650,000  
Keetley, Matt G $601,666  
Baldwin, Gord D $600,000 
Cole, Brad D $543,333  
Watt, J.D. F $538,333 
Sutter, Brett F $536,666 
Prust, Brandon F $500,000 
Armstrong, Riley F $500,000  
Palin, Brett D $497,500 
Cunning, Cam F $487,500 
Chicago Blackhawks    
Ladd, Andrew F $1,550,000 
Skille, Jack F $1,275,000 
Eager, Ben F $965,000  
Davis, Nathan F $850,000  
Brophey, Evan F $850,000  
Niemi, Antti G $826,875 
Fallon, Joe G $775,000  
Brennan, Mike D $750,000  
Fraser, Colin F $700,000 
Greentree, Kyle F $650,000 
Hjalmarsson, Niklas D $643,333  
Hendry, Jordan D $625,000 
Sawyer, Jean-Claude D $508,333 
Hobson, Adam F $503,333  
Bickell, Bryan F $500,000 
MacArthur, Peter F $500,000  
Columbus Blue Jackets     
Picard, Alexandre F $826,875 
Sestito, Tom F $751,666  
Boll, Jared F $743,333 
Blunden, Mike F $735,000 
Stralman, Anton D $731,666  
Clitsome, Grant D $625,000 
Plekhanov, Andrei D $612,500  
Lalande, Kevin G $587,222 
Liffiton, David D $525,000  
Roy, Mathieu D $525,000 
Reese, Dylan D $525,000 
Lacosta, Dan G $522,500  
Smotherman, Jordan F $500,000  
Colorado Avalanche     
Wolski, Wojtek F $2,800,000  
Stewart, Chris F $850,000  
Hensick, T.J. F $850,000 
Burki, Codey F $833,333 
O'Neill, Wes D $815,000 
Yip, Brandon F $750,000  
Macias, Raymond D $585,000 
Dupuis, Philippe F $574,750 
Quincey, Kyle D $525,000 
Peltier, Derek D $512,500 
Weiman, Tyler G $500,000  
Dallas Stars     
Brunnstrom, Fabian F $2,225,000 
Grossman, Nicklas D $975,000 
Shelast, Tyler F 87,500 
Niskanen, Matt D $850,000 
Neal, James F $821,666  
Sawada, Raymond F $750,000 
Lindgren, Perttu F $693,888   
Wandell, Tom F $600,000 
Gagnon, Aaron F $575,000 
Fortunus, Maxime D $512,500 
Ludwig, Trevor D $500,000  
Wathier, Francis F $492,500  
Detroit Red Wings    
Larsson, Daniel G $850,000  
Abdelkader, Justin F $850,000 
Ryno, Johan F $615,000 
Helm, Darren F $599,444 
Kolosov, Sergei D $527,500  
Tardif, Jamie F $525,000 
Ritola, Mattias F $511,666 
McGrath, Evan F $500,000 
Williams, Jeremy F $500,000 
Oulahen, Ryan F $500,000  
Meech, Derek D $483,333  
Edmonton Oilers    
Grebeshkov, Denis D $3,150,000 
Gagner, Sam F $1,625,000 
O'Marra, Ryan F $1,221,666 
Cogliano, Andrew F $1,133,333 
Lerg, Bryan F $875,000 
Pouliot, Marc-Antoine F $825,000 
Brule, Gilbert F $800,000 
Trukhno, Vyacheslav F $792,222  
Dubnyk, Devan G $700,000 
Hrabal, Josef D $675,000  
Drouin-Deslauriers, Jeff G $625,000  
Paukovich, Geoff F $603,333 
Stone, Ryan F $600,000 
Peckham, Theo D $600,000 
Potulny, Ryan F $595,000  
McDonald, Colin F $550,000 
Jacques, Jean-Francois F $525,000 
Reddox, Liam F $515,000 
Nickerson, Matt D $500,000 
Los Angeles Kings    
Lewis, Trevor F $855,000 
Cliche, Marc-Andre F $850,000  
Elkins, Corey F $803,100 
Piskula, Joe D $650,000 
Clune, Richard F $625,000  
Bagnall, Drew D $605,000   
Purcell, Ted F $600,000  
Richardson, Brad F $587,500   
Parse, Scott F $550,000 
Gauthier, Gabe F $525,000  
Minnesota Wild    
Sheppard, James F $1,400,000  
Harding, Josh G $1,100,000  
Madsen, Morten F $850,000  
Kalus, Petr F $821,666 
Pouliot, Benoit F $803,250  
Clutterbuck, Cal F $725,833  
Irmen, Danny F $707,850  
Voloshenko, Roman F $707,200   
Stoner, Clayton D $665,500  
Khudobin, Anton G $586,666 
Earl, Robbie F $550,000  
Brust, Barry G $550,000  
Fraser, Jamie D $500,000 
Kassian, Matt F $500,000   
Nashville Predators    
Laakso, Teemu D $733,333  
Hornqvist, Patric F $713,333  
Franson, Cody D $693,888 
Klein, Kevin D $650,000 
Santorelli, Mike F $591,666  
Thuresson, Andreas F $561,666  
Dietrich, Robert D $550,000  
Goc, Marcel F $550,000  
Hersley, Patrik D $535,000 
Dekanich, Mark G $532,500  
Grant, Triston F $530,000 
Maki, Ryan F $500,000  
Olvecky, Peter F $500,000 
Jessiman, Hugh F $500,000 
Phoenix Coyotes    
Mueller, Peter F $1,700,000  
Upshall, Scottie F $1,500,000 
Hanzal, Martin F $980,000  
Porter, Kevin F $954,250 
Montoya, Al G $725,000  
Kolarik, Chad F $615,000 
Sullivan, Sean D $605,000 
Winnik, Daniel F $600,000 
Jones, Matt D $562,500  
Lepisto, Sami D $550,000 
Heshka, Shaun D $525,000 
Tordjman, Josh G $522,500 
Schlemko, David D $516,666  
Bissonnette, Paul F $500,000  
Meyer, Stefan F $500,000  
Zimmerman, Sean D 490,000 
San Jose Sharks    
Pavelski, Joe F $1,637,500 
Karlsson, Henrik G $1,325,000 
Setoguchi, Devin F $1,246,666  
Moore, Mike D $1,000,000 
Jones, Matthew F $875,000  
Zalewski, Steven F $660,000  
Rahimi, Daniel D $647,777  
Joslin, Derek D $516,666  
Staubitz, Brad F $500,000 
St. Louis Blues    
Johnson, Erik D $3,700,000  
Steen, Alexander F $1,700,000 
Perron, David F $918,333 
Bishop, Ben G $893,333 
Junland, Jonas D $868,333  
Kana, Tomas F $868,333 
Lemtyugov, Nikolai F $703,333 
Richmond, Danny D $625,000 
Toivonen, Hannu G $600,000 
Strachan, Tyson D $590,000 
Hellstrom, Alexander D $586,666 
Reaves, Ryan F $583,333 
Wagner, Steve D $575,000 
Drazenovic, Nicholas F $571,666 
Talbot, Julian F $550,000  
Janssen, Cam F $550,000 
King, D.J. F $533,333 
Cracknell, Adam F $500,000 
Vancouver Canucks    
Kesler, Ryan F $1,750,000 
O'Brien, Shane D $1,600,000 
Schneider, Cory G $1,084,200 
Walsky, Eric F $900,000 
Raymond, Mason F $883,333  
McIver, Nathan D $577,500 
Hansen, Jannik F $550,000 
Bolduc, Alexandre F $527,500  
Pope, Matt F$525,000   
Rome, Aaron D $525,000 
Funk, Mike D $500,000  
Glass, Tanner F $500,000  
Bliznak, Mario F $493,333  
Labrie, Pierre-Cedric F $493,333   

Entry Level Contracts

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01-08-2010, 01:08 PM
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7 teams left...

Devils, Senators, Thrashers, Panthers in the East.

Predators, Wild, Ducks, in the West.

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01-09-2010, 04:39 PM
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Keep signing up so we can start ASAP!

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