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Hall of Fame players on last-place teams

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11-06-2010, 02:18 PM
Hockey Outsider
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Hall of Fame players on last-place teams

I thought it would be interesting to look at Hall of Famers who played on last-place teams. (MXD, I’m stealing your idea, but with a twist).

When two teams had the same amount of points, I designated the team with the fewest wins as “last-place”. For example, in 1969 Minnesota and Pittsburgh both had 51 points, but Minnesota is ranked last due to having fewer wins (18 vs 20).

I'm not going to go mention every extreme long shot candidate or “Hall of Very Good” player (Weight, Vaive, Goring, etc.)

I'm also not mentioning very young players (Jeff Carter or Mike Richards on 2007 Flyers) just because they have a chance of building up a HOF resume over the next fifteen years.

As far as I can tell, the “winner” is the 1990 Nordiques, with four Hall of Fame members. Quebec featured Peter Stastny and Michel Goulet (both of whom were traded before the end of the year), a 20 year old Joe Sakic, and a 38 year old Guy Lafleur (who played less than half the season). Mats Sundin joined the Nordiques the following year (where they finished last place as well). The Nordiques “last place dynasty” featured a total of five Hall of Famers.

The 1987 Buffalo Sabres have the most players who are routinely mentioned as HOF candidates. Gilbert Perreault and Clarke Gillies are already members. Housley, Andreychuk and Barrasso are all often brought up as Hall of Fame candidates, though that makes me nauseous. Still, the ’87 Sabres have five Hall of Fame candidates.

Now that there are no more truly terrible expansion teams (see: mid seventies, early to mid nineties), it’s not that uncommon for a last place team to have at HOF candidates.

Let me know if I've missed anybody.


2010: Edmonton. None.

2009: Islanders. None.

2008: Tampa. St. Louis has a reasonable chance. Lecavalier and Richards may make it, but have a long way to go.

2007: Philadelphia. Forsberg is a lock.

2006: St. Louis. Tkachuk is unlikely, but has a chance.

2004: Pittsburgh. Lemieux is already in.

2003: Carolina. Francis is already in. Brind'Amour has a chance.

2002: Atlanta. They're not there yet, but Kovalchuk and Heatley are certainly on track.

2001: Islanders. None.

2000: Atlanta. None.

1999: Tampa Bay. Lecavalier has a chance but has a long way to go.

1998: Tampa Bay. None.

1997: Boston. Bourque is already in. Oates almost certainly will be in, it's surprising he hasn't been inducted yet.

1996: Ottawa. Alfredsson has a reasonable chance.

1995: Ottawa. None. Worth mentioning that Troy Murray (former Selke winner) played partial seasons for both the '94 and '95 Senators, though I don't think he even qualifies for the "Hall of Very Good".

1994: Ottawa. None.

1993: Ottawa. None.

1992: San Jose. At this point it appears highly unlikely Doug Wilson will ever make it.

1991: Quebec. Lafleur is already in. Sakic is a lock. Sundin will likely make it.

1990: Quebec. Lafleur, Stastny and Goulet are already in. Sakic is a lock.

1989: Quebec. Stastny and Goulet are already in. Sakic is a lock.

1988: Minnesota. It pains me to type this, but Ciccarelli is in the Hall. Dirk Graham, former Selke winner, was briefly on the North Stars.

1987: Buffalo: Perreault and Gillies are already in. (I bet few people remember that Gillies spent a couple of seasons as a Sabre). For reasons that I don’t fully understand, Housley and Andreychuk and often considered HOF candidates. Barrasso probably deserves to be mentioned as a longshot candidate.

1986: Detroit. Yzerman is already in. Oates should be.

1985: Toronto. Salming is already in.

1984: Pittsburgh. None. I'm not sure if Randy Carlyle even qualifies for the "Hall of Very Good", but I thought it's interesting that this former Norris winner was on two last place teams ('83 and '84 Penguins).

1983: Pittsburgh. None.

1982: Colorado. McDonald is in.

1981: Winnipeg. None.

1980: Colorado. McDonald is in.

1979: Colorado. None.

1978: Minnesota. None.

1977: Detroit. Giacomin is in.

1976: Washington. None.

1975: Washington. None. (It’s worth mentioning that even though this is easily one of the worst teams in NHL history, they have some players with surprisingly good careers – Doug Mohns, Rod Seiling).

1974: California. None.

1973: Islanders. Smith is in.

1972: Vancouver. None.

1971: California. Howell is in.

1970: Los Angeles. Duff, somehow, is in.

1969: Minnesota. Boivin, another relatively weak selection, is in.

1968: Oakland. None.


Also interesting to see which players who have been on a last-place team have went on to win a major personal award.

Hart: St. Louis, Forsberg, Sakic, Lafleur.

Art Ross: St. Louis, Forsberg, Lafleur.

Norris: Bourque, Wilson, Salming, Carlyle, Howell.

Conn Smythe: Sakic, Lafleur, Yzerman.

Vezina: Barasso, Smith, Giacomin.

Selke: Murray, Graham.

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11-06-2010, 03:12 PM
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Douglas Mohns:

...You are so very right about Doug Mohns!!

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11-06-2010, 04:00 PM
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SEASONTEAMPlayerAgePOSGamesTeam GAMESTeam WTeam LTeam TTeam W %Teams
1966-67BOSBucyk John31LW597017431031.43%6
1966-67BOSCheevers Gerry26G227017431031.43%6
1966-67BOSOrr Bobby18D617017431031.43%6
1966-67BOSParent Bernie21G187017431031.43%6
1965-66NYRGiacomin Ed26G367018411133.57%6
1965-66NYRGilbert Rod24RW347018411133.57%6
1965-66NYRHowell Harry33D707018411133.57%6
1965-66NYRRatelle Jean25C677018411133.57%6
1964-65BOSBoivin Leo32D67702143634.29%6
1964-65BOSBucyk John29LW68702143634.29%6
1964-65BOSJohnson Tom36D51702143634.29%6
1963-64BOSBoivin Leo31D657018401234.29%6
1963-64BOSBucyk John28LW627018401234.29%6
1963-64BOSJohnson Tom35D707018401234.29%6
1962-63BOSBoivin Leo30D627014391732.14%6
1962-63BOSBucyk John27LW697014391732.14%6
1961-62BOSBoivin Leo29D65701547827.14%6
1961-62BOSBucyk John26LW67701547827.14%6
1960-61BOSBoivin Leo28D597015421330.71%6
1960-61BOSBucyk John25LW707015421330.71%6
1960-61BOSFlaman Fernie33D627015421330.71%6
1959-60NYRBathgate Andy27RW707017381535.00%6
1959-60NYRGadsby Bill32D657017381535.00%6
1959-60NYRHowell Harry27D677017381535.00%6
1959-60NYRWorsley Lorne Gump30G417017381535.00%6
1958-59DETDelvecchio Alex27LW70702537841.43%6
1958-59DETHowe Gordie30RW70702537841.43%6
1958-59DETKelly Red31D67702537841.43%6
1958-59DETPronovost Marcel28D69702537841.43%6
1958-59DETSawchuk Terry29G67702537841.43%6
1958-59DETUllman Norm23C69702537841.43%6
1957-58TORArmstrong George27RW597021381137.86%6
1957-58TORDuff Dick21LW657021381137.86%6
1957-58TORHorton Tim27D537021381137.86%6
1957-58TORMahovlich Frank19LW677021381137.86%6
1957-58TORPulford Bob21LW707021381137.86%6
1956-57CHIPilote Pierre25D707016391533.57%6
1956-57CHIWatson Harry33LW707016391533.57%6
1955-56CHIPilote Pierre24D207019391235.71%6
1955-56CHIStanley Allan29D597019391235.71%6
1955-56CHIWatson Harry32LW557019391235.71%6
1954-55CHIGadsby Bill27D187013401730.71%6
1954-55CHIMosienko Bill33RW647013401730.71%6
1954-55CHIStanley Allan28D527013401730.71%6
1954-55CHIWatson Harry31LW437013401730.71%6
1953-54CHIAbel Sid35C3701251722.14%6
1953-54CHIGadsby Bill26D70701251722.14%6
1953-54CHIMosienko Bill32RW65701251722.14%6
1952-53NYRBathgate Andy20RW187017371635.71%6
1952-53NYRHowell Harry20D677017371635.71%6
1952-53NYRLaprade Edgar33C117017371635.71%6
1952-53NYRRayner Chuck32G207017371635.71%6
1952-53NYRStanley Allan26D707017371635.71%6
1952-53NYRWorsley Lorne Gump23G507017371635.71%6
1951-52CHIBentley Doug35C8701744930.71%6
1951-52CHIConacher Roy35LW12701744930.71%6
1951-52CHIGadsby Bill24D59701744930.71%6
1951-52CHILumley Harry25G70701744930.71%6
1951-52CHIMosienko Bill30RW70701744930.71%6
1951-52CHIStewart Jack34D37701744930.71%6
1950-51CHIBentley Doug34C447013471025.71%6
1950-51CHIConacher Roy34LW707013471025.71%6
1950-51CHIGadsby Bill23D257013471025.71%6
1950-51CHILumley Harry24G647013471025.71%6
1950-51CHIMosienko Bill29RW657013471025.71%6
1950-51CHIOlmstead Bert24RW157013471025.71%6
1950-51CHIStewart Jack33D267013471025.71%6
1949-50CHIBentley Doug33C647022381038.57%6
1949-50CHIBrimsek Frank34G707022381038.57%6
1949-50CHIConacher Roy33LW707022381038.57%6
1949-50CHIGadsby Bill22D707022381038.57%6
1949-50CHIMosienko Bill28RW697022381038.57%6
1949-50CHIOlmstead Bert23RW707022381038.57%6
1948-49NYRColville Neil34D146018311139.17%6
1948-49NYRLaprade Edgar29C566018311139.17%6
1948-49NYRO'Connor Buddy32C466018311139.17%6
1948-49NYRRayner Chuck28G586018311139.17%6
1948-49NYRStanley Allan22D406018311139.17%6
1947-48CHIBentley Doug31C60602034638.33%6
1947-48CHIBentley Max27C6602034638.33%6
1947-48CHIConacher Roy31LW52602034638.33%6
1947-48CHIGadsby Bill20D60602034638.33%6
1947-48CHIMosienko Bill26RW40602034638.33%6
1946-47CHIBentley Doug30LW52601937435.00%6
1946-47CHIBentley Max26C60601937435.00%6
1946-47CHIGadsby Bill19D48601937435.00%6
1946-47CHIMosienko Bill25RW59601937435.00%6
1946-47CHISmith Clint33C52601937435.00%6
1945-46NYRColville Neil31D49501328935.00%6
1945-46NYRHextall Bryan Sr.32RW3501328935.00%6
1945-46NYRLaprade Edgar26C49501328935.00%6
1945-46NYRPatrick Lynn33LW38501328935.00%6
1945-46NYRRayner Chuck25G40501328935.00%6
1944-45NYRColville Neil30C45011291032.00%6
1943-44NYRBoucher Frank41C1550639517.00%6
1943-44NYRHextall Bryan Sr.30RW5050639517.00%6
1943-44NYRLumley Harry17G150639517.00%6
1942-43NYRHextall Bryan Sr.29RW50501131830.00%6
1942-43NYRPatrick Lynn30LW50501131830.00%6
1942-43NYRPratt Babe26D4501131830.00%6
1942-43NYRSmith Clint29C47501131830.00%6
1941-42BKNRayner Chuck21G36481629336.46%7
1941-42BKNWatson Harry18LW47481629336.46%7
1940-41NYAConacher Charlie31D46488291128.13%7
1940-41NYAJackson Busher29LW46488291128.13%7
1940-41NYARayner Chuck20G12488291128.13%7
1940-41NYASmith Hooley37C41488291128.13%7
1939-40MTLBarry Marty34C30481033526.04%7
1939-40MTLBlake Toe27LW48481033526.04%7
1938-39CHISeibert Earl27D48481228833.33%7
1936-37NYAOliver Harry36RW20481529435.42%8
1936-37NYASchriner Sweeney25LW48481529435.42%8
1936-37NYAStewart Nels34C32481529435.42%8
1936-37NYAWorters Roy36G23481529435.42%8
1935-36MTLBlake Toe23LW114811261134.38%8
1935-36MTLJoliat Aurel34LW484811261134.38%8
1935-36MTLMantha Sylvio32D424811261134.38%8
1934-35STECowley Bill22C41481131629.17%9
1934-35STEHowe Syd23C36481131629.17%9
1933-34OTSHowe Syd22C42481329633.33%9
1933-34OTSWeiland Cooney28C9481329633.33%9
1932-33OTSConnell Alec30G154811271033.33%9
1932-33OTSHowe Syd21C484811271033.33%9
1932-33OTSWeiland Cooney27C484811271033.33%9
1931-32NYABurch Billy31C48481624841.67%8
1931-32NYADutton Red33D47481624841.67%8
1931-32NYAWorters Roy31G40481624841.67%8
1930-31PHQHowe Syd19C4444436413.64%10
1929-30PIPFredrickson Frank34C944536314.77%10
1928-29CHIGardiner Chuck24G4444729825.00%10
1928-29CHIGardiner Herb37D544729825.00%10
1928-29CHIIrvin Dick36C3944729825.00%10
1928-29CHIKeats Duke33C344729825.00%10
1927-28CHIDye Babe29RW1044734319.32%10
1927-28CHIGardiner Chuck23G4044734319.32%10
1927-28CHIIrvin Dick35C1244734319.32%10
1927-28CHIKeats Duke32C3244734319.32%10
1927-28CHILehman Hugh42G444734319.32%10
1927-28CHIMackay Mickey33C3644734319.32%10
1926-27DETFoyston Frank35LW41441228431.82%10
1926-27DETFredrickson Frank31C16441228431.82%10
1926-27DETHolmes Harry Hap34G43441228431.82%10
1926-27DETKeats Duke31C25441228431.82%10
1926-27DETWalker Jack39C37441228431.82%10
1925-26MTLJoliat Aurel24LW35361124131.94%7
1925-26MTLMantha Sylvio22D34361124131.94%7
1925-26MTLMorenz Howie23C31361124131.94%7
1925-26MTLVezina Georges38G1361124131.94%7
1923-24HAMBurch Billy23C2424915037.50%4
1923-24HAMGreen Wilf Shorty27RW2224915037.50%4
1922-23HAMBurch Billy22C1024618025.00%4
1921-22HAMMalone Joe31C2424717029.17%4
1920-21HAMDye Babe22RW124618025.00%4
1920-21HAMMalone Joe30C2024618025.00%4
1919-20QUBMalone Joe29C2424420016.67%4
1919-20QUBSmith Tommy34C1024420016.67%4
1918-19TORAdams Jack J.23C1818513027.78%3
1918-19TORCameron Harry28D718513027.78%3
1918-19TORCrawford Rusty33LW1818513027.78%3
1918-19TORHolmes Harry Hap26G218513027.78%3
1918-19TORNoble Reg23D1718513027.78%3
1917-18MTWHyland Harry28RW4615016.67%4
1917-18MTWRoss Art31D3615016.67%4

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11-06-2010, 04:05 PM
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HHOF-erLast Place Teams
Gadsby Bill8
Mosienko Bill7
Bucyk John6
Boivin Leo6
Bentley Doug5
Rayner Chuck5
Howe Syd4
Howell Harry4
Conacher Roy4
Stanley Allan4
Watson Harry4
Colville Neil3
Laprade Edgar3
Burch Billy3
Lumley Harry3
Malone Joe3
Hextall Bryan Sr.3
Keats Duke3

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11-06-2010, 04:51 PM
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Boston Bruins in Last:

..Both Doug Mohns & Bruins Captain Don McKenney belong on this list!!

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11-06-2010, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Axxellien View Post
..Both Doug Mohns & Bruins Captain Don McKenney belong on this list!!
They're not in the Hall of Fame.

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11-06-2010, 04:57 PM
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Bruins of 1960-61:

...If Allan Stanley & Harry Lumley had been ``Added`` to this 60-61 roster, then none of the above would be listed , as the Bruins would not have finished last!

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11-06-2010, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Axxellien View Post
..Both Doug Mohns & Bruins Captain Don McKenney belong on this list!!

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11-06-2010, 05:48 PM
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Send a message via MSN to Derick*
Is it possible to get in based on your contributions as a builder and a player combined? I know it has to be "as" either-or but will they consider the other?

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11-06-2010, 07:01 PM
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Good Question:

...Well after His Career ended in 1970, Mr. McKenney joined longtime teammate Fern Flaman on the Coaching staff of a failing & moribound Northeastern University Hockey program..As Head Recruiter for the school, He patiently, arduously scoured wintry Canada seeking potential talent, thus, over decades, building one of the best & long lasting recruitment networks of any American University..Was still in use long after His retirement..Was élected to the Northeastern Hall of Fame soon after...Must be worth a mention... As for Doug Mohns played so long in the NHL, He should be mentioned as a builder!! LOL!!

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