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#48 - 01.19.2011 | Toronto Maple Leafs @ New York Rangers | 7:00 PM - MSG PLUS (HD)

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01-19-2011, 01:13 PM
"Shoots Wide" !!!
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If we lose this game,I'm going to be depressed.

LGR !!

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01-19-2011, 01:38 PM
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Here's to Cpt. Cash using his 4th line minutes wisely, and the team jumpstarting themselves out of the downward slide.

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01-19-2011, 01:42 PM
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Line 1

C M.Grabovski (26): 43gms, 18gls, 35pts, +6, 32pim, 18:54 (82gms, 34gls, 67pts, +11, 61pim)
C D.Stepan (20): 47gms, 13gls, 27pts, +0, 10pim, 16:19 (82gms, 23gls, 47pts, +0, 18pim)

W C.MacArthur (25): 44gms, 14gls, 37pts, +1, 26pim, 17:20 (82gms, 26gls, 69pts, +2, 49pim)
W W.Wolski (24): 40gms, 8gls, 19pts, -5, 10pim, 14:54 (82gms, 16gls, 39pts, -10, 21pim)

W N.Kulemin (24): 44gms, 16gls, 33pts, +2, 18pim, 17:34 (82gms, 30gls, 62pts, +4, 34pim)
W M.Zuccarello (23): 12gms, 2gls, 7pts, +2, 0pim, 14:26 (82gms, 14gls, 48pts, +14, 0pim)

Line 2

C T.Bozak (24): 44gms, 7gls, 18pts, -11, 6pim, 19:10 (82gms, 13gls, 34pts, -21, 11pim)
C A.Anisimov (22): 47gms, 10gls, 22pts, -3, 10pim, 15:38 (82gms, 18gls, 38pts, -5, 18pim)

W P.Kessel (23): 44gms, 19gls, 31pts, -16, 10pim, 19:51 (82gms, 35gls, 58pts, -30, 19pim)
W M.Gaborik (28): 33gms, 11gls, 24pts, +0, 8pim, 18:55 (82gms, 27gls, 60pts, +0, 20pim)

W J.Crabb (27): 12gms, 0gls, 6pts, +1, 10pim, 15:10 (82gms, 0gls, 41pts, +7, 68pim)
W R.Fedotenko (31): 47gms, 8gls, 18pts, +7, 16pim, 15:51 (82gms, 14gls, 31pts, +12, 28pim)

Line 3

C D.Boyce (26): 9gms, 2gls, 5pts, +3, 4pim, 13:51 (82gms, 18gls, 46pts, +27, 36pim)
C B.Boyle (26): 47gms, 15gls, 23pts, +8, 40pim, 15:26 (82gms, 26gls, 40pts, +14, 70pim)

W K.Versteeg (24): 41gms, 12gls, 31pts, -11, 25pim, 19:49 (82gms, 24gls, 62pts, -22, 50pim)
W S.Avery (30): 47gms, 2gls, 16pts, +3, 132pim, 11:27 (82gms, 4gls, 28pts, +5, 230pim)

W C.Armstrong (28): 28gms, 6gls, 12pts, -3, 19pim, 16:26 (82gms, 18gls, 35pts, -9, 56pim)
W B.Prust (26): 47gms, 5gls, 16pts, +6, 99pim, 14:25 (82gms, 9gls, 28pts, +11, 173pim)

Line 4

C T.Brent (26): 43gms, 3gls, 6pts, -7, 11pim, 11:10 (82gms, 6gls, 11pts, -13, 21pim)
C C.Drury (34): 16gms, 0gls, 4pts, +4, 6pim, 12:15 (82gms, 0gls, 21pts, +21, 31pim)

W C.Orr (28): 44gms, 2gls, 2pts, -1, 104pim, 5:05 (82gms, 4gls, 4pts, -2, 194pim)
W D.Weise (22): 8gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 144pim, 5:22 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 451pim)

W M.Mueller (22): 1gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 0pim, 12:58 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 0pim)
W K.Newbury (28): 2gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 11pim, 7:54 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, +0, 451pim)

Pair 1

D T.Kaberle (32): 44gms, 1gls, 29pts, -3, 2pim, 22:49 (82gms, 2gls, 54pts, -6, 4pim)
D D.Girardi (26): 47gms, 3gls, 22pts, +6, 24pim, 24:39 (82gms, 5gls, 38pts, +11, 42pim)

D L.Schenn (21): 44gms, 2gls, 9pts, -3, 21pim, 22:16 (82gms, 4gls, 17pts, -6, 39pim)
D M.Staal (24): 47gms, 6gls, 17pts, +10, 32pim, 25:37 (82gms, 11gls, 30pts, +18, 56pim)

Pair 2

D D.Phaneuf (25): 28gms, 1gls, 8pts, -4, 42pim, 23:17 (82gms, 3gls, 23pts, -12, 123pim)
D M.Gilroy (26): 31gms, 3gls, 8pts, +9, 4pim, 13:58 (82gms, 8gls, 21pts, +24, 11pim)

D F.Beauchemin (30): 44gms, 1gls, 10pts, -3, 14pim, 23:57 (82gms, 2gls, 19pts, -6, 26pim)
D M.Sauer (23): 41gms, 1gls, 4pts, +9, 38pim, 14:58 (82gms, 2gls, 8pts, +18, 76pim)

Pair 3

D M.Komisarek (28): 40gms, 1gls, 9pts, -2, 44pim, 15:10 (82gms, 2gls, 19pts, -4, 90pim)
D S.Eminger (27): 44gms, 1gls, 4pts, -8, 22pim, 16:49 (82gms, 2gls, 8pts, -15, 41pim)

D C.Gunnarsson (24): 33gms, 2gls, 6pts, -1, 2pim, 14:56 (82gms, 5gls, 15pts, -3, 5pim)
D R.McDonagh (21): 6gms, 0gls, 0pts, +4, 0pim, 11:09 (82gms, 0gls, 13pts, +13, 86pim)

Starting Goalies

G J.Gustavsson (26): 22gms, 6-12-2, 3.13gaa, 0so, .896sv%
G H.Lundqvist (28): 36gms, 19-14-3, 2.27gaa, 6so, .927sv%

Backup Goalies

G J.S.Giguere (33): 19gms, 8-7-3, 2.69gaa, 0so, .899sv%
G M.Biron (33): 13gms, 37-4-0, 2.33gaa, 0so, .916sv%


W M.Brown (25): 23gms, 1gls, 3pts, +0, 36pim, 10:09 (82gms, 4gls, 11pts, +0, 128pim)
W F.Sjostrom (27): 41gms, 1gls, 4pts, -7, 6pim, 12:01 (82gms, 2gls, 8pts, -14, 12pim)

W B.Dubinsky (24): 47gms, 17gls, 38pts, +0, 60pim, 20:07 (82gms, 30gls, 66pts, +0, 105pim)
W R.Callahan (25): 32gms, 10gls, 23pts, -2, 26pim, 19:10 (82gms, 26gls, 59pts, -5, 67pim)
W A.Frolov (28): 43gms, 7gls, 16pts, +4, 8pim, 14:26 (82gms, 13gls, 31pts, +8, 15pim)
C E.Christensen (27): 37gms, 6gls, 14pts, +2, 12pim, 13;21 (82gms, 13gls, 31pts, +5, 27pim)
W D.Boogard (28): 22gms, 1gls, 2pts, +0, 45pim, 4:33 (82gms, 4gls, 8pts, +0, 168pim)

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01-19-2011, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRfan1823 View Post
There will be stores right when you walk in the main entrance where you can buy stuff. They will also announce where the team stores are, and you can see signs of where the team stores are.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep a look out. LGR!

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01-19-2011, 02:05 PM
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This is a game that the Rangers have to get points out of. It's getting closer and closer to crunch time here and when going up against teams below them in the standings, they need to pull out some wins.

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01-19-2011, 02:16 PM
Blueshirt Special
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Originally Posted by TortsNeedsMoreJam View Post
Stole this pic from the main forums. Thought it would bring some laughter.

This is gold Jerry! Gold!

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01-19-2011, 02:19 PM
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2 points. Nothing less is acceptable

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01-19-2011, 02:26 PM
Mint Berry Crunch
hfbrods pls...
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MacArthur - Grabovski - Kulemin
Crabb - Bozak - Kessel
Armstrong - Boyce - Versteeg
Mueller - Brent - Orr

Beauchemin - Phaneuf
Kaberle - Schenn
Gunnarsson - Komisarek

Leafs' lines for tonight.


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01-19-2011, 02:28 PM
NYR Viper
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The Beauchemain-Phaneuf pairing should be exploited tonight. They both run-around too much and will get caught out of position far too often to be paired together.

Still hoping someone knocks Armstrong into the 3rd row.

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01-19-2011, 02:45 PM
Kane One
Global Moderator
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Lets make out heritage jersey record 2-4!

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01-19-2011, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by FinsUpTechGuy View Post
new to the board. glad to find an active place to talk Rangers. I will be in my seats in 215 and expect to see this offense to come out and score a few early. We need to beat the bad teams!
Welcome, hopefully you bring good luck.

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01-19-2011, 02:50 PM
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Was at the game on Sunday... not a good showing. Played terribly for two periods, really deserved to lose that game. It's stunning to see the lack of creativity by the Rangers in the offensive zone compared to the relatively simple, easy rotational plays run by the Flyers. This team is gonna have to learn how to make some plays rather than dumping and chasing every shift and then just carrying the puck around the net leading to nowhere.

Regardless, gotta come out with a win tonight. LGR!!!

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01-19-2011, 02:58 PM
Formerly YMMV
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
To be real this team does this every year this is the third year in a row we reached the mid point and went on a prolonged slump GF wise.

Last yearI think it was 20 straight with 2 or less. The year before that it got Renney fired.
Its true and I'm not disagreeing. Its a trend they need to correct. My only thing is that this team (this year-not talking about past) is so young and raw, people need to realize there are going to be plenty of ups and downs this year. Maybe I'm trying to justify why they are in a drought, but regardless, the young players must learn to play with some consistency. This goal drought shouldn't be the reason to go jumping off bridges (I love saying this-sorry lol). We have a bright future with this team.

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01-19-2011, 03:05 PM
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If we lose this one...

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01-19-2011, 03:19 PM
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Also, I just noticed that Torts said he'd consider Zuccs on the point of the PP. I definitely approve of this. Zuccs is one of, if not the most creative offensive playmaker on the team, even with his size, well lack thereof. Although Steps did not work out on the point and is also developing into a premier playmaker, he had trouble handling the puck and then his skating issue became a glaring problem in that position.

I'm not saying Steps doesn't deserve to be in the NHL, he will work on his skating for sure, and will keep progressing as a top-6 NHLer. However, if the puck were to flip over Zuccs stick at the point, he has more than enough speed already to adequately back check the breakaway. That's worst case scenario.

Let's see what happens!!

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01-19-2011, 03:20 PM
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I don't understand how this same exact goal scoring slump happens EVERY year at almost the same time, especially when you consider that every year the team hardly resembles itself from the previous year.

but Drury HAS to finally score. If he waits any longer it's going to be bit awkward if theyre announcing "and for his FIRST goal of the season" at MSG in like late-February/early March......

anyways, I want to be optimistic with this game but unlike us, the Leafs have actually been scoring a bit as of late. it's their D and goaltending that's the problem. I wouldn't be surprised to see Grabovski pot a few, but I hope I'm wrong.

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01-19-2011, 03:22 PM
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There is a report that Dubi is out 3-4 weeks.

Please do not discuss this in the GDT.

There's a thread here:


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01-19-2011, 03:47 PM
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Why break up the Feds-Boyle-Prust line?
i guess it has to do with Dubi injury

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01-19-2011, 03:48 PM
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So is Weise in for Dubi tonight?

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01-19-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Averys SEC 405 View Post
So is Weise in for Dubi tonight?
...or Avery.

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01-19-2011, 04:14 PM
guilty as charged
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Originally Posted by terrrrrible View Post
...or Avery.
Avery's not hurt did they call someone else up?

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01-19-2011, 04:15 PM
The People's Champ
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Rangers win this one big and Gaborik breaks out... book it.

Or else, I'm starting a fire Sather rally...

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01-19-2011, 04:28 PM
Formerly NYRFan1823
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Big game tonight, need EVERYONE to step up big time with all of the injuries.

Gabby (2)

6-3 Rangers

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01-19-2011, 04:29 PM
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Rangers are gonna lose this one tonight. 3-1, more likely 3-0.

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01-19-2011, 04:41 PM
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F It. I still say they come out strong and win the game.

This had better be the game Gabby starts shooting the puck. Talk about all eyes being on him. If not the case before, it certainly is now.

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