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[XBOX] One More Team Needed for a League!

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09-02-2012, 01:25 PM
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[XBOX] One More Team Needed for a League!

Me and a bunch of my buddies have put together a league and we're looking for just one more player, the last team available is Calgary and we're really hoping we can get a Calgary fan or just someone to take them. If you decide to join please post your Gamertag along with your post. Here's the GM list with Gamertags:

Anaheim Ducks - zdirish12110
Boston Bruins - Mustache Beast
Buffalo Sabres - Teh Jesster
Calgary Flames - rockhardr1chard
Carolina Hurricanes - Mu6atu
Chicago Blackhawks - spideyboy26
Colorado Avalanche - RangerDanger100
Columbus Blue Jackets - WithOutPaperss
Dallas Stars - Derliqu3
Detroit Red Wings - Wah Dah Ta
Edmonton Oilers - TheTendy31xx
Florida Panthers - cheggy89
Los Angeles Kings - SabreSaws
Minnesota Wild - a zesty mamma
Montreal Canadiens - the Bossman 98
Nashville Predators - Kovalchuk17NJD (Me)
New Jersey Devils - NJD3
New York Islanders - Sudol187
New York Rangers - I am Butters621
Ottawa Senators - Busta1980
Philadelphia Flyers - MysticalChevy
Phoenix Coyotes - UnsayingRhyme7
Pittsburgh Penguins - BackedDiagram87
San Jose Sharks - Devilsfan118x
St. Louis Blues - Floqnaw
Tampa Bay Lightning - K4kills TUH
Toronto Maple Leafs - FreeStyLe IIx
Vancouver Canucks - Aylbert
Washington Capitals - NJDevil15
Winnipeg Jets - xDPark

Bold = Taken

Hope to find someone off of here

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09-02-2012, 02:17 PM
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ill be calgary

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09-02-2012, 02:18 PM
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09-02-2012, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Fenixx View Post
Awesome, here are the rules that we're thinking of, if you have any suggestions or questions just post em here:
Originally Posted by njd3b1ink
OK, im going to start typing up my initial thoughts for rules for the league. Im also going to explain how some of the stuff in the league works (scheduling/trades/etc) If there is anything that people disagree with, just post an alternative suggestion. Im trying to come up with the best possible setup for everyone.


As of right now it is my understanding that schedules are based off of the ACTUAL NHL schedule. The commissioner sets up what is called a "tick length" and this is basically the amount of time that all GMs must get through their games. A "tick length" can be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, and whatever it is set to will cover ONE week of the NHL schedule. So for example, I am playing as the New Jersey Devils, and the season starts up. The ACTUAL NHL schedule for the devils has them playing:
.Friday - 8/12/12 against Washington
.Saturday - 8/13/12 against Boston
Then Sunday starts the next week.
SO if the "tick length" is 3 days it means i have 3 days to play any games scheduled for that week (in this case only the two games, Caps and Bruins).
From what im seeing from the real NHL schedule is that the MAX games a team can play per week is 5, and i dont think that happens very often. Personally I would like to keep the League moving so I would like to keep the "tick length" shorter. Right now im thinking we should set up the tick length for 3 or 4 days. If the tick length is shorter it will mean we get through more seasons which means that prospects will be more valuable because the high end prospects will be reaching their potential. Most weeks have either 3 or 4 games so a GM would essentially need to play a game per day. But if you want to you can play all your games in 1 day.
One final thing about playing/scheduling games is that you DO* NOT need to play the games in order. If my weekly schedule has me playing:
.Devils vs Rangers -monday
.Devils vs Penguins - tuesday
.Devils vs Capitals - friday
.Devils vs Sabres - Saturday
I can play these games in any order i wish to. It all comes down to just getting your games done by the time the tick length ends. When the tick length ends, all unplayed games are simulated and it moves on to the next week. On the other side of the coin, if all GMS complete their games in 2 days instead of 3 or 4 the commissioner can move the league along to the next week so everyone doesnt need to wait 2 days with nothing to do.
EDIT: There is an option for each GM to turn on which will make it so if you are NOT online and there is a game scheduled between you and another player, the other player can play against your team controlled by the CPU. I would rather have this mode off, cause i know it is pretty easy to beat the Computer. I would hate for people to go on to play and have their games already completed cause all the players played against your team as a CPU.

The commissioner of the league has the option to start the league with the current "roster updated" rosters or you can "Randomize Rosters." My understanding is that the game has basically ranked all players in the game and just auto drafts players based on who the next best player is, and possibly not what the team needs. Apparently the rosters USUALLY end up even but this can also lead to some teams having a lack of prospects, or being loaded at one position (computer drafts you 16 NHL caliber forwards and only 3 NHL caliber Dmen). Personally I would like to just keep the current rosters. The reasons why I think we should leave rosters current are:
.all GMs will be familiar with what players are on each team
.all GMs know what they have to work with, and what they need to improve going into the season
.the salary cap will not need to be changed
.teams like the islanders/oilers who have alot of prospects will still be good teams to play as because they are stocked with young talent which will develop into top players.

GM connected has the option to let EACH team recruit 25 other players to play games for them. Potentially the league could have up to 750 players in it. I would like to have it be just a 30 player league (1 for each team) This way the player that is the GM of the team has total control over what happens. They will be the ones managing the team off the ice and on the ice. Recruiting players could possibly mean that you don't get to play any games because the players you have recruited have played them all for that tick. Keeping the league smaller to only 30 players will eliminate confusion, and optimize the experience for each GM.

Trades in this mode are one of the most interesting parts about it, in my opinion. Negotiations between teams can be kept private or public. If I am trading David Clarkson, I can either make it public by saying hes on the trading block or If there is a specific player im targeting to trade for on another team I can keep it private and negotiate privately with only that GM. When a trade is completed, it must first be approved by the commissioner. I'm setting up the league so I will be commissioner, and my stance on this is that as long as the trade is cap approved i'll approve it. The only time I could see myself declining a trade is if its apparent that one GM is trying to help his/her friend by stacking their team (ive seen this in fantasy hockey before) Trades like Cam Janssen for Evgeni Malkin won't be approved. As long as the trades arent ridiculously lopsided, and within the cap parameters then it will be approved. One final note about Trades is the Trade Deadline. I am not sure if the deadline is the actual NHL trade deadline date or if the commissioner must set it up. If its not the actual date I will place it somewhere near the date. Trade Deadline day is not like the NHL trade deadline where there is a 3pm deadline. What will happen is that I will most likely cease any games for the day and teams will have all of that day to negotiate. At 12am the next day, trades will be turned off.

There is an option to play with the salary cap on or off. There is also speculation that the commissioner can make a custom salary cap ceiling/floor. My opinion of this is to play with the cap on at the authentic parameters.

After each season there is an entry draft. Unfortunetely this is NOT a live draft. My understanding is that every GM ranks prospects that they would like and if those players are available when their pick comes then it will auto pick the player for you. A Gms list of prospects they are interested in can be a list of up to 210 prospects. Prospects are ranked by stars now. 5 stars is the best, half a star is the worst. The stars will also be colored. If a player has 4 GREEN stars it means they are very likely to become a 4 star NHL player. If the stars are YELLOW it means that the player could possibly become a 4 star player, but there is the possibility the player could bust. RED means there is a slim chance that player will reach his potential.

This works pretty much exactly how it does in real life. Players that are not re-signed by July 1st (in game date, not actual July 1st) become Unrestricted Free Agents, or Restricted Free Agents. UFAs and RFAs can negotiate with any team. The AI players will have a salary demand/ year demand/ and also have interest in certain teams. My understanding is that a player will recognize which teams he will most likely get more playing time, and also recognize which teams are built to win. These things play a role in determining how interested a player is in your team. If a player is offered a contract it will say a team is interested in them. A GM cannot offer another contract to a player until that player has declined their previous offer. So if July 1st comes around and Steven Stamkos is a free agent, he could potentially rack up 30 offers in 1 day. This makes UFA signing very competitive, and makes it so GMs dont try to lowball UFAs. When the AI accepts a trade the commissioner needs to approve the signing. I will not decline any free agent signings. The same thing goes for if a player signs an offer sheet. If an offer sheet is signed the team losing the player WILL receive compensation.

Im pretty certain waivers works exactly like it normally would. If i call up or send down a player on a 1-way contract they will need to go through waivers. All teams will be notified that X player is on waivers. If multiple teams claim him then I think the team lower in the standings get him. Commissioner needs to approve a waiver pick up. I dont see any reason why I wouldn't approve a waiver pick up. GMs just need to see the risk of sending down or calling up a 1-way contract player.

Difficulty setting basically changes how good/smart the AI is when playing a game. I think the normal Online Difficulty is Superstar. However I am not certain of this. If it is not then correct me. I was planning on keeping the difficulty on whatever the default online settings are

Injuries happen when playing hockey, and this is the same in GM Connected. Some people do not like injuries in the game, but i think they will make the experience more authentic and also present challenges to GMs who need to overcome injuries. The commissioner can set the frequency of injuries. I think the default is pretty good, however i noticed that in EASHL on NHL 12, injuries happen often. So i may lower the frequency just a little bit. Whatever everyone else thinks.

Rage quitting happens very often unfortunently. Im hoping everyone in the league will realize that the league is essentially a community, and if everyone plays to the rules it will make it better for everyone. I understand that connections lag out sometimes so if a connection drop happens here and there it isnt a big deal. But if a player is a repeat offender then that player can be booted from the league.

If it becomes apparent that a GM has not been playing the mode that player can be banned for the league. It would have to be a decent time frame, and I would leave it up to a vote to decide if the player gets booted.

Authentic NHL Rules. Was not planning on changing anything.

I think thats it. If anyone has any questions/suggestions feel free to post. The Calgary Flames are the last team available. I would suggest after the flames are taken and the league is full that we add each other to improve communication for scheduled games.

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