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PLEASE READ: Site-rules regarding trolling, flaming, and playing mod

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06-16-2011, 06:49 AM
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PLEASE READ: Site-rules regarding trolling, flaming, and playing mod

Dear fellow Flames fans,
I would like to adress the recent developments on this board.

We are well aware that there are tensions between some of the regulars around here and that some of you suppose that particular users are trolls from other teams.
You should have realized by now, though, that, while we ourselves are at odds with the opinions of some of these users, we are still bound by the site rules, which you all agreed to when you registered at hfboards.

Due to the tensions of last few days, I want to highlight a few parts of them:
Trolling: Do not post topics with the sole purpose of starting a dispute. Note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong.
As I said, we are aware that most around here regard particular users as a troll, but the admins made it very clear, that being all-negative about your own team is not trolling per se.
If you have evidence, that a self-proclaimed Flames-fan is actually a fan from another team, contact one of the mods or admins and we will handle it.
If you believe that a post was made for the sole purpose of starting a dispute, report the post and we will handle it. But please keep in mind that just a contrary opinion does not constitute trolling.

Flaming: Do not post any messages that harass, insult (name calling), belittle, threaten or mock other members. Debates are fine, but critique the opinion, not the person. Personal attacks are not permitted. Do not use sweeping generalizations and plural pronouns to cloak personal attacks. For example if a poster(s) states that he thinks 'x' is a good idea, replying that "Anyone who supports 'x' is an idiot" is a personal attack. Do not start threads to call out and embarrass other members; or make posts about ignore lists.
While I believe that you do not have bad intentions, when you call out the users that you perceive as trolls and recommend to put them on the ignore lists, this is against the site rules and has been the most frequent site rule violation in the last few days.
As you might have realized, we have opted for quiet deletion of almost all of such postings without handing out warnings or infractions, but since such postings are actually increasing rather than decreasing we will have to tighten the reins.

Thus, please spare us and yourself this procedure, cause neither the mods nor you get any benefits from warnings and infractions.
As I mentioned above, if you believe that another user violated the site rules, report the corresponding posting, but do not play mod or "serve justice" yourself:

Playing the Role of Moderator: You're not a moderator so don't correct posters as if you were a moderator.
While we are not the most active board around here, I have always been very proud of the fact that we have got on more or less well with each other and Calgary Highlander and I rarely have to hand out an infraction or warning to restore order. And we would like to keep it this way!

Thanks and keep posting!

P.S.: I'll leave this thread open to give you the option to reply and make suggestions, but please abstract from a single user and keep your remarks general and in accordance with the site rules.

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06-16-2011, 11:25 AM
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Okay guys, this thread is plenty of heads up. If you don't like a certain poster, do yourself a favour and add him to your ignore list. Flaming a poster will lead to an infraction from now on.

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06-16-2011, 11:33 AM
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I haven't really been involved with this, but if I could offer my general opinion on the issue of team-board trolling by fans:

Having an all-negative opinion is fine. A select few are extreme pessimists/realists, as they like to be acknowledged. However, it's obvious that a lot of the time that rubs against the grain of a regular "carefully optimistic" fan, because, as a person who is a fan, they would at least like to believe in the organization and its people a little bit.

But really, I would think that it's trolling, no matter by whom, when they offer their all-negative/harsh reality opinion on anything and everything without proper explanation.
No matter how educated of a writing style you put it in, if it boils down to "LUL UR TEE3MZ ARE A LEWSURR ADN LOL FAILLllLl~!!?1@!?@@1?!", then eloquence in your statement doesn't matter.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but usually those opinions have real reasons behind why they are formed, such as "X player might become good because they did y here and z indicates that they'll have a good future." An all-negative opinion that consists of "This team is a loser because nobody on the team has won anything of real significance as a team" doesn't back up the opinion so much as it redundantly reinforces the negative view.

Anyways, it translates to "locker room cancer" on these boards, which is really too bad because our online community is so small as it is... and we all know how locker room cancers are dealt with. Look for a trade coming from Toronto soon.

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06-16-2011, 05:44 PM
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Thanks be to the moderators for posting this wonderful announcement.

Mod-edit: deleted.

I look forward to continuing to post my contrary opinions, as always, in a respectful manner.

Goodnight, and good luck.

Last edited by Snoil11: 06-17-2011 at 12:58 PM. Reason: don't want to make this personal
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06-27-2013, 10:23 PM
Lazar Beams
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Another Friendly Reminder

Do not post any messages that harass, insult (name calling), belittle, threaten or mock other members. Debates are fine, but critique the opinion, not the person. Personal attacks are not permitted.

If you have a problem with a member here, you are not to call them out in the thread and/or attack them personally. If you feel you need to debate with a person with regards to their attitude, style, or you just don't like them, please take it to private messaging or use the "ignore user" function.

Future reminders will be less friendly.

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09-11-2013, 01:37 PM
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2013-2014 season

Pre-season starts this Saturday and its going to be an interesting 2013-14 season for the Calgary Flames! I'm very excited to see some hockey and it should (hopefully) be a fun year, but I want to lay down some expectations on the forum so everyone can have fun.

** The debate around cheering for losses **

This can be interpreted in two ways: (1) It can be trolling because a poster, possibly a non-Flames fan, is instigating those who want to watch the Flames win hockey games. (2) It can also be fans wanting to see the Flames successful in the long-term by drafting a high-potential and likely core player that Stanley Cup teams need.

Here's what I want everyone to take away: Flames fans are diverse in opinion about the organization and there's different ways to cheer for the Flames. There are fans here who invest the time to watch a hockey game with hopes its enjoyable and the team wins and looks promising, regardless of the long-term state of the hockey club. And then there's Flames fans that are embracing the rebuild and want the team to lose now, but win later.

The mods will determine who's trolling, and if anyone is not having fun and has issue with a message, please report this message and it will be evaluated.

Here's what won't be tolerated: consistent negative comments towards the organization. If you're general post history is criticism towards all things Flames, that's certainly reason for a trolling infraction. Now if someone is consistently negative towards one aspect of the Flames, such as a single player or office staff member, but provides healthy positive comments to other aspects of the Flames, this is not trolling, its just a strong and consistent opinion about a subject.

However, constantly calling people trolls for their opinions or otherwise reminding everyone about your distaste for cheering for losses will eventually become spam, subject to infraction. A healthy debate is fine, and you're welcome to make your opinion known. But eventually you're going to have to get over it.

** First time posters are overly criticized **

Its very disappointing when a new user wants to engage in our discussions and the first replies are overly critical, usually along the lines of "Wow buddy, aren't you off to a great start". Please keep in mind that people might be new to forums, the unwritten rules, as well as the culture we have here. When I see how many great posters we have here that have joined us relatively recently, I can't help wonder had things been different and the critical people treated them poorly and turned them off from being a regular member. If you don't have something nice to say, simply avoid clicking the reply button.

** Have fun **

Too often I see people exhausted and serious on the boards and its a shame, because this place can be a fun place to talk Flames hockey. Let's keep it clean, keep it going, and try to enjoy it. GO Flames GO!!

Please feel free to provide any feedback, its certainly welcomed. We want this to be a place everyone can enjoy.

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