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HF Boards All-Time Wrestling Draft (Part III)..

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08-19-2013, 03:05 PM
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HF Boards All-Time Wrestling Draft (Part III)..

Just feeling this out to see if there is any interest.

Thought of this a few months back, and here's what I'm thinking:

- Since there's currently another draft going on right now, we can wait for that one to end. If we can have two drafts going on at once, I'm good with that too, but I don't want to take anything away from the other one. I'm pretty busy right now anyways, as my wife and I are moving into our new house next Friday. So if people are interested, I'm thinking we can start this in 2 weeks or so?

- I'm thinking 20 people can participate and they will draft for themselves. No teams. EVERY wrestler basically in history can be eligible for the draft. We will have no set number of rounds, and we can decide when we feel we've had enough. We could end up with rosters of 20 wrestlers each or 100, I guess that's up to us.

- I'm thinking that wrestlers with multiple characters can be drafted numerous times. For an example, someone can draft Smash from Demolition, and then someone else can draft Repo Man...even though they were technically the same person. Different gimmicks, so we can consider them different "people" for the draft. Also, I'm thinking that you shouldn't be able to draft tag teams..you can only draft single wrestlers, and hope that their tag partner is available in the next round if you want them.

- I guess there wouldn't really be a main point to this. I assume we can always eventually put on dream cards and have people vote for the best rosters etc..but that's up to everyone participating.

- You can build your rosters however you like. Do you care more about mic skills and popularity or would you go after the great technical talents even if they weren't seen as top guys? Want to draft El Dandy in round 2? Go ahead! Up to you!

1. No official time limit on picks to start off (this is the way it works with the annual Habs board mock draft.) We're all active posters, so we should be fine. If someone is taking too long, we'll send them a PM to see what's up. IF YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE AWAY FOR AWHILE, SEND ME A LIST VIA PM, SO WE DON'T HOLD THINGS UP. We'll re-evaluate after round 1.

2. PLEASE PM the next poster after you're done making your selection, and let them know they're up.

3. There will be no drafting of tag teams. Single wrestlers only.

4. Wrestlers with multiple gimmicks may be drafted as separate "people." Examples being Mick Foley (Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love), Barry Darsow (Smash, Repo Man, The Blacktop Bully) and Fred Ottman (Tugboat, Typhoon, Shockmaster). Wrestlers with a simple name change such as Michael Mcgillicutty - Curtis Axel count as 1 person only and can only be drafted once. To be eligible more than once, there has to be an actual wrestling gimmick change.

5. When making your selection, please include a picture of the specific wrestler and a quote stating why you selected them.

Round 1:

1. Chris Cutter - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"Stone Cold Steve Austin had it all: the look, the finisher, the mic skills, the theme, the gimmick and of course he knew how to ENTERTAIN fans. He was simply the complete package. He emerged as the top star of the WWF at the right time since they were badly losing to WCW in ratings. If there was no Stone Cold around that time, there would be no WWE today. As much as the WWF had other good things going for them like The Rock, Undertaker, Mankind and D-X, Stone Cold was the reason why people watched WWF during the Attitude Era. His segments (especially the ones with Vince McMahon) were must see television and you never knew what to expect with him during an episode of RAW."

2. This - The Undertaker
"The Undertaker is one of the few wrestlers to remain relevant for over two decades. His streak at Wrestlemania is unrivaled in all of sports/entertainment and is truly a sign of the belief that the WWE has in him, and the respect he has earned over his illustrious career. After all of those years, his entrance still remains one of the most iconic, as well as truly awe-inspiring, events to take place at a live event, for both people in attendance, and at home."

3. KEEROLE Vatanen - Hulk Hogan
"Like him or not the man put ***** in seats, and was durable enough to have two extremely long title runs. if you are starting from scratch you need someone to draw a crowd, and be there every night."

4. The Duke - Bret "The Hitman" Hart
The best there is. The best there was. The best there ever will be. Bret Hart is the most skilled ring technician to grace the squared circle. A man who made fans love and hate him through his actions inside the ring instead of his words on the microphone. A man who could, at the same time, make himself the biggest face of all-time in one country and one of the biggest heels in another. From tag-team, to singles, to leading one of the greatest stables of all-time in the Hart Foundation, Bret Hart succeeded in every format of professional wrestling. Bret Hart was a star maker. Hitman helped create Stone Cold Steve Austin in their classic double-turn match, the heel Vince character, provided Shawn Michaels with the best matches of his life, and helped teach numerous eventual stars the ropes on the road and alongside his family in the world famous dungeon. Bret elevated himself within the wrestling industry due to his ability and not back-room politiking like so many other pro wrestlers did. He was never shy to put other stars over and Stone Cold Steve Austin is proof of that, as is his match with the British Bulldog at Wembley, and the iron-man match with Shawn Michaels at WM XII.
When you think of the greatest wrestlers of the 80's and 90's "top 5 matches" odds are likely that a match against Bret Hart is among them at least once. While also criminally underrated on the mic, and one to never doubt El Dandy, there are few who can be compared in the same light as the most versatile wrestler of all-time, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.

5. pelts35.com - Ric Flair
"Before he became a caricature of himself, Flair was one of the greatest talents in the ring and on the mic of all time. You knew that greatness was about to enter the arena when you heard the theme song from 2001 blare over the PA system."

6. ColePens - Bruno Sammartino
"I had a ranking of top 5 wrestlers and was torn when my pick came up because my #3 and #4 ranked guys were almost identical. I was hoping only one would fall to me to make it easier. I know it won't be the most loved pick here because we all are around the same age, but you cannot doubt how he drew. He freaking sold out the biggest wrestling city year after year after year. You want drawing/staying power? You want a guy dedicated to wrestling and making sure the business was healthy? You want the longest reigning champion taking on legends such as Watts, DeNucci, Race, Zbyszko, Steele, Koloff, etc.? This guy has all the tools. WWE said it was one of the first times they saw grown men cry when he lost the belt. He won the hearts of wrestling fans for generations. Still to this day parents say they remember when wrestling was great and Bruno was the star. I understand Hogan revolutionized the business, but nobody can doubt what Bruno did for pro-wrestling. Vince referred to Bruno as the Babe Ruth of pro-wrestling. I'm glad to have him on my roster. And I think you guys can tell where my promotion will have their all-star/all-time PPV...."

7. Chuckdobbins - Randy "Macho Man" Savage
"There are few wrestlers in history that had the charisma of Savage, and he's still regarded today as one of the best that ever laced them up. It's impossible to deliver an elbow drop in the business today without getting the crowd to immediately think of the late and great Savage. While many try to imitate, let's all be honest with ourselves...nobody hit the elbow drop like Savage. Along with his high flying finisher, Savage also had some of the most intense and strangest promos, with a style that has yet to be seen since he left the game. So creepy, so captivating, and a throaty tone that is just so awesomely bad ass. Competing in both WCW and WWF (I'm choosing to ignore his brief time in TNA, when they cycled through legends), collecting titles in both brands, Savage became an icon and a name that even non-wrestling fans know very well. While he did win both the WWF and WCW world titles multiple times in his career, it was the WWF Intercontinental Championship that the Macho Man made the most of. Savage brought a certain aura and legitimacy to the Intercontinental Title that few have been able to duplicate in almost 30 years. Holding the title for over a year, he would eventually drop the title to another legend, Ricky Steamboat in a classic match at Wrestlemania, which is still viewed as one of the best WWF matches of all time. Somewhere up in heaven Savage is snapping into Slim Jims and pandering to crowds wearing neon robes, hats, and glasses, as his legend lives on in the annals of pro wrestling history. One of the all time greats, Randy Poffo."

8. Hawkguy - "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels
"It's a little too early for some of my absolute favourites of All-Time, but I used to love this guy back when I started watching wrestling. Royal Rumble 1995, to this day, is my favourite event ever. Not sure why, it just is."

9. TheMurdocktor - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
"I am not big on the long, extensive history of the professional wrestling business so for me, when guys like the previously drafted ones are already off the board, I chose to keep it contemporary. For the entire stretch of the Attitude Era, Rocky was hands down the No. 2 guy in the company and in some respects, was the better guy. He knows exactly how to work a crowd whether as a face or as a heel, can electrify in the ring, and is now the biggest crossover star this industry has ever seen. Sure, his last few runs in the business were less than spectacular, but this is not exactly the same type of environment that Rock was used to when he came to superstardom. When he was given the chance to shine, not many shone brighter than The Great One. He had one of the few total packages. The look, the charisma, the face/heel dynamic, the theme (mainly the hook), etc. If he had not bolted for the bright lights of Hollywood, he very well could've been the greatest of all-time, but that's a story for another day. But for now Dwayne lands at the No. 9 spot on the board and my first overall pick. And, there is only more to come...IF YOU SMELLELELELELELELELLLL...WHAT THEMURDOCKTOR...IS COOKIN'!"

10. Shoalzie - Sting
"I'm selecting a man whose career has spanned a quarter century with NWA, WCW and TNA......a 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion......a 4-time TNAW World Heavyweight Champion......a 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion......a 2 time WCW US Heavyweight Champion......a member of 7 championship tag teams with the likes of Rick Steiner, Kevin Nash, The Giant, Lex Luger and Kurt Angle......the first ever inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. The icon..."

11. Parabola - Andre The Giant
"There are plenty of very good Wrestlers in history but only one who was larger than the WWE itself and 'larger than life.' Throughout the 70s and 80s at the height of 7'4 and over 500 pounds, nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World” he was WWEs leading attraction. In his 20 years with the WWE although only being a 1 time World Champion, he had an incredible 15 year winning streak. Perhaps even greater than that, he was the first wrestler to have success outside of Wrestling (the likes of which would not be seen again until The Rock in 2002) including a role in the hit movie 'The Princess Bride.' This wrestler not only was the leading attraction in entertainment and a worldwide icon for years but was instrumental in passing the torch to Hulk Hogan and ushering in a new era when Hogan body slammed him at Wrestlemania 3 which became one of the most iconic moments in wrestling".

12. Marf - Rowdy Roddy Piper
"Even before feuding Hogan, Piper was one of the most hated (and charismatic) heels around. Headlined the 1st ever Wrestlemania. Host of the immensely popular 'Piper's Pit' show. He has a ridiculous list of championships from WW(w)F/WWF, NWA, Pacific Northwest and more. Voted PWI most hated wrestler back to back in 84 & 85, match of the year in 85 and most popular wrestler in 86."

13. Megahab - The Ultimate Warrior
"I'm going to stick with guys I've actually seen wrestle so you won't see me picking the likes of Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers. I'm going to go with the first favourite wrestler I ever had (before I became a Bret Hart fan in the early 90s) and of the most memorable names in wrestling history. Not many guys had a better peak than my draft pick - THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!"

14. Habsfan18 - Harley Race
"I'm actually quite surprised that Harley Race was still on the board at the 14th spot. He is considered by many wrestling journalists as a top 5-10 wrestler of all-time. It may not be the "sexiest" pick at this point in the draft, as he isn't a product of the 90's or 00's, but Mr. Race is a legend of the business in every sense of the word, and is one of the most successful wrestlers of all-time. A former member of the NWA, AWA, WWF and WCW, not many people can match his career resume.."

15. El Dandy - Mr. America
"It's true, El Dandy is proud to have an opportunity to draft a man that is the walking representation of freedom. I relish the opportunity to draft a true American patriot. During his illustrious run in the WWE, this superstar’s connection with the fans was unparalleled. To put it into perspective for those of you who are not well versed in wrestling history… this man was so over with the crowd that his reactions were on par with legendary icons like “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan and others. Although he may have had a below average work rate in the ring, he has the intangible that only the greatest that have ever stepped between those ropes have had."

16. BostonBob - Ricky Steamboat
"I hate to be cliché but I am really surprised that this guy was still available at # 16. I had my heart set on picking somebody else am more than pleased to add this great wrestler to my roster. Even though I'm a bigger fan of the " heels " the chance to add one of the greatest ( if not the greatest ) face of all-time and the man that Ric Flair has continually called his " greatest opponent ever " is just too tempting to pass up."

17. Bonobf - Lou Thesz
"Lou Thesz is the best wrestler to ever grace the squared circle. Schooled in Greco Roman wrestling, he was a superstar in an era that didn't produce many stand out stars. Thesz had the longest World Championship reign in the history of pro wrestling, while holding one of his six World Titles in the NWA promotion. It was 10 Years, three months, and nine days. While some think Bruno Sammartino holds the longest title-run, Thesz was actually the man who had the longest reign. He was a true wrestler. If the match turned into a shoot style, he could hurt his opponent with any number of moves he created. He had to be careful while in the ring, because he truly had the ability to hurt, maim and disable anyone that dared to step into the ring with him. He is credited for inventing the powerbomb, Lou Thesz press, STF, and the German suplex, to name just a few. In my opinion, he was the first entertainer we had in pro wrestling. He was similar to The Rock of his time because he would frequently talk with newspapers and radio stations. This was during a time that the promoters did not want the wrestlers to be interviewed, because pro-wrestling was still seen as a legit sport. The only ones to know it was predetermined were the promoters and the wrestlers. He carried the NWA and AWA Promotions, while he was there, and was the epitome of a big fish in a small pond wherever he went. He revolutionized the business, and has to be considered one of the best of all-time because of it. He was the youngest to win the championship, and also the oldest to hold the championship. When he came back from semi retirement in 1963 to win his sixth World Heavyweight Championship from Buddy Rogers at the age of 46, legend has it that Rogers was having second thoughts about dropping the title, and Thesz responded by saying, "we could do this the easy way or the hard way". He would hold the title until 1966 when, at the age of 49, he was dethroned by Gene Kiniski. Thesz wrestled on a part-time basis over the next 13 years, winning his last major Title in 1978, in Mexico, becoming the inaugural Universal Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion at the age of 62, before dropping the championship to El Canek a year later. The impact he had on wrestling can't be duplicated. There will never be another wrestler like Lou Thesz. He had the talent to get butts in the seats, during a time when wrestling was not considered to be the best sport to watch. To me, that means he was the biggest name in wrestling at this time. He basically got people to watch, which made them stick around for guys like Hogan, Piper, Snuka, Flair, and Rhodes. Without Thesz, these men probably wouldn't have had a chance to pave the way for others. He was the man who helped shape what we see today. He easily had the biggest impact on pro wrestling in my book."

18. Crimson Skorpion - John Cena
"At this point, it was an easy selection to make. I went through wrestlers of the 80s and 90s but none of the ones left had the same drawing power in their eras as John Cena does today, in his era. My franchise player. Simply put, he's a franchise player. Often dubbed as "The Hogan of our era" Cena has done it all and is still doing it to this day. While he is not the most liked guy and there ARE others out there that possess better overall wrestling ability, none of them are worth as much to a company as Cena is. I know this won't be the popular pick within the IWC, but I don't care. Hustle. Loyalty. Respect."

19. krnboy1009 - Triple H
"Say what you will about his backstage power. But the man honed his talent very well and was a tremendous heel for a very long time. He was almost as big part of WWE during attitude era as guys like SCSA and The Rock. And so I am proud to select Hunter Hearst Helmsley."

20. Modo - Edge

21. OmniSens - Buddy Rogers

Round 2:

22. OmniSens - Chris Jericho

23. Modo - Dusty Rhodes
"Few were able to work a crowd with Dusty's unbridled enthusiasm and unmatched charisma. A true living legend who could work the mic, just as well as he could turn in a great match against wrestling's top icons of the time, such as Ric Flair or Harley Race. One of the few big men who was able to compile such an impressive career without having "the look"."

24. krnboy1009 - Mick Foley
"No doubt about it. HHH was a great heel, Mick Foley is an awesome face. No man could take as much abuse to his body as this man, for the fans. And he put on many many great matches and outstanding promos."

25. Crimson Skorpion - Kurt Angle
"Oh, it's true. It's DAMN true. I went back and forth between Kurt and another potential pick but ultimately, I can't go wrong with Mr. Angle. He brings out the very best in everyone he faces and that includes his main event opponent, John Cena, a wrestler he propelled in his debut match, back in 2002. At this point in the draft, it's unbelievable that he was still available. I have no regrets with this one. None. There are others that will go that I will be disappointed in not having but with a main event picture of Cena vs. Angle, I can't lose."

26. Bonobf - Gorgeous George
"He is THE original Heel. This is where it starts. Arrogance, cockiness and self importance are his calling cards. During the golden age of television, he was the most recognizable star in the united states. He sold more TVs than the other major sports combined. After seeing him on TV, you just had to see him in person. His draw rate is unequalled. He wined and dined with TV actors and movie superstars. His flamboyance transcended the wrestling ring, and made it's way into popular culture. His popularity were on par with Lucille Ball and Bob Hope. He made Wrestling a viable product for TV. He turned it into a show, not just an athletic competition."

27. BostonBob - Curt Hennig
A 2nd Generation wrestler that eventually surpassed his father ( Larry " the Axe " Hennig ) when it came to wrestling ability. Hennig is one of the few wrestlers that I liked whether he was wrestling as a face or as a heel. His many accomplishments in the industry make him an obvious choice to add to my roster."

28. El Dandy - C.M. Punk

29. Habsfan18 - The Great Muta

30. Megahab - "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase
"Ted Dibiase is one of the greatest heels of all-time and was probably the top heel in the WWF in the late 1980s. He had good size. He cut amazing promos. He was a great technical wrestler. He could do it all. He's the first person I think of when the topic of wrestlers that never won the WWF World Title comes up. In fact, I remember hearing that Dibiase was told he would be WWF Champion and NWA Champion (at different times of course), but he never received either of them. If his prime was in today's WWE, with all the frequent title changes, two world titles, and the fact that almost everybody that gets over will get to hold the WWE/World title these days, he would be a 5-10 time WWE/World Champion. Think of the top heels of the last 10 years or so...Triple H, Edge, CM Punk....Dibiase mops the floor with all of them. Also, "The Million Dollar Man" gimmick is a legendary gimmick and he is definitely one of the most memorable WWF wrestlers of all-time. Even non-wrestling fans knew who he was back then. Later in his career, he formed one of the greatest tag teams of all-time - Money Inc. On top of that, he held the most beautiful looking championship belt ever (The Million Dollar Championship). He also had one of the best entrance themes ever."

31. Marf - Bob Backlund
"Bob Backlund is a must have on any roster with the incredible history and skill he brings. He still holds the 2nd longest world title reign after Bruno. He is a multi-time tag and heavyweight champion during his time with wwf/wwe and is also in the wwe hall of fame. PWI is no stranger to Backlund with his giant list of awards over the years including PWI Rookie of the year, multiple matches of the year and wrestler of the year. He has held several different championships in NWA and their affiliates. Overall it was a no brainer to add Mr. Backlund to my roster."

32. Parabola - Antonio Inoki

33. Shoalzie - Rob Van Dam

34. TheMurdocktor - Eddie Guerrero
"The in-ring skills. The mic work. The charisma. The ability to appeal to the masses and create that bond that is missing from a lot of wrestling today. That is what Eddie Guerrero was about. You want electric, high-octane performances? Guerrero could give you that. Prefer a more hard-hitting, powerful approach? No problemo. You want somebody to tell a powerful story, no matter how he is being portrayed? Latino Heat could give George RR Martin a run for his money. Sadly, Eddie was taken from this world too soon and it was a very hard pill to swallow. To just think about what he could have accomplished before his death brings both a smile to many while at the same time making those same people weep just a little bit. Eddie may have left us way too early, but he is still revered to this day and was one of the best to ever grace the squared circle. VIVA LA RAZA!"

35. Hawkguy - Chris Benoit
"As much as it pains me to remember recent history, I'll never forget the memories this man gave me previously. Without recent history unfolding the way it did, this guy would have easily been in the Top-20 overall and deservedly so. Hands down, he is the best wrestler of all-time. I could write a long paragraph about him, but really it's too painful. So I'll just leave it with a straight up fact that he was my favourite wrestler of his generation. And always will be. Wrestlemania 20 will be a night I never forget as a wrestling fan."

36. Chuckdobbins - Arn Anderson

37. ColePens - Brock Lesnar
"I was looking for a main event worthy of an all-time draft, and I think I just found it. Obviously I wanted to get CM Punk to have the two top reigns for the WWE Champion, but it didn't work out that way. Lesnar was my #2 guy on that list to challenge Bruno at MSG. I thought of a lot of guys, but I do not know anyone who has that mystique and draw power like Lesnar. It feels so real when he's in the ring and I cannot wait to see him up against one of the most powerful men in wrestling history."

38. pelts35.com - Bruiser Brody
"It may not be the sexiest pick, but Bruiser Brody is an all timer. He has wrestled all around the world and kicked the living crap out of many greats."

39. The Duke - Jake "The Snake" Roberts
"Roberts was a great face, but he is mostly known as being one of the greatest heels of all-time. His ability to control the audience was elite and few provided the ring psychology that Jake Roberts did night in, night out. His career was cut short by the demons that made his character so very real but while in the business he was truly unique in a world that often produces replicas. Jake Roberts was extremely underrated as a ring technician, providing high level matches against Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Ricky Steamboat to name a few. I have yet to find another wrestler throw as good of punches as Roberts. The provider of the DDT and the man who perfected what it meant to be pure crazy, and evil. He is the bench mark in the industry for making it seem real."

40. KEEROLE Vatanen - Scott Hall
"With my next pick I select a man, who arguably started the attitude era in wrestling, the monday night wars! a man who at 6'8, never looked it because he was that good in the ring. If you were building a wrestler from scratch, this man may be exactly what you'd come up with. Size, Agility, Athleticism, Charisma, could talk people into the arena and could make people love him or hate him."

41. This - Kane

42. Chris Cutter - Goldberg
"We never got to see Goldberg and Stone Cold go toe to toe and I’m proud thanks to this draft to make this happen. Goldberg was a physical specimen, a bit like Lesnar. He had unreal strength (see the Jackhammer on Big Show), good athleticism for a big guy and was the #1 guy for WCW in their best years. I believe that Goldberg and Austin in their primes could sell out any arena."

Round 3:

43. Chris Cutter - Randy Orton
"He might not be the sexiest pick but Randy Orton can draw and despite his ****** gimmick he’s still one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster today. He’s a great wrestler and has a pretty good resume"

44. This - Terry Funk

45. KEEROLE Vatanen - Kevin Nash
"I am going to re-unite the most influential group of the last 20 years. this is an easy pick for me."

46. The Duke - Owen Hart
"Owen Hart will never be properly remembered by wrestling fans due to the tragic end of his life and the legal battles that consumed the years that followed and linger today. Owen Hart was not just a great mat wrestler, but he was one of the elite flyers inside the ring. He has excellent timing and precision to his moves and a top level of ring psychology. Owen was one of the most respected and well liked performers in the history of the business. A total pro who had the potential to provide incredible matches with everyone he faced. While passing away too soon, Owen had a very successful career."

47. pelts35.com - Jushin Thunder Liger

48. ColePens - Mankind
"When talking about the Foley characters, this one is the best to me. He was maniacal and his promos were out of this world. His feud with Taker was extremely memorable and lead to his famous winning of the WWF Championship which turned the tide between WCW vs. WWF. I hate the over-used "I can't believe he is still around" but I honestly cannot. He was going to be my second round pick and now I get him early in the 3rd. If you want two amazing videos as to why this guy might even be deserving of a first round pick.... here you go!"

49. Chuckdobbins - British Bulldog
"I have to go with the man who had what I feel is the greatest Intercontinental Title victory of all time, back when it could main event Summerslam at Wembley in front of nearly 100k fans. And seriously, what a freaking clinic they put on in that match. Greater technical ability in the first 10 minutes than pro wrestling has had on TV in the last 10 years."

50. Hawkguy - Christian
"He's done it all in the wrestling business. Despite never getting the right push from WWE management, he's managed to stay relevant for many years. How many others can say that in recent years? He jumps between World Title feuds and a low card feuds without complaint. A true professional. He can always get a crowd into his matches. Christian is a superstar that could have been a megastar with the right backing. His ring skills are second to none and his mic skills are just as good. A complete package who has held 20 different championships in the WWE alone. Not only that, but he's the 23rd Triple Crown champion and 11th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history."

51. TheMurdocktor - Batista
"A straight beast of an individual, Batista is the big, brooding indiviudal that I need to help complement this roster further. His rise to superstardom in a feud with an all-time great in Triple H and his classic feud with Undertaker in 2007 cemented himself as one of the best during his run in the business. Not great in the ring, but as a guy built to be a brute force, he wasn't asked to be of the technical mold. His mic work could also use a helper or two, but he was pretty effective when it came down to it. But, when everything is packaged together, getting The Animal at this stage of the game is a steal for me."

52. Shoalzie - AJ Styles
"I've been picking best available up to this point but I don't exactly have any heels to go against my stable of faces. I definitely feel like I have two of the more dynamic athletes in modern wrestling history in RVD and AJ along with one of the great (and universally beloved) faces in Sting."

53. Parabola - Mil Mascaras
"With Andre The Giant I have the greatest wrestling star in the USA ever and possibly the greatest star in wrestling ever. With Antonio Inoki I have one of, if not the most, popular wrestlers in Japan ever. With Andre The Giant I have the most popular strong-man in wrestling ever. With Antonio Inoki I have one of the beat technical wrestlers. What am I missing to make my card literally the most popular event ever regardless of anyone else I put on it? Of the "big 3" or any lucha libres I could have picked this is most certainly not the "sexiest" pick... And he's definitely not THE most popular of all time in Mexico. But he is the best mix of popularity in Mexico, popularity worldwide and innovation. With this pick I have 3 of the greatest attractions in each of the major wrestling markets who were also able to continue their success outside of their main markets."

54. Marf - Freddie Blassie
"A true originator of ring psychology and excellent mic skills, Blassie had a long and incredible career. Winning multiple titles and truly using that old heel tactic of winning by any means possible."

55. Megahab - The Dynamite Kid

56. Habsfan18 - "Ravishing" Rick Rude

57. El Dandy - Daniel Bryan

58. BostonBob - Barry Windham
"Both Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair have called BW the most naturally gifted wrestler to ever set foot in a ring. I was always a big Windham fan and was thrilled in 1988 when he saw the light and joined up with The Four Horsemen. That version ( Flair, Windham, AA and Tully along with their illustrious Manager JJ Dillon ) is considered by many to be not only the best version of the Horsemen but also the best stable ever. Shortly after Windham joined the group he won the United States Heavyweight title which meant that The Four Horsemen held all the major NWA Championships at the same time."

59. Bonobf - The Sheik
"In the world of pro wrestling, there are Superstars and there are icons…and then there are pioneers. Ed Farhat, known around the world as The Sheik, is one of those men. Most fans would believe that the extreme, hardcore style of wrestling that is prevalent today was conceptualized in the 1990s by Paul Heyman and ECW. Truthfully, ECW only brought it back to the forefront, as throughout his near 50-year career, The Sheik pioneered, revolutionized and made popular his hardcore style. No object was too foreign and no tactic was too underhanded for The Sheik, who counted sharpened pencils and dangerous fireballs as some of his best offensive weapons. He would finish his opponents with the dreaded Camel Clutch, a hold that was later also used by another Hall of Famer. He never spoke on camera or in the ring, allowing The Grand Wizard to speak for him, but no other wrestler was as intimidating. His in ring rivalries were legendary- Terry Funk and Freddie Blassie, just to name a couple that have already been chosen. He ran the promotion Big Time Wrestling, based out of Michigan while being one of the biggest stars in the country. As he aged, he started training wrestlers. His protégés went on to be cornerstones in the ECW, reintroducing the world to Hard Core Wrestling. In his life prior to wrestling, he was a U of M football standout, and also served in the US Army during WWII. It gives me a queasy feeling in my stomach and a light head, but I am proud to add The Sheik to my all star roster."

60. Crimson Skorpion - Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
"Can't believe he was still on the board. Superfly personifies intensity. Among his many, many achievements inside the ring, just his persona alone can win over a crowd. When Superfly takes to the top rope, crowds are left stunned and in awe. At one point, it was believed that Snuka would be the guy to be the face of Vincent McMahon's promotion and if it wasn't for Hulk Hogan, it likely would have happened. In any case, Snuka was too good of value to be left in the third round."

61. krnboy1009 - Rey Mysterio Jr
"One of the most popular face wrestlers to ever grace the ring. Most successful lucha wrestler. How is he still left on board?"

62. Modo - Big Van Vader
"One of the all time greats as far as natural big men go, Vader made a huge impact both in North America and overseas. His pure strength and surprising agility made him a powerhouse in the wrestling world, and a wrestling legend."

63. OmniSens - Pat Patterson
"Canadian legend from Montreal. One of the best agents today, knows talent when he sees it *Ex; The Rock for example*. First Intercontinental champion and is one of the corner stones for NWA."

Round 4:

64. OmniSens - Verne Gagne
"Verne is one of many of the Gagne wrestling royalty family. The Former AWA owner/promoter is definitely a Legend of wrestling. Inducted in both WWE/WCW hall of fame, this 16x AWA world champ was a killer back then. Proud to have him!"

65. Modo - Jeff Hardy
"Sure he's had his mental battles in recent years but Jeff Hardy's track record as a jaw-dropping aerialist and in-ring storyteller makes this an easy pick for me. I see him going toe to toe with Edge, as they have done so many times before, in a main-event TLC match."

66. krnboy1009 - Booker T

67. Crimson Skorpion - Jerry "The King" Lawler

68. Bonobf - Abdullah The Butcher
"Blood. Gore. The Crimson Mask. Those things defined this man's career. His battles are numerous and epic. His opponents never left unscathed. Abdullah was going to make someone pay the price, even if it was himself. The territories begged for him to be on their card. He was a guaranteed, instant draw. If fans knew Abdullah was on the card, they knew they were getting their money's worth. He may not be the pretty pick. He may not be the popular pick. At this point, for me he is the best pick."

69. BostonBob - Nick Bockwinkle
"Despite being one of the best technical wrestlers around this man had no problem using any type of short cut to gain a victory. He didn't care about the fans and continually showed his disdain especially during his interviews and promos. What really frustrated the fans was knowing that he could have easily won most of his matches wrestling by the rules but he usually chose not to. This former Champion will be a great addition to the BBWF and so I am pleased to officially pick Nick Bockwinkle."

70. El Dandy - Dean Ambrose

71. Habsfan18 - Mitsuharu Misawa
"Simply put, Mitsuharu Misawa is one of the GREATEST professional wrestlers in the history of the business, and it blew my mind to realize he was STILL on the board. Especially when you consider some of the names that went before him. One of the most popular Japanese wrestlers of all-time, Misawa wrestled as Tiger Mask II from 1984 through 1990 before breaking out as All Japan Pro Wrestling's new rising star and basically dominated the 90's. His life tragically came to an end in 2009, in what appeared to be a freak in-ring accident."

72. Megahab - Bam Bam Bigelow

73. Marf - Jack Brisco

74. Parabola - The Giant

75. Shoalzie - Dean Malenko

76. TheMurdocktor - Samoa Joe
"I'll admit, I'm not the most adamant watcher of TNA programming. Sure, if there's really nothing else on during a Thursday night, I'll flip it on for background noise and will occasionally look up at the screen. In fact, the last time I sort of paid attention to it was right around when the Aces and 8's storyline was getting the go-ahead (is it still going? ) But, there is no denying the talent that the Samoan Suplex Machine *ahem* the Nation of Violence (my apologies), is. A powerful big man, Joe is also very skilled as a technical wrestler and is hard to beat because he is so well versed in all areas of the business. He has put on tremendous matches with the likes of CM Punk, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and many others in promotions far and wide. In my book, he is one of the "founding fathers" of TNA and was supremely popular during his run at the top and is still a relevant name to this day...I think."

77. Hawkguy - Diamond Dallas Page
"One of the most over wrestler's in the late 1990's, I feel 'Diamond' Dallas Page, or DDP is an absolute steal with my 4th round selection. Even though his move to the WWE and stuff WCW went through in the their final couple years, DDP was one of the biggest names in wrestling from 1997-1999. Everyone knew who DDP was, even people who didn't watch World Championship Wrestling. DDP is a true professional as well - he really cared about the business. He worked his ass off to become the worker he was. DDP was fantastic on the mic, good in the ring, and had more charisma than the entire current WWE Roster. Plus, how many wrestlers can say that they made Goldberg look good in the ring? DDP can."

78. Chuckdobbins - John Bradshaw Layfield

79. ColePens - Tatsumi Fujinami
"My goal was to get a huge draw and some guys who can put on any type of match. I got Bruno and Lesnar ready to roll and now I add an all-time great in Tatsumi Fujinami. This guy was right up there with Antonio Inoki and was one of the fathers of New Japan Pro Wrestling."

80. pelts35.com - Jimmy Valiant
"There aren't many guys who debuted in 1964 who were still performing in the new millennium, but Handsome then later Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant is one of the few. Primarily a tag team wrestler with his brother he became a singles performer once he left the WWF and then performed with many of the guys who were selected in this draft. Hardly a great technician in the ring, but he could brawl with the best of him and as a face he was as entertaining as anyone on the mic."

81. The Duke - Superstar Billy Graham
"One of the true innovators in the creation of the arrogant heel and workers of the microphone. Superstar Billy Graham was not only one of the greatest physiques and talkers in the history of the business but was a top level story teller and performer in the ring, learning the ropes in Calgary......Alberta, Canada at Stampede Wrestling. He holds the longest WWF championship reign by a heel of all-time at 296 days, just beating out JBL and Yokozuna. Much like Stone Cold and CM Punk, Superstar had strong and growing fan support during his time as a heel as he sold out 20 MSG shows that he headlined. He was the cool bad guy."

82. KEEROLE Vatanen - The Iron Sheik
"I will pick one of the best heels of his era, an unpredictable maniac, a man who still entertains us all to this day. the first battle royal winner ever @ MSG, and took part in one of wrestlings most transcendent moments with the birth of "hulkamania"

83. This - Sabu

84. Chris Cutter - Raven
"Raven just had that mysterious aura around him. He was a great worker in the ring and on the mic. His rivalry with Tommy Dreamer in ECW was one of the most interesting ones of all-time along with his altercations with the Sandman. Raven could have been big in WWE but the bookers dropped the ball on him (although he did win the Hardcore title 27 times!)."

Round 5:

85. Chris Cutter - Brian Pillman
"Brian Pillman was one of the best high flyers in the business and he knew how to play a psycho character very well. I think him and Raven would make a very interesting feud."

86. This - Bradshaw (APA)

87. KEEROLE Vatanen - Larry Zbyszko

88. The Duke - Scott Steiner
"Scott Steiner is extremely underrated as a professional wrestler due to his work from 2003-Present. From the late 80's and into the 90's, Steiner was an incredible worker. He innovated different styles of the suplex, worked incredibly well with his brother as a tag-team, and held great ring presence and could get incredible reactions from the fans as a face or a heel. In later years, he got too big & his work on the mic was entertaining but wild. He was once an all-american wrestler and has a strong resume of success throughout his time in professional wrestling. Forget his run against HHH, the long dark haired Steiner and the early years as a short haired blonde was talented and entertaining."

89. pelts35.com - Kerry Von Erich

90. ColePens - Stan Hansen
"I have a few tricks up my sleeve coming up here and cannot wait til the next rounds to prove why I grabbed this talent. One major thing I like is that he's known for his rough ways. I could place him against Mankind if needed or I could even place him in a match w/ Lesnar where people question what is real/not. But we aren't done yet.. there is a method to the madness."

91. Chuckdobbins - Marty Janetty

92. Hawkguy - Rick Martel

93. TheMurdocktor - Killer Kowalski
"A powerful wrestler who became an even better trainer, Kowalski played the foil to many of wrestling's top draws for years, including Bruno Sammartino. He was also the first man to pin Andre the Giant and also held numerous accolades throughout his career. Upon his retirement, he opened a wrestling school where many well-known current and former talents honed their skills. His imprint is still on the WWE to this day because of his style both inside and outside the ring and how he has helped numerous wrestlers succeed in the business."

94. Shoalzie - Jeff Jarrett
"A 3rd generation wrestler who won his first pro wrestling title at age 19 and 16 years later after runs in WCW and WWE/F, started his own successful wrestling promotion...that's J-E-Double-F, J-A-Double-R, E-Double-T!"

95. Parabola - William Regal
"Is one of the best technical wrestlers ever who for whatever reason was never given a world title push despite being awesome in the ring, on the mic and completely over as a heel. He does a great job on commentary too. Oh and he trains a lot of the top talent these days. Did I mention he's a real man's man?"

96. Marf - Pedro Morales

97. Megahab - Ultimo Dragon

98. Habsfan18 - Lex Luger
"Believe it or not, at one time Lex Luger was actually considered a pretty decent in-ring wrestler and was pretty agile for his size. He had some good matches in his early WCW days. While his WWF career left much to be desired (Lex Express anyone?) Luger is still known as one of the most popular wrestlers of the 90's and was a draw, no matter what anyone says. He was involved in one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history when he showed up live on the premier episode of WCW Monday Nitro. His jumping ship set off a chain of other WWF superstars joining Ted Turner's promotion during the beginning of the Monday Night Wars."

99. El Dandy - Cactus Jack
"Some of todays' top WWE superstars have expressed that, as a result of Cactus Jack's ultra violent approach to wrestling, he ruined a generation. Those same top WWE names believe that because of Cactus Jack's temerity and moral turpitude…. he was responsible for the 1990’s influx of backyard “wrestling” that maimed and disfigured marks who idealized him. They feel that maybe he should be held accountable for a career's worth of injustice and he needs to pay a debt for being a menace to the wrestling industry. Others? Well, others potentially feel Cactus Jack's legend is invalid because he had to resort to hardcore falderal in order to make it to the top of the business. He had to crutch on barbed wire, flames, and thumbtacks because he never had what it took to stand on his own two feet as the best in the world. One thing is for certain, I should have no problem finding a spot for Cactus Jack on my card."

100. BostonBob - Tully Blanchard
"This man was truly one of the most hated heels wherever he wrestled. His arrogance in the ring towards his opponent and his arrogance out of the ring towards the fans made him a marked man. He once said in a Shoot interview that he made a fortune by having people pay good money hoping that they would see him get his ass kicked every single night he wrestled. Although he is most recognized for his tag team work he still won quite a few prestigious singles titles along the way."

101. Bonobf - Road Warrior Hawk
"He helped revolutionize the world of wrestling. Known world over for his over the top interviews and brutal in ring style, he and his partner were top of the card draws in each and every market the performed. Mayhem. Violence. Aggression. No superlative is adequate enough to describe their in ring style. Originally creating the no sell technique because of a lack of in ring training, it became their signature style. If he was truly in a bad mood, he could be hell to work with. Jim Ross says that when his opponents for the evening would get to the arena, their first question would almost uniformly be, "What kind of mood is Hawk in tonight?" Hawk was the lead man when it came time to talk. His attitude came through with every word he spoke. "We snack on danger and we dine on death, "Broken necks, splattered patellas, severed arteries.....These are the things from which dreams are made of, and When we're done with you' it'll look like we set fire to your face and put it out with an axe, and of course, ending every interview with AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOHHHH WHAT A RUSH!!! They were the original bad boys of wrestling, the first heels that were loved by the crowds, regardless of who the bookers scheduled them against."

102. Crimson Skorpion - Vincent Kennedy McMahon
"The big boss himself, Vince was on the top of my list from the start. Back in the attitude era, there wasn't a more hated figure than the boss. Everyone wanted to see him get his ass whooped and the sight to see was him getting stunned. When he got the upper hand, fans hated it and booed the hell out of him. Easy to say, he was one of the biggest heels at the time, if not THE biggest. At this point in the draft, selecting Vinny Mac helps me book a stronger main event picture."

103. krnboy1009 - Yokozuna

104. Modo - Bully Ray
"One of the top heels in wrestling today, and a legend in the TLC match, which has been a recurring theme in my draft."

105. OmniSens - Ron Simmons

Round 6:

106. OmniSens - Paul Heyman

107. Modo - D-Von Dudley

108. krnboy1009 - Tajiri

109. Crimson Skorpion - Dolph Ziggler
"I wanted an opponent for Jimmy Snuka and also make things interesting in a ladder match and thought Ziggler would make the perfect choice. He is a very good wrestler, his showboating is loved when he is a face and hated when he is a heel (well, maybe not so much hated) and he is excellent on the microphone. Snuka and Ziggler in a ladder match completes my three big matches on my card. Show... off."

110. Bonobf - Road Warrior Animal
"He was the power man in a duo of strong men. With his selection, I reunite the most important tag team in the history of Pro Wrestling, The Road Warriors. The Road Warriors are generally recognized as the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history, known as Hawk and Animal - The Road Warriors or The Legion of Doom. Sometimes simply referred to as LOD and represented by Precious Paul Ellering - Manager. LOD was the most intimidating team to ever walk down the aisle and billed as being from Chicago added to their rough and tough persona. Hawk and Animal were very innovative for their time by having unique haircuts and popularizing the use of face paint. Along with wearing studded collars or vests and later spiked shoulder pads. By using their massive physiques and power moves they won audiences over. Another part of their mystique, they were impervious to pain. They ended up introducing one of the best tandem maneuvers ever known, The Doomsday Device. The Road Warriors made their debut in the summer of 1983 and instantly dominated through the summer of 1992. They took a hiatus from each for awhile and reformed in 1996. They stayed a team this time until Hawk's sadly and unfortunate death in 2003. The Road Warriors wrestled all over the world at one time in some of the most famous territories. Which included Georgia, AWA, All-Japan, Memphis, NWA (Crockett), Portland, Mid-South, Florida, Puerto Rico, Southwest, Canada, WCW and the WWF. They are the only team to hold the AWA, NWA and WWF World tag team titles. Face painting, working stiff and no selling, no nonsense interviews, brutal in ring style, and the ability to win over the crowd despite being booked as the heel set the Road Warriors ahead of the pack. Every tag team that followed owes a debt to these two. LONG LIVE LOD!"

111. BostonBob - Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff
"I've already made a " perfect " pick so now I'm going to make a " wonderful " pick. I'm pleased to add a wrestler to my roster that enjoyed great success both as a face and as a heel. He captured many singles and tag team Championships both at the Regional level and National level."

112. El Dandy - Pegasus Kid
"From 1989-1994, this man had a heavy presence in NJPW and returned to tour with NJPW in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and had his last match for the promotion in 2000. While in Japan, he wrestled the only 5* rated match of his career and was the winner of the 1994 Super J Cup. Before he became a Crippler, Before he became a Horseman, Before he became a Radical, Before he became a Wolverine… he was a Pegasus."

113. Habsfan18 - Goldust
"This 3-time Intercontinental Champion adds a nice piece to my roster. While the gimmick may have been seen as awful by many, there's no doubting that Dustin Rhodes made the most out of it and could surely hold his own in the ring. He was a big player in the WWF during the mid-90's and I feel he's quite underrated."

114. Megahab - Sycho Sid

115. Marf - Michael "P.S" Hayes

116. Parabola - Mistico

117. Shoalzie - Mark Henry
"I wanted to add a big mean dude to my roster and you can't find many bigger or meaner dudes than this decorated American weightlifter turned wrestler. He's had 3 brief titles reigns as a pro wrestler but few can argue there is a more physically imposing and dominant individual in the squared circle today. And he also recently showed us his acting chops with a brilliant fake retirement speech leading to an attack and a brief feud with the current WWE champion John Cena...the Silverback, the World's Strongest Man..."

118. TheMurdocktor - Seth Rollins
"Why the hell am I doing this when there are probably 100s of guys who could go ahead of him? Because I want a guy who's got all the skill and talent inside the ring and can put it together every single time he is asked to do so. He's still very young but he is very mature for his age, as far as the pro wrestling business goes. He knows how to work a match and can put on good to great ones with the best and worst of them. Rollins vs. Eddie Guerrero, anybody? Yeah, get your popcorn ready."

119. Hawkguy - "Stunning" Steve Austin
"I'm going to go with a guy who helped break WCW from the NWA in the early 90's and was extremely successful. Of the three different titles he won, no one would ever go onto hold the specific championship longer than him in the days of WCW or NWA. This cocky, flamboyant, pretty boy heel was one half of one of the greatest tag teams for the early days of WCW. He may have gone onto bigger success later in his career under a new persona but his best days as an in-ring competitor were in WCW."

120. Chuckdobbins - Cody Rhodes
"Who didn't love his better than you/scar on my face/bags over your head heel gimmick? That was fantastic work from the mid card at the time. Finally getting what appears to be a push, or at least being considered highly enough of to close out a Smackdown in a program with the WHC briefcase owner. Much better in the ring than he is given credit for, and his mic work has improved ten fold since his days as Randy Orton's underling."

121. ColePens - Dory Funk, Jr.
"I might have just gotten away with murder here... I was going to select this guy last round but then Stan fell right in my lap. Here we go again! We are talking about value picks right now and guys who can fill out the card. I'm not at all on board with taking non-established guys who do not have HOF worthy careers."

122. pelts35.com - Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy

123. The Duke - Tito Santana

124. KEEROLE Vatanen - Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

125. This - The Sandman

126. Chris Cutter - Tazz
"Although Tazz had his career cut short due to injuries, he was a nasty SOB and a suplex/submission machine. He had one of the best rivalry in the business with Sabu for the title. He was the first man to defeat Kurt Angle in WWE and was a ECW champion on two seperate occasions."

Round 7:

127. Chris Cutter - Ken Shamrock
"He may not have had the most successfull wrestling career but this guy is LEGIT. He's a UFC Hall of Famer along with being an Intercontinental, King of the Ring winner and a TNA champion despite a very limited run in pro wrestling."

128. This - Shane McMahon

129. KEEROLE Vatanen - Danny Hodge

130. The Duke - Kenta Kobashi (Master of The Burning Hammer)

131. pelts35.com - X-Pac

132. ColePens - Dos Caras
"All I need to say about this is he was referred to as one of the best heavyweights to ever come out of Mexico. I love that he is on my card."

133. Chuckdobbins - Kenta Kobayashi (KENTA) the innovator of the G2S

134. Hawkguy - 'Flyin' Brian
"The cocky, flamboyant, cocky, pretty boy heel from the early 90's is the other half of one of the best tag team's to grace the higher levels of the Pro Wrestling business in the last 25-years. Even if their stint was short lived - and both guys went onto more popular gimmicks in WWF (Brian - As a pyscho, ready to explode at any minute, 'Loose Cannon' and Steve - As the beer drinking, foul mouthed, ass kicking Texan), The Hollywood Blondes enjoyed a fantastic 6 month reign as NWA Tag Team Champions, despite only being a team for 10-months time total. The duo also never lost their titles legitimately, as Brian suffered an injury, and Lord Steven Regal took his place."

135. TheMurdocktor - Alberto Del Rio
"What better way to diversify my roster than to take a guy who can provide a combo of power, lucha libre, technicality, and solid ring psychology? Alberto del Rio does just that. The Mexican Aristocrat was a very successful talent in Latin America and Japan and translated that to the big stage right away in the WWE, becoming a multiple time world champion within his first few years w/ the company and being able to play as a face or heel, but to certain extents on both. I am delighted and proud to bring another multi-time champion to my roster as it is my DESTINY to be the single biggest pro wrestling attraction of all-time."

136. Shoalzie - Honky Tonk Man

137. Parabola - Sgt. Slaughter

138. Marf - Gerald Brisco

139. Megahab - 1-2-3 Kid

140. Habsfan18 - Shane Douglas

141. El Dandy - Magnum T.A

142. BostonBob - David Von Erich
"The BBWF is pleased to add a man that was being groomed by the NWA to eventually become their World Heavyweight Champion before he passed away in 1984 under mysterious circumstances while on tour in Japan. He was involved in some great feuds against the likes of Jimmy Garvin, The Freebirds and Ric Flair. He came from a wrestling family and many feel that he was the most talented member of that family."

143. Bonobf - Rikidozan
"Universally accepted as the "Father of Puroresu," Rikidozan literally is the reason that wrestling became popular in Japan. In the early 1950s, there was no wrestling in Japan. By his death in 1963, wrestling was selling out all across the nation. Even though he died at a very young age and still had a lot to contribute to the sport, there is no doubting the impact that Rikidozan had on wrestling not only while he was alive, but the foundation that he left ready for future stars to take wrestling to the next level. Born in Korea, Rikidozan never revealed where he was born in fear of discrimination from Japanese fans. With a background in Sumo wrestling, Rikidozan easily adapted to professional wrestling and in his short career (only 12 years) he accomplished more then most wrestlers do in a lifetime. Since World War II had ended less then a decade earlier, he had a natural gimmick in that he would defeat the "evil" American wrestlers to the cheers of the crowd. Not only did he beat them in the ring, but in real life Rikidozan had little respect for his American counterparts, as he considered them out of shape and not on his level of wrestling. One wrestler was the exception however, and that was Lou Thesz. Thesz did a lot in furthering the career of Rikidozan and giving him global legitimacy, as Rikidozan defeated Thesz in 1958 for the NWA International Championship. Rikidozan never forgot the kind gesture by Thesz and taught his trainees, Inoki and Giant Baba, the same qualities that made Thesz such a great champion. Rikidozan would hold on to the NWA International Championship until he was murdered in December of 1963. Rikidozan had so much success in the ring that it allowed him to branch out into other forms of business as well. Unfortunately, this would help lead to his early death as he got in an argument with some of the local Japanese gangsters over land disputes. While meeting in a restaurant, one of the gangsters would stab Rikidozan in the torso. While the doctors first said that Rikidozan would survive, he died less then a week later to the shock of fans everywhere. Puroresu took a hit for several years after his death, but his pupils Inoki and Giant Baba would be able to bring it back to popularity in the 70s. One of the most important figures in wrestling worldwide, Rikidozan changed the scope of wrestling and would have been able to do so much more if he had not been tragically murdered at the age of 39."

144. Crimson Skorpion - Jerry Lynn
""Upon looking over my card and making some decisions, I felt like Snuka could benefit from a match against someone that is a little more comfortable with aerial assaults. But, I didn't just want high-flying spots. I wanted it to be a little more... extreme! Jerry Lynn brings a factor that my show was missing and could use big time and that is a bit of hardcore injected into the card. A ladder match between Lynn and Snuka just won't do. TLC Match, maybe? We'll see."

145. krnboy1009 - Jesse "The Body" Ventura

146. Modo - "The Road Dogg" Jesse James

147. OmniSens - Sheamus

Round 8:

148. OmniSens - "Mr Ass" Billy Gunn

149. Modo - Ron "The Truth" Killings
"A 3-time tag team champion (twice with you-know-who), and the first ever African-American NWA World Heavyweight Champ in TNA history. Plus he's great on the mic, just like Road Dogg, so there's your entertainment factor. An underrated superstar, he has a moveset that will complement Road Dogg's, and I intend to put the two in a tables match against the Dudleys."

150. krnboy1009 - Rikishi

151. Crimson Skorpion - "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OH! Oh yes, with his trusty 2x4 and an American flag, you can always count on Duggan to spark a crowd, get a "USA" chant going and get a reaction. While he never was a main-event draw in the WWF/E, he still was the first ever Royal Rumble winner and is a bonafide hall of famer. With my main event card and build-up to the main event set, I am now focusing on my mid-card. What better way to start than with someone who draws a reaction, regardless of where he finds himself on the card. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-OH! USA! USA! USA!"

152. Bonobf - El Santo
"There is perhaps no bigger icon in wrestling history than El Santo. The masked Mexican wrestler transcended his sport and became a national hero and a megastar. Santo was not only the popular wrestler in his country for much of the 20th century, but a massive movie star. In his movies, he wore his wrestling mask and was usually a superhero fighting zombies, aliens or various bad guys. El Santo Vs. Rikidozan would sell out Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It would be hard to imagine a match that would sell more tickets internationally than this one."

153. BostonBob - Kevin Von Erich
"I will be choosing a man that always wrestled as a good guy and was loved by wrestling fans everywhere but especially in his home state of Texas. His involvement in the Von Erich vs Freebirds feud helped make World Class Championship Wrestling one of the top territories during the early 1980's. He was also involved in some memorable singles feuds in WCCW with Chris Adams and Gino Hernandez."

154. El Dandy -

155. Habsfan18 - Jumbo Tsuruta
"This Legend of the Japanese wrestling scene is well known for being the 1st ever Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion, having won the PWF Heavyweight Championship, the NWA United National Championship and NWA International Heavyweight Championship. Tsuruta would go on to unify the 3 titles. He would also be known as one half of the 1st ever AJPW Unified World Tag Team Champions. Among his many other accomplishments include an AWA World Heavyweight Championship reign, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Wrestler of the Year in 1991. He's also had 5 5-star matches according to Meltzer, and was in the WON's Feud Of the Year with Mitsuharu Misawa in 1990 and 1991. He was also named #28 of the top 500 singles wrestlers of the PWI years. Simply put, he's a steal at this point in the draft."

156. Megahab - Fit Finlay
"A great in-ring technician who should have been more successful than he actually was in North America but was really just relegated to midcard status most of the time. He should have been a main eventer in both WCW and WWE."

157. Marf - Christopher Daniels

158. Parabola - Nikolai Volkoff

159. Shoalzie - Shelton Benjamin

160. TheMurdocktor - Big John Studd
"A 2004 Hall of Fame inductee, Big John Studd was a great big man who held numerous accolades throughout his career. He also has also feuded w/ some legendary names over the years and even teamed up with fellow Murdock rostermate Killer Kowalski multiple times to win tag team gold. And with me not being big on wrestling history, this is a great pick for me...or so I think."

161. Hawkguy - Nikita Koloff

162. Chuckdobbins - Austin Aries
"Seems like he should have been a couple rounds ago. It's too bad this guy was never on a more mainstream program cuz he can flat out go."

163. ColePens - Bobby Roode

164. The Duke - Lance Storm

165. KEEROLE Vatanen - Cowboy Bill Watts
"He has had a massive impact on the business we see today, a legitimate tough guy, great mind for the business for his era(credited with starting episodic wrestling tv) memorable feuds w/bruno. can't think of a better opponent for Danny Hodge, two great athletes, two legitimate bad *****"

166. This - Billy Kidman

167. Chris Cutter - James Storm

Round 9:

168. Chris Cutter - Chris Sabin

169. This - Jamie Noble

170. KEEROLE Vatanen - Mike Awesome

171. The Duke - Stu Hart

172. ColePens - Ivan Koloff

173. Chuckdobbins - Kota Ibushi

174. Hawkguy - Ricky Morton
"One half of the one of the greatest tag teams of all-time, Ricky Morton went on to a have a decent singles career as well. A traditional tag-team formula is connected to Ricky as he was the guy who made "face-in-the-peril" popular, or "playing Ricky Morton." I'm excited to add this guy to my roster."

175. TheMurdocktor - Tommy Dreamer
"The heart and soul of ECW has come to my promotion to kick things up a notch. He has wrestled for nearly every major promotion in this industry and can do it all. He bleeds this business and knows how to throw it down. My roster needed somebody like Dreamer to bring a bit of edge to the product and show what it means to be a true wrestling fiend."

176. Shoalzie - John Morrison

177. Parabola - Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne)

178. Marf - Kofi Kingston

179. Megahab - Tiger Jeet Singh

180. Habsfan18 - Matt Hardy
"One half of one of the most popular tag teams in WWF/E history, Matt Hardy has certainly made his stamp on the wrestling industry, having been part of numerous classic tables and ladder matches. While he certainly hasn't had as successful of a singles career as his brother, he has still won a title on 13 separate occasions (tag and singles) and in the 9th round I feel this is decent value considering some of the other names being picked."

181. El Dandy

182. BostonBob - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
"My next pick was not only one of the sneakiest heels around but he also possessed one of the great wrestling minds which he used in various territories as a booker. Although he was on the smaller side ( 5 ft 10 and 220 lbs ) he had no problem brawling but was also a very good technical wrestler. He won a bunch of smaller territory titles but also enjoyed some success at the National level in the NWA."

183. Bonobf - The Fabulous Moolah
"In the world of women's wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and her name is Moolah. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport -- or any sport for that matter -- and in a career that spanned over 50 years she established a legacy that made her name synonymous with women's wrestling. In July 1984, her 28-year reign was finally ended in Madison Square Garden by Wendi Richter, a young competitor managed by pop star Cyndi Lauper. The bout aired live on MTV, giving a whole new generation of sports-entertainment fans a glimpse of the greatest lady competitor in the game's history. Following the loss, Moolah began phasing out her in-ring exploits, choosing instead to manage protégé Leilani Kai, one of the many future Superstars she had trained during her time as champion. With Moolah's guidance, Kai beat Richter for the Women's Title, setting up a match between the two at the first WrestleMania in 1985. Richter would regain the gold, and it would be Moolah herself, under a mask as the "Spider Lady," who would finally take back the championship from Wendi not long after. During her final reign as champion, Moolah also took on another role; she became the "Queen" of WWE, often accompanying "King" Harley Race and manager Bobby Heenan to ringside."

184. Crimson Skorpion - Bill "Ax" Eadie
"Three-time WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition intimidated their opponents with their brute force, spiked ring gear and face paint. They hold the single-longest Tag Team Championship reign that spanned for more than 470 days, which holds to this day as a record. While they were introduced as the answer to WCW's Legion of Doom, they still terrorized their opponents and saw success in the tag team division."

185. krnboy1009 - Masato Tanaka
"Former ECW champion. Great wrestler, great late round pick if you ask me."

186. Modo - "Dr Death" Steve Williams

187. OmniSens - Bart Gunn

Round 10:

188. OmniSens - Abyss

189. Modo - Kevin "The Taskmaster" Sullivan

190. krnboy1009 - Joseph Park

191. Crimson Skorpion - Barry "Smash" Darsow
"Three-time WWF Tag Team Champions, Demolition intimidated their opponents with their brute force, spiked ring gear and face paint. They hold the single-longest Tag Team Championship reign that spanned for more than 470 days, which holds to this day as a record. While they were introduced as the answer to WCW's Legion of Doom, they still terrorized their opponents and saw success in the tag team division."

192. Bonobf - Manami Toyota
"She has had ten 5 star matches over her career. How many female wrestlers have even had one? How many male stars have had more than one? In 1995, she was deemed so great and dominant that she was awarded Most Oustanding Wrestler by Wrestling Observer. She is still the only woman to ever obtain the award. In that same year, she also beat out classics like Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon II to be given Match of the Year for her contest against Kyoko Inoue, an hour long spectacle where both women barely took a second to breathe. Not only is the match considered by many one of the greatest women’s wrestling match of all time; it is also considered one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time, male or female. No woman before or since has had Toyota’s perfect blend of speed, strength, and stamina that has allowed her to just keep competing no matter what the circumstances. "I watched Manami Toyota wrestle when I was training in Japan and she made me want to be a champion. She had a presence about her that was fierce. Manami was as tough as nails, but poised and beautiful like a butterfly. These are where my diva roots started. Manami Toyota is the epitome of pinup strong: bold, bright and beautiful!” – Natalya."

193. BostonBob - Rick Steiner
"I am happy to announce the addition of a man that was part of one of the greatest tag teams ever. He was known as one of the stronger wrestlers and could brawl with anybody or put on one of the better scientific matches of the card. I saw this man wrestle a few times early in his career in Montreal under the name of Rob Rechsteiner. He was green as hell but you could tell there was a lot of talent there."

194. El Dandy

195. Habsfan18 - "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton
"One half of one of my favorite tag teams of all time, Bobby Eaton is without a doubt one of the most UNDERRATED wrestlers ever (4x winner of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter "most underrated wrestler" award). Considered by many of his peers to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers of his era, I'm extremely thrilled to add him to my roster in the 10th round of the draft."

196. Megahab - Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.)

197. Marf - Jay Briscoe

198. Parabola - Trish Stratus

199. Shoalzie - Wade Barrett

200. TheMurdocktor - Roman Reigns
"So much potential for this guy, as his strengths clearly lie on the power side of things but his overall in-ring game is improving daily and has improved exponentially ever since he joined the big leagues. And, seeing as I already had one half of the current tag champs, why not snag the other one and keep them united in an effort to generate legit interest in a tag match. Old school vs. new school."

201. Hawkguy - Don Muraco

202. Chuckdobbins - Nigel McGuiness

203. ColePens - Giant Baba

204. The Duke - Edouard Carpentier

205. KEEROLE Vatanen - Ernie Ladd

206. This - Lita

207. Chris Cutter - Psicosis
"Psicosis had classic matches against Rey Mysterio and is a nice piece to add to my cruiserweight division."

Round 11:

208. Chris Cutter - Alex Shelley

209. This - Wendi Richter

210. KEEROLE Vatanen - JunkYard Dog

211. The Duke - Hiroshi Tanahashi

212. ColePens - Dude Love

213. Chuckdobbins - Juventud Guerrera

214. Hawkguy - Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama)

215. TheMurdocktor - Mickie James
"Beautiful, talented, and dynamic, Mickie can be the go-to girl of my women's division, whether I need her as a face, a heel, or just a *****. Not many can do what she does in terms of character and in-ring ability for a female."

216. Shoalzie - Rhyno

217. Parabola - AJ Lee
"I feel like the most amazing diva storyline would have happened if Trish and AJ were in the attitude era together. AJ will be in the HOF when she retires.... Shes already accomplished more than most divas."

218. Marf - Buddy "Jack" Roberts

219. Megahab - The Miz

220. Habsfan18 - Masahiro Chono

221. El Dandy -

222. BostonBob - Jimmy Garvin
"My next selection spent many years as one of the top territory wrestlers before finishing up his carrer in the NWA and WCW. He was another wrestler that was good enough that he didn't need to cheat but he usually did so anyway. The early part of his career was spent mostly as a singles wrestler but he finished up as part of one of wrestling's greatest factions."

223. Bonobf - Adrian Adonis

224. Crimson Skorpion - Chyna
"Since the women wrestlers were falling off the map, I decided to snag one up before they are all gone. Chyna was the easy choice here. Although she only held the Women's Championship once, the reign lasted over seven months and nobody beat her for it -- the title had to be vacated. Furthermore, Chyna proved that she could hang with the big boys... literally. She held the Intercontinental Championship three times and kicked some big time butt. She also went to the quarterfinals in the 1999 King of the Ring tournament, losing to Road Dogg after attempting her patented low-blow -- to her dismay, Road Dogg was wearing a steel cup."

225. krnboy1009 - Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

226. Modo - Paul London

227. OmniSens - Jimmy Hart

Round 12:

228. OmniSens - Damien Sandow

229. Modo - Brian Kendrick

230. krnboy1009 - Jim Cornette

231. Crimson Skorpion - Beth Phoenix

232. Bonobf - Gorilla Monsoon

233. BostonBob - Wahoo McDaniel

234. El Dandy

235. Habsfan18 - Terry Taylor

236. Megahab - Bad News Brown

237. Marf - Mark Briscoe

238. Parabola - Skip

239. Shoalzie - Matt Morgan

240. TheMurdocktor - Antonio Cesaro

241. Hawkguy - Black Tiger II

242. Chuckdobbins - Eddie Edwards

243. ColePens - Sika from The Wild Samoans

244. The Duke - Ken Patera

245. KEEROLE Vatanen - Petey Williams

246. This - The Hurricane

247. Chris Cutter - El Generico

Round 13:

248. Chris Cutter - Bob Orton Jr

249. This - A-Train

250. KEEROLE Vatanen - Elix Skipper

251. The Duke - Fritz Von Erich

252. ColePens - King Kong Bundy

253. Chuckdobbins - Davey Richards

254. Hawkguy - Tyson Kidd

255. TheMurdocktor - Chris Hero

256. Shoalzie - Charlie Haas

257. Parabola - Zip

258. Marf - Roderick Strong

259. Megahab - Muhammad Hassan

260. Habsfan18 - Big Boss Man

261. El Dandy

262. BostonBob - Blackjack Mulligan
" I'm adding a wrestler that can easily wrestle on either side of the fence. This big Texan was another 2 sport star although his pro football career didn't last long. Like other big name stars he tended to move around a lot during the majority of his career and didn't stay in one area very long. He wrestled in the big 3 ( WWWF, NWA and AWA ) but his greatest success came wrestling in the Mid-Atlantic area where he teamed with and later feuded with Ric Flair. He was such a recognizable star that he was brought into a lot of territories to battle Andre the Giant. I actually saw him wrestle Andre twice in Montreal and both matches were brawls with the action continually spilling out of the ring."

263. Bonobf - Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon
"With his intimidating look and ferocious attitude, the bloodthirsty Vachon left Olympic-style mat wrestling behind and became the most feared brawler in Minnesota's American Wrestling Association. Grappling with local legends like Verne Gagne and The Crusher, Mad Dog captured the AWA World Heavyweight Championship five times during the 1960s and brought in some of the biggest box offices the territory had ever seen. In a time long before the dawn of "hardcore wrestling," Vachon was an uncommonly cruel and brutal competitor. While he wasn't the biggest man in the ring, Mad Dog used everything that wasn't nailed down to batter his opponents. He filed his fingernails until they were razor sharp, gnawed on foreheads and built caskets for his next victims. The pit bull-like mauler was so destructive in the ring, he was banned from competing in three states."

264. CrimsonSkorpion - Dick The Bruiser

265. krnboy1009 - Daivari

266. Modo - The Amazing Red

267. OmniSens - Rocky Johnson

Round 14:

268. OmniSens - Tony Atlas

269. Modo - Jack Evans

270. krnboy1009 - JJ Dillon

271. CrimsonSkorpion - Reginald "The Crusher" Lisowski
"Crusher Lisowski personified the beer drinking ass-kicker before Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Sandman close to a decade before the two were even born. Crusher started tagging with his brother, Stan Lisowski and they saw great success, but the most memorable tag team he was a part of was with the Bruiser."

272. Bonobf - Bobo Brazil
"Brazil made perhaps his biggest fame in the local Detroit area, where he became one of the biggest rivals of local legend and promoter and fellow WWE Hall of Famer The Sheik. Brazil and The Sheik drew each other's blood for decades, often times trading a version of the United States Championship back and forth in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario. While life in Detroit may have seemed good for Brazil, it was tough elsewhere around the country. In Brazil's time, black fans were forced to sit in separate sections from white devotees at certain venues, and Brazil was banned from many hotels and restaurants. He handled this adversity with a dignity that inspired many of his peers to discover the same qualities in themselves. A number of promoters would only book African-Americans against other African-Americans, fearing that any other combination could lead to race riots. Brazil thrived in these types of confrontations, beating back dangerous foes like Abdullah the Butcher and Ernie "The Cat" Ladd. But the fans refused to settle for watching Bobo compete against a limited repertoire of opponents, and the promoters were forced to respond. Brazil was willing to take on virtually anyone. Although he spent the majority of his career as an enormously well-liked wrestler, he had no qualms about mixing it up with the other so-called "good guys." On at least one occasion, he fought to a draw with Andre the Giant -- an impressive exploit, considering their size difference. In 1970, however, Brazil made history when he teamed with El Mongol to defeat Mr. Ito & The Great Ota in the first racially-mixed match in Atlanta sports-entertainment history. Bobo also had memorable skirmishes with such stars as Dick the Bruiser, Johnny Valentine and Killer Kowalski. Despite his friendly demeanor outside the ring, Brazil was a tireless brawler who seemed to invite his opponents to break the rules in order to counter their maneuvers with his own arsenal. It was also universally acknowledged that Brazil had the hardest head in the sport, toppling rivals with his storied "Coco Butt." Bobo was so over with the crowds that followed him, that after a particularly strenuous match with Brazil in Washington DC, "Classy" Freddie Blassie theorized that the fans would have committed murder, had Bobo asked."

273. BostonBob - Masked Superstar
"This pick I will be using on a guy that has already been picked but under a different persona. He is one of the few wrestlers to have multiple successful runs in the WWF using completely different gimmicks. Before coming back to the WWE under face paint in 1987 this masked man was a top draw in many territories but had especially strong runs in Georgia and the Mid-Atlantic area. He had a brief run in the Mid-Atlantic as a face but mostly wrestled as one of the top heels wherever he wrestled. His finishing hold was the Cobra Clutch and it helped him to win a lot of belts during his run."

274. El Dandy

275. Habsfan18 - Toshiaki Kawada

276. Megahab - Earthquake

277. Marf - Hardcore Holly

278. Parabola - Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks

279. Shoalzie - Chavo Guerrero

280. TheMurdocktor - Mr. Kennedy
"A very underrated worker in the ring and pretty damn good on the mic as well, Kennedy/Anderson is a pretty complete package. Never getting a real opportunity in WWE for whatever reason (backstage politics, no faith, issues, etc.), he has flourished in TNA where he has been a multi-time champion and is engrossed in many of the company's major storylines."

281. Hawkguy - Alex Wright
"Alex Wright is my favourite wrestler of all-time. Being a second generation wrestler, Wright was a very good technician in the ring, solid high flyer, and a very good guy backstage. Das Wunderkind had one of the longest undefeated streaks in the 1990's upon entering one of the big two promotions. Held down for years by the big boys in WCW - along with many others - Wright never quite reached his peak. Even after an absence of over two years, Wright returned with a bald head and was easily one of the best workers on the entire WCW roster (although not hard to do in the late 2000s). Wright was an entertaining superstar who was over with the fans, especially as a heel, and could make anyone laugh. I'm glad to add my favourite wrestler ever to my roster."

282. Chuckdobbins - Kevin Steen

283. ColePens - Afa

284. The Duke - Pat O'Connor

285. KEEROLE Vatanen - Jay Lethal

286. This - Umaga

287. Chris Cutter - La Parka

Round 15:

288. Chris Cutter - Shark Boy

289. This - Bray Wyatt

290. KEEROLE Vatanen - Homicide

291. The Duke - Archie "Mongolian Stomper" Gouldie

292. ColePens - Jimmy Uso

293. Chuckdobbins - Michael Elgin

294. Hawkguy - Fandango

295. TheMurdocktor - Awesome Kong/Kharma
"What to say about this beast of a woman, who can tangle with not only the females but with the big boys as well. Whenever she enters the arena, you just can't help but wonder what terror she is going to unleash on whatever stands in her way. It is too bad she never got a real chance to show what she could do in the WWE, but her brief appearance breathed new life into the Divas division, even for just a hot second."

296. Shoalzie - Gail Kim

297. Parabola - Nick Jackson

298. Marf - Bubba Ray Dudley

299. Megahab - Konnan
"He was not really great in the ring, but he was still one of the biggest stars in Mexico in the early 90s. From what I've read, he was a mainstream star in Mexico. I only saw his stuff from WCW onwards though. He was one of the most over babyfaces in WCW in 1998 and 1999. Amazing on the mic. Konnan always had the ability to get over. Even in TNA, the 3 Live Kru were always over with the crowd. He also was incredible in getting LAX over, delivering awesome promos every week. He wasn't great in the ring like I said, but he at least was able to have entertaining matches with the right opponent."

300. Habsfan18 - Kensuke Sasaki

301. El Dandy
302. BostonBob - "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes

303. Bonobf - Ox Baker

304. CrimsonSkorpion - THE Great Sasuke

305. krnboy1009 - Sonjay Dutt

306. Modo - Playboy Buddy Rose

307. OmniSens - MVP

Round 16:

308. OmniSens - Jazz

309. Modo - Brodus Clay

310. krnboy1009 - Eric Bischoff

311. CrimsonSkorpion - Hayabusa

312. Bonobf - Antonino Rocca

313. BostonBob - "The Universal Hearthrob" Austin Idol

314. El Dandy

315. Habsfan18 - Perry Saturn

316. Megahab - Low Ki
317. Marf - Spike Dudley
318. Parabola - Mike Quackenbush
319. Shoalzie - Alundra Blayze
320. TheMurdocktor - Bobby Lashley
321. Hawkguy - Robert Gibson
322. Chuckdobbins - Kyle O'Reilly
323. ColePens - Big E Langston
324. The Duke - Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer
325. KEEROLE Vatanen - Gillberg
326. This - Mike Tyson
327. Chris Cutter - Suicide

Round 17

328. Chris Cutter - Test

329. This - Nunzio

330. KEEROLE Vatanen - Sensational Sheri Martell

331. The Duke - Sky Low Low

332. ColePens - Gentleman Chris Adams

333. Chuckdobbins - Bobby Fish

334. Hawkguy - Molly Holly

335. TheMurdocktor -

336. Shoalzie - Buff Bagwell

337. Parabola - PAC

338. Marf - Taka Michinoku

339. Megahab - Carlito

340. Habsfan18 - Marc Mero

341. BostonBob - "The Handsome Half-Breed " Gino Hernandez

342. Bonobf - Ole Anderson

343. CrimsonSkorpion - The Mountie, Jacques Rougeau

344. krnboy1009 - Victoria

345. Modo - Viscera

346. OmniSens -Ryback

Additional Picks:

OmniSens - Ahmed Johnson

Modo - Crash Holly

ColePens - Jey Uso

Chris Cutter - The Pounce

Crimson Skorpion - Andy Kaufman

Megahab - Jinder Mahal

Hawkguy - Rockin' Robin

Chuckdobbins - Delirious

Boston Bob - Keiji Mutoh

Modo - Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli

Chris Cutter - Norman Smiley

Chuckdobbins - Necro Butcher

Parabola - Yoshihko

ColePens - Tony St Clair

Hawkguy - Jimmy Rave

Interested in checking out 50+ years worth of covers from "The Hockey News?" Check out my collection here: http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/sh....php?t=1382901

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This is kind of a jerk for taking Lita after i've taken Trish... Just saying.

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This ain't ****ing Monopoly rules here! There is a run on women and it's a "for yourself" type draft. Just because you got Baltic doesn't mean I have to give you Mediterranean Avenue.

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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Just because you got Baltic doesn't mean I have to give you Mediterranean Avenue.

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Originally Posted by parabola View Post
This is kind of a jerk for taking Lita after i've taken Trish... Just saying.
Only kind of? Damn, you just opened a can of whoop ass.

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Chris Cutter
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Anyway Trish/Lita has been done so many times, it's great but this draft has new is always better type of mentality. Why have HBK vs Taker (which is great) when you can have Sting vs Taker?

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Have we officially decided on 18 rounds yet ????

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Originally Posted by BostonBob View Post
Have we officially decided on 18 rounds yet ????
As of now, that's the plan yes.

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Fuzzy Bunny
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I had a feeling you would like my pick, CS. Grabbed him now out of fear you'd draft him.

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I take former face of the UWF......JUNKYARD DOG(will have write up soon)

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Wow that was going to be my next pick. Twice in a row (Giant Baba) that has happened.

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I select:

Hiroshi Tanahashi

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

CMLL World Tag Team Championship (1 time, current) – with Jushin Liger[58]
CMLL World Trios Championship (1 time) – with Okumura and Taichi[63]

New Japan Pro Wrestling

IWGP Heavyweight Championship (6 times)[4]
IWGP Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Yutaka Yoshie (1) and Shinsuke Nakamura (1)[4]
IWGP U-30 Championship (2 times)[4]
G1 Climax (2007)[4]
G2 U-30 Climax (2003)[87]
New Japan Cup (2005, 2008)[88][89]
IWGP Heavyweight Title Tournament (2007)[90]
U-30 One Night Tag Tournament (2004) – with Taiji Ishimori[91]
Heavyweight Tag MVP Award (2005) with Shinsuke Nakamura[92]
Fighting Spirit Award (2003)[93]
New Wave Award (2002)[94]
Outstanding Performance Award (2003, 2004)[93][95]
Singles Best Bout (2004) vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan on August 15[95]
Young Lion Award (2001)[96]

Pro Wrestling Noah
GHC Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Yuji Nagata[4]
Tokyo Sports Grand Prix
Best Bout Award (2012) vs. Kazuchika Okada on June 16[98][99]
Fighting Spirit Award (2003, 2006)[100]
MVP Award (2009, 2011)[101][102]
Performance Award (2007)[103]

Wrestling Observer Newsletter
5 Star Match (2012) vs. Minoru Suzuki on October 8[46]
5 Star Match (2013) vs. Kazuchika Okada on April 7[104]
Feud of the Year (2012) vs. Kazuchika Okada[105]
Match of the Year (2012) vs. Minoru Suzuki on October 8[105]
Most Outstanding Wrestler (2012)[105]
Wrestler of the Year (2011, 2012)[105][106]

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It's finally time to select the guy going 1 on 1 with Mankind in a hardcore match...

ColePens selects... DUDE LOVE!

And if you watched any of Foley's DVD, this was the character that gave him the new persona he never had. Mankind vs. Dude Love. Boom!

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Did we already have a discussion on the many faces of Foley? Was it decided that all of his gimmicks are different or not? Personally I am fine with that pick, but I don't wanna make my pick, then another few guys make theirs and suddenly the Dude Love pick is brought back into question.

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Chris Cutter
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Pretty sure the consensus was that Mick Foley and his different personas are all seperate.

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Been waiting a long time to pick this guy, I hope he's not taken.

The Juice! Juventud Guerrera

Come on, that's a pretty baller finish if I do say so myself

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Good pick. He was on my list because you know you will get a fun opener.

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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
Good pick. He was on my list because you know you will get a fun opener.
Opener? Heck no. I might bump him up quite a bit actually. I still haven't decided.

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08-20-2013, 09:14 AM
Chris Cutter
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Hesitated between him and Psicosis for my last pick.

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08-20-2013, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Hesitated between him and Psicosis for my last pick.
Me too...but you made the choice for me

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08-20-2013, 10:18 AM
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I'm torn right now because I have so many guys left on my list. But I need to finish the top of my card. I need to grab Morton's tag partner for his tag team title match - but contrary to popular belief, I don't need his typical partner to make it work. I have two other guys in mind that would make a great match and fit right in. Pumped for that.

So, when thinking of an opponent for Christian, I have had one guy in mind for awhile (and it still may end up that way since I believe he's a huge sleeper). The other guy who I always wanted to see wrestle Christian was.... Rick Martel.

But what, I already have a match with Benoit? Not anymore. Martel is moving down to go 1 on 1 with Christian for the Intercontinental title... while Chris Benoit is going to take the place of his favourite wrestler of all-time (Dynamite Kid) and face the man that Dynamite Kid had the first ever (Wrestling Observer) 5-star match in wrestling history with.

I give you Chris Benoit vs....


Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama)!

If you don't know him, look no further than this match to see the Legend.

Updated Card
World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder Match
'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels (c) vs. 'Diamond' Dallas Page

Chris Benoit vs. Tiger Mask

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rick Martel (c) vs. Christian

Cage Match
"I Quit" Rules
Nikita Koloff vs. Don Muraco

World Tag Team Championship Match
NTBD (Ricky Morton & XXX [1 of 3 guys]) vs. The Hollywood Blondes (Steve Austin & Brian Pillman)

Women's Championship Match



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08-20-2013, 10:27 AM
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I am thinking that Benoit might be the best pic in this entire draft so far. You can really do anything with him and it's going to be bad ass.

Whomever has Malenko is right up there in terms of card flexibility.

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08-20-2013, 10:38 AM
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I always hated that there are 4 Tiger Masks. I like that they keep the gimmick alive, but weird, eh?

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08-20-2013, 10:39 AM
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The card is coming together:

WWE Championship: Bruno vs Brock

Mankind vs Dude Love (Hardcore Match)

Dos Caros vs Tatsumi Fujinami (Explosive Mexico vs. Japan opener)

Stan Hansen vs Ivan Koloff (Lariat vs Sickle)

Dory Funk vs Bobby Roode??? (we will see where this goes)

Giant Baba vs ??????

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08-20-2013, 10:42 AM
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OP Updated

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