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Request: Adjusted scoring leaders

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01-17-2007, 07:35 PM
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Request: Adjusted scoring leaders

I'm searching for each year scoring champion in adjusted points since I'm not so good a mathematician. I think this have been floating around at some times but cannot retrieve it. I hope someone (pnep maybe) possess those informations.

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01-17-2007, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Weztex View Post
I'm searching for each year scoring champion in adjusted points since I'm not so good a mathematician. I think this have been floating around at some times but cannot retrieve it. I hope someone (pnep maybe) possess those informations.
pnep, HO and Czech Your Match are the guys you want to talk to.

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01-17-2007, 09:26 PM
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Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF191882414081
Reg Noble Toronto ArenasF191875324073
Joe MaloneMontreal CanadiensF191875491564
Harry Cameron Toronto ArenasD191875194160
Corbett Denneny Toronto ArenasF191878223759
Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensF1919774064104
Odie CleghornMontreal CanadiensF191977394079
Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF191982302656
Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsF191982302656
Ken Randall Toronto ArenasD191964114253
Corbett DennenyToronto St. PatsF192079256994
Joe MaloneQuebec BulldogsF192082423273
Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensF192079383270
Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsF192079273865
Reg Noble Toronto St. PatsF192082253863
Newsy LalondeMontreal CanadiensF192182414485
Harry CameronToronto St. PatsD192182225173
Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF192182412768
George "Goldie" ProdgersMontreal CanadiensF192179224567
Louis BerlinquetteMontreal CanadiensF192182145266
Harry "Punch" BroadbentOttawa SenatorsF1922824562107
Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF192275385290
Leo Reise Sr.Hamilton TigersD192282126476
Cecil "Babe" DyeToronto St. PatsF192282422971
Joe MaloneHamilton TigersF192282342964
Cecil "Babe" DyeToronto St. PatsF192375435598
Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF192382345084
Jack AdamsToronto St. PatsF192379314575
Edmond BouchardHamilton TigersF19238286371
Reg Noble Toronto St. PatsF192382195170
King ClancyOttawa SenatorsD1924821986105
Bill BoucherMontreal CanadiensF192479336195
Aurel JoliatMontreal CanadiensF192482315081
Buck BoucherOttawa SenatorsD192472295079
Bert CorbeauToronto St. PatsD192482166279
Cy DennenyOttawa Senators F19257751128179
Aurel JoliatMontreal CanadiensF1925665490144
Bill BoucherMontreal CanadiensF19258234110143
Clarence "Happy" DayToronto St. PatsF19257118101120
Cecil "Babe" DyeToronto St. PatsF1925797146117
Cy DennenyOttawa SenatorsF1926824392136
Frank NighborOttawa SenatorsF19268022102123
Nels StewartMontreal MaroonsF1926826159121
Aurel JoliatMontreal CanadiensF192680306898
Reg "Hooley" SmithOttawa SenatorsF192664296897
Dick IrvinChicago BlackhawksF19278231106137
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF1927822387110
Frank Frederickson Boston BruinsF1927823175106
Irvine "Ace" BaileyToronto Maple Leafs F1927782675101
Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensF192782433983
Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensF19288060103163
George HayDetroit CougarsF1928784073113
Aurel JoliatMontreal CanadiensF1928825161112
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF1928824168109
Fred CookNew York RangersF1928822580105
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF19298224103127
Andrew BlairToronto Maple LeafsF1929822996125
Irvine "Ace" BaileyToronto Maple LeafsF1929825362115
Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensF1929784162103
Nels Stewart Montreal MaroonsF1929825049100
Ralph "Cooney" WeilandBoston BruinsF1930825976135
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF1930783693128
Bill CookNew York RangersF1930824077116
Aubrey "Dit" ClapperBoston BruinsF1930825650106
Hec KilreaOttawa SenatorsF1930824955104
Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensF1931735068118
Joe PrimeauToronto Maple LeafsF1931711698114
Ebbie GoodfellowDetroit FalconsF1931824569113
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF1931822182103
Irvine "Ace" BaileyToronto Maple LeafsF193175415697
Joe PrimeauToronto Maple LeafsF1932792192113
Harvey "Busher" JacksonToronto Maple LeafsF1932824660106
Howie MorenzMontreal CanadiensF1932823960100
Reg "Hooley" SmithMontreal MaroonsF193273188199
Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsF193275553389
Bill CookNew York RangersF1933825151102
Lawrence "Baldy" NorthcottMontreal MaroonsF193380404989
Harvey "Busher" JacksonToronto Maple LeafsF193382493988
Paul HaynesMontreal MaroonsF193380295888
Reg "Hooley" SmithMontreal MaroonsF193382364985
Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsF1934725648104
Joe PrimeauToronto Maple LeafsF1934772578103
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF193482257397
Cecil DillonNew York RangersF193482236386
Nels StewartBoston BruinsF193482384079
Charlie ConacherToronto Maple LeafsF1935806141102
Syd Howe Detroit Red WingsF193585375087
Larry AurieDetroit Red WingsF193582295887
Frank BoucherNew York RangersF193582226586
Art ChapmanNew-York AmericansF193580156984
David "Sweeney" SchrinerNew-York AmericansF193682375794
Paul ThompsonChicago BlackhawksF193677335083
Marty BarryDetroit Red WingsF193682414182
Art ChapmanNew-York AmericansF193682206281
Elwyn "Doc" RomnesChicago BlackhawksF193682255580
Syl Apps Sr. Toronto Maple LeafsF193782286290
David "Sweeney" SchrinerNew-York AmericansF193782375390
Marty BarryDetroit Red WingsF193782305887
Larry AurieDetroit Red WingsF193777404282
Harvey "Busher" JacksonToronto Maple LeafsF193779364077
Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsF193882444893
Syl Apps Sr. Toronto Maple LeafsF193880365490
Paul ThompsonChicago BlackhawksF193882374178
Georges ManthaMontreal CanadiensF193880393574
Bill CowleyBoston Bruins F193882294170
Toe BlakeMontreal CanadiensF193982423981
David "Sweeney" SchrinerNew-York AmericansF193982225476
Bill CowleyBoston Bruins F193958146073
Marty BarryDetroit Red Wings F193982224971
Clint SmithNew York RangersF193982363470
Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsF194082375491
Bobby BauerBoston BruinsF194082294775
Woody DumartBoston BruinsF194082373775
Bill CowleyBoston BruinsF194082224971
Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsF194073363469
Bill CowleyBoston BruinsF1941792775101
Lynn PatrickNew York RangersF194182313970
Syd HoweDetroit Red WingsF194182313970
Syl Apps Sr. Toronto Maple LeafsF194170313970
Gordie DrillonToronto Maple LeafsF194172363470
Bryan Hextall Sr.New York RangersF194282324376
Lynn PatrickNew York RangersF194280432973
Don Grosso Detroit Red WingsF194282314071
Phil WatsonNew York RangersF194282205071
Sid Abel Detroit Red WingsF194282244266
Doug BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194382354379
Bill CowleyBoston BruinsF194379294978
Max BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194377284876
Lynn PatrickNew York RangersF194382234266
Billy TaylorToronto Maple LeafsF194382194665
Herbert CainBoston BruinsF194479324577
Doug BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194482343872
Lorne CarrToronto Maple Leafs F194482323769
Clint SmithChicago BlackhawksF194482214869
Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensF194479214769
Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensF1945822876103
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF194582533184
Toe BlakeMontreal CanadiensF194580315283
Bill CowleyBoston BruinsF194580265581
Syd HoweDetroit Red WingsF194575184967
Max BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194677385189
Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensF194682165874
Bill MosienkoChicago BlackhawksF194666225173
Clint SmithChicago BlackhawksF194682324072
Toe BlakeMontreal CanadiensF194682363571
Max BentleyChicago Blackhawks F194782335993
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF194782523587
Billy TaylorDetroit Red WingsF194782196483
Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsF194781314879
Ted KennedyToronto Maple LeafsF194782324476
Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensF194882374380
Buddy O'ConnorNew York RangersF194882305180
Doug BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194882255277
Gaye Stewart Chicago BlackhawksF194883334074
Bud Poile Chicago BlackhawksF194879314071
Roy ConacherChicago BlackhawksF1949823666101
Doug BentleyChicago BlackhawksF194979316799
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF194968354378
Sid AbelDetroit Red WingsF194982384078
Paul RontyBoston BruinsF194982274572
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF1950812873101
Sid AbelDetroit Red WingsF195081414586
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF195082434285
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195082522880
Paul RontyBoston Bruins F195082284775
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1951825457111
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195176523183
Max BentleyToronto Maple LeafsF195178265581
Ted KennedyToronto Maple LeafsF195174225880
Milt SchmidtBoston BruinsF195173275279
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1952825748106
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF195282364985
Elmer LachMontreal CanadiensF195282186482
Don RaleighNew York RangersF195282235376
Sid SmithToronto Maple LeafsF195282333770
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1953826663129
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF195382435396
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195382374582
Alex DelvecchioDetroit Red WingsF195382216081
Wally HergesheimerNew York RangersF195382403979
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1954824566111
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195482504090
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF195482354984
Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensF195463393473
Sid AbelDetroit Red Wings, Chicago BlackhawksF195476234972
Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensF195582494797
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195578494695
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF195582484694
Earl ReibelDetroit Red WingsF195582325385
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF195575384280
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF1956826151113
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1956824951101
Maurice RichardMontreal CanadiensF195682494190
Bert OlmsteadMontreal CanadiensF195682187290
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF195682256084
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1957825452106
Ted LindsayDetroit Red WingsF1957823765102
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF1957814060100
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF195782335992
Ed LitzenbergerChicago BlackhawksF195782393776
Dickie MooreMontreal CanadiensF195882435395
Henri RichardMontreal CanadiensF195878335891
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF195876355388
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF195875394887
Bronco HorvathBoston BruinsF195878353975
Dickie MooreMontreal CanadiensF1959824861109
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF1959755350103
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF195982475399
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF195982375188
Ed LitzenbergerChicago BlackhawksF195982384887
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF196082454591
Bronco HorvathBoston BruinsF196080454489
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF196070404383
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF196082305282
Henri RichardMontreal CanadiensF196082354681
Bernie GeoffrionMontreal CanadiensF1961755748105
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF196181366299
Frank MahovlichToronto Maple LeafsF196182553893
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF196182335184
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196175265379
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF196282553489
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF196282315889
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196282364581
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF196282275481
Frank MahovlichToronto Maple LeafsF196282363975
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196382435194
Andy BathgateNew York RangersF196382394989
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF196376354883
Henri RichardMontreal CanadiensF196378265480
Frank MahovlichToronto Maple LeafsF196378403980
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF1964824757104
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF1964825250102
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF196480345791
Andy BathgateToronto Maple Leafs, New York RangersF196483236790
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196481315485
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF1965823367100
Norm UllmanDetroit Red WingsF196582504695
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196582345387
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF196571463681
Alex DelvecchioDetroit Red WingsF196580294777
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF1966766044104
Bobby RousseauMontreal CanadiensF196682335083
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF196680335083
Jean BeliveauMontreal CanadiensF196678325082
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196682324880
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF1967824067107
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF196777592988
Norm UllmanDetroit Red WingsF196780294776
Ken WharramChicago BlackhawksF196782353671
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196781284371
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF196878434891
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF196880385088
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF196880424486
Jean RatelleNew York RangersF196880344782
Rod GilbertNew York RangersF196879314980
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1969805074124
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF1969805946105
Gordie HoweDetroit Red WingsF1969824556101
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF196980306495
Ken HodgeBoston BruinsF196981464388
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD1970823589124
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1970824557102
Stan MikitaChicago BlackhawksF197082414788
Phil GoyetteSt_ Louis BluesF197078305080
Walt TkaczukNew York RangersF197082285179
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1971827773150
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD1971823799136
John BucykBoston BruinsF1971825262114
Ken HodgeBoston BruinsF1971824359103
Bobby HullChicago BlackhawksF197182445094
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1972806765132
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD1972803778116
Jean RatelleNew York RangersF1972664661108
Vic HadfieldNew York RangersF1972825054105
Rod GilbertNew York RangersF197277435296
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1973825266118
Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersF197382355994
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD197366276491
Rick MacLeishPhiladelphia FlyersF197382474491
Jacques LemaireMontreal CanadiensF197381414586
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1974826671137
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD1974783184115
Ken HodgeBoston BruinsF197480485199
Wayne CashmanBoston BruinsF197482295584
Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersF197481344882
Bobby OrrBoston BruinsD1975824175116
Phil EspositoBoston BruinsF1975815456109
Marcel DionneDetroit Red WingsF1975824162104
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1975724756102
Pete MahovlichMontreal CanadiensF1975823169100
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1976825058108
Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia FlyersF1976782776102
Gil PerreaultBuffalo SabresF197682395897
Bill BarberPhiladelphia FlyersF197682445297
Pierre LarouchePittsburgh PenguinsF197678474996
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1977825271123
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF1977824961110
Steve ShuttMontreal CanadiensF197782554095
Rick MacLeishPhiladelphia FlyersF197781454287
Gil PerreaultBuffalo SabresF197782364985
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1978805664120
Bryan TrottierNew York IslandersF1978794369112
Darryl SittlerToronto Maple LeafsF1978824264106
Jacques LemaireMontreal CanadiensF197878345488
Denis PotvinNew York IslandersD197882285785
Bryan TrottierNew York IslandersF1979784273115
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF1979825259112
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1979824665111
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF1979826148109
Bob MacMillanAtlanta FlamesF197981336092
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF1980824771118
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF1980814573118
Guy LafleurMontreal CanadiensF1980764463108
Gil PerreaultBuffalo SabresF198082355691
Mike RogersHartford WhalersF198082395290
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF1981824585129
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF1981824759106
Kent NilssonCalgary FlamesF1981824063103
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF198181553994
Dave TaylorLos Angeles KingsF198174385088
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF1982827288159
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF1982825061110
Peter StastnyQuebec NordiquesF1982823668104
Dennis MarukWashington CapitalsF1982824755102
Bryan TrottierNew York IslandersF198282395896
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF19838260101161
Peter StastnyQuebec NordiquesF1983774062102
Denis SavardChicago BlackhawksF198380306999
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF198381514697
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF198382474188
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF1984767393166
Paul CoffeyEdmonton OilersD1984823368101
Michel GouletQuebec NordiquesF198477475198
Peter StastnyQuebec NordiquesF198482385896
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF198469425395
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF19858262107170
Jari KurriEdmonton OilersF1985756050111
Dale HawerchukWinnipeg JetsF1985824561106
Marcel DionneLos Angeles KingsF1985823963102
Paul CoffeyEdmonton OilersD198582316798
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF19868243129172
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1986814073113
Paul CoffeyEdmonton OilersD1986814070110
Jari KurriEdmonton OilersF1986805649106
Mike BossyNew York IslandersF198682514899
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF19878156103159
Jari KurriEdmonton OilersF198781494694
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF198765494593
Mark MessierEdmonton OilersF198779335993
Doug GilmourSt_ Louis BluesF198782385391
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1988796382144
Wayne GretzkyEdmonton OilersF1988663691127
Denis SavardChicago BlackhawksF1988823973112
Dale HawerchukWinnipeg JetsF1988823964103
Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsF198882474895
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1989787594169
Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsF1989804894142
Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsF1989825774132
Bernie NichollsLos Angeles KingsF1989816266128
Rob BrownPittsburgh PenguinsF198970435497
Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsF1990753686122
Mark MessierEdmonton OilersF1990814070111
Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsF1990815654110
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1990604065106
Brett HullSt_ Louis BluesF199082653499
Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsF19918039109149
Brett HullSt_ Louis BluesF1991808240122
Adam OatesSt_ Louis BluesF1991632480104
Mark RecchiPittsburgh PenguinsF1991803865103
John CullenHartford Whalers, Pittsburgh PenguinsF1991803763100
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1992664277119
Kevin StevensPittsburgh PenguinsF1992825161112
Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsF1992762980109
Brett HullSt_ Louis BluesF1992756634101
Luc RobitailleLos Angeles KingsF199282425597
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1993596073133
Pat LaFontaineBuffalo SabresF1993824676122
Adam OatesBoston BruinsF1993823978117
Steve YzermanDetroit Red WingsF1993825063114
Teemu SelanneWinnipeg JetsF1993826645111
Wayne GretzkyLos Angeles KingsF1994793783120
Sergei FedorovDetroit Red WingsF1994805458112
Adam OatesBoston BruinsF1994753173103
Doug GilmourToronto Maple LeafsF1994812676102
Pavel BureVancouver CanucksF1994745842100
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF1995825965124
Eric LindrosPhiladelphia FlyersF1995795371124
Alexei ZhamnovWinnipeg JetsF1995825560115
Joe SakicQuebec NordiquesF1995803574109
Ron FrancisPittsburgh PenguinsF1995752083103
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1996707188159
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF1996826483147
Joe SakicColorado AvalancheF1996825266118
Ron FrancisPittsburgh PenguinsF1996772888116
Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheF1996823183113
Mario LemieuxPittsburgh PenguinsF1997765575130
Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksF1997785660116
Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksF1997694957106
John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersF1997825549104
Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersF1997822875102
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF1998774377119
Pavel BureVancouver CanucksF1998826244107
Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheF1998723076106
Wayne GretzkyNew York RangersF1998822877105
John LeClairPhiladelphia FlyersF1998826241103
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF1999815494148
Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksF1999755768125
Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksF1999824870118
Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheF1999783776112
Joe SakicColorado AvalancheF1999735062112
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF2000634958107
Pavel BureFlorida PanthersF2000746839107
Mark RecchiPhiladelphia FlyersF2000823368101
Paul KariyaAnaheim Mighty DucksF200074494797
Teemu SelanneAnaheim Mighty DucksF200079395695
Jaromir JagrPittsburgh PenguinsF2001816174134
Joe SakicColorado AvalancheF2001826368131
Patrik EliasNew Jersey DevilsF2001824760106
Alexei KovalevPittsburgh PenguinsF2001795154106
Jason AllisonBoston BruinsF2001824263105
Jarome IginlaCalgary FlamesF2002826450114
Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksF2002814957106
Todd BertuzziVancouver CanucksF2002724456100
Mats SundinToronto Maple LeafsF200282504494
Jaromir JagrWashington CapitalsF200269385492
Peter ForsbergColorado AvalancheF2003753585120
Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksF2003825862120
Joe ThorntonBoston BruinsF2003774472115
Milan HejdukColorado AvalancheF2003826153113
Todd BertuzziVancouver CanucksF2003825656112
Martin St. LouisTampa Bay LightningF2004824864112
Ilya KovalchukAtlanta ThrashersF2004815153104
Joe SakicColorado AvalancheF2004814162103
Markus NaslundVancouver CanucksF2004784456100
Marian HossaOttawa SenatorsF200481455398
Jaromir JagrNew York RangersF2006825766123
Joe ThorntonBoston Bruins/San Jose SharksF2006813192123
Alexander OvechkinWashington CapitalsF2006815552107
Dany HeatleyOttawa SenatorsF2006825351104
Daniel AlfredssonOttawa SenatorsF2006774657103

A few points:

1) I'm playing around with some of the estimates needed to calculate the adjusted scoring numbers. These results are very sensitive to changes in ice time estimates. What I posted represents my "best guess" for now, but might change them in the future.

2) This takes into account regular season offense only. It doesn't consider defense, physical play, leadership, playoff performance, etc. Also, it doesn't try to analyze the offensive numbers further and account for linemates, total ice time, PP vs ES vs PK ice time, etc.

3) Interestingly, the 2006 numbers required virtually no adjustment. It's as close to an "average" year as we've ever had in terms of the variables included in the formula. This was a fluke; this formula was made prior to the lockout.

4) You might notice that, except for the first few years, the average points scored by a top five scorer has increased over time. It's actually a very steady trend from around 1930 to the present. There are two possible causes. One, there might be inherent problems in this formula that cause me to underrate older players and/or overrate modern players. Two, the NHL has more players each year. If the adjusted level of scoring is held constant, as the number of players increase, by probability alone you'd expect a few players to have a really high-scoring season. (Or, in stats terms, generate some random variables. Take the five highest observations with 60 samples; then take the five highest observations with 1,000 samples. Even though the underlying distribution is the same, the average of the highest samples will be higher in the second case almost 100% of the time).

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01-17-2007, 10:27 PM
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Do any of the math experts here have an idea how to fix the adjusted assist totals from the 1920s so they're not so unrealisticly high?

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01-17-2007, 10:47 PM
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How do you arrive at those numbers? Do you pick a base year, and deflate everything back to that base year?

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01-17-2007, 11:05 PM
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I agree the assists from the 1920's are unrealistic. To put it into perspective, on my list, there have been 25 seasons with 90 adjusted assists. Eight of those are Gretzky. Thirteen occured between 1925 and 1932. (The rest are Orr in '71, Lemieux in '89, Jagr in '99 and Thornton last year). That's definitely unrealistic.

Why does the problem occur? I think it's because the assists are put through so many adjustments. First, they're doubled (or more) because the schedule was 30-44 games during the 20's. Second, the assists are multiplied by 1.3 because the 20's were generally low scoring. Third, you multiply the assists by 3 or 4 to get them close to the all time goal-to-assist ratio. With all those adjustments, errors creep in. If you take a piece of data and multiply it 7 to 10 times, it can get distorted. Three flukey assists over the course of the season can quickly turn into 20-30 adjusted assists, and that's unrealistic.

I tried fixing the assists by averaging with them with the year before and after (in an attempt to limit the huge variability in assists from year to year). However, that causes more problems than it solves. Instead of having one 100 assist year, you'll have something like three 80 assist years in a row, which is even more unrealistic.

Another potential solution is to give up on trying to make the assists match the all-time average of 1.6 assists per goal. The benefit is that this will eliminate the flukey 100-assist seasons. However, the downside is that players who legitimately and consistently get huge assist totals (like Frank Boucher, with 692 assists in 731 games in his prime) would be penalized too much.

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01-18-2007, 01:30 AM
Nalyd Psycho
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For all intents and purposes, it is impossible to compair pre 1930 assists to post 1930 assists.

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01-27-2007, 09:05 PM
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It'd certainly be interesting to see how Ovechkin and Crosby's Adjusted scoring for their careers are compared to gretzky and lemieux's first NHL seasons after the conclusion of the regular season.

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01-31-2007, 04:11 PM
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HO, fantastic list!

You mention adjustments for ice time, but then say you don't adjust for total ice time. I'm assuming you made adjustments for individual player ice time, but didn't adjust the league goals/game data for team ice time (from seasons with overtime)? I don't see it as crucial to adjust league goals/game for overtime seasons, since any increase in goals as a result of overtime will be reflected in the goals/game data. I have seen differing league goals/game data for some seasons and am guessing that some are adjusted for total (team) ice time and some aren't.

If you adjust for individual player ice time, how do you do so? I can see why a league-wide adjustment might be made to adjust for differences in ice time between eras, but if it's done on an individual player level, that would seem more problematic.

You bring up a good point about a larger number of players possibly leading to a more extreme point totals. The upward trend of the average of the highest 5 scorers is something that needs to be studied further. I think the average of a larger number of players (12-30?) might be better, since the presence of dominant scorers (Gretzky, Lemieux, etc.) would have less influence on such a number. I'm not sure whether it would be more accurate to use a constant number of players (assuming a relatively fixed number of elite scorers at a given time), or a number proportional to the number of teams in the league (since there's a limited amount of power play time, proportional to the number of teams). I'm guessing neither would be a perfect solution, but either may help smooth the results. The work done by others with standard deviations also may be of some use in solving such a problem.

I don't see an easy solution to the high assist totals from the '20s. Probably the fairest way to compare would be to only compare those players on the basis of at least 2 or 3 consecutive seasons.

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