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Loose-Leafs #18: If You Can Explain This Team - You're a Witch. or Satan.

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02-02-2014, 11:39 AM
Daisy Jane
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Loose-Leafs #18: If You Can Explain This Team - You're a Witch. or Satan.

Song of the Week: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
Leafs Stats @ A Glance

i'm pretty sure, there's a way to actually delve into the PP stats - [i'll be honest, I have the espn starts, and it just has us listed third on the powerplay, but we're the #1 at home. but then HNIC said we were last on the PP on the road, because the sens has the #1 PP on the road... but were #30 at home].

Last week, everyone kept saying we had the #1 PP on the ROAD.... and #1 PP at HOME ... but we were #3 in the league. (22.7% if y'all were curious). I could have misunderstood and they were like, we're #1 at home on the PP and crap on the PK (but we're rising, we're now 28. ahhhhh).

at any rate. our powerplay is awesome.
we're fair to middling goals per game 2.8 (... yeah okay) lol
and we're 25th on goals against. 3.0

and the most important thing: we have 8 points on Ottawa and 6 on Philly [current Wildcard 2 seed]. until we leap frog Tampa (3 points behind them), we're either going to be third or wildcard 1. so that's actually. really stinking good.

and here is a crazy stat.
We're exactly tied with the LA Kings [they would have 3 more row on on us]
we're both played 57 games and have 30 wins-21 losses and 6 loser points.,
both third in our division

but. you know. Leafs suck and all.

If the Playoffs Were Today

Our Boys all week have successfully defended their claim on the #3 seed of the Atlantic. and with the Winnipeg Jets [please, please please] winning in regulation over Montreal, we will have 4 point cushion over them.

so we'd still be facing Tampa Bay, and St. Louis's freaky legs. and the Wolverine. that's a show. I can tell. Freaky Legs and the Wolverine - and I would eat that playoff series up with a spoon - I really think it would be a fast paced, high scoring tempo series, due to how we both play.

Stamkos and St Louis vs. Kessel, JVR & Bozie?

On the Shelf

Dave Bolland: lacerated tendon - he's ... day to day! (or relatively something like that. new phrase is: 50/50), he is going on the Florida road trip.

Trevor Smith: my poor muffin still has a broken hand - but he's been skating with the club - but he will not be going on the Florida road trip. It sounds like when he's back - he's actually drawing into the lineup. very, very curious.

David Clarkson: More IR - unsure re: Florida road trip - he still needs to take out the staples in his elbow.

Peter Holland: poor sweetie has lace bite [what's that?] and is on crutches!
[but i do think holland is going down for Smith regardless]

Carter Ashton: something hand related. [this is why he didn't play yesterday].

Moving On Up

Welcome #39 Gregg McKegg,he of the one less tooth. Bobby Clarke approves.

Thanks for your Participation

Mark Fraser was traded for people i don't even know, but one is Finnish, and somewhat Komarov like. AKA. "We need to make room for Bolland". He's in Edmonton. I'm sure that he will help make scribbles feel welcome.

I'd like to thank Mark Fraser for his time on the Leafs. I feel that if he hadn't hurt both of his knees, he wouldn't have been as brutal as he was - resulting him to be benched, and then, you know, traded. He was a good part of our team last year, and until he got smacked in the head in the puck [to which I have zero. sympthany for - wear a visor], he was kinda studly. (sort of being exposed as the same time). But if Mark Osbourne believes he would have made a difference in game seven - then he's got to be good right?

Fraser - thanks for the memories. You'll be missed. [kinda].

Nonis Watch

no one saw the Fraser trade coming

Buuuuuuut. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

I spy with my little eye...

I try to listen to the pressers every game, and practice to get a feel of what's going on and try to frame where this piece is going to look like at the end of the week. I found it very interesting to hear what Randy Carlyle said about our boy JVR.

He said "he's no longer "Yes.. but..." or "Okay.... but"-ting the team anymore. It's just "Okay." and then he does what he needs to do. And that made me stop and think for a minute of what he's actually saying.

JVR has started to mature. And we've seen it [we saw it from game one this year]. Yes sometimes he'll curl up way, way too early and wait for the breakaway pass etc - but last year, Carlyle was begging him to stay in front of the net, to use his size (to go wide more often, to play with his big body - remember that he had it) and there were times last year when he didn't.

And now he's doing it on a much more consistent basis.

Randy went on to say there were another couple "yes... but" guys but again it just comes with age and it's part of the coaching staff to help him reach that next level.

My mind instantly went to

I'd like to give the TML kudos for sticking with me man

Nazzy screams "yes...but!" to me. And I think that's what makes him such a lighting rod in the city, and why his name keeps being tossed out there. When he actually does what he's told [play a little edgy, play north west more constantly, and try to be a bit better defensively]. it actually shocked me how much of his goals results on moves that he's actually done in the defensive end. (if you think about the Tampa game, a lot of that was due to work he did in his end - and then he has the legs to get back into the offensive zone and then.... just becomes filthy. gross. seriously his goals are so gorgeous to look at when he gets all Nifty Mittens-y.

[and have you guys notice - more aggressive kadri - more Krayon-like he gets? eh? eh?]

Another guy who screams Yes, but! is:

did I just turn the puck over again...in my own zone? craaaaaap

I honestly feel this guy just needs to relax. lately things like Hockey IQ vs. 2nd full league has been tossed out - and I feel it's a bit of both - but I know that jake can learn and be better, because dude - we've seen him when he plays Boston. guy turns into a BEAST. I just think he freaks out. so that will go in time. but seriously, doesn't he scream "yes-but!" to you?

And this is again - where you really have to stop and remember - this team is in the bottom five of the league (or top, depending on how you want to look at the list) in age. average age is around 25 or so- and a lot of players are rookies. so its going to be GREAT - or it's going to be OOOGLY. I don't think we're at "it just looks good." for the most part. so I hope our baby Yes Butters take a page from James Van Reimsdyk soon.

Defying All Logic

I wish I could take credit for this - but this is all Macko and Cauz the tsn1050 radio show. It cracked me up so badly - but it's true. How does this team work? How do you explain it? [it's always kind of funny when you hear Mirtle talk about it, and he 'yeah... but...."s it or pretty much "Insert Media Pundit here"

And I honestly think Carlyle's given it up too and is slowly adapting a new system to work with it. (he keeps throwing out skating club he hates using the word 'rush' maybe because it screams 80's Oilers to him, I don't know). it still looks bad, and I think that's mostly because of some of our defensive pairings, and how the wingers don't aggressively go to the line enough to get the puck out. [which I feel, will change for the better in time]

Someone even brought up October - and I said no. this is different from October. (slightly). in october, you could look at the team, and it looked 'wrong'

It's January - and while the defensive mind-melts still happen, it doesn't look 'wrong' anymore. (or as wrong, anyway). the team simply plays better when it trades chances. and I say it screams confidence in the team. they know that it might look wrong, and yes they may allow tonnes of shots, but to have that confidence knowing that regardless of the score, (except you know, you decide not to show up at all - see Dallas, NYR, Columbus and Carolina game 3). they have the ability and the goal tending to make you pay at any time.

Case in point:

two Saturdays ago: Leafs and Habs kept bouncing back and forth with the score, until JVR snipes it, and then they hold on.

last Saturday: down 4-1 and everyone is all "we can't come back." and cue the comeback, though we lost in over time.

this Saturday: down 2-0 and back to back win the games 6-3.

Explain it. But if you can, remember, this makes you suspect

and while Im thinking about this - I wonder what the Leafs have to do, to get some love in the media. I know most people don't care about powerrankings and things like that - but It does really mystify you how in the month of January after losing 4 straight [brutally - and again: i am laying a big bucket of "they had the flu" on that puppy - only because they didn't use it as an excuse].

they are 10-1-1 - while playing the most games of any playoff contending team in the eastern conference. [there are still some teams that have 54 games. we're at 57, and our game combos are brutal]. I'll even break this down further.

the Leafs in January played 10 games in 23 days including travel out west and a group of those games were 3 games in 4 nights twice. they are the only team that has played 5 games in 7 nights [twice] and among the league leaders in then 3 in 4. so to be able to be 10-1-1 (or 9-1-1?) whatever - since the loss in Washington... that's huge.

yet - no love in powerrankings
no love for the hottest line right now [Kessel-Bozak-JVR]
no kudos for Bernier (just oh yeah he's good, and he's got to, because if he wasn't, the leafs would be sunk. because you know, all other teams dont play with goaltending apparently. they all have empty nets].

so boys. some love

"Player of the Week"

Everbody! I feel like Oprah! You get a car, You get a car! Everybody gets a car! But seriously - in a week when we went 3-0 [please let the record show: I called that after the Winnipeg game]. who really stood out?

in Tampa: it was all Gleason (who is a beast. Seriously. Nonis get another one of him!) with his display on Tuesday:

Or Kadri with his awesomenes.

How do you discredit Franson [seee. i can be nice to him] after goating it up on the second goal vs. Florida, to cut the lead within 1 before the Period ends, setting up another 4 goals before Florida gets one - and then we score again?

and then. there is the Line


who is on fire mostly this guy

and the steady goaltending of this guy

this week was wonderful because the team played amazingly together. So everyone is the player of the week! (I'm so Oprah right now).

"Leafs Schedule This Week"
Deja Vu! More Florida goodness this week, but a bit flipped over, as we're travelling to the Sunshine State to face Florida, Tampa, and then back home Saturday to face the the Canucks. I had said before the break we needed to be 4-1-1 or 4-0-2 to really be set up for the March sprint. Again - I am putting it out there: we're going to be 2-0-1. I will be estatic if we win 6 straight again, but I will concede a point.

Tuesday, Feb 4th

@ - 7:00pm start on Sportsnet Ontario

Thursday, Feb 8th

@ - 7:00pm start on LeafsTV

Saturday, Feb 8th
[and depending on what's happening Olympic wise, I will probably be watching the Games - and last game for the Leafs before the break]

@ - 7:00 start on HNIC

then it will be my last loose-leaf for a while! so before I sign off - here's a giggle to set your day off right:

bowling for Senators

as always - see you next week!

and let's go Seahawks! [clap clap clap clap]

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02-02-2014, 11:49 AM
Gary says it's A-OK
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excellent job Daisy

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02-02-2014, 11:51 AM
Mitch Matthewlander
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This is great. You should seriously consider making leafs articles.

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02-02-2014, 11:54 AM
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Lace bite is essentially when the tendons on the top of your foot are messed up for whatever reason, making it difficult to tie up your laces as they would push down on your foot.

Well done with the article.

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02-02-2014, 11:55 AM
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Great work Daisy!

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02-02-2014, 11:57 AM
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.....and just to reflect on something you missed..... ahhh yeah,the ahhh

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02-02-2014, 11:57 AM
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Love it.

More effort put forth compared to making GDTs imo.

best. fan. ever.

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02-02-2014, 12:08 PM
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Always great DJ. Always!

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02-02-2014, 12:15 PM
Daisy Jane
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Originally Posted by CanadasTeam View Post
Love it.

More effort put forth compared to making GDTs imo.

best. fan. ever.

aww that's so cute! thanks

lol well I'm not as super crafty as y'all are when it comes to photoshop. (though, I am still very proud of my winter-classic one).

thanks Hurt for that explanation [poor Dutch]

and thanks everyone for the compliments

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02-02-2014, 12:29 PM
Gary Nylund
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Nice job Daisy!!

I kept waiting to see Rielly, did his name really not get mentioned? Oh well, minor quibble.

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02-02-2014, 12:43 PM
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Great read, Daisy. I really look forward to these. Thanks.

( Go Bronc's )

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02-02-2014, 02:01 PM
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I think this is my favourite one yet!! The title is gold and I shall not make myself suspect by trying to answer the question because truthfully I don't have the faintest clue.

Before I even saw the picture, Kadri's face popped into my head when I read the 'yes...but' commentary

To answer about the PP stats...if you go to the stats on the Leafs page, there's an option to do team stat comparisons and you can arrange the order based on points, wins, PP, PK, etc. and you can do overall or you can click on the 'home games', 'road games' to see that breakdown as well. On the PP, Leafs are 3rd overall, 1st at home and 15th on the road.

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02-02-2014, 03:34 PM
On a Soma Holiday
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Fantastic as always. I wonder what ninja Nonis has up his sleeve next?

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02-02-2014, 03:36 PM
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02-02-2014, 03:38 PM
Daisy Jane
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Originally Posted by Cyris View Post
Fantastic as always. I wonder what ninja Nonis has up his sleeve next?
a way to get Franny off the team, and secure a defenseman that makes gunnar pair up with Gards, and Gleason with Rielly. that would be amazingly awesome.

also. thank you thank you everyone

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