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BE A GM Thread - Part II (NHL 16/NHL 15/whatever)

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02-20-2017, 02:36 PM
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New Dynasty coming, throwing back to NHL 15 for this

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02-20-2017, 02:51 PM
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02-21-2017, 11:42 AM
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No PS4 for my birthday but I did get an Ottawa Senators snuggy

Hoping NHL 18 gives me an excuse to plop down 400 bucks on a game+new console but I don't have my hopes up high. I really like EASHL, but otherwise I just can't justify paying $400 bucks for what is the exact same GM mode as past gen just with two broken features (owner+morale) tacked on top. They really should have bit the bullet and rebuilt the mode 2 years ago from the ground up. Especially because they probably could have built it with online franchise modes in mind and made it more efficient than the past (often times dreadfully slow and broken) GM Connected mode.

Since this thread is almost at 40 pages, my constructive suggestion to the mods would be to sticky the NHL 17 Franchise thread and just have one all encompassing thread for Franchise modes instead of this one and the non-stickied NHL 17 one. One thread=more eyeballs for the guys who make GM logs.

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02-21-2017, 09:54 PM
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Garden state shakeup, Lou out, Marty in.

June 16th 2015,

A week before the draft the Devils have made a shocking move, replacing long time GM Lou Lamariello with Martin Brodeur, the move comes with the Devils having once again missed the playoffs. The aging Devils are amongst the league's oldest teams, they have several bad contracts including hat of Ryane Clowe and are in need of change.

The Devils will pick 10th at the draft, and are in a position to select an elite centre such as Matthew Barzal or Dylan Strome, fans are split, some believe that the team is good enough to make the playoffs if they make a few moves, others are calling for a complete teardown. The Devils have some nice pieces in goalie Corey Schneider and defence man Adam Larsson, however Mike Cammalieri and Andy Greene have long term deals that may be difficult to move. We join the live press conference with Devils owner Donald Trump and GM Martin Brodeur:

DT: Welcome all, after having uh bought this team I realized that it sucks. I decided to place the blame on the man who built the team, which is uh Lou. We need to make the Devils great again, and who better to do it than Martin. He will turn this team into a winning money maker and you guys know me, I love money.

Reporter: Thank you Mr.Trump, how will you make the Devils great again ?

DT: I don't know, please direct all questions to uh Marty.

Reporter: uh ok, Martin, you are one of the best goalies the world has ever seen, probably the best, what is your plan for turning this team around ?

MB: Since we're short time I will have to keep this short, we're an old team, I think we have to keep a balanced approach, which means trying to get younger but also trying to win. I'll explore all the hockey moves that I can, and if something makes sense then we'll make a move. My priority is the draft, I'd like to acquire another 1st in order to restock our cupboard, we're lacking elite talent on the roster and in the pipeline, I'll look at our AHL franchise and start there, I think we need to get better from the bottom up. My immediate goals are to acquire draft picks, a top 6 forward and a top 4 D, we'd prefer to get players under 28 but we'll explore all our options.

Devils PR: That concludes this press conference.

We'll that was an interesting press conference, exciting times lie ahead for the Devils and their fans, management seems determined to restore the team to its former glory.

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02-21-2017, 10:34 PM
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The gold mines, in Val D'Or ?

It's a cool day in early August, Cole Phillips is headed back to his east Boston home, he's got to tell his parents something, but he doesn't know how to. Flashback to early April, Cole and his teammates are celebrating a national championship, Salisbury prep's first in 20 years. Boston College awaits in the fall if he can pass his advanced chemistry class. If not, it's off to Omaha for a year in the USHL before going to BC. Cole's a big lanky sniper, he's coming a season in which he scored 64 goals in just 44 games, and added in 21 assists, he didn't lead his team in scoring, let alone the league. No that went to his teammate, little Dominic Gagnon, who had 23 goals and 81 assists in 42 games on the same Salisbury team.

The dream team, they were called. A near perfect season, 38-2-4 in regular season play and 10-0-0 on their way to the state championship. Yes, it was a perfect season, winning a championship with his best friend Markus Steen, a smallish offensive defence man, who had 15 goals and 37 assists in 44 games. Markus and Cole are BC commits, originally born in Modo, Sweden, Markus's parents moved to Boston when he was 6, he's grown up with Cole, and in the fall they are both supposed to be seniors on a stacked BC team. And little Dominic, he's also supposed to join them... yes it was going to be perfect, the 3 now best friends headed to college together...

It's June, class is out, Dominic is about to be picked up by his mom, he'll spend the summer at home. Dominic's QMJHL rights are held by Chicoutimi, he won't play there and his mom wants him to get an education, he's one of the top prospects if he were to commits, school is a priority in his family, he doesn't do well on his final exams. One day in June, Markus and Cole go back to Markus's, after training. Markus checks his phone, he missed a call from Dominic, Cole has the same notification. Markus thinks nothing of it, he scrolls through twitter, just casually checking his feed when he learns that Dominic's Q rights have been traded to Val D'Or, he then sees a tweet from Dominic that reads: Excited to join @ForeursHockey. Markus shouts wtf, he shows cole the tweet. They're both schocked, their best friend won't be coming back. Markus can't believe it, he spams Dom's phone, Cole follows suit. All of a sudden Makus's father walks in and says a man has come to the door to see him. Cole is asked to leave and he goes home. He tells his parents about Dom, he's shocked and hurt by his best friend's actions.

Its early July now, Dom has explained to Markus and Cole that he failed english and science, he would of had to wait until fall 2016 to start his NCAA career, he decided to play Major Junior, he wants to play pro. Val D'Or have an up and coming team and are known for taking education seriously, camp starts in August, Cole and Markus understand. Markus tells Cole that he needs to talk to him after they get off the ice, maybe over ice cream. Cole thinks Markus is about to tell him that he's been dating his sister, turns out Markus has something else on his mind... "So you remember that man that came to the door awhile back, he's a coach, for Val D'Or".. Cole's head starts spinning, he realizes that Markus is about to tell him that he is joining Dom in Val D'Or, it's out of the blue and a complete shock. All those talks about playing at BC, they seem like a lie now, Markus and Dom won't be there, Markus says he'll keep in touch.

Cole leaves the ice cream parlour, dazed and in shock. Feeling a sense of abandonment he goes back to the rink, why did they leave me he asked ? What happened to playing together ? A disappointed Cole goes home, and finally opens a letter he got from Quebec back in April, he never bothered to open it.

Mr.Phillips it says: "We, the Remparts have decided to release your QMJHL rights, if you are not re-drafted, you will be a free agent"

Cole remembers being drafted, he skipped he draft, he had no plans of playing in the Q, his parents are against it. His 2 best friends are headed to Val D'Or, the temptation is there. He calls Keith Tkachuck, his long time hockey advisor, he tells Keith he wants to explore his options. He calls back an hour later, Keith says that Val D'Or will give him a spot on their 2nd line if he reports to their camp, the thinking game starts.

It's early August, Val D'Or's training camp opens in 2 days, Cole wants to go, but he hasn't told his parents. Finally, on a cool day in August he walks into the living room, after training, it's 4pm, his mom and dad are sitting down drinking coffee, he doesn't know where his sister is, it doesn't matter. Mom, Dad he says, I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm going to play hockey in the Quebec League, Markus and Dom play in Val D'Or, its where the gold mines are, I want to play in the NHL, this is the best chance for me to do so

His mom throws her coffee mug against the wall, it smashes, she goes to speak, all of sudden his dad says, Val D'Or you say ? Where the gold mines are ? We'd better pack....

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Yesterday, 09:18 PM
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Brodeur, Devils, busy at the draft.

June 22nd 2015,

New Devils GM Martin Brodeur was busy at his first NHL draft, he made 3 deals and was up at the podium 3 times in the first round alone. We caught up with Martin after the draft and he briefly discussed his moves.

Martin: I really liked Dominic as a player, however I knew that he wasn't going to be available at 10, in order to get him we had to make a move, and a the same time we got a pick that I felt would allow us to select another player that we liked Markus, at 26. It was certainly hard to give up a young player like John Quenneville, I really like him and he's going to be a great hockey player, but we had the chance to get 2 players who I believe can be cornerstone pieces, and we had to pay the price to get them.

Below is a recap of the Devils moves and more commentary from Brodeur on his trades:

D Jon Merril 79ovr


LW Jon Quenneville 68ovr 4y


C Travis Zajac 83ovr 7yr 5.75M


On the Zajac trade and the Devils picks: "Travis is a good hockey player and we're sad to see him go, however he's got long term big money deal, we were able to get out of that deal without retaining any salary and that alone is a huge plus, we also did not have to give up an asset and actually gained some draft picks so it was a deal that we really just couldn't pass up. I talked about wanting to get younger, to open up cap space and add assets and we were really able to that with this deal."

"When is comes to our picks, we wanted to get faster and add skill, Dmytro, Dom and Markus are all very skilled, they need to get stronger and they will all be back in junior next year, Cole is a sniper, he scored 54 goals in Val D'Or last year, he's got a great shot but he needs to work on his skating. Oliver is a smooth skating defence man, we feel that he needs to get some more experience before making our roster, Nick is an athletic goalie, he's a few years away from playing pro but we'll give him all the time he needs. Jesse is a big goal scoring winger, he needs to get stronger and faster and work on his defensive game, he could be a top 6 forward in the future. Overall I'm thrilled with our picks, we really feel that we came out winners and we're a step closer to our ultimate goal of winning the stanley cup."

Our expert Scott Stevens weighs in: "So far the early signs are that the Devils will be a fast team, Marty is a former Devil, he's been through it all and is aware that the franchise has never really had a dynamic offensive talent, I know the fans will love Dominic Gagnon, he's young and he's still lanky, but man can this kid knock your socks off.

I think we all know that the Devils have some bad big money deals from previous management that they'd love to get out of. Zajac is an overpaid 3rd line center on an albatross contract, Marty and the Devils fleeced the Avalanche by getting out of that deal without retaining a dime. The cap space that they cleared will allow them to go out in free agency and sign a quality player while allowing them more flexibility going forward. Make no mistake the Devils are far from out of the woods yet, but today was as step in the right direction. I'd expect the Devils to be relatively quiet in free agency, they will look to add a top 6 forward and some younger, faster depth players, I don't expect much turnover on the Devils roster, but Albany could see many moves."

1st Round

10th Dominic Gagnon C 75 OVR PLY 18yr 4.5Y Val D'Or QMJHL (pictured above)
26th Markus Steen D 74 OVR OFD 18yr 4G Val D'Or QMJHL
28th Cole Phillips RW 75 OVR SNP 18yr 4G Val D'Or QMJHL

2nd Round
53rd LW Dmytro Timashov 66 OVR PLY 18 4Y Quebec QMJHL

4th Round
100th D Oliver Kylignton 66 OVR TWD 18 4 Y Modo SHL
113th G Nick Schneider 60 OVR HYB 18 4Y Medicine Hat WHL

6th Round
160th LW Jesse Gabrielle 60 OVR SNP 18 3.5Y Regina WHL

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Yesterday, 09:46 PM
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Off-Season Log

Below is a log of the Devils off-season transactions

Players leaving

The Devils announced that the following players will not be back:

C Scott Gomez 80ovr PLY 35yr
C Tim Sestito 72ovr GRN 30yr
C Scott Timmins 71ovr TWF 25yr
LW Harri Pensonen 71ovr SNP 26yr
LW Joe Whitney 70ovr PLY 27yr
LW David Wholberg 66ovr TWF 24yr
RW Michael Ryder 81ovr SNP 35yr
RW Steve Bernier 80ovr PWF 30yr
RW Jordan Tootoo 79ovr GRN 32yr
RW Mattias Tednenby 75ovr PLY 25yr
RW Darcy Zajac 70ovr GRN 28yr
RW Cam Janssen 69ovr ENF 31yr
D Mark Fraser 77ovr DFD 28yr
D Seth Helgeson 74ovr DFD 24yr
D Corbin McPherson 70ovr DFD 26yr
G Scott Clemensen 78ovr HYB 37yr
G Max Clermont 66ovr HYB 23yr

There are no major departures, however longtime Devil Scott Gomez is amongst the most notable departures, Veteran Michael Ryder will also be looking for a new home as the Devils aim to get younger and fast as they re-tool their roster. The Devils also announced that the following players have been re-signed:

Players re-signed
C Jacob Josefsson 81ovr TWF 24yr 3.5G, 32yr, 1.7M
C Ryan Kuwjanwinski 65ovr TWF 20yr 3R 3yr 625k
LW Martin Havlat 83ovr SNP 34yr 4W 1yr 2.4M
RW Myles Bell 69ovr PWF 21yr 2.5Y 3yr 560k
D Adam Larsson 86ovr TWD 22yr 4Y 6yr 4.2M
D Eric Gélinas 83ovr TWD 24yr 4Y 3yr 2M
D Bryce Salvador 80ovr DFD 39yr, 3.5W 1yr 1.2M
G Anthony Brodeur 67ovr HYB 20yr, 2.5G 3yr 625k

Blueliner Adam Larsson who promises to be a big part of the Devils blue line for years to come has signed a long term Deal, the team also announced that long time Devil Bryce Salvador will return for one more year.

Free Agency

C Ryan White 80ovr TWF 27yr 3.5W 1yr 1M
LW Shawn Matthias PWF 27yr 3.5W 1yr 3.1M
RW Justin Williams SNP 33yr 4W 2yr 5M

The Devils made a trio of signings during free agency, Devils GM Martin Brodeur offered these comments: " We're happy to add a player of Justin's caliber and experience to our roster, we believe that he still has a lot to offer, he will serve as a mentor to our young players and he will play in our top 6 which will allow us to slowly groom our young players for their roles. People will think that we've gone and signed another aging veteran, however the isn't the case, its a 2 year deal at a fair cap hit. We're very pleased with this signing, Ryan and Shawn are about to enter the prime of their careers, they are fast and hard working bottom 9 players who make us harder to play against. We wanted to add some speed and grit to our bottom 6 while getting younger, overall we are happy with our free agency moves and we are getting closer to the final picture."

2015-2016 New Jersey Devils



Kinkaid (78)

Above is your 2015-2016 New Jersey Devils, the Devils are once against predicted to miss the playoffs, by how much will depend on the goaltending of goalie Corey Schneider who will give the team a chance to win every night. This Devils team is younger the last years, with an average age of 30.8, down from 31.7. If the Devils are out of the playoff picture come playoff time, we expect GM Martin Brodeur to be very active trying to move out players like Patrik Elias who are in the last year of their deals.

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