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Tuesday Dec. 27 | Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers | 7:30 | SNET-O

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12-27-2011, 03:07 PM
Leaf Rocket
Leaf Fan Till I Die
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Originally Posted by DarwinWasAdopted View Post
I think Ronnie might just go with Connolly-Phaneuf and Gardiner-Franson on the points. Would leave a spot up front for Kadri.
whatever the case i just hope we have no problem in the powerplay, god that would suck if we start bom bing that area as well

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12-27-2011, 03:17 PM
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In short order tonight will be a good game.

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12-27-2011, 03:20 PM
Leaf Rocket
Leaf Fan Till I Die
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Originally Posted by p.l.f. View Post
trading versteeg was a mistake
and i was the first that wanted him to go
he didnt fit our team and neither did he as much in flyers

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12-27-2011, 03:27 PM
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Wow, I see a lotta love for good ol' Steeger. Let us not forget that while he was here he couldn't score a breakaway. Remember that? This guy had like 10 breakaways and couldn't cash in on a single one! Versteeg is a good player but while he was here I must say, he was definetly a bum. Good Luck to Versteeg and I'm glad he's doing well, let's just be happy that Burke still got a sheat load while his value was at a low point.

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12-27-2011, 03:43 PM
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Line 1

C T.Bozak (25): 33gms, 7gls, 24pts, 46ht, 18bk, 51.2fo%, 17:56 (82gms, 17gls, 60pts, 114ht, 45bk)
C M.Santorelli (26): 28gms, 4gls, 6pts, 27ht, 8bk, 41.9fo%, 13:29 (82gms, 12gls, 18pts, 79ht, 23bk)

W P.Kessel (24): 35gms, 20gls, 41pts, 7ht, 7bk, 20:07 (82gms, 47gls, 96pts, 16ht, 16bk)
W K.Versteeg (25): 35gms, 16gls, 37pts, 29ht, 10bk, 20:22 (82gms, 38gls, 87pts, 68ht, 23bk)

W J.Lupul (28): 35gms, 16gls, 38pts, 50ht, 10bk, 19:04 (82gms, 38gls, 89pts, 117ht, 23bk)
W T.Kopecky (29): 35gms, 5gls, 14pts, 17ht, 17bk, 17:42 (82gms, 12gls, 33pts, 40ht, 40bk)

Line 2

C T.Connolly (30): 23gms, 6gls, 17pts, 4ht, 32bk, 50.5fo%, 17:45 (82gms, 21gls, 61pts, 14ht, 114bk)
C S.Matthias (23): 35gms, 6gls, 14pts, 13ht, 14bk, 48.3fo%, 13:38 (82gms, 14gls, 33pts, 31ht, 33bk)

W C.MacArthur (26): 28gms, 10gls, 16pts, 16ht, 6bk, 14:40 (82gms, 29gls, 47pts, 47ht, 18bk)
W T.Fleischmann (27): 36gms, 12gls, 31pts, 11ht, 14bk, 19:33 (82gms, 27gls, 71pts, 25ht, 32bk)

W N.Kadri (21): 5gms, 2gls, 3pts, 9ht, 0bk, 13:33 (82gms, 33gls, 49pts, 148ht, 0bk)
W M.Bradley (33): 24gms, 1gls, 3pts, 55ht, 5bk, 9:55 (82gms, 3gls, 10pts, 188ht, 17bk)

Line 3

C M.Grabovski (27): 29gms, 8gls, 16pts, 15ht, 8bk, 49.6fo%, 17:12 (82gms, 23gls, 45pts, 42ht, 23bk)
C T.Kennedy (25): 23gms, 1gls, 1pts, 39ht, 7bk, 44.5fo%, 11:10 (82gms, 4gls, 4pts, 139ht, 25bk)

W N.Kulemin (25): 35gms, 3gls, 13pts, 36ht, 16bk, 15:18 (82gms, 7gls, 31pts, 84ht, 38bk)
W M.Repik (23): 7gms, 1gls, 1pts, 9ht, 1bk, 9:47 (82gms, 12gls, 12pts, 105ht, 12bk)

W M.Frattin (23): 32gms, 4gls, 8pts, 39ht, 7bk, 12:33 (82gms, 10gls, 21pts, 100ht, 18bk)
W K.Barch (31): 19gms, 0gls, 0pts, 23ht, 3bk, 7:05 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 99ht, 13bk)

Line 4

C D.Steckel (29): 32gms, 6gls, 6pts, 67ht, 30bk, 57.4fo%, 13:10 (82gms, 15gls, 15pts, 172ht, 77bk)
C M.Cullen (33): 3gms, 0gls, 0pts, 0ht, 0bk, 38.5fo%, 8:00 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 0ht, 0bk)

W J.Crabb (28): 24gms, 6gls, 11pts, 34ht, 13bk, 12:17 (82gms, 21gls, 38pts, 116ht, 44bk)
W E.Dadonov (22): 14gms, 2gls, 2pts, 12ht, 1bk, 10:16 (82gms, 12gls, 12pts, 70ht, 6bk)

W D.Boyce (27): 2gms, 0gls, 0pts, 3ht, 0bk, 8:29 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 123ht, 0bk)
W B.Thomas (28): 3gms, 0gls, 0pts, 6ht, 0bk, 8:47 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 164ht, 0bk)

Pair 1

D D.Phaneuf (26): 35gms, 4gls, 21pts, 71ht, 60bk, 25:10 (82gms, 9gls, 49pts, 166ht, 141bk)
D B.Campbell (32): 36gms, 3gls, 27pts, 12ht, 51bk, 26:31 (82gms, 7gls, 62pts, 27ht, 116bk)

D K.Aulie (22): 5gms, 0gls, 0pts, 12ht, 4bk, 14:53 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 197ht, 66bk)
D J.Garrison (27): 36gms, 10gls, 16pts, 56ht, 60bk, 24:22 (82gms, 23gls, 36pts, 128ht, 137bk)

Pair 2

D C.Gunnarsson (25): 34gms, 1gls, 9pts, 31ht, 73bk, 21:23 (82gms, 2gls, 22pts, 75ht, 176bk)
D D.Kulikov (21): 35gms, 3gls, 20pts, 50ht, 43bk, 22:13 (82gms, 7gls, 47pts, 117ht, 101bk)

D L.Schenn (22): 34gms, 1gls, 11pts, 105ht, 57bk, 16:54 (82gms, 2gls, 27pts, 253ht, 138bk)
D M.Weaver (33): 36gms, 0gls, 9pts, 31ht, 61bk, 19:39 (82gms, 0gls, 21pts, 71ht, 139bk)

Pair 3

D J.Gardiner (21): 32gms, 0gls, 9pts, 16ht, 42bk, 20:30 (82gms, 0gls, 23pts, 41ht, 108bk)
D E.Jovanovski (35): 35gms, 2gls, 7pts, 31ht, 39bk, 16:49 (82gms, 5gls, 16pts, 73ht, 91bk)

D C.Franson (24): 20gms, 3gls, 8pts, 38ht, 21bk, 15:46 (82gms, 12gls, 33pts, 156ht, 86bk)
W K.Ellerby (23): 15gms, 0gls, 2pts, 18ht, 24bk, 11:45 (82gms, 0gls, 11pts, 98ht, 131bk)

Starting Goalies

G J.Reimer (23): 14gms, 7-3-3, 2.81gaa, 1so, .906sv%
G J.Theodore (35): 26gms, 13-8-4, 2.44gaa, 2so, .919sv%

Backup Goalies

G J.Gustavsson (27): 16gms, 9-6-0, 3.26gaa, 0so, .898sv%
G S.Clemmensen (34): 7gms, 3-0-2, 2.80gaa, 1so, .894sv%

Injured / Suspended

W M.Lombardi (29): 19gms, 2gls, 6pts, 11ht, 14bk, 13:10 (82gms, 9gls, 26pts, 48ht, 60bk)
W C.Armstrong (29): 9gms, 0gls, 1pts, 10ht, 1bk, 11:16 (82gms, 0gls, 9pts, 91ht, 9bk)
W M.Brown (26): 18gms, 1gls, 3pts, 29ht, 6bk, 9:45 (82gms, 5gls, 14pts, 132ht, 27bk)
C P.Dupuis (26): 30gms, 0gls, 0pts, 37ht, 16bk, 50.0fo%, 10:29 (82gms, 0gls, 0pts, 100ht, 44bk)
D J.Liles (31): 34gms, 4gls, 21pts, 30ht, 69bk, 21:32 (82gms, 10gls, 51pts, 72ht, 166bk)
D M.Komisarek (29): 18gms, 1gls, 4pts, 37ht, 39bk, 16:59 (82gms, 5gls, 18pts, 169ht, 178bk)

C S.Weiss (28): 35gms, 11gls, 32pts, 65ht, 22bk, 54.2fo%, 20:36 (82gms, 26gls, 75pts, 148ht, 50bk)
W M.Samuelsson (35): 12gms, 1gls, 6pts, 41ht, 28bk, 14:39 (82gms, 7gls, 41pts, 160ht, 109bk)
W S.Bergenheim (27): 26gms, 7gls, 7pts, 41ht, 28bk, 15:28 (82gms, 22gls, 22pts, 160ht, 109bk)
W S.Upshall (28): 15gms, 1gls, 3pts, 41ht, 28bk, 12:49 (82gms, 5gls, 16pts, 160ht, 109bk)
W J.Skille (24): 31gms, 2gls, 6pts, 41ht, 28bk, 12:31 (82gms, 5gls, 16pts, 160ht, 109bk)
C M.Goc (28): 17gms, 2gls, 2pts, 41ht, 28bk, 53.0fo%, 16:53 (82gms, 10gls, 10pts, 160ht, 109bk)
W M.Sturm (33): 33gms, 2gls, 3pts, 41ht, 28bk, 13:14 (82gms, 5gls, 8pts, 160ht, 109bk)

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12-27-2011, 03:44 PM
Leaf Rocket
Leaf Fan Till I Die
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http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?t=1064379 gdt up.

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