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Bad loss/Good loss/acceptable/tolerable loss

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07-23-2012, 05:37 AM
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Bad loss/Good loss/acceptable/tolerable loss

How teams lose, losing the same way repeatedly or a team giving it all, but losing.
I think we all know there's different types of losing. Now, when one thinks about it, how easy is it to cope with one's favorite team losing, especially in the playoffs?
Not easy, of course. But there are degrees. So, evaluate your favorite team(s) recent history. I'm doing my two teams, Red Wings, and the Caps(yes, I'm a masochist). I'll be using icons to make a crude scale.

Red Wings: Really, with the Red Wings, I'm not going to complain much.
2012 loss(First round, Nashville, in 5)-Ranks probably as barely acceptable. Were hobbled by key player injuries and just dealing with the other team being better at that point in time. Never got back on the rails after Lidstrom and Datsyuk injuries. Tolerable

2011 loss(In game 7 of second round, to Sharks) Were beaten by a younger, and frankly, better team in a series where they barely lost game 7 after coming back from being down 3-0. Tolerable
2010 loss(In game 5, round 2 to sharks) Once again, lost to a younger, stronger team,failed to come back and would have liked more games. Franzenstein(he had a monster bight in game 4, you may remember, ) made this just barely easier to swallow. Tolerable.
2009 loss(In game 7 of the Cups finals. By one goal. As the defending champs)
Tolerable/Acceptable. In the "heart ripped out of chest " way)
2008 Cup finals. What loss?
2007 loss(Conference finals, to the Ducks, in 6) made it to the third round, lost to the Cup winners. Acceptable.
2006 loss(First round, to eigth seeded Oilers)A team in a bit of transition, with Yzerman playing down his last weeks, and Datsyuk and Zetterberg yet to come into their own. Lost to a team that made it all the way to cup finals. Disappointing but Acceptable

Overall Wings experiece: Watched the dominant team of the last 2 decades 8+ conference finals, 6 Cup finals, 4 Cup wins in 17 years. Frankly, I have nothing to complain about. Every other fan in the league wishes their team could do what the Red Wings have.

Washington Capitals
2008(First round, Philly, in 7) Everyone falls their first time. Even with the higher seed, the Caps were only that way due to being SE champs. Team was in the playoffs for the first time in years and lost a heatbreaker in OT. Showed a lot of fight in this series. Good loss.
2009(Second round Pittsburgh in 7) This series only went this long because Ovechkin matched Crosby and Varlamov played lights out. Wretching at the time, but lost to eventual champs. Acceptable.
2010 (First round, Montreal, in 7) Beaten by a team that had their strategy, and had it good. Still because of the incredible season and the seed, bad loss
2011(Second round, Tampa, in 4)Bad, bad loss. Swept in 4 straight by another lower seed team with a strategy.
2012(Second round, New York, In 7)Good loss. Were the lower seed, fought tooth and nail this series, just got zone dominated on Ranger ice. Heartbreaking because of game 5 and game 7 was so close. Acceptable

Overall Caps experience:
Tastes great, less filling. It might have been more fun watching them flounder back when the team was god-awful, because they'd get beaten down two straight, then they'd unexpectedly win one. Then, when the season ended, we could all hope and dream about what amazing draft pick they'd get.Playoffs have been largely a dud. Well, at least the regular seasons were fun, not so much last one, which was more of a boring nail biter.

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07-23-2012, 11:51 AM
Chris Hansen
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Good idea for a thread.

2012 loss - to Phoenix in 6. This series was fairly pathetic, for the Hawks' roster and their coaches. With all due respect to the Yotes, Chicago is far more talented than they are. But a system and a good coach make all the difference, and quite a difference it was. Quenneville once again displays his utter inability to adjust anything in his strategy (or lack thereof). Unacceptable loss.

2011 loss - to Vancouver in 7. This was a great series. The Hawks were down 3-0 in games, all without Bolland. He returns for Game 4 and the team goes on a tear (despite losing Seabrook from still another garbage Torres hit in Game 3), blowing out the 'Nucks twice en route to Game 7. Unfortunately for us Chicago fans, Vancouver was simply the better team in the end - the initial momentum from Bolland's return and anger over the cheap hit to Seabrook wasn't quite enough to overcome the disparity. Acceptable loss, but the near-comeback made it an extremely disappointing one.

2010 - no loss here!

2009 - to Detroit in 5. This was the young Chicago roster's first foray into the playoffs. You could see the difference in experience between them and the Wings, and I feel like that was what really made the series so lopsided. I don't think Detroit had a tremendous talent advantage, or even a talent advantage at all - after all, this was almost the same Chicago roster that won the Cup a year later. It was this series, and this playoff run, that gave much of the Blackhawk roster the experience and confidence that is generally necessary before getting all the way to the Cup. More than acceptable loss.

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07-23-2012, 12:21 PM
Fire Benning
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2009 - Loss to Blackhawks in 6 games, WC Semis. This really hurt at the time since I firmly believed that we were the better team. Sedins and Burrows with Kesler and Sundin...alas, the team couldn't put the Hawks away despite being minutes from going up 3-1 if not for Mitchell's turnover to Havlat in the slot. Game 6 was one of the worst games in Canucks history. Up by a goal four different times and still lose 7-5...this was a bad loss.

2010: Loss to Blackhawks in 6 games, WC Semis. Almost a carbon copy of the previous year, except this time the Canucks were looking for vengeance. Byfuglien and Bolland drove them absolutely nuts and Toews was simply unstoppable (12 points in 6 games.) Since the Hawks were just a far superior team, even with Henrik winning the Art Ross, this was an acceptable loss.

2011: Loss to the Bruins in 7 games, SCF. Don't really need to revisit this much. Ugly, ugly loss that erased most of the amazing memories from the Cup run. Totally unacceptable and will be referenced until the Canucks can finally win a Cup.

2012: Loss to Kings in 5 games, WC Quarters. This was the case of a superior yet banged up team that was going against the best eighth seed in NHL history. Unfortunate for sure, but at no point in this series were the Canucks ever in control. Without Daniel Sedin,the team was simply anemic offensively. But since the Kings were so dominant for the rest of the playoffs (not to mention ridiculously healthy), this was a tolerable loss. Still disappointing though.

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07-23-2012, 12:24 PM
The Fat Kid
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Atlanta Thrashers:

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12-12-2012, 11:25 PM
Jedi Twinkie
Ryan O'Money
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Colorado Avalanche Lost against SJS in 6...
Im just happy we made the playoffs -.-

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12-13-2012, 01:19 AM
Fearful Symmetry
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Losing game 5 to NJ in the SCF was easy to tolerate. Losing game 4 was tough to swallow for Kings fans

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12-13-2012, 01:31 AM
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For LA:

2010: losing to vancouver in six games was tolerable. They were the superior team and you could really start to see the flaws in terry murrays coaching at that point. Tolerable.

2011: losing to the sharks in six games was bad. Even though we were without kopitar there was hope in the way we were holding leads. With the comeback game from san jo (down 4-0), that loss just shattered every bit of hope kings fans had left. Thornton blowing kisses at la fans didn't help either, and their celebration...horrible loss. But 2012 makes up for it.

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12-13-2012, 01:35 AM
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Highest degree of a bad loss: Devils Canes gm 7...

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12-13-2012, 01:45 AM
Oilers 2016
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Considering the roster I guess it was a decent season. Post-season was pure magic. I don't remember much of Game 7 though. Just tears. Best Oilers season I've ever seen.

A decent start, but Smyth trade combined with the awful finish(4 wins in 20 games or something) was just bad. The Pronger trade clearly hurt this team. Considering the Pronger trade, tolerable.

The Gagner-Cogliano and Nilsson trio was awesome for 08 finishing 9th but coming short of the playoffs. Tolerable for sure. 2009 was mediocrity which is not acceptable.

2010-2012: Don't need to explain these. Although at least in 2011 and 2012 we understood the team is gunning for high picks. In 2010 they were just horribad. 2010 completely unacceptable while 2011 and 2012 are somewhere between unacceptable and tolerable considering their position.

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12-13-2012, 01:58 AM
Bring back Sallinder
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I'll go over some of the Devils losses in the playoffs since last lockout.

2012 in game 6 of the SCF. Good loss. There were some missed calls before the boarding major on Bernier. You've gotta be able to kill off those though, and penalty killing in the playoffs compared to the regular season for us was a joke. Plus we needed to really split one of the first two games in OT in Jersey to have a legit chance at winning.

2010 Bad loss but expected. I called the 5 game elimination in early March in the first round. No matter who we played. We got the Flyers who we sucked against that year. Even if we got the Pens who we beat all 6 times I think we down in 5 that year. We were bad in the second half with the problems with Langenbrunner, and Lemaire. It carried over into the disaster next season. Wasn't that bummed or shocked in losing that year.

2009 was unexcusable, and an embarrassment on home ice. Just pathetic. giving up a tying goal, and a game winner in the last 80 seconds of a game 7. Our top line pinned in our zone at even strength over a minute. Should have taken a penalty, and Ward likely gets pulled, and we could have put it in the empty net. Then maybe the tying goal, and the weak goal scored on Marty never happens, and he doesn't get the blame. With Sutter playing Madden, and Pandolfo like it was 2003 again though who knows.

2008 game 5 against the Rangers. Bad loss, but expected. Didn't like how it seemed like mostly Rangers fans in our building for that game, and Lundqvist's victory lap on our ice. Knew we were going down. Went 1-7 against them that year with only a shootout win on the last day of the season. We also had trouble scoring all year long, and after another long season Marty steal the series. He got us a spot in the playoffs though at least.

2007 against Ottawa in game 5 of the second round. Tolerable, and expected loss. Bad last memory at the Meadowlands, but whatever. That team only got past Tampa Bay because of their brutal goaltending, and defense. This team was exposed big time, and didn't have scoring power. We won 32 games out of 48 by just one goal that year.

2006 against the Canes in game 5. Tolerable loss. Was deflating after sweeping the Rangers in the first round, and closing out the season with like 11 or 12 straight wins. Carolina won the Cup though so whatever. In the end it was a tolerable loss with the Canes going all the way.

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12-13-2012, 02:19 AM
trust in linden CREW
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Bad - Game 3 SCF, 2011. Everything was manageable until Luongo let in a 30ft wrister from Ryder. I don't actually remember whether if it was G3 or 4 to be fair.

Good - Game 6 WCQF, 2011. It showed our team could overcome some bad beatings and play good hockey. Too bad about Schneids giving away two goals but it was his first playoff start in the NHL.

Acceptable - Game 5, WCQF, 2012. The team was making so many hilariously bad mistakes all series long I was a bit glad the Kings sent us home early. No way we would've managed to go deep with the team's attitude so good on LA for preventing a bigger heartbreak.

Tolerable - Game 6, WCSF, 2010. The Hawks had us, plain and simple. That was when Salo's manly organs went down too, which kind of distracts from the loss.

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12-13-2012, 02:24 AM
Vankiller Whale
Fire Benning
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Any loss is unacceptable, in my opinion.

Any team is able to beat any team at any time.

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12-13-2012, 02:30 AM
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2012 - Beating Pittsburgh was awesome, and I bet a lot of fans would say it was almost a cup win in a sense. The Pens had the Flyers number in the POs in recent memory, was nice to change that up. Afterwards though you could tell the team lacked the intensity after such an emotional series. = acceptable

2011 - Just a goaltending circus resulting in barely getting by Buffalo only to get humiliated by Boston in the 2nd round. Just a ridiculous way to end the year. Little did Flyers fans know that this was the final chapter of the "Carter/Richards Flyers era". = ugly!

2010 - Damnit Leighton! Overall pretty awesome year that surely didn't lack excitement. Shootout on the last day of the year, coming back from 0-3 to the Bruins. So close to finishing it off too. = emotional loss

2009 - Gut-wrenching loss in game 6 to the Penguins. The infamous Carcillo - Talbot fight surely did seem to change the momentum around in that game ultimately costing the Flyers a chance at a game 7 = ugly!

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12-13-2012, 05:20 AM
Rubber Biscuit
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2012- Coming off a Cup run and having played a ton on games over two years. Only one or two guys really showed up, but I'll label it tolerable since they won and I wasn't expecting a repeat.


2010- Bad, bad loss. Worst kind of loss imaginable. Terrible loss. Embarrassing. Did I make my point yet?

2009- Lost to an inferior team after a long break between series. First ECSF since, I think, 1999. Tolerable for a team with almost no playoff experience.

2008- Took the Habs to 7 games after losing all 8 regular season meetings and the first two in the series. Had no business being in the series. Series rejuvenated Bruins hockey. I'll call this acceptable because I don't think there is anything that should be termed a good loss.

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12-13-2012, 07:42 AM
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In my opinion for Nashville.

2011 -coming off our first ever series win, meeting a better Vancouver team, it was frustrating (because it is Vancouver), but acceptable loss

2012 -beating Detroit was amazing, like winning the cup, but the loss to Phoenix was terrible. Didn't really play all that well. I think it was a bad loss.

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12-13-2012, 01:07 PM
Kyle Doobas*
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For the Leafs:

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12-13-2012, 02:18 PM
Shark Finn
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Originally Posted by Frank Stallone View Post
For the Leafs:

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12-13-2012, 04:33 PM
RIP Lindback
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2010 first round, game 5 loss to the Blackhawks will go down as one of the single most frustrating moments in my life. Blind pass from Erat to set up the Hawks scoring a shorthanded, tying goal late in the third. They then killed 4 minutes of a major penalty in OT and scored to win it. We would have been going home up 3-2 in the series and the Stanley Cup Champion of that year would have been likely knocked out in the first round.

Unbelievable change of fortunes.

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12-13-2012, 04:44 PM
Doing Nothing
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Minnesota Vikings:


Ugh, beaten soundly by the Eagles in the first round. Maybe we should get a quarterback?


YES, NFC championship game! Just have to kick this field goal and we're in the Super Bowl...wait...12 men in the huddle? Tahi get off the field! Aw crap.





Ugh. Moss was a D-bag, Favre texted his dong, Chili gets fired, the Metrodome roof collapsed, we had to play a "home" game in Detroit...


Wow, we are TERRIBLE. 2-12 going to Washington, at least we're going to get a top pick, maybe even get Andrew Luck or RGIII!

Oh crap, AP tore up his knee.

Oh great, Webb won the game, dropping us out of #2 pick.

Worst win in Vikings history.


Hmm, we're not good and we're not terrible. AP is back! Wow! We might make the playoffs!





Wait, what's the NHL?

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12-13-2012, 05:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Vertzedyek View Post
Haha beat me to the punchline. Since there's been no playoffs to speak of, I'll basically sum up each regular season as a giant loss

2005-06: too bad because they lost key back to back games against the habs, seemed ready to mail in the season starting J-S Aubin but went on a huge winning streak and nearly made it

2006-07; i guess the best moment for leaf fans since the lockout was beating the habs in an exciting comeback in a season finale only to have the silly shootout dash their hopes the next day. Nice finish but fans were bitter over a bad stretch leading up to that game

2007-08; I guess this year and the next were the happiest the leaf fans were at the end of the season since the lockout. This was the year they fired JFJ and finally committed to rebuilding. Although the team actually won several games down the stretch and hurt their draft spot.

2008-09: first year under Burke, similar to the one before again with a late game winning streak.

2009-10: this one was a painful season because they were in the bottom 2 in the league the entire season without a 1st round pick. They did make the Phaneuf deal and played over .500 the remainder of the season.

2010-11: more of a hopeful year with James Reimer having a solid stretch run again falling short after a brutal first half

2011-12: probably the second worst year next to 2010 mainly because they had a solid first half only to see the bottom fall out.

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12-13-2012, 05:10 PM
the times she cried
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Avs: 2010 was nice. Didn't expect anything then. Everything else... well, 2008 was a bit of a downer especially since we got demolished by Detroit with an ill goalie. Plus that was Sakic's last playoffs with the team which is a bit depressing.

this isn't real, it's only the internet
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12-13-2012, 05:11 PM
Rangers Fail
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2012 ECF to Devils:

Horrible loss because of how the Rangers gave up defensively. Game 5 was especially deflating. Come back from 3-0, only to let Ryan ****ing Carter score the GWG with 5 minutes left. game 6:

2011 1st round to Caps:

Considering that it was a struggle to get into the playoffs in the first place, it was a very acceptable loss. I went to the last game of the regular season against the Devils, which they had to win, and then had to wait for Tampa to beat the Canes. good day. Of course, I also had the horrible experience of attending Game 4, in which they gave up a 3-0 lead in the third period, and then proceeded to lose in double OT.

2010 (No Playoffs)

The last game of the season was what was needed to get into the playoffs, and the shoot out experts fail. I'm still made at Olli Jokinen. **** Olli Jokinen. Deflating loss.

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12-13-2012, 06:44 PM
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Tough loss but it was clear who the better team was.

2008: Tolerable
Young team got beat by a powerful experienced machine. It hurt but wasn't unexpected.


2010: Intolerable
Halak or not, Fleury wasn't good enough, Gonch was a mess, and Crosby and Malkin didn't get the offense going enough.

2011: Tolerable
This team had no business taking Tampa to 7 at all, Considering injuries that's fine.

We do not talk about this series.

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12-13-2012, 07:36 PM
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We were the better team in nearly every aspect ON PAPER, but our players didn't play the way they should have and we were soundly outplayed. Caps showed more emotion and heart, and quite frankly skill. The fact that it went to Game 7 OT was a shocker considering how bad we played. Series probably wouldn't have lasted very long if everyone played their best. Seidenberg and Chara were the only two that gave their full effort 100%. Peverley and Seguin were the only two bright spots at forward, and Seguin didn't do squat until Game 6. Thomas was alright, it would be impossible to follow up last year, but he could have stopped a few big ones... Bad loss.

2010-11: Absolutely unacceptable.

2009-10: Unacceptable is a bit of an understatement... Krejci went down and that completely turned the tables, but that's not enough to drop 4 games in a row... We probably would have lost quickly to Montreal, but that's about the only straw I can pick out of the pile... Embarrassing.

2008-09: Good first round, and a very emotional 2nd... After the huge season it was a really tough loss. I was expecting a lot more, but we were inexperienced. Acceptable, especially after the terrific regular season. But one of the more disappointing endings.

2007-08: I don't think anyone expected anything. Brought the Canadiens to 7 games and more importantly, brought hockey back to Boston. Gave the team something to fight for, and a lot of confidence. I'll call this a good loss, as we were in completely unfamiliar territory and we still almost snuck out a win.

Overall: I think the Cup completely cancels out anything bad. Maybe it's temporary, but I'm still riding on that.

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12-13-2012, 07:58 PM
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Sharks 2007-2008: Unacceptable loss. After a tough series with Calgary, we looked lost against the Stars. To look unprepared and surprised against a division rival is unacceptable. The lackluster effort in that series is what caused Ron Wilson to lose his job.

2008-09: Bad loss. The Sharks became the laughingstock of the league when they lost in the first round to the Ducks after winning the Presidents Cup. However, I think it's a good loss for McClellan (his first year) and the team and it served as a lesson that the regular season doesn't really matter and to not take the playoffs for granted.

2009-2010: Tolerable loss For the first time in a long time the Sharks made it to the WCF after taking down Detroit in 5. However the Hawks, with a red-hot goalie, were simply better at the time and I have no problems losing to a superior team.

2010-2011: Tolerable loss Painful loss, yes, but I think the Sharks played an OK series overall. We could've won a few games, but I think the Canucks were a little better overall. But, man, that Bieksa goal ....

2011-2012: Good loss A few Sharks fans predicted that we would lose this series, and they were right. The Blues were just a matchup-nightmare for us, andwere the higher seed. However, I do criticize the coaching staff for not being able to adjust to the Blues' defense.

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