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10 most important habs 06- 07

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08-23-2006, 01:47 PM
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10 most important habs 06- 07

stole this from the ducks board

1. huet- we go nowhere without top 10 goaltending

2. koivu- huge contribution (on and off the ice).we looked bad after he was put out in the playoffs.

3. markov- no.1 d-man, wheather the rest of the league knows it or not

4. kovalev- a true first line winger that can put the points and keep us entertained

5. souray- when he plays bad, there is a huge hole in our d

6. higgins- if he can put up the points( 50-60) along with his already stong game, he could have more value than some of the veterans

7.sampsonov- if he can close in on a point per game, he makes a great addition

8. rivet- steady and underrated, another big hole to fill if he is out of the lineup

9. ryder- not the most complete player, but snipers on this team are in short supply

10. komosarick- the most potential behind markov, this could be a big year

Honerable Mention ;perezhogin- a future sniper, 20 plus goal season may be close

those are my top 10

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08-23-2006, 02:08 PM
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1- Aebischer/Huet : We need get very solid season, I think Aebischer is ready as *****, he really want the number one spot, like Huet that would be cool to see that.

2- Andrei Markov : He's the most important player of the team, without him we going no where on powerplay, its hard to think our team without that guys, great 2-way d-man. Take some night off.

3- Alexei Kovalev : He's on of the top 5 best player of the league for control the puck in every situation, he's hard to knock off the puck, great good vision, but he take some night off sometime.

4- Saku Koivu : He's a true leader, he can always give you near of PPG, hope is not gonna get injury, he's a big lost because he's really good playmaker, injury prone to.

5- Sheldon Sourray : We need another big season from him this year. If he could be better sometime on 1-1 situation and try to play the man and not the puck in those situation, that would be great. He got and hard shot, try to change stick may be, he always broke them, but he's effective on PP.

6- Steve Begin : He's not the best offensive foward of the team and in the NHL, but IMO his value is great, he play with heart, intensity, desire to win, give always 100%, Begin is able to score goal, very solid PK players.

7- Sergei Samsonov : Another great playmaker, I rank him may be high on the list but some people underrated a little bit capacity of scoring goal and playmaker capacity. He could be better then 60-70 pts little people think he's still 27 years old. He gonna be a good PP playmaker.

8- Chris Higgins : He finish last year first in the goal in the last 25 games, he as a capacity to "finish" play, he got a great finish, his production of 23 goals was great for a rookie, he got a great on ice vision, his already a nice 2-way foward, he can be like getting offensive statistic like Chris Drury did since he's on the league. That early to say he's already a clutch player like Drury, but he gonna get an average of 25-30 goals in mid 60 mid 70 points in future no doubt, can play PK with Plekanec that was nice duo. Do PP.

9- Michael Ryder : He's a good sniper. He's uni-dimentinal type of players, focus on scoring goal. If he play like his rookie year, that means, more well positioning, rush into the net, and capacity to make some nice pass. He will be still very important to the team. Hit the 35 goals and made 60 points or more.

10- Thomas Plekanec : He's will be good for second line center if Ribeiro doesnt do the job well, or with the one year contract of Ribeiro, they may be want to see how he gonna play this year. He made very good pressure on other guys he got to play against. He was good in playoff and regular season. Very good PK players, good great offensive skillz, good speed and ability to create oppotunity. He deserve the top-10 range.

Mike Komisarek : I know have put more then 10 players. But Komisarek deserve to be in the list, he's so nice hitters. ( remember me Stevens, and no I don't even compare the talent of Stevens to Komisarek, don't crash into me ). He like play when he's role is very important like against Thornton in playoffs, and this year could be awesome for him.

HM : Craig Rivet, Perezhogin who can surprise people this year. And checking line player like Murray are important in the game.

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08-23-2006, 02:09 PM
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1- Markov
2- Koivu
3- Huet
4- Kovalev
5- Ryder
6- Ribeiro
7- Samsonov
8- Higgins
9- Plekanec
10- Souray

I would say position 5 to 8 can be in any different order

I guess i did not put the defense high enough but whatever i dont want to do it again

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08-23-2006, 02:18 PM
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1- (#1 goaltender) - Huet or Aebischer
2- (#1 D-man) - Markov
3- (#1 Center) - Koivu
4-(#1 winger) - Kovalev
5- (#2 center) - Ribeiro
6- (#2 d-man) -Sourray
7- (#3 winger) - Samsonov
8- (#3 center)- Plekanec
9- (#4 center)- Bonk
10-(#4 winger) Begin

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08-23-2006, 02:26 PM
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Team sport?

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08-23-2006, 02:28 PM
The French Tickler
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1. Huet/Aebischer - You need a good goalie to get anywhere in the new NHL
2. Markov - Our Co-MVP of last season
3. Kovalev - He needs to show us how weel he can do with a feelow Russian on his line
4. Koivu - Our leader, I know he'll do well
5. Ryder - This is where the most goals came from, now that he'll be healthy, can he pot 35? 40? More?
6. Higgins - Sophmore Jinx? Hopefully not
7. Samsonov - How will he play? Unknown
8. Souray - Will be the top goal scorer on D next season with his cannon
9. Begin - Our sparkplug, we won a few key games thanks to him
10. Bonk - Surprising yes, but he's our main PKer and I think he'll have a big year

HM: Johnson, Komisarek, Plekanec

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08-23-2006, 02:41 PM
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1. Andrei Markov - It's not even close IMO, he's the engine of our team offensively and defensively.
2. Alex Kovalev - Habs need a healthy year from him where he's in the 80-90pt range.
3. Saku Koivu - see description for Kovalev
4. Huet/Aebischer - unlike others, I don't think either of them has to stand on their heads for us to be successful, that is, if the 3 other players listed ahead are doing their jobs.
5. Sheldon Souray - Is a true leader on this team IMO, he needs to steady his play and establish himself as a true # 2 or 3 like I think he can be.
6. Mike Komisarek - It's his time to assume a larger role on the Habs defense, needs to take over for some of the minutes Rivet plays, his progression will lessen the pressure on Markov/Souray
7. Micheal Ryder - He is this teams best goal scorer, needs to come back healthy and play like the rookie version of Ryder, not the sophmore one.
8. Sergei Samsonov - Coupled with Ryder, we finally have another right handed shot who can actually score, the Habs will need him to become a PPG player or very close to it. He's got alot to prove.
9. Chris Higgins - Is already one of the teams best all around players, he'll continue to progress and make his way up this list of top 10 most important Habs.
10. Mike Ribeiro - Like it or not, he's our # 2 center, if he falters, it might put a huge dent in the Habs plans, if he suceeds, the Habs have one of the deepest forward lines in the East.

HM - Rivet, Plekanec, Johnson, Bégin

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08-23-2006, 02:51 PM
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1. Koivu - above of all else if Koivu goes down this team is done for. We saw it in the playoffs.

2. Markov - our record sans Markov last season does not lie.

3. Steve Begin - #1 PKer and energy guy on the team.

4. Cristobal Huet - Has to prove that last year was not a fluke, but if he doesn't... 5. David Aebischer - has to ready to step up if Cristo-wall falters.

6. Alex Kovalev - needs to be a consistent leader all year and the driving force of the second line.

7. Mike Ribeiro - this is the do or die year for Ribeiro the fans will get on him fast if he does not produce while making 1.9m and playing with Kovalev and Samsonov.

8. Tomas Plekanec - PKer, 3rd line center. Needs to stay healthy and be ready to step into the second line center spot if needed.

9. Sergei Samsonov - everyone is hoping for a big year from Samsonov to turn this team into a real offensive machine.

10. Chris Higgins - needs to prove that second half of last season wasn't a fluke.

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08-23-2006, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by tritone View Post
Team sport?
So Aaron Downey is as important to the team's success as Cristobal Huet?

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08-23-2006, 03:20 PM
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its surprising how many people have huet further down their list, I would think

if he dominated like last year, he would easily be the difference maker on this

team compared to anyone else

not that I am critisizing, just surprised

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08-23-2006, 03:51 PM
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In hockey, you'll be successful if your lineup as a whole plays like they are all top 10 candidates on your team.

Everyone's role is different on the team.

But if they can excute their role, I thin they are all worthy of top 10 whether that scoring 30 goals or playing an energy game.

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08-23-2006, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
In hockey, you'll be successful if your lineup as a whole plays like they are all top 10 candidates on your team.

Everyone's role is different on the team.

But if they can excute their role, I thin they are all worthy of top 10 whether that scoring 30 goals or playing an energy game.

like in tee-ball, where everybody gets a participation ribbon

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08-23-2006, 04:13 PM
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1. Saku Koivu - We all saw how the team lost it without him and his guidance. The leadership he brings to the table alone makes him the most important hab. Lets all pray he stays healthy
2. Huet/Aebisher- Obviously, a team in the NHL goes nowhere without good goaltending...
3. Andrei Markov- The number 1 d-man will need to carry the defensive corps again if the Habs are to be sucessful.
4. Alex Kovalev- The go-to offensive guy. Needs to stay healthy and consistient as well as provide leadership.
5. Mike Ribiero- The 2nd line depends on him to produce. If he doesn't give it his all every night, his linemates (likely Kovalev and Samsonov) will suffer.
6. Sheldon Souray- If he can minimize the defensive mistakes, he will make a great difference and help the defense immensely
7. Mike Ryder- If he keeps scoring goals, he's doing his job. It would be nice to see him step it up in the defensive zone, however
8. Tomas Pleckanek- Will be depended on in key defensive situations and faceoffs... he preformed admirably last year and needs to continue to improve
9. Chris Higgins- Will be under pressure to preform like he did in the 2nd half of last year... all he needs to do is continue to learn and chip in.
10. Craig Rivet- The unsung hero provides leadership and stabililty to the young players on the team... hopefully he has a very solid year like he did last year.

HM - Samsonov, Johnson, Begin

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