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Cap Crunching - Off Season Moves

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01-20-2009, 01:33 PM
Ape Clutch
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
You're mistaken. Mine was basically the same as yours, with one exception: I have Kovalev and you have Laraque. I think mine is better.

Also, there is a small difference on the 7th D-man, but who cares?
I wasn't being serious

I'm just looking to see if anyone is going to try anything interesting, different F.A.'s etc... (someone proposed Modano instead of Lang)

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01-20-2009, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I am prepared to drop


and the cap hits from Cullimore and Salmalainen automatically go away.

First things first, I sit down with loyal Kaptain Koivu and award him his probable last contract, signed before he is 35 years of age. It is for FOUR years, with declining salaries of 4.5M, 3.5M, 2.5M, 1.5M. The Cap Hit is $3.0M per year. If he retires before the contract is over, the cap hit ceases, and the club "gained" the cap savings from front-loading.

Then, I go to Assistant Captain Alexei Kovalev, and tell him that he has a place in Montreal for as long as he wants until he retires, after which we will give him a job of some kind if he wants it. We will mutually agree to salary 1 year at a time. For 2009-2010, I would let him play again for the same salary as this year: 4.5M.

Next up - Robert Lang. I tell him that we are thrilled with his play and want to have him back at 39 years of age at the same salary as this year: 4.0M.

I negotiate with Mike Komisarek and sign him to a four year contract worth $19M. I think he takes this option, given the possibility of a declining cap, over my other tendered offer of 2 years for $10.5M.

I go to Chris Higgins and Tomas Plekanec and tell them that while they had disappointing seasons, we want them back and don't want to lock them into a long-term contract at a time when they have little bargaining power. I sign them to one year deals at the qualifying offer level (this year salary plus 5%) and they get a chance at a big payday as UFAs next year......if they earn it!

Guillaume Latendresse and Matt d'Agostini get their "second contracts". Latendresse gets what Josh Gorges got last year, and d'Agostini gets what Max Lapierre got last year.

Since they will be waiver-eligible next year, I re-sign RFAs Kyle Chipchura and Gregory Stewart. Chipchura gets a one-way deal for two years at $600K and $700K. Stewart gets a one-way deal at $500K, and he accepts this over the two-way arrangement that comes with a qualifying offer. Chips and Stewart will be the two spare forwards next year. There is not much left to learn in the AHL for them and I don't want to lose them on waivers.

I offer Tom Kostopoulos another two-year deal with a $100K raise. He accepts because he feels happy here knowing we value him and won't kick him up and down between AHL and NHL like some clubs might.

We have one forward too many. I correct a mistake and buy out Georges Laraque after he demonstrates that he is unable or unwilling to get himself in better shape. This mistake costs us $500k of cap space annually for the next four years.

On defence, Ryan O'Byrne returns as our 6th defeneceman. That is a good thing, since he is now waiver-eligible and I don't want to lose him. He is paired with Josh Gorges.

For a seventh defenceman, I pass on Patrice Brisebois this time. I ask Mathieu Dandenault if he would consider finishing out his days with the club as a spare D/RW at a $1M salary. I offer him two years to show some commitment. He accepts, knowing that there is always a chance he could end up taking over #6 from O'Byrne. I do this because I want Mathieu Carle, PK Subban and Yannick Weber to learn more playing in the AHL instead of sitting in the pressbox in Montreal. Carle would be the injury callup, having the most experience of the three. If Dandy had turned me down, I would have gone and picked up a cheap vet on the open market.

Assuming the cap stays the same at $56.7M for next year, this leaves us with $8.731M Cap Space available.

What to do with so much money?? And aren't we missing a defenceman? AHA!!

I sign 25 year old Jay Bouwmeester to a four-year deal worth $6.25M per year. This ties up quite a bit of money on defence for the next two years, until Hamrlik's contract expires, but I believe that a team is built from the net outwards. And it's not like we have no firepower. The only key player we lost up front was Alex Tanguay, who will be replaced on LW by Max Pacioretty. Meanwhile, the upgrade on defence will make us a much stronger team.

And we STILL have almost $2.5M left on the salary cap, for injury replacements or deadline deals.


Pacioretty - Plekanec - Kovalev
A. Kostitsyn - Lang - S. Kostitsyn
Higgins - Koivu - D'Agostini
Latendresse - Lapierre - Kostopolous
....Chipchura, Stewart

Markov - Komisarek
Hamrlik - Bouwmeester
Gorges - O'Byrne
....Dandenault (or other veteran spare)


Okay, not bad, but I think other teams will out bid us for Jay Bow at 6.25 mill. He may fetch 7 mill by another team. Possibly even get a 5-6 year deal.
I agree that you should build from the crease outwards. With Price, Markov, Komi and Hamirlik, we have a good start. Could we possibly sign Jay Bou and then trade Hamirlik to free up some cap space?
I like Hamirlik, but I would rather have Jay Boumeester at 7mill than Hamirlik at 5.5 mill.

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01-20-2009, 01:35 PM
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Kovy will be back next year.....

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01-20-2009, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by goldglove View Post
Max Pacioretty[875,000$] - Tomas Plekanec[2,800,000$] - Alex Kovalev[4,500,000$]
Andrei Kostitsyn[3,250,000$] - Saku Koivu[4,000,000$] - Sergei Kostitsyn[816,667$]
Guillaume Latendresse[1,500,000$] - Christopher Higgins[2,000,000$] - Matt D'Agostini[900,000$]
Tom Kostopoulos[900,000$]- Maxim Lapierre[687,500$] - Georges Laraque[1,500,000$]

Total : 23,729,167$

Andrei Markov[5,750,000$] - Mike Komisarek[4,500,000$]
Roman Hamrlik[5,500,000$] - Jay Bouwmeester[6,500,000$]
Filip Kuba[4,250,000$] - Josh Gorges[1,100,000$]

Total : 27,600,000$

Carey Price[2,200,000$]
Jaroslav Halak[775,000$]

Total : 2,975,000$

Total: 54,304,167$
LOL... its either Kuba, or J-Bo... not both, 26,5 mil tied in 5 Dmen??? Youch.

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01-20-2009, 03:12 PM
Miller Time
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My moves for next summer... (slightly changed from a post I made earlier this year)


Laraque: i liked the idea of the signing, though I thought it a bit much, I very much dislike the result. He's been "o.k" when not injured, but at 1.5 million, he needs to be either better than "o.k", or playing the kind of intimidating role that you'd expect from the leagues #1 "heavyweight". The way he goes about being an enforcer, while perhaps "honourable", does absolutely ZERO to benefit the team as far as I can tell in terms of being a deterence factor. I HOPE gainey can find someone to take him in his last year, otherwise, AHL or buy-out is the way to go... no room for him to waste a roster spot.

Kovalev: let kovalev sign elsewhere... barring a conn smyth type finish to the year, I just don't see the value in re-signing him. Too streaky, too hard to consitently find linemates for, not worth the salary some team is bound to offer him. I don't mind BC's suggestion of the 1 year deals at a $$ worthy of his production, but I don't know if he'd take it, and I definitely don't want to see him signed for as much as some team is bound to offer him (5 million+)

Lang: Same goes for Lang. He's been great for us so far, but I have a feeling that playoff time we might see a little something different. Lang is exactly the type of player that becomes an quick target, both by the opposition and media/fans, when the going gets rough. Historically speaking, his production drops by almost 25% in the playoffs, and career-wise, his stats are buoyed by 3 pretty productive years in Detroit, where he was clearly not a go-to guy for his team (meaning the opposition was more focused on the datsyuks/zetterbergs). He's are leading scorer this year, and no doubt come playoff time teams will make that extra effort to knock him around... if he shows he can hack it, GREAT, he'll make a case for another year, but I suspect come the summer you won't hear many people around here calling for his return.

Tanguay: loses out in a numbers game... Unless Bob pulls the trigger and moves some of the young forwards in a trade for a top 2 centre, I don't see the point in re-signing him. The young guys have shown more than enough in his absence that it would be Cap-Folly to re-up him at anywhere near his current salary when you can replace his production at a fraction of the cost. He'll get a bigger money offer elsewhere (I see Colorado as a destination), and I doubt Bob matches.


- Koivu: 3-5 years @ 4M/per (4m cap hit, the $ starting higher and escalating downward), similar deal to the one Alfredsson signed, but for a bit less. If he really wants more, than I'd go higher but only on a 1, maximum 2 year deal. If he wants to retire a Hab, and see the team be competitive throughout his last few years, I think he'll take the pay cut... maybe @ even under 4m

- Komi: 4-6 years @ 4.5M/per. Would make him the highest paid defensive Dman in the league, compensating for the intangibles (leadership, grit) that offset his minimal offensive contributions. Don't really see how he and his agent could argue for much more than that... I know that most people think that he will fetch 5mill+, but the fact is that the Regher's and Phillips's, of the world all make even less than the 4.5 I suggest, and unless the cap goes up and/or he's determined to test the market/get the max contract he can get, I think he'll settle for being the highest paid Dman in his "category" (cuz I don't doubt that the Islanders would throw even something in the realm of 6 million at him, which we can't match, so in the end it will come down to wether or not he wants to stay in Montreal).

- Kostopoulos: 1-3 years @ 900k/per. Plays with the intensity and desire that is a valuable commodity for the roster, both on the ice and in the locker room/influence on younger players.
Don't see him getting a much bigger offer elsewhere, and success/his role with the team hopefully will be enough to convince him to stay.

- Higgins & Plekanec: 2 years @ 2.25/per. Both of them struggling this year works out in the teams favor come the summer... barring a major turnaround that would see them surpass last year's production, I can't see them being able to demand much more. They may want just 1 year deals, which would hurt since they'd be UFA's come 10/11, but neither guy has shown enough to warrant a substantial raise from their current salary, especially not for a 3-4 year deal... the progression of some of the young guys behind them puts the team in a situation where if they were to receive an offer sheet for much more than the habs are offering, we could settle for the pick compensation and move on (that is if they weren't traded before hand should Gainey be sure they won't play ball)


- Hossa: 4-6 years @ 8M/per. Gainey went after him hard last year, and his play this year (and throughout his career) more than justifies the kind of long term deal Gainey likely had ready for him. The unknown economic future would be the only hesitation, but in the end, the league can't afford for all of the franchises at/near the cap to be unable to ice a full team should the cap need to take a drastic hit... i think that the next CBA will deal with those issues in a way that doesn't totally punish teams should a new cap be pegged at a much lower number. Hossa is the kind of superstar we've been waiting for, and at 29 he's still in the middle of his prime years, with no major injury problems so far. Detroit won't be able to re-sign him and Zetterberg, and he'd be the one to leave imo.

- Burrows: 2-4 years @ 2M/per. Local boy who plays exactly the kind of game that we desperately need on our third line. Vancouver has some cap decisions to make, and in the end I think/hope that the habs offer will either be more than the nucks, or will be close enough that he decides to come play back east. He'd give us what dandenault should have been the past 3 years.

- Boucher: 1-2 years @ 1.5M/per (similar deal to Brisebois). Experienced RH dman with size and ability to play the PP... basically a much, much better upgrade on what we signed Brisebois to do. He isn't the player he was, but he's still playing 20+ minutes a game in Pitt this year, and would be solid depth addition to our Defense. Yes, I do think the local ties (plus his age and career/family situation) make him an ideal target and likely a guy that might take less than he's offered elsewhere.

*** If I thought we had a chance in hell to land JBo, I'd be all over that, but I don't think he'd sign with us unless our offer blew all other offers out of the water, and even then he might take less to play where he wants (since wherever he wants to play will likely make him a damn good offer anyways).
After him, guys like Morris, Ohlund, Kuba, Leopold would all make nice additions, but with the young D depth we have AND the ~16 million we'll have locked up long-term in Komi-Markov-Hamrlik, I think it makes more sense to spend the big money on a star up front (Hossa). I love Gorges's progression, and see him as a guy who will continue to improve as he matures/gains experience and confidence, rounding out our top 4 nicely. Boucher gives us better veteran depth (than we have in now in Brisebois) and I trust that the sheer competitive nature of having Weber/Carle/O'Byrne/Subban all ready to get some NHL minutes well give our Defense the depth it needs to be among the league's best.

Higgins(2.25)- Koivu(4)- Hossa(8)
Kost jr(800K)- Pleks(2.25)- Kost(3.25)
Burrows(2)- Lapierre(800K)- Latendresse (1.5)
MaxPac(875K)- Chips(800K)- Kosto(900K)
D'ago(800K), Stewart(600K)

Markov(5.75)- Komi(4.5)
Hamrlik(5.5)- O'byrne(950K)
Gorges(1.1)- Boucher (1.5)
Weber(?), Carle(?), Emelin(?), Subban(?)


total= ~49 Million for 20 roster players (12F, 6D, 2G).
add another ~2M for 3 extra roster players (MaxPac/D'ago, 1 young dman)

~51 million, a little less than this year, either giving us more flexibility(if cap stays same), or allowing us to stay under the cap (if it goes down).

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01-20-2009, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Brett38 View Post
Okay, not bad, but I think other teams will out bid us for Jay Bow at 6.25 mill. He may fetch 7 mill by another team. Possibly even get a 5-6 year deal.
I agree that you should build from the crease outwards. With Price, Markov, Komi and Hamirlik, we have a good start. Could we possibly sign Jay Bou and then trade Hamirlik to free up some cap space?
I like Hamirlik, but I would rather have Jay Boumeester at 7mill than Hamirlik at 5.5 mill.
My goal is to pay market rate for JayBo but make sure I get him! I had 2.5M left in cap space, so if it takes 7mil to get him, then Bob should pay it, and we have only 1.75M of cap space left. Not a problem, really.

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01-20-2009, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
My goal is to pay market rate for JayBo but make sure I get him! I had 2.5M left in cap space, so if it takes 7mil to get him, then Bob should pay it, and we have only 1.75M of cap space left. Not a problem, really.
Fair enough. We may get flamed for this, but I could accept it.

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