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OT: lets trade fight DVD or VHS

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01-25-2009, 03:00 PM
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OT: lets trade fight DVD or VHS

I saw that a lot of you guys enjoy the fights and have dvds
here is my list lets trade.

NHL 76-80
NHL 77-81
NHL black and white 77-78
NHL 78-79
NHL best fights of 78-84
NHL 80-81
NHL 89-92
NHL 89-93
NHL Best of 90-91
NHL pre season 90 pt 1
NHL pre season 90 pt 2
NHL best fight 91 -92
NHL 94-95 VOL 1
NHL 95-96 VOL 2
NHL BEST OF 2000 -01
NHL 02-03 PARTS 1-13 13 DISCS
NHL 03-04 PARTS 1-13 13 DISCS
NHL 2003-04
NHL 2005-06 1-9 9 DISCS
NHL 06-07 1-7 7 DISC SET
NHL 07-08 1-14 14 DISCS
NHL 08-09 1-12 12 discs set 1 hr each

Misc discs

Unsportsmanlike conduct disc 1
Unsportsmanlike conduct disc 2
Total gross misconduct 96-97
Forecast for pain 1-6 6 discs
Nothing but brawls
Hockeys most decisive bouts
Marty TKO 1-2 2 discs
Absolute best fights 00-01
Absolute best fights 94-95
Absolute best fights 92-93
Absolute best fight 93-94
Best fights of 89-90
Best fights of 97-98
Canadian fights
Toe to toe battles
Best of the heavyweights 1-2 2 discs
Marty 33
Early 80’s 1980-86
Pete 44 minors
Slug fest
Rivals and greatest rematches
All sports fights andfeatures
Best of the 1970’s
Tuff guys documentary
Hockey enforcers 2005
Mid 1990 rare minor league fights
Old time hockey highlites and fights 9 discs
Bench clearing brawls 2,3,4
The chiefs documentary
FLYERS vs. RANGERS 2-17-79 (Bernie's Last Game)

Team fights

DEVILS 97-98
DEVILS 03-04
QUEBEC 79-95
QUEBEC 81-88
DUCKS 00-01
FLAMES 03-04
KINGS 86-87
BRUINS 69-80
BRUINS 70-80
FLYERS 74-00
FLYERS 92-93
FLYERS 03-04
RANGERS vs. ISLANDERS(New York State Of Mind "The Fights" 1993-2008)
CALGARY vs. EDMONTON(The Battle Of Alberta 2 Volumes)1985-91,1999-2008
PHILADELPHIA FLYERS 1974-81,1974-84,1976-81
UTICIA 90-91
UTICIA 89-90
K-WINGS 88-90
Nova scotia oilers
AMERKS 87-89
AMERKS 86-90
AMERKS 86-87
AMERKS 87-89
AMERKS 88-90
AMERKS 91-92
AMERKS 92-93
AMERKS 93-94
AMERKS 86-90
BEARS 85-86
BEARS 87-88
BEARS 99-00
BEARS 91-92
BEARS 94-95
T-BIRDS 88-89
T-BIRDS 97-98


AHL 04-05
AHL 98-99
AHL /JRS 96-98
JR 99-00
AHL 04-05 VOLUME 2
MINORS 04-05
AHL / IHL 99-00 1-3 3 DISCS
AHL / IHL / ECHL 99-00
AHL 02-03 2 DISCS
AHL/IHL 98-99
AHL/IHL 99-00
MINORS 00-01 1-2 2 DISCS
MINORS 2000-02
NHL/AHL 98-06

Players Tapes

Jon"Nasty" Mirasty 2 Volumes
ERIC CAIRNS 1996-2003
RILEY COTE VOL.1 2000-07,VOL.2 2007-08

Colton Orr
Jay Miller vol 1
Jay miller vol 2
Jay Miller vol 8
Brian McGratton
May and Ray kicking ass all the way
PJ Stock Vol 2
The Bruise Brothers
PJ Stock
Dennis Bonvie Vol 1-3 (3 discs)
Matt Barnaby vol 1-4 (4 discs)
Mark Laforge
Steve mcLaren
Chris Nilan 87-92 (2 discs)
Stu Grimson The Grim Reapear vol 1-2 (2discs)
Ken Baumgartner 90-94 (2 discs)
Marty McSorley 83-89
Marty McSorley 92-99
Sylvain Brown and Dennis Bonvie
Gino Odjick
Craig Berube 85-96
Craig Berube 96 and up
PJ Stock
PJ Stock and Brad Brown
Darren McCarty
Stock and Barnaby JR TEAM
Joe Kocur 84-93 (3 discs)
Joe Kocur and Ken Belanger
John Koridc Story
John Kordic
Kordic (2 discs)
Tony Twist 94-95 (2 discs)
Tony Twist 89-up
Tie Domi vol 1-2 (2 discs)
Dave Brown the terminator
Dave Brown Vol 2
Rob Ray 1-2 (2 discs)
Bob Probert vol 1-5 (5 discs)
Rob Ray 87-93 Mike Hartan 83-93
Dale Purinton
Aaron Downy Dale Purinton and Mel Angelstad
George Laraque “Smell what laraque is cooking
Brain mcGrattan
Mitch Fritz 98-99 03/04
Cam Neely
Oliwa vol 1-2 (2 discs)
Lyle Odelein 88-95
Ryan Vandenbusshe
Mike Pelusso 92-98
Ricky Tocchet
Darren Landon vol 1-2 (2 discs)
Aaron Downy
Kevin Sawyer Bill Huard
Sean Gangon and Kerry Clark
Roberge Brothers
Dave Morisette
Tiger Williams
Playfair and Wilson
Chris Simon vol 1-2
Chris Simon 92 up
Todd Cummer 94-95-96
Mike hartmand
Randy McKay
Wendel Clark
Matt Ruchty
Joe Patterson
Shane Churla
Nick Fotis
Dan Kordic 91-up
Bruce Ramsey 99-02
Jim Kyte and Bill Nnistrong
Joey Tetanoto gerry gleming and gord Donnelly
Scott Parker 95-01
Jeff Chychrum
Kevin McClelland
Brlou Currau
Scott Parker
Patrick Cote
Glen Cochrane
Greg Smyth
Jacques Mailhot
Ken Selanger
Stan Jonathan and George McPhee
Scott Daniels
Kevin Kaminski 91 up
Shawn Antoski and Nick Fotiu
George the rock laraque
Kerry Toporowski
Kevin Sayer and Bill Huard
Sandy McCarthy 93 and up
Jim McKenzie
Keith McCambridge
Greg Smyth
Jaques Mailhot
Barry Potomski, Dody Wood and Sean Brown
Matt Johnson
Bruce Ramsey
Rob Skrlar
Bill Armstrong, Wade Belak and Frank Bialowas
D Kennedy, M MacWilliams, B Thompson
Parker Belak Thompson
Gino Odjick
Brantt Myhres
Todd Even vol 1-2 (2 discs)
Todd Fedoruk
Doug Doull 03-04
Mick Vukota
Eric Cairns
Beck, Kastelic and Gaetz
Matt Johnson
Eric Brett the Lindros Brother 92 up
Reed Low
Paul Ferone. Link Gaetz Melanson Brothers
Brendan Shanahan
Jay Wells
Rocky Thompson, Barry Nieclear, Kevin MacDonald and Todd Gillingham
Clark Gillies
Jim McKenzie 94-97
Tiger Williams 1-2 (2 discs)
Ken Belanger 94-97
Barry Potomski, Dody Wood and Sean Brown
Bruce Ramsay
Wendel Clark
Chief Daniels 93/98
Sandy McCarthy
Kevin Cheveldayoff
Geordie Kinnear
Dave Morisette
Jeff Buchaneu and Brent Biladeau 95/96
Steve McLarren , 97/99 Fredericion, Garrett Burnett
Nathan Perrott
Mel Angelstad
Louie Debrusk
Kelly Chase
Mark Jansenns 89/96
Dennis the menace Vial 90/91 and 96/97
Kris King 88/97
Rudy Poeschek
Dody Wood, Link Gaetz, Dave Brown
Paul Laus 93 up
Brent severyn 88/99
Ultimate Gretzky vol 1-2 (2 discs)
Honor and Courage Tough Guys of the NHL
Jurs florida Pete Worrell
Dale Boogard
Ed Hospodar
Dave Schultz
Dave Manson 84/99
Jay Miller 1-2 (2discs)
Eric Godord
Josh Gratton
Matt Barnaby

78-79 Season
91-92 Quebec training camp
94-95 River Rats
Amerks 96-00
Baltimore Skopjackes 82-86
Bears 86-87
Best of Canadiens Jr 99-00
Best of Flyers 4hrs best of 80’s
Binghamton Whalers Hartford Wolfpack 98-98
Blackhawks 69-85
Blackhawks 89-90
Broad Street Bullies (2 copies)
Bruins – Isles cast coast play offs
Bruins 1970’s
Bruins 78-81 vol 2
Canadian Juniors 99-00 tape 2
Carolina Monarchs 95-96
Checkers 99-00 with list
Chicago Blackhawks 99-00
Cinn Ducks 00-01 with list
Colorado Gold Kings 99-00
Conwall Aces 94-95
Detroit Vipers 94-96
Early 80 (very early)
Flyers 01-02
Flyers 74-84
Flyers early 80’s
Griffins 96-97 98-99 97-98 with list
Hershey Bears 85-86
Hershey Bears 87-88 (2 copies)
K Wings 88-90
Kanas City Blades 94-96
Kings 01-02 w list
Las Vegas 95-96 96-97 98-99 with list
Leafs vs Habs
Mapleleafs 78-87
Moncton Hawks 89-90
New Market Saints 90-91
Nova Scotia Oilers 80
Nova Scotia Oilers 80 VOL 2
Oilers 93-94
Oshawka Generals 86-87
Phantoms 96-01
Quebec training camp fights
Rangers 80
Rangers 80’s
Rangers 87-91
Rangers 91-92
Rangers 91-92 with Kocur Probert Filler
Rangers 92-93
Rangers 92-93
Rangers 97-98
Rangers Binghanton with list 90-91
Rangers vs Islander fights
Rangers vs islanders
San Diego Gulls 90-91
San Diego Gulls 99-00
Sherbrooke Canadiens 84-87
Thunder 94-95 Gulls 91-92
Thunder 95-97
Utica Devils 90-91
Vintage 70 Flyers
Vintage boston bruins 69-80
Vintage Flyers (70’s)
Vintage Islanders
Vintage leafs 78-87

Aaron Downey – Dale Purinton – Mel Angelstood
Barry Beck – Ed Kastelic – Link Gaetz
Barry Potomski – Dody Wood – Sean Brown
Bob Probert vols 1 –2 - 3
Bob Probert 3 (2 tapes)
Bruce Shoebottom
Bruise brothers
Chris Nilan
Chris Simon
Darin Kinbl
Darren Landon 1
Darren Langdon vol 2
Dave Brown 2
Dave Brown vol 1
Dave Manson
Dave Schultz
Dean Kennedy – Mike MacWilliam – Brent Thompson
Dody Wood – Link Gaetz – Dave Brown
Ed Hospodar
Enrico Ciccone
Eric Cairns
Garry Howatt 78-84
Hitemen for Hire
J Boulerice
Jacques Mailhot
Joe Kocur 2
Joey Tetarenko – Gerry Fleming – Gord Dunnelly
John Kordic
John Kordic
Kelly Chase
Ken Baumgartner
Kerry Toporowski – Darcy Simon – Brad Miller
Kevin Sawyer – Bill Huard
Khris King
Mark Janssens
Martin Marty McSorley 83-91
Matt Honson
Mike Peluso
Mike Peluso 2
Nick Futiu (2 copies)
Paul Ferone – link gaetz – melanson brothers
Peter Worrell
PG Stock – Brad Brown
Pj Stock
PJ Stock
Randy McKay
Reid Simpson 88-94
Reid Simpson 94-98 link gaetz
Rob Ray
Rob Skrlac
Rudy Poeschek
Ryan Vandenbussche
Sandy McCarthy
Scott Parker – Wade Belak – Rocky Thompson
Dale purinton 1:43 minutes
Sean Gagnon – Kerry Clark
Shawn Antoski – Nick Fotiu
Stan Jonathan and George McPhee
Steve McLarn – Garrett Burnett – 97-99 Fredericton Canadiens Fills
Stu Grimson 1
Stu Grimson vol 2
Sylvain Blouin – Dennis Bonvie
Tie Diom
Tiger Williams
Ton Twist the Twister
Tony Twist
Tony Twist 2
Willi Plett 77-88

90-93 pre-season
Best of 89-93
Greatest fights 89-93
93 vol 1
91-92 pre-season
92-93 season’
99-00 pre-season
85 best of
Mid 80’s best of 85-88
Greatest hockey fights 78-84
79-80 hockey fights
88-93 pre-season
Best of 3 (vol 3 has 2 copies)
1989 with list
88-89 vol 1
1983 vol 1
94-95 vol 1
2001 pre-season
78-79 black and white
99 pre-season
Best of 92-93
Best of 94-95
Best of 90-91

2005 Volume 1
Best of 00-01
98-99 vol 1 – 2 – 3
98-99 vol 1 – 2 – 4
97-98 vol 1 – 2 – 3 – 4
2000-01 vol 1 – 2 – 3 - 4
01-02 vol 1 – 2 – 3 - 4
90-91 vol 1 – 2 best of vol 2
89-90 vol 1 – 2 –
93-94 vol 1 – 2
86-87 vol 1 – 2
Early 80’s vol 1 -2
Best of 97- 98 vol 1 -2
Best of fights 80 vol 1 – 2
88-89 vol 5 – 7
99-00 vol 2 – 5 – 6 - 7
98-99 vol 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 - 8 best of
95-96 vol 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8
99-00 vol 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9

96-97 vol 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 - 10

Fights all sports
Angelo and Company fight talk show
Good bad and ugly
Hockey greatest bouts
Hockey most decisive bouts
Young guns vol 2
Bench clearing brawls vol 1 -2
Volume 1 is 1976- 1984
Volume 2 1980-1990
Nothing But line Brawls
Old time hockey 1, 2,
Best of the 70’s
Rivalries and rematches
Great toe to toe battles
Biggest upsets
Bench clearling brawls 1 1974-84
Bench clearing brawls 2 82-88

98-99 minors vol 2
96-97 minors vol 2
00-01 minors vol 1 – 2
minors vol 1 – 2 – 3
Whl –ECHL – WCHL 97-98
Phily Phantoms 96-98
Sherbrooke early 80’s
AHL 86-87
AHL + IHL Fights I 96-97
Very early 80’s minors
Minor league vol 1 – 2 – 3
Stock – Barnaby Jr Team
AHL – OHL _ IHL 89-91
San Diego Gulls 90-91 91-92
WHL – WPHL vol 1
AHL – IHL vol 1
Checkers 00-01
AHL – IHL 98-99 vol 1
Late 90’s minor with list
AHL – IHL – ECHL 90-00 vol 1
93-94 AHL – IHL
Junior Early 90’s vol 1 – 2
AHL – IHL 93-94
Minors – Juniors 98-99
AHL – OHL – QMJHL 90-92
Mayhem vol 3 -4
Mayhem Again
Ahl 86-89
AHL 03-04 Vol 1

MINORS 80’s 90’s
1990-91Utica Devils (great tape, lots of great names)
00-01 Norfolk Admirals (great footage, all untelevised, Downey, Jones, Ndur)
93-94 Portland Pirates (Inaugural Season in AHL, Win Calder Cup, great
fight footage!)
94-95 Cornwall Aces (Serge Roberge tears through the AHL!!)
92-94 Hamilton Canucks (all untelevised footage!)
95-97 Chicago Wolves
89-92 Bingo Rangers (untelevised Vial, Domi make this tape a treat! Filled
with junior footage of Twist, Chase and KClark in Saskatoon)
86-89 Baltimore Skipjax
88-91 Maine Mariners
84-87 Sherbrooke Canadiens (tape made by Steven Fletcher, lots of Kordic
and Fletcher, all rare untelevised)
89-90 Sherbrooke Canadiens
90-91 Fredericton Canadiens
91-92 Fredericton Canadiens
91-92 Adirondak Red Wings PART 1 (all untelevised, great footage!!)
91-92 Adirondak Red Wings PART 2 (all untelevised, great footage!!)
94-95 Adirondak
97-98 Adirondak
85-86 Hershey Bears
86-87Hershey Bears
87-88 Hershey Bears
99-00 Hershey Bears
91-92 Hershey Bears
94-95 Hershey Bears (ALL Hershey footage is awesome, especially the older
stuff with Berube, Naucbauer, Stothers etc)
97-98 Phantoms (Bialowas, Burnett and the crew)
97-99 Phantoms
96-99 Phantoms
95-96 St Johns Leafs
99-00 St Johns Leafs
90-91 Newmarket Saints (Aubrey, Curran, Kordic, Alan Hepple)
86-87 Rochester Americans
MIXES (mainly AHL footage, may have some IHL and juniors mixed in):
1995-96 I
1998-99 I, II, III
1999-00 I, II, III, IV
2000-01 I, II, III
2001-02 I
2002-03 I, II
(14 tapes total in MIXES section)

89-90 Moncton Hawks (awesome tape)
94-98 Providence Bruins (some untelevised rare footage)
89-90 Utica Devils (great tape, lots of great names)
RiverRats 94-95
Rochester Americans 86-90
87-89 Rochester Americans
88-90 Rochester Americans
91-92 Rochester Americans
92-93 Rochester Americans
93-94 Rochester Americans (All Amerks tapes GREAT CLASSIC FOOTAGE, mostly
93-94 Cape Breton (Untelevised, Bonvie 278 PIM's)
94-95 Cape Breton (Untelevised, Bonvie 422 PIM's)
95-96 Cape Breton (Untelevised, Bonvie 269 PIM's)
88-89 Halifax Citadels (KIMBLE!! SEVERYN!! SMYTH!! MAILHOT!! AWESOME TAPE!!)
1980's Nova Scotia Oilers Part 1 (CLASSIC tape, most untelevied,
Buchberger, McSorley, Al Tuer. Lou Crawford)
1980's Nova Scotia Oilers Part 1 (CLASSIC tape, most untelevied,
Buchberger, McSorley, Al Tuer, Lou Crawford)
99-00 Quebec Citadels (Theriault, Moose Morrisette, CAlbert, untelevised
00-01 Quebec Citadels (O'Dette, FBelanger, untelevised footage)
00-01 C.M. Ducks (Zinger, Sawyer, Avery, Malcok, untelevised footage)
90-91 Capital District Islanders (untelevised)
91-92 Capital District Islanders (untelevised)
86-87 Springy Indians (classic footage Dallman, KClark, Kushner)
87-89 Springy Indians (classic footage Dallman, KClark, Kushner)


NHL 03-04

a visual history of hockey violence part 1

2) C RIVET mtl vs B MARCHMENT tor NHL- bloody slugfest at center ice, an HNIC classic
3) R GUZIOR no vs E CLOUTIER lsa ECHL - a bayou beatdown by cloutier
4) B RAMSEY ver vs C HEAD pr BCJHL - tier II toe to toe, classic bush league commentators
5) T TWIST que vs J McKENZIE hfd NHL - great rivalry bout, jim takes it w/ tko
6) A BAKER tc vs C RUDKOWSKY sea WHL - center ice goalie slugfest from the wild west
7) L ODELEIN peo vs K EVANS kal IHL - young cornelius trades w/ minor league pim king
8) D ROLFE nyr vs D SCHULTZ phi NHL - a classic beatdown courtesy of the hammer
9) S DUMONSKI ott vs D HARRIS kit OHL - great center ice bout right off the draw
10) B PROBERT det vs T DOMI nyr NHL - round 2 and dominant performance by probie
11) G SPENRATH lv vs C LIPUMA atl IHL - big knockout left by lipuma sends greg down
12) K FREADRICH tb vs R VANDENBUSSCHE chi NHL - teeth flying and blood flowing
13) S PARKER her vs S MCLAREN phi AHL - mclaren takes over after getting nose broken
14) R DUDLEY wpg vs R BOURQUE bos NHL - nice go between veteran and future HOF’er
15) S HEISKENEN pel vs B SMYTH kar SM-LIIGA - they fight occasionally in Finland too
16) M KEANE nyr vs S WALKER van NHL - as good a middleweight bout as you’ll see
17) BARRIE vs OSHAWA line brawl OHL - brawling on the ice, stick swinging in the bench
18) B PROBERT det vs C COXE van NHL - the first classic bout in Vancouver
19) R VANDENBUSSCHE stj vs S ROBERGE crn AHL - equipment and punches fly
20) R POESCHEK tb vs C BERUBE was NHL - both combatants bloody after this slugfest
21) M ANGELSTAD man vs P KRUSE chi IHL - nice bloody bout between IHL heavies
22) G LARAQUE edm vs B MYRHES cgy NHL - big georges administers a p/season beating
23) D MARCYNISHYN hal vs M LABELLE frd AHL - a festival of right hands by both men
24) S McCARTHY cgy vs M McSORLEY la NHL - classic pre season marathon from 1995
25) R CIRILLO osh vs J BROWN ldn OHL - cirillo drops brown with a wicked left
26) B WITT was vs R VANDENBUSSCHE nyr NHL - good toe to toe between 2 young guns
27) M ANGELSTAD mic vs G ROYER gr IHL - another slugfest with Royer drawing blood
28) C RUSSELL chi vs T DOMI tor NHL - good two rounder, an underrated rivalry
29) D ROHANNA kc vs E LABELLE rck UHL - solid minor league go-round
30) D LACROIX phi vs A NAZAROV, D TUCKER tb NHL - nasty, bloody 2 on 1 action
31) WHEELING vs JOHNSTOWN line brawl ECHL - a beatdown and a bench fight
32) J PATERSON la vs D MALEY mtl NHL - good scrap between 2 underated 80's brawlers
33) R POESCHEK kam vs D BRAHAM pa WHL - rudy dominates in this one from 84-85
34) D KIMBLE que vs T CROWDER nj NHL - kimble ends crowder,s run as top dog 90-91
35) T HANCHUK top vs R TOBLER col CHL - both guys go for it at the opening faceoff
36) S.S. MARIE vs HAMILTON bench clearing brawl OHL - one of the best bc’s of all time
37) D KIMBLE stl vs R DIMAIO nyi NHL - scrappy dimaio gives darin all he can handle
38) D MOORE no vs C WOLAK br ECHL - short, spirited go off the draw, wolak goes down
39) B MARCHMENT edm vs D MURZYN van NHL - marchment lays the smack down
40) A BEZEAU nf vs R EDWARDS os OHL - little man bezeau trades em with enthusiasm
41) R RAY buf vs M McSORLEY sj NHL - a marathon between all time fan favorites
42) M MORRISON bel vs P MORAN not EIHL - retribution beating by moran
43) S WALLIHEIMO her vs N LITTLE phi AHL - golden gloves goaltenders, little dominates
44) B GUERIN nj vs M KEANE mtl NHL - great bout between two gritty forwards
45) S HOLLIS osh vs R MARSHALL bel OHL - short, spirited junior scrap
46) SHERBROOKE vs MAINE line brawl AHL - roberge, shoebottom and the goalies going
47) A DEADMARSH col vs E JOVANOVSKI van NHL - lights out as jovo delivers ko punch
48) S AVERY det vs D HINOTE col NHL - averys first nhl major, two scrappy lightweights
49) C CABANA tc vs T HANSON tac WHL - no sound, but plenty of punches from the west
50) T CROWDER nj vs J CHYCHRUN phi NHL - its bombs away for crowder, lights out jeff
51) S KENNY roc vs PJ STOCK hfd AHL - ever the entertainer, pj trades in a eventful bout
52) D VIAL ott vs R RAY buf NHL - one of many, they trade punches until ray finishes him
53) K MAGUIRE stc vs R ALLISON her AHL - vintage ahl slugfest from the eighties
54) D KIMBLE que vs M JANSSENS nyr NHL - nice go-round along the boards at MSG
55) T WHITFIELD spo vs T WILLIS sea WHL - a wild one from two game lightweights
56) T FEDORUK phi vs J ODGERS atl NHL - wily veteran teaches the new guy a lesson
57) T SULLIVAN wnd vs R VANDENBUSSCHE crn OHL - a classic ohl marathon slugfest
58) B BROWN chi vs J CUMMINS mtl NHL - brown takes the upper hand in this one
59) S PARSONS ftw vs D JESIOLOWSKI mad UHL - long hair vs no hair in this battle
60) S GRIMSON chi vs M McSORLEY la NHL - a great toe-to-toe between two of the best
61) P VANDERMEER bc vs S MADORE qc UHL - good fight leaves madore bleeding
62) D FLATT sas vs R RYPIEN reg WHL - long square off and a good exchange
63) C MURRAY mtl vs J ODGERS bos NHL - murray breaks hand of jeffs face, buckles him
64) E GODARD brg vs M WILSON hfd AHL - eric drops the hammer on wilson, KO
65) E BERTRAND nj vs R VANDENBUSSCHE nyr NHL - a preseason marathan slugfest
66) D WARD tor vs T AMONTE chi NHL - two skill players have a dandy exchange
67) C MURRAY kam vs S McLAREN nb MCUP - murray eats a huge one and keeps slugging
68) T FEDORUK phi vs S PEAT was NHL - peaty buckles the legs of the fridge in p/season
69) C McALLISTER phi vs S McCARTHY nyr NHL - two big guys exchange big rights
70) K MALLETTE mj vs J MASER mh WHL - an almost 2 minute marathon
71) T HUNTER cgy vs J PATERSON la NHL - paterson hangs in with the stamina king
72) G KING prt vs B HARRISON kel WHL - nice spirited slugfest between middleweights
73) C RUSSELL chi vs P KRUSE cgy NHL - russell with lefts and kruse with rights
74) J McKENZIE spg vs R POESCHEK bng AHL - future nhl’ers going toe-to-toe on the farm
75) S McLAREN stl vs R VANDENBUSSCHE chi NHL - vandy up to old pre-season m.o.
76) S THORNTON car vs R STRACHAN bas BNL - short, vicious scrap bloodies thorton
77) D KIMBLE hal vs D MARCYNISHYN uti AHL - toe to toe at center ice, ouch
78) T FEDORUK phi vs K BRENNAN la NHL - todd buckles him 3 times for the win
79) J SPROTT bs vs J MAILHOT ctx WPHL - two minor league vets bring the pain
80) KORDIC, LACROIX phi vs CAIRNS, STOCK nyr NHL - a patrick division 2 on 2
81) D KIMBLE hal vs S ROBERGE she AHL - an absolute classic slugfest
82) C COXE van vs D SCHOFIELD was NHL - a schofield right and its good night for coxe
83) B SMITH tor vs K McCLELLAND edm NHL - a lengthy battle with the edge to mac
84) G SMYTH que vs R ZEMLAK cgy NHL - a brief, spirited center ice go-round
85) D SIMON frd vs G SMYTH hal AHL - the birdman is back and swinging away
86) OSHAWA vs LONDON line brawl OHL - pandemonium in front of the penalty box
87) T CARKNER que vs L BYERS bos NHL - slow fused carkner lets loose in this one
88) E CAIRNS det vs K BELANGER ott OHL - belanger drops cairns and draws blood
89) R POESCHEK tb vs S ANTOSKI phi NHL - rudy gets the best of this quick exchange
90) K FELS ph vs T SENN adi UHL - fels puts trevor on the deck twice in a spirited go
91) COLORADO vs DETROIT line brawl NHL - roy/vernon and lemeuix gets a beatdown
92) D HORDICHUK atl vs S McCARTHY nyr NHL - young lion vs old lion 3 seconds in
93) D ZUBRUS phi vs K MILLER was NHL - two unlikely combatants, edge to the euro
94) J BEAULIEU ldn vs T PECKHAM os OHL - they just plain feed each other at center ice
95) T LYDMAN buf vs B BOYES bos NHL - again, not the usual suspects, boyes draws blood
96) S PEAT was vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - pj cut under the eye in this slugfest
97) M CARIA tsm vs B PARLETT bar OHL - parlett drops caria with a big right
98) D KIMBLE que vs S CHURLA min NHL - their first nhl go, they trade em in the corner
99) R DALLMAN pa vs C BRANT ssm MCUP - an all out struggle, brant with the edge
100) B YAREMA kc vs G PETERS cle IHL - brad with the better shots, petey hangs in there
101) QUEBEC vs MONTREAL b/clearing brawl NHL - round 2 of the good friday massacre
102) J MAILHOT det vs B RAMSEY tb CoHL - mailhot teaches the rammer a lesson w/ lefts
103) T ETTINGER cb vs M DIPAOLO hal QMJHL - trev puts “the giant” down in this melee
104) C SYRVET ldn vs A ZAMEC tsm OHL - slugfest between sixteen year olds
105) J THORNTON bos vs C GRATTON buf NHL - joe draws blood on the nose from grats
106) T ETTINGER cb vs M DIPAOLO hal QMJHL - the rematch sees “ the giant” victorious
107) B SUTTER nyi vs P HICKEY nyr NHL - an old school ass whipping, hickey is bloody
108) R VANDENBUSSCHE crn vs D BONVIE nb OHL - good tilt between future nhl’ers
109) CHICAGO vs TORONTO bench clearing brawl NHL - a reg fleming high stick sets off
this classic brawl in black and white from December 1963

a visual history of hockey violence part II

YOUNBLOOD INTRO - ya wanna go, pretty boy?
1) S GRIMSON chi vs B PROBERT det NHL - bob takes the reaper down in this exchange
2) D PURINTON tac vs B SYMES prt WHL - a young dale trades ‘em at length with whl vet
3) S THOMAS nyi vs B THOMPSON la NHL - stumpy gets the best of this center ice battle
4) R LACOUR kit vs A WILLIAMSON nf OHL - lengthy tilt with cheesy background music
5) PHILADELPHIA vs WASHINGTON line brawl NHL - berube nails beaupre and off we go
6) C MURRAY mtl vs T HARVEY dal NHL - murray prevails over the scrappy harvey
7) M TINORDI min vs S MOMESSO stl NHL - a heavyweight battle with heavy punches by both
8) B HENDERSON chw vs R BOSKILL lng BCJHL - close quarters in this lenghty bout
9) J MAILHOT uti vs M ANGELSTAD tb CoHL - the mailman and the mangler slug it out
10) NY ISLANDERS vs BOSTON bench clearing brawl NHL - from 1980 playoffs, cashman/howatt
11) A STOJANOV van vs D WOOD sj NHL - a good mid nineties slugfest
12) T DOMI tor vs R RAY buf NHL - this one in the Aud, a great battle in front of the penalty box
13) F BELANGER hal vs D BERNIER que QMJHL - a lengthy exchange with telling blows from both
14) R FITZGERALD ply vs B TURNER ldn OHL - lots of hard shots in this one, fitzy with the edge
15) M McSORLEY pit vs B PROBERT det NHL - the marathon bout, top heavies trade for 2 mins
16) P BAXTER pit vs S STEVENS was NHL - an underrated bout from the 80's, lefts going big time
17) C COXE frd vs B WOLF blt AHL - haymaker city, these 2 heavyweights go toe-to-toe
18) C LIPUMA sj vs J CUMMINS chi NHL - a great slugfest in the corner, cummins always game
19) P BOUTILIER nyi vs L LAMBERT det NHL - 2 lightweights from the eighties have a spiritied go
20) S MELLANBY phi vs J JACKSON que NHL - knockout at center ice by Mellanby
21) B PROBERT det vs K BAUMGARTNER la NHL - a lengthy early career bout for both, lotsa rights
22) B McGRATTAN bng vs J GRATTTON phi AHL - mcgrattan gets the best of this one from 04/05
23) B BASSEN que vs K McRAE tor NHL - toe to toe with rights in this even scrap from 93-94
24) T SODERSTROM nyi vs C SCHWAB nj NHL - corey goes coast to coast to give the beating
25) B HOOSON sc vs J SCHAEFER mh WHL - nice little scrap, some big lefts by schaefer
26) K MAGNUSON chi vs D SCHULTZ phi NHL - hammer prevails, but keith holds his own
27) M ANGELSTAD man vs D HORDICHUK orl IHL - simply one of the all time best
28) P ROY col vs C OSGOOD det NHL - patrick fares better than against vernon
29) T McDONALD lou vs G CALLAHAN jhn ECHL - a rare double knockdown
30) S THORNTON mtl vs D VIAL ott NHL - solid center ice scrap, thornton is nicked up
31) K KING tor vs PJ STOCK nyr NHL - pj gets the better of this one, lotsa punches thrown
32) J HARDING her vs R RAY roc AHL - an eighties gem, a one minute slugfest of rights
33) T FEDORUK phi vs D PURINTON nyr NHL - a preseason tilt with both firing rights and lefts
34) J CUMMINS mtl vs T DOMI tor NHL - one sided scrap as domi feeds jim the lefts
35) M MAJOR prt vs C MURRAY frd AHL - minor league heavies slug it out big time
36) T GILL tor vs J NILL det NHL - lotsa punches, lotsa lefts, nill ends up leaking from the bugle
37) J PATERSON nyr vs G DIDUCK nyi NHL - spirited battle between crosstown rivals
38) T FEDORUK ana vs J GRATTON phx NHL - former teammates trade big ones from 05-06
39) DJ SMITH stj vs M HUSSEY frd AHL - two tough d-men go toe to toe
40) T O’REILLY bos vs J LORENTZ buf NHL - a wild affair with lorentz throwing from the bench
41) R SUTHERLAND cb vs T BOLDUC que QMJHL - a slugfest right in front of the benches
42) E BOULTON buf vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - boulton gets the best of this rematch bout
43) T BROUGH pg vs R McDADE kel WHL - a couple of big ones by brough put mcdade down
44) F LESSARD phi vs R SCOTT nyr NHL - a preseason slugfest, rock em sock em robots time
45) S BOUDRIAS sor vs T RABY lav QSPHL - raby dominates this close in battle
46) C BERUBE phi vs R POESCHEK nyr NHL - their 5th go round, right in front of the rangers net
47) J MUZZATTI sai vs G SNOW crn AHL - muzzatti has the upper hand in this goalie bout
48) L GAETZ min vs J KOCUR det NHL - link is game but still has a lot to learn from kocurs right
49) T DOMI tor vs G ODJICK van NHL - tie gets him in the spin cycle and puts him down
50) S WALKER van vs M McINNIS nyi NHL - short, spirited go between middleweights
51) M McSORLEY la vs E LINDROS phi NHL - marty welcomes eric to the nhl with some rights
52) A YUDIN whe vs K TASKER tol ECHL - a bloody beating by yudin, their 2nd go of the game
53) D LOEWEN ott vs B HUGHES bos NHL - 2 more middleweights in a great bout
54) HUNTSVILLE vs FAYETTEVILLE line brawl CHL - the 3rd (and best) of 3 game ending line brawls
55) R DIRK stl vs M TINORDI min NHL - two young tough d-men go toe-to-toe
56) T KOZAK sel vs T McMURCHY prt MJHL - short but spirited scrap at center ice
57) S CURFOOT prt vs C WILLERTON sel MJHL - at one point throwin em from their knees, wow
58) B ELLIOTT tb vs M KASSIAN min NHL - an 05/06 prospect game match-up, good long go
59) A PETERS buf vs M JOHNSON min NHL - big matt finishes off petey with a huge blast
60) J KYTE kc vs J SIMON lv IHL - some nice uppercuts gives jim the upper hand in this one
61) S VICKERS nyr vs D MARCOTTE bos NHL - a post goal battle, vickers puts donnie down
62) H SNEPSTS van vs D SCHULTZ la NHL - a main event marathon in the midst of an all out melee
63) B PROBERT chi vs S PARKER col NHL - two huges punches by probie sting the sheriff
64) C JANSSEN nj vs R HOLLWEG nyr NHL - janssen gets jersey up, lays a pre season beating
65) J PETERS ply vs A DENNIS ldn OHL - goalies go during a donnybrook, dennis takes em down
66) J BOULERICE car vs S PEAT was NHL - boulerice gets peaty in trouble with jersey over head
67) W BELAK her vs J STAPLES phi AHL - good toe-to-toe, lots of lefts connect in this one
68) J AITKEN chi vs I VALEEV stl NHL - aitken dishes out the big knockout blow
69) B DUFF bra vs J ALLEN osh OHL - good battle at center ice, allen with the takedown
70) K MAGNUSON chi vs W CASHMAN bos NHL - old school brawl with dueling haymakers
71) R VANDENBUSSCHE chi vs D KORDIC phi NHL - vandy off to the races quick in this one
72) D McCULLOUGH gwt vs G HORNBY fla ECHL - hornby takes over late in this one
73) M MAZZUCA kit vs M MacMILLAN ssm OHL - three heavy rights by maz put macmillan down
74) J CUMMINS col vs J STRUDWICK chi NHL - a real ten beller, strudwick takes over at the end
75) A GIROUX ott vs J PUSHOR tor NHL - a pre season battle with lots of big lefts
76) S THORNTON stj vs D MORISSETTE frd AHL - big time rivalry, moose with the edge here
77) I DEMIDOV osh vs R VAN BUSKIRK srn OHL - emerging from a scrum, edge ryan, lotsa lefts
78) S PARKER col vs C McALLISTER van NHL - the two big men throw countless lefts in this one
79) G ROCH dru vs A MINEAULT que QMJHL - solid battle with roch getting the takedown
80) M JOYAL que vs J DUCHESNE hal QMJHL - joyal gives some big ones, duchense is bloody
81) J.B. KELLY chi vs J WENSINK bos NHL - big punches, hair pulling all part of this slugfest
82) D ZINGER was vs D DOULL bos NHL - a brief and punch-packed bout at center ice
83) D SULLIVAN aug vs B KINKEL pen ECHL - the giants trade punches, sullivan tko’s kinkel
83) R SCOTT nyr vs E CAIRNS nyi NHL - big cairns lands several big ones, wobbles scott
84) M TOBIN rim vs M TESSIER que QMJHL - tobin big early, tessier pops one late to end it
85) T O’REILLY bos vs M BRIDGMAN phi NHL - all bridgman early, o’reilly goes to work late
86) R SIMPSON alb vs P SCHULTE crn AHL - schulte lands his share, reid dominates though
87) M JACKSON stc vs D MARCYNISHYN AHL - knockdown for big dave
88) S WEBB nyi vs R RAY buf NHL - their second encounter, a major asswhipping by ray
89) A KAMINSKAS rom vs J MANSON swi ENG - close quarters battle, big time blood on andrei
90) A ASHAM frd vs A EGELLAND sai AHL - good slugfest in front of net, asham with the edge
91) J TRIPP la vs J AITKEN chi NHL - big time knockout from aitken
92) M CHOUINARD min vs J TOOTOO nas NHL - nice bout with lots of good lefts
93) W BELAK cov vs E CAIRNS ldn EIHL - a marathon started by cairns punching into the bench
94) S DESORMEAUX crn vs DIDIER lou LHSP - after long buildup, simon ko’s didier w/ short right
95) C COXE van vs B PROBERT det NHL - round 2 in detroit, an all time classic
96) D ZINGER prt vs R SCOTT hfd AHL - nice go round with scott getting the advantage w/ lefts
97) K OLIWA cgy vs G MARSHALL dal NHL - oliwa with 3 big rights to open gets the edge here
98) M ANGELSTAD prt vs R VANDENBUSSCHE nor AHL - good battle between warriors
99) T SIMPSON ott vs D LANGDON mtl NHL - 1:20 punch fest with rights and lefts by both
100) S McLAREN phi vs B THOMPSON hfd AHL - 2 AHL stalwarts trade some big rights
101) D HORDICHUK fla vs R VANDENBUSSCHE chi NHL - vandy bleeding, but scored big lefts
102) A ROY tb vs D HORDICHUK fla NHL - lotsa punches in this one, roy goes down twice
103) S YERKOVICH ham vs T RYAN frd AHL - these two really trade em, ryan closes strong
104) S CORSON dal vs J VANDERMEER chi NHL - starts even, big jim closes the deal with lefts
105) D HORDICHUK orl vs M ANGELSTAD man IHL - the rematch, and another slugfest
106) A PETERS buf vs K BRENNAN atl NHL - big win for andrew, puts kip down twice
107) M MANNU wnd vs B PRUST ldn OHL - big ko win for prust
108) T FEDORUK ana vs B McGRATTAN NHL - one of the best of 05/06, a marathon throwfest
109) B THOMPSON hfd vs S BLOUIN AHL - sylvain finishes it with three big rights
110) W BELAK tor vs D LANGDON mtl NHL - another non-stop minute plus marathon for darren
111) HOUSTON vs LAS VEGAS line brawl IHL - gamble vs malarchuk and topper goes nuts
112) S THORNTON mtl vs P CROWE ott NHL - another slugfest, advantage thornton
113) C ORR sc vs J CLARKE pa WHL - another long bout with a lot of wild punches
114) J CUMMINS chi vs J McKENZIE phx NHL - all jimmy mac in this one, dominant left hands
115) MERRITT vs PENTICTON line brawl BCJHL - all out playoff pandemonium, goalies involved
116) G McNEIL fla vs C SIMON nyr NHL - good scrap sees simon landing a huge left
117) C FITZPATRICK sud vs C BAIN OHL - lights out for bain, chanse with big KO
118) M KACHOWKSI pit vs G DELORME det NHL - non fighters put on a pretty good show
119) M ANGELSTAD orl vs P CROWE det IHL - another rematch for mel, he puts crowe down
120) J SMITH tor vs M TINORDI was NHL - all out war in the crease, one of the best of the 90's

THATS MY BOY !!!!!!!!!

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a visual history of hockey violence part III

Youngblood Intro - All You Could Do Was Fight...
1) S GRIMSON la vs R SIMPSON stl NHL - the reaper scores as clean a KO as you’ll see
2) B MARCHMENT chi vs D MALEY sj NHL - solid bout with the lefts pumping
3) K TASKER tol vs T SENN ric ECHL - simply put, one of the best of all time
4) B COFFIN hnt vs K TASKER tol ECHL - another tasker slugfest w/ lotsa punches
5) J MACOUN cgy vs R DELORME van NHL - an absolute classic from the eighties
6) B BROWN min vs J VANDERMEER phi NHL - brown early, vandy late in a marathon
7) M DOYLE shw vs B TIDBALL que QMJHL - at center ice, one of their many 04/05 bouts
8) TORONTO vs ATLANTA line brawl NHL - a 1979 playoff melee w/ sittler,williams & plett
9) C DOUCETTE que vs A VACHON rim QMJHL - quite the slugfest, rights & lefts o’plenty
10) R SIMPSON chi vs M McSORLEY sj NHL - another san jose marathon for big marty
11) T YATES cob vs J HELMER tnt OPJHL - a short, vicious tier II battle
12) M PELUSO nj vs T TWIST que NHL - its concussion city for mike compliments of a right
13) JULIAN, McQUAT osh vs KOEHLER, CASSELLA bel OHL - the home side dominates
14) J KORDIC que vs J McKENZIE hfd NHL - aging john no match for young buck jim
15) C BRASSARD bs vs D MOOR mem CHL - after eating one early, brassard takes over
16) P RUSHTON vs J LEINHOS - a gem from the hockey gladiators competition
17) S WALKER van vs M EAGLES was NHL - eagles stays w/ might mite walker for a time
18) A STOJANOV van vs K CHASE hfd NHL - a center ice marathon slugfest
19) R TOCCHET phi vs G McPHEE nyr NHL - the rematch and a barn burner at that
20) LAS VEGAS vs ATLANTA line brawl IHL - topper sets this off with two separate bouts
21) T SIMPSON cgy vs P POULIN mtl NHL - simpson delivers ko punch
22) D VAN OENE roc vs B THOMPSON hfd AHL - big ko punch catches thompson flush
23) M PETIT phx vs S WALKER van NHL - walker leaking badly, but lands a ton in return
24) J BEIRNES osh vs G WILLIAMS pet OHL - williams dominates with some big shots
25) K MAGUIRE buf vs R LARSON bos NHL - slow start, both tossing by the end
26) RICE sj vs ALLARD crn LHSP - solid close in bout with edge to allard
27) PJ STOCK mtl vs S McCARTHY nyr NHL - stock always game but no match for sandy
28) A FERENCE bos vs J HECHT buf NHL - non frequent fighters both land good ones
29) A LENTOWICH sc vs T MARSH van WHL - marsh scores with big punches
30) A SECCRD bos vs D HUTCHISON tor NHL - rookie secord trades nasty uppercuts/rights
31) D KORDIC her vs K McCLELLAND roc AHL - kordic drops em after short exchange
32) S PARKER her vs C WHITE alb AHL - white surprises parker with a right to end it
33) C COXE van vs J PATERSON la NHL - lengthy slugfest from 86-87
34) D VIAL ott vs S QUINTAL mtl NHL - long even exchange leaves both spent
35) B TRUDELL gue vs B PRUST ldn OHL - prust lands lotsa rights and uppercuts in this one
36) D KORDIC nyi vs S WEBB nyi NHL - webb is feisty, but overpowered by kordic
37) S PARKER her vs D BONVIE wbs AHL - parker lands a big right to finish it
38) J REICH bos vs A MAIR buf NHL - both land some big lefts in a wild one
39) C ORR prv vs J GRATTON phi AHL - lots of punches in this marathon from 04/05
40) S PEAT was vs J ODGERS atl NHL - even start, peaty takes over at the end
41) DJ SMITH stj vs P VANDERMEER phi AHL - smith lands a knockout punch to vandy
42) S McCARTHY cgy vs B THOMPSON la NHL - good toe-to-toe, sandy finishes it
43) J ODGERS col vs R RAY buf NHL - brief encounter with both landing the rights
44) D KACZOWKA sea vs M FRITZ kel WHL - even scrap ends abruptly with a fritz right
45) B SEVERYN nyi vs D VIAL ott NHL - good exchange, shirtless severyn with the edge
46) K CHASE hfd vs S LEFEBRVE que NHL - chase with the KO left
47) T MOHAGEN sea vs S PARKER kel WHL - one and done for parker, one punch KO
48) B SHANAHAN det vs D HATCHER dal NHL - their second bout, 2 warriors trade em
49) G POTULNY bng vs B EAGER phi AHL - short, wild bout with eager getting the TKO
50) P MARA bos vs M RICHARDS phi NHL - nice bout right off the draw
51) PHILADELPHIA vs ATLANTA bench clearing brawl NHL - a broad street bullies classic
52) WINDSOR vs OWEN SOUND line brawl OHL - the jeff kugel incident
53) B WOLF pit vs J WENSINK nj NHL - an aging wensink still has teeth, and pulls hair
54) JC TREMBLAY roa vs J BOULERICE tnt ECHL - both trade rights, edge boulerice
55) S CHURLA min vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - a slugfest, trading both rights and lefts
56) E NEILSON rim vs J TREMBLAY ab QMJHL - a marathon bout with tons of punches
57) P BAXTER pit vs B WILSON phi NHL - uppercut city for wilson, dominates baxter
58) MANCHESTER vs SHEFFIELD brawl BISL - absolute mayhem, metcalfe leaves p/ box
59) J GRATTON phx vs D HORDICHUK nas NHL - gratton comes back after being down
60) S PARSONS prv vs R FLINN man AHL - two heavyweights slug it out
61) M SIKLENKA phi vs G MORGAN uta AHL - morgan trades shots with bigger siklenka
62) A SUTTON sj vs R SIMPSON chi NHL - long bout with lots of big rights
63) R VANDENBUSSCHE chi vs K OLIWA nj NHL - vandy hangs some big lefts on oliwa
64) B WITT was vs D KORDIC phi NHL - a classic slugfest
65) R McKAY nj vs S GRIMSON hfd NHL - the reaper dominates in this one
66) J BEUKEBOOM ns vs J MILLER mnc AHL - jeff unleashes a series of rights to edge jay
67) M FERNER roc vs S MARTINSON adi AHL - steve picks a fight in street clothes
68) R CHERNOMAZ slc vs P BROTEN den IHL - chernomaz blasts broten with uppercuts
69) C LESCYSCHYN min vs D DRAKE stl NHL - toe to toe with two veterans
70) B PROBERT det vs T CROWDER nj NHL - bout upon which troys legend was born
71) G ROYER sai vs R SCOTT hfd AHL - a spirited go, scott with lefts, royer with rights
72) JL GRAND-PIERRE was vs J VANDERMEER chi NHL - another vandy marathon
73) OTTAWA vs BUFFALO brawl NHL - goalies,petey and the coaches go at it
74) D WOOD alb vs JL GRAND-PIERRE roc AHL - dody and jean luc exchange rights
75) M TINORDI min vs W CLARK tor NHL - a real ten beller, clark ailing but willing
76) W PLETT bos vs B SHANAHAN nj NHL - old dog vs young lion in this playoff slugfest
77) L BYERS bos vs C BERUBE phi NHL - bloody craig done in by lethal right uppercuts
78) R JORDE tc vs C ORR kam WHL - a center ice wild west heavyweight showdown
79) D PINFOLD syr vs BJ YOUNG adi AHL - pinfold really goes to work and draws blood
80) S WEBB nyi vs R SIMPSON nj NHL - a real free swinging affair with edge to reid
81) J CUMMINS chi vs M JANSSENS ana NHL - lefts for mark, rights for jim, a throwfest
82) F LEROUX col vs S McCARTHY cgy NHL - two heavies go at it for real, sandy prevails
83) J VANDERMEER phi vs F LEROUX wbs AHL - an end of period toe-to-toe
84) D MAXWELL car vs C BAILEY LDN BISL - maxwell lands some heavy rights
85) D GRAHAM min vs S THOMAS tor NHL - a brief wild scrap, lots of good rights
86) B SALVADOR wor vs T RYAN frd AHL - solid tilt with both scoring big punches
87) B HALKIDIS buf vs R SUTTER phi NHL - wild bout, both players have the windmill going
88) A PETERS buf vs B McGRATTAN ott NHL - the grudge match, both score big rights
89) M ANGELSTAD mic vs K FREADRICH det IHL - the rematch, freddy in a walk
90) W BELAK sas vs D PURINTON tac WHL - wade lays a serious beating down
91) P FERONE sea vs A SMITH kel WHL - a wild exchange to start, ferone takes over
92) R STERN cgy vs D McCARTY det NHL - a festival of quick lefts by both
93) D McCARTY det vs C RUSSELL chi NHL - a beating for russell in 3 parts
94) M SGROI lex vs T ETTINGER day ECHL - a punchers delight, both heavies go to town
95) D LANGDON nyr vs M McSORLEY la NHL - rookie langdon looks to make his mark
96) R THOMPSON cgy vs S GRIMSON ana NHL - rocky gives the reaper a nice mouse
97) B McGRATTAN bng vs D KOCI wbs AHL - mcgrattan puts him down with big right
98) M JANSSENS hfd vs C TAMER pit NHL - a great bout, janssens gets bloody nose
99) A BELZA peo vs J VAN PARYS lex ECHL - long bout, round and round they go
100) B HUGHES bos vs M O’CONNOR ana NHL - short and eventful in front of the net
101) J YABLONSKI wor vs M SGROI uta AHL - both heavies get the pistons going
102) J HAMILTON br vs EJ MANDO tnt ECHL - a 1:30 battle of attrition
103) S THORNTON edm vs G DIDUCK van NHL - a series of huge rights by both
104) C RUSSELL chi vs N WILKINSON wpg NHL - a wilkinson left starts a good toe-to-toe
105) CHURLA,SEMENKO hfd vs MAGUIRE,JOHNSON tor NHL - bout one an instant classic
106) G McNEIL pa vs R JORDE tc WHL - bad sound, lots of huge lefts in this one
107) S McCARTHY cgy vs J McKENZIE hfd NHL - back and forth, more big lefts
108) P BROWN kam vs R CUTHBERT kel WHL - lots of punches in this high energy bout
109) P CROWE la vs P KRUSE cgy NHL - an intense battle, real close in camera work
110) T VOLHOFFER fli vs S WHEELDON den IHL - simon dominates in this one
111) K KING tor vs T SIMPSON cgy NHL - its not good to be the king as simpson nails him
112) B SUGDEN syr vs R RAY bng AHL - a free swinging bout between sugar and razor
113) J WIEMER fla vs E BOULTON buf NHL - big ko for boulton
114) N BRADY ott vs M POTVIN la NHL - a real duke fest, potvin comes up big
115) D VIAL ott vs P CROWE phi NHL - phil and a shirtless vial rain down the lefts
116) K McRAE adi vs D VIAL bng AHL - vial lands big punches w/ kris in the spin cycle
117) B SUGDEN syr vs R JORDE roc AHL - some huge punches in this one, edge sugden
118) I MORAN pit vs D HENDRICKSON tor NHL - a plethora of punches by both men
119) D BAUM tor vs K NEWBURY stj AHL - lots of wild punches in this middleweight bout
120) J SPROTT bs vs J CORNISH lar CHL - the old dog still has some bit, decision sprott
121) D KIMBLE chi vs R POESCHEK tb NHL - rudy and darin trade them big time
122) J WELLS nyr vs B MAY buf NHL - the rematch, jay comes back from a KO, “get out the advil”

a visual history of hockey violence part IV

Intro - Come On, Hit Me....
1) C MURRAY mtl vs j CUMMINS chi NHL - the rematch of a home and home
2) D HORDICHUK sas vs M SOMMERFELD sc WHL - haymaker time, edge darcy
3) A STOJANOV pit vs M JANSSENS hfd NHL - alex with the edge w/ the big lefts
4) R VANDENBUSSCHE nyr vs S GRIMSON hfd NHL - ryan destroyed by 7 huge lefts
5) M SCOTT ark vs D SHIRAYEV lsa ECHL - scott eats some early, then drops shirayev
6) E CICCONE chi vs J PUSHOR det NHL - bombs away and lights out for pushor
7) USSR vs CANADA bench clearing brawl WJC - maybe the bench clearer of all time
8) R CLOWE sj vs J VANDERMEER chi NHL - long bout big on the lefts
9) WINSTON SALEM vs HUNSTVILLE line brawl SPHL - lots of mayhem at the WS bench
10) C BERUBE was vs P LAUS fla NHL - maybe the best single right uppercut of all time
11) B COALTER fla vs K McKAY cha ECHL - a wild marathon slugfest
12) D DOULL bos vs D LANGDON mtl NHL - lots of punches in this one
13) M COMRIE edm vs D BRIERE phx NHL - a couple of mighty mites put on a show
14) S PEAT was vs C McALLISTER phi NHL - mcallister dishes out some serious pain
15) D BONVIE bng vs E GODARD brg AHL - a serious center ice toe to toe
16) M BARON mtl vs T MALLETTE bos NHL - one blast leaves murray down and bleeding
17) D PINFOLD tac vs J YABLONSKI ida WCHL - a one shot knockdown for jeremy
18) BINGHAMTON vs PHILADELPHIA line brawl AHL - neil little goes airborne to join in
19) B McRAE min vs D KIMBLE que NHL - a lenghty punchfest
20) M STOESZ spo vs M KASSIAN van WHL - kassian busts open stoesz’s helmet, wow
21) E CAIRNS nyr vs C BERUBE was NHL - berube exposes early career weak chin
22) L BEDARD lav vs M BRAULT pr QSPHL - a lenghty marathon between old warriors
23) K BUCHBERGER edm vs G MARSHALL dal NHL - kelly down but back up for more
24) R LOW stl vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - an even slugfest with leaves pj with bloody nose
25) D VIAL she vs M WARE car BISL - dennis puts em down twice in nice exchange
26) J ODGERS col vs J CUMMINS phx NHL - jeff with the upper hand in this one
27) N COWAN lew vs B PICHE vd QMJHL - these guys are tossin em for real at center
28) D PURINTON nyr vs J CUMMINS nyi NHL - jim has the advantage in this punch up
29) BURNABY vs LANGLEY line brawl BCJHL - 5 on 5 melee with goalies up front
30) B PROBERT det vs L GAETZ sj NHL - the champ gets tested by a young, hungry link
31) D JOHNSON col vs T RYAN ida WCHL - ryan uses quick hands to put down johnson
32) E CAIRNS nyi vs S PEAT was NHL - cairns uses uppercut and overhand to end it
33) B SCHEFFELMEIER stl vs J YABLONSKI stl NHL - great toe to toe from blues camp
34) T WILLIS lb vs J LANDRY fre WCHL - a lengthy middleweight slugfest
35) S THOMAS nyi vs P TAGLIANETTI pit NHL - a big exchange in the corner
36) J HOCKING stj vs S McLAREN phi AHL - a lengthy bout with a lot of big punches
37) T WILLIS aug vs D TARABRIN jhn ECHL - a vicious center ice slugfest
38) M BARNABY pit vs D HORDICHUK atl NHL - their first of 3 go’s, big edge hordi
39) S WEBB nyi vs K OLIWA nj NHL - webb holds his own in this haymaker fest
40) S LANIGAN reg vs B LEAVINS brn WHL - brief scrap with some big punches
41) R POESCHEK tb vs M TINORDI dal NHL - they trade em until tinordi drops rudy
42) M HALEY tsm vs K THOMSON osh OHL - a wild affair with haley drawing blood
43) W CLARK tor vs J KORDIC mtl NHL - wendel game for overmatched by kordic
44) F LESSARD atl vs S PARKER col NHL - these two trade some huge punches
45) C LIPUMA atl vs T HALVERSON sd IHL - halverson dominates in this punchfest
46) M BARNABY buf vs K MULLER tor NHL - after slow start,matt feeds some rights
47) J BOULERICE car vs A DOWNEY dal NHL - a huge lights out left by downey
48) R VANDENBUSSCHE chi vs J VANDERMEER phi NHL - these two always toe-to-toe
49) L BEDARD new vs D DOUL man BISL - in front of the net louie lands some big ones
50) T WILLIS lb vs A LANGDONE sd WCHL - 2nd go, always a slugfest between these 2
51) J McKENZIE pit vs S McCARTHY cgy NHL - big lefts off draw, sandy with the edge
52) I FRASER cd vs R ALLAIN mne AHL - even exchange of big rights
53) K KING nyr vs M McSORLEY la NHL - mcsorley quanitity, king quality, marty cut
54) M JANSSENS chi vs P COTE nas NHL - at center ice, mark with big left uppercuts
55) B MAY buf vs C TAMER pit NHL - some huge punches to start this donnybrook off
56) J BADDUKE syr vs F BIALOWAS prt AHL - a slugfest and then a high five
57) HERSHEY vs SYRACUSE line brawl AHL - 5 separate bouts including goalies
58) R SIMPSON pa vs M FUSTER sea WHL - reid eats some big ones but stays with it
59) D MALKOC van vs K BAUMGARTNER tor NHL - timberrr courtesy of a bomber left
60) K McCLELLAND edm vs P BAXTER cgy NHL - one of many mid eighties wars
61) T GRANT phi vs G DESBIENS chi AHL - grant gets off some big lefts and uppercuts
62) E DANDENAULT cin vs M ANGELSTAD orl IHL - eric has mel hurt but he recovers
63) D VIAL ott vs B MAY buf NHL - one look and they’re off in this short spirited go
64) BILLINGS vs NEW WESTMINSTER bench clearing brawl WHL - as nasty as it gets
65) G ROBERTS cgy vs G BUTCHER van NHL - roberts scores with some good lefts
66) S BALAN reg vs T HORNUNG sc WHL - hornung lands early and often w/ the right
67) I LAPERRIERE la vs B MARCHMENT col NHL - bryan switches hands, dumps lappy
68) D CHYNOWETH bos vs N KYPREOS tor NHL - dean gains edge with uppercut lefts
69) S PARKER sj vs J BOULERICE car NHL - boulerice with the edge in this one
70) M FRITZ kel vs M VARHAUG lth WHL - a typical wild west slugfest
71) K MacDONALD roa vs J SULLIVAN jhn ECHL - tradin em until sully puts him down\
72) F LESSARD atl vs E GODARD nyi NHL - another rock em sock em robots affair
73) S GRIMSON chi vs D VIAL det NHL - both players got the right pistons going
74) C RUSSELL chi vs B MARCHMENT edm NHL - great exchange leaves both bruised
75) J ODGERS atl vs J BOULERICE car NHL - pre-season bout, jeffs down, jesse bloody
76) K McCAMBRIDGE sc vs B SYMES prt WHL - feeding each other rights big time
77) T CAIRNS tac vs B DUNCAN sea WHL - duncan lays down a serious beating
78) B PROBERT det vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - probert wins in a dominant performance
78) CARTER,CUMMINS mst vs PARKER,REDSHAW wm CCHA - cummins give beatdown
79) R VANDENBUSSCHE wbs vs R COTE phi AHL - playoff bout, throwin em off faceoff
80) TORONTO vs NY RANGERS bench clearing brawl NHL - brawl #2 from ‘71 playoffs
81) M BARNABY pit vs D TUCKER tor NHL - 2 pitbulls in a lenghty exchange
82) J BRUBAKER tor vs D RICHTER min NHL - big dave makes jeff eat a bunch of lefts
83) F MORRIS mnc vs R RAY buf AHL - before the draw, ray machine guns the rights
84) PL LEBLOND ab vs B TIDBALL que QMJHL - two big guys go toe-to-toe
85) E GODARD nyi vs PJ STOCK bos NHL - little big man show his stuff again
86) P LAUS fla vs C STEWART bos NHL - laus lays down an old fashioned ass whippin’
87) S CHURLA hfd vs J MILLER bos NHL - fantastic bout, “jay miller just wants to play”
88) K McCLELLAND edm vs G COCHRANE van NHL - windmill time in this throwfest
89) D KIMBLE que vs M LAFORGE hfd NHL - some big kimble rights open laforge up big
90) E LANDRY cb vs J RIVERS wor AHL - a good battle with edge to landry
91) BELZA,DELMAO roa vs SPENCE, TARABRIN jhn ECHL - a pair of home side wins
92) P BOUCHARD mtl vs S JONATHAN bos NHL - toe to toe turns bloodbath
93) T CROWDER nj vs C COXE van NHL - troy gives a one sides beatdown
94) Y CARPENTIER kal vs E LABELLE rck UHL - nice scrap covers two zones
95) J LATOS prt vs L GAETZ nw WHL - slugfest in the corner
96) T TWIST sas vs S DANIELS nw WHL - two future NHL’ers go toe-to-toe
97) J FERGUSON mtl vs K DOUGLAS tor NHL - both throw big ones in a crowd
98) A SIMMONS bos vs M TREMBLAY mtl NHL - mario lands some heavy shots
99) QUEBEC vs SHERBROOKE bench clearing brawl QMJHL - all out mayhem
100) PORTLAND vs SEATTLE line brawl WHL - from the early nineties, never-ending
101) D VIAL ott vs R RAY buf NHL - they go toe-to-toe as ray mugs for the crowd
102) G DIDUCK nyi vs R POESCHEK nyr NHL - poeschek takes the edge in this one
103) R DIMAIO nyi vs S LEACH bos NHL - predictable result for leach, dimaio scrappy
104) C McALLISTER phi vs K BRENNAN la NHL - kips 2nd bout of game, gains upper hand
105) J ODGERS atl vs D HORDICHUK phx NHL - the pupil schools the teacher
106) J LANDRY tc vs C OLYNIUK sea WHL - nice exchange of big rights
107) N MARACH koo vs P HURD sea WHL - both guys throwing rights big time
108) W CASHMAN bos vs J SCHOENFELD buf NHL - thru the zamboni entrance bout
109) D KENNEDY nyr vs M KEANE mtl NHL - keane again game and bloodies the nose
110) B MAY buf vs R PEARSON was NHL - may dishes out some capital punishment
111) M ROBERGE rdl vs WHITE #27 Republican League - an absolute all out slugfest
from the wilds of Quebec senior hockey

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a visual history of hockey violence part V

Intro - You Need To Survive On The Ice
1) N MARKWART bos vs G McPHEE nyr NHL - quite a battle, middleweights, fast hands
2) A PETERS bos vs J GRATTON phi NHL - toe to toe slugfest with tons o’ punches
3) M FRECHETTE sth vs B FRAINETTI las QSPHL - center ice brawl with lots of short rights
4) B PROBERT det vs T EWEN stl NHL - third time go round, the longest battle of the 3
5) TROIS RIVIERES vs THETFORD MINES bench clearing brawl LNAH - five seconds in
6) F POTVIN tor vs R HEXTALL phi NHL - a throwfest with hextall bloody, tie taunts him
7) R ROYER chi vs T HALVERSON was NHL - royer ends it with huge freight train left
8) B MacISAAC sud vs P McCALLION bel OHL - huge rumble a center ice, heavy rights
9) T JOSEPH osh vs J SPROTT ldn OHL - a junior epic, sprott strong early, both strong late
10) C RUSSELL chi vs M JANSSENS hfd NHL - two underrated heavies in a big time go
11) K MAGUIRE buf vs J MILLER bos NHL - a maguire closeline starts this one off
12) J KORDIC mtl vs J MILLER bos NHL - jay finishes this with a 1 finger salute for the habs
13) PRINCE ALBERT vs BRANDON line brawl WHL - a pier sixer with a goalie beatdown
14) C NEIL gr vs M RUARK man IHL - neil absorbs some big ones and dishes out even more
15) R IVANANS la vs D BOOGAARD min NHL - derek feeds him some big rights
16) C JANSSEN nj vs B McGRATTAN ott NHL - cam busts open mcg’s cheek late
17) B BOSUM que vs Y MOSCEVSKY stj LNAH - big knockdown by moscevsky
18) S DUPLAIN tm vs N GREENOUGH que LNAH - so many lefts, greenough begs for a right
19) G MARSHALL dal vs R LOW stl NHL - low overpowers with a series of lefts
20) M BARNABY buf vs S QUINTAL mtl NHL - undersized barnaby hangs in and scores some
21) O TELLEFSON syr vs L ROBITAILLE her AHL - real quick start in this spirited exchange
22) HUNTINGTON vs JOHNSTOWN line brawl ECHL - tarabrin hits everything that moves
23) D SHAW nyr vs B SHANAHAN nj NHL - wild windmill style to start this one off
24) S STEVENS was vs R DELORME van NHL - lots of punches in this one, toe to toe
25) BAIE COMEAU vs HALIFAX line brawl QMJHL - a three on three melee
26) R STERN van vs J MILLER la NHL - miller controls with overhands and big uppercuts
27) M VERRONEAU ad vs R ISABEL wl QSPHL - huge left send isabel to the deck
28) D MALEY mtl vs R TOCCHET phi NHL - even start but tocchet takes over
29) M LANTHIER mtl vs N GREENOUGH vd QMJHL - a brief but toe to toe battle
30) S BEGIN mtl vs A HENRY min NHL - another short battle but full of big punches
31) J JORDAN ply vs D MANDO wnd OHL - a huge one punch knockout for mando
32) G WALTERS hou vs A BEZEAU ftw IHL - a wild affair off the draw, bezeau edges greg
33) B McRAE min vs S MOMESSO stl NHL - big time heavyweight battle of attrition
34) N KALVERDA mis vs K MacSWEYN bra OHL - a festival of wild roundhouses by both
35) J KYTE wpg vs J KOCUR det NHL - huge jackhammer puts kyte down and out
36) R RAY buf vs C MURRAY mtl NHL - good toe to toe leaves both men shaken
37) B NYSTROM nyi vs J WENSINK bos NHL - an old school playoff punchfest, edge bobby
38) K GRAF spo vs J BECKETT sea WHL - graf lays a whippin as beckett gets off nary a punch
39) S SEARLES gra vs C LEBLANC ?? stg QSPHL - a brief machine gun like exchange
40) PJ STOCK bos vs G ODJICK mtl NHL - a playoff bout, odjick goads and then eats some
41) D CHASSE was vs S QUINTAL mtl NHL - both going toe to toe with the lefts
42) T MAXWELL mh vs M KASSIAN van WHL - kassian does some heavy damage w/ the left
43) D TICE sor vs E RICHARD pr QSPHL - tice puts him down with a big left
44) M TINORDI was vs A STOJANOV pit NHL - alex goes looking for trouble, and gets it
45) R VANDENBUSSCHE stj vs C MURRAY frd AHL - another vandy no defense bout
46) D McCARTY det vs S WALKER van NHL - walker bloodied from a series of mccarty lefts
47) M JANSSENS hfd vs R SIMPSON nj NHL - mark lefts, reid rights in this exchange
48) D WOOD bc vs D LEMAY ftw UHL - wood drops him with a big right
49) M LAMB det vs R GREGG edm NHL - two unlikely combatants trade me pretty good
50) B BASSEN nyi vs B ROOT tor NHL - bassen feeds root some big rights
51) E CAIRNS det vs W WHITTEN gue OHL - cairns gives whitten a right handed thumping
52) D MORISSETTE roa vs K WALSTEN hnt ECHL - the moose with edge over FC’s fave son
53) D TETRAULT brn vs A ASHAM rd WHL - asham throws a ton versus bigger opponent
54) D EWEN kc vs A McBAIN ftw IHL - lots of lefts from ewen for a dominant performance
55) J KORDIC mtl vs K McCLELLAND edm NHL - both land some huge lefts
56) R ZEMLAK que vs J KORDIC mtl NHL - kordic dominates with the left
57) D NACHBAUER phi vs T GILL tor NHL - toe to toe punch up, short and nasty
58) L BEDARD lav vs Y LECLERC rdl QSPHL - louie gets him in the spin cycle w/ the left
59) G BUTCHER van vs C DUNCANSON la NHL - nice go-round with fists o’ flying
60) TOLEDO #5 vs BAY COUNTY #10 CEHL - nasty bout from short lived junior circuit
61) J SIMON uti vs G SMYTH hal AHL - birdman gets the rights pumping
62) S SOURAY mtl vs C SARICH tb NHL - sarich brought down with a thundering left hand
63) R KINGHAM det vs D HURLEY bel OHL - good scrap in the corner
64) M PETIT que vs B SHANAHAN nj NHL - lots of punches in this go at center ice
65) J ODGERS sj vs B THOMPSON la NHL - both score some big looping rights in this bout
66) S ROBERGE she vs R DALLMAN spg AHL - serge shows off the quick hands
67) M HALEY srn vs R BIG SNAKE os OHL - a long bout, tons of big rights and uppercuts
68) G SMYTH que vs R STERN cgy NHL - stern with lefts, birdman with rights, a wild affair
69) K FREADRICH reg vs C CABANA edm WHL - freddy edges this big time slugfest
70) F LESSARD phi vs S PARKER her AHL - a marathon with some bombs landed early
71) Y CORRIVEAU was vs G DINEEN pit NHL - a brief frenzied bout with the lefts scoring
72) S PEAT rd vs J DOBBYN reg WHL - 16 year old peat trades em with the veteran
73) B SHANAHAN stl vs B THOMPSON la - a spirited go in the corner
74) EDMONTON vs LOS ANGELES line brawl - mcsorley vs every oiler on the ice
75) R McKAY nj vs D KORDIC phi NHL - some huge shots landed in this one
76) N BRADY kal vs M MAJOR det IHL - brief exchange of power shots
77) M MULLIN sud vs R PENNEY nf OHL - penny finishes him with 2 huge rights
78) M VUKOTA nyi vs R RAY buf NHL - a real good slugfest from the early nineties
79) J KORDIC que vs J ODGERS sj NHL - spirited go in a rematch
80) K POPP prt vs T WILLIS sea WHL - the undersized willis gives popp all he can handle
81) M BROWN rd vs G BELAK edm WHL - a heavyweight marathon with both scoring rights
82) J CUMMINS ana vs C HULSE nas NHL - a short exchange of big rights
83) A PETERS buf vs A ROY tb NHL - a series of jackhammer rights puts roy to his knees
84) E GODARD brg vs R SCOTT hfd AHL - good old fashioned ahl punch up
85) M KEANE col vs T HARVEY dal NHL - middleweights put on a show at center ice
86) S ROZENDAL osh vs R BOWNESS bra OHL - bowness throws big in this bout off the draw
87) M GRIER edm vs J MARSHALL ana NHL - nice bout, marshall lefts, grier rights
88) K BAUMGARTNER ana vs C RUSSELL chi NHL - bomber takes over with the left
89) M FORTH spo vs R BERRY sea WHL - a dominant performance by berry
90) D KORDIC cb vs S ROBERGE crn AHL - both sluggers swinging for the fences in this one
91) B TIDBALL que vs M TOBIN rim QMJHL - a fierce battle at center ice
92) J ROENICK phx vs S WALKER van NHL - scotty lays it down on JR
93) LOS ANGELES vs PHILADELPHIA bench clearing brawl NHL - bridgman & jensen 3X’s
94) R REID sa vs J CORNISH lar CHL - an extended minor league punch up
95) D TUCKER tor vs F BOULLION mtl NHL - two scrappy lightweights exchange em
96) ROCHESTER vs SYRACUSE line brawl AHL - beatings, goalies and penalty box fights
97) D LANGDON nyr vs D ZMOLEK la NHL - langdon lays some huge rights at the end
98) T BOUCK pg vs T MARSH van WHL - marsh takes over with some big rights
99) R RAY buf vs T DOMI tor NHL - 2ND fight in this game, another punch filled bout
100) S FLETCHER sag vs K THOMSON ldn OHL - thomson scores some big ones late
101) S KONROYD cgy vs K CARLSSON mtl NHL - one sided beatdown by konroyd
102) D DRAKE det vs B GUERIN nj NHL - guerin scores the heavier shots in this one
103) S STEVENS nj vs R TOCCEHT phi NHL - late career go, the old dogs still have teeth
104) B SOSO wnd vs J BEAULIEU ldn OHL - nice toe to toe exchange on the blue line
105) ST JEAN vs CORNWALL brawl QSPHL - mayhem in the benches, on the ice
106) D KIMBLE que vs J MILLER la NHL - lots of good shots in this marathon
107) L SALTERS que vs M COPE os OHL - they trade rights with cope in the dark
108) PITTSBURGH vs QUEBEC line brawl NHL - beatings, suckers and sakic wearing #88
110) D VIAL ott vs J HUSCROFT bos NHL - a throwfest with vial coming on late
111) S MARTINSON sd vs S ANTOSKI mil IHL - no go on the ice, they go in the penalty box
112) D HORDICHUK atl vs E BOULTON buf NHL - a wild affair with blows from everywhere
113) S McLAREN ind vs B RAMSAY gr IHL - a brief but vicious slugfest
114) D LANGDON nyr vs M McSORLEY sj NHL - a marathon leaves marty w/ bloody nose
115) R SCOTT cha vs P GINGRAS jax ECHL - nice go right off the draw
116) BJ YOUNG rd vs J HOLDEN reg WHL - holden lands some big lefts in this one
117) C SIMON col vs T DOMI tor NHL - one of 3 goes that year, this one at the blue line
118) D VIAL ott vs M McSORLEY la NHL - a shirtless vial goes for a marathon with big mac
119) J MAILHOT ctx vs ARENA SECURITY WPHL - jacques goes nuts on the arena floor
120) R RAY buf vs J KYTE sj NHL - ray drops kyte with a huge right
121) T HARLTON peo vs B SUGDEN day ECHL - sugden dominates this battle
122) T CARKNER fla vs B MAY buf NHL - may lands em big, early and often to bloody carks

a visual history of hockey violence part VI

1) McSORLEY, TAYLOR la vs CLARK, GILL tor NHL - mcsorley nails gilmour and off we go
2) J THERIAULT dru vs G LARAQUE gra QMJHL - big georges granby debut, lays a beating
3) J WIEMER tb vs T GILL tor NHL - a whole ton of punches in this one
4) S DUFRESNE she vs J SULLIVAN hal QMJHL - sully dominates with the right hand
5) J ODGERS bos vs P KRUSE nyi NHL - a quick exchange at center, jeff bleeds again
6) S ROBERGE roc vs R VANDENBUSSCHE bng AHL - serge puts vandy down twice
7) K MULLER tor vs M LAPOINTE det NHL - quick and decisive win for lapointe :36 in
8) K BUCHBERGER edm vs G MARSHALL dal NHL - marshall staggers bucky in rematch
9) M COUGHLIN mis vs B YEO eri OHL - both guys active with the right hand, edge yeo
10) PORTAGE vs DAUPHIN brawl MJHL - an absolute ambush by mel & the dauphin kings
11) L PLAYFAIR la vs M McSORLEY edm NHL - a marathon with marty going to the body
12) S McMORROW sth vs J MIRASTY sor LNAH - a classic battle, a marathon punchfest
13) J ODGERS sj vs T EWEN ana NHL - two warriors trade them big along the boards
14) K KING phx vs C RUSSELL chi NHL - some wild punching in this one, king is bloody
15) G FLEMING roc vs K THOMLINSON adi AHL - they trade lefts and then kurt drops
16) R MARTINELLI ldn vs J STEWART pbo OHL - from 05/06 a lenghty battle w/ big shots
17) K SHEPHARD que vs M BLOCK chc QMJHL - good battle, block finally puts em away
18) J WELLS stl vs R POESCHEK tb NHL - a nasty exchange of rights behind the net
19) K BUCHBERGER edm vs D ZMOLEK dal NHL - buckys 2nd toe to toe exchange of game
20) D ZMOLEK la vs C SIMON col NHL - simon says fall down with some big lefts
21) O NOLAN sj vs T EWEN ana NHL - nolan shows off the old irish temper
22) MACON vs HUNTSVILLE line brawl CHL - a pier sixer with fan involvement
23) T SAMPLE srn vs K BELAN ldn OHL - sample scores some good ones to finish it
24) G MORGAN dal vs R VANDENBUSSCHE chi - vandy left leaves gavin wobbly
25) PHILADLEPHIA vs BUFFALO line brawl NHL - barnaby attacks snow, assist trefilov
26) C DOUCETTE sth vs S FUTERS que LNAH - a long square off leads to quick exchange
27) C BAILEY lew vs J RYAN que QMJHL - ryan outlasts lewis in this punch-up
28) R STERN sj vs M BARNABY pit NHL - stern with lefts, barnaby with rights
29) B McGRATTAN ott vs D BOOGAARD min NHL - mcg controlling until big boogy right
30) D BRASHEAR was vs A PETERS buf NHL - rematch controlled by brashear with the left
31) J SHELLEY sai vs PJ STOCK hfd AHL - a real punch fest with pj losing the sweater
32) B JOYCE lv vs B DREGER sd IHL - a brief but intense exchange, joyce holds own
33) M BARNABY buf vs O NOLAN sj NHL - these guys throw until exhaustion sets in
34) B DAVEY bel vs M HALEY tsm OHL - both combatants lands some big rights
35) B TIDBALL que vs A LAMARCHE chc QMJHL - a close in battle with quick rights
36) C ORR nyr vs B McGRATTAN ott NHL - the two big guys trade some bombs
37) A STOJANOV pit vs D LACROIX phi NHL - dan goes left as alex comes w/ big rights
38) S PEAT was vs J SHELLEY clb NHL - they trade lefts until shelley goes to his knees
39) D PENNER ssm vs T PECKHAM os OHL - theo busy with rights, penner gets jersey up
40) D HORDICHUK atl vs B BROWN min NHL - big time slugfest, darcy goes left and right
41) PJ STOCK bos vs S PEAT was NHL - round 3, slow start along boards and then bingo
42) J JACKSON stc vs D NACHBAUER her AHL - heavy shots behind the net, don goes down
43) J SZERYK ssm vs A BEZEAU nf OHL - bezeau drops him with a straight right
44) M BROWN kam vs C THOMPSON sea WHL - brown dominates with the right hand
45) M KEANE mtl vs M BARNABY buf NHL - tossin em big time from blueline to endline
46) C VADNAIS cal vs K MAGNUSON chi NHL - mags puts vadnais down quick in this one
47) T IRVINE nyr vs K MAGNUSON chi NHL - an early seventies punchfest
48) D DOUL man vs R ROYER cle IHL - from 98-99 left hands going in the corner
49) R REGEHR kam vs S PARKER kel WHL - a whl classic slugfest, regehr bloody & broken
50) B PROBERT chi vs E BOULTON buf NHL - a pre season battle, boultons nhl coming out
51) J LEHOUX alb vs T DOUVILLE phi AHL - a lengthy pre season tilt
52) D LANGDON car vs R RAY buf NHL - ray in red, a toe to toe right handed duke fest
53) R ROYER prt vs A DOWNEY nor AHL - extended tilt with royer and downey roundhousin’
54) M PELUSO chi vs L GAETZ sj NHL - tradin lefts until link ends it with a right uppercut
55) NY RANGERS vs NY ISLANDERS line brawl NHL - cloutier goes to town on salo
56) K BOONE peo vs R BRINDLEY day ECHL - scrappy brindley hangs in this lengthy bout
57) S ROBERGE mv vs P VANDERMEER bc UHL - a marathon with vandy landing some
58) J GRATTON phx vs S THORNTON sj NHL - scott lands big right, grats keeps coming
59) T HARVEY dal vs T CARKNER fla NHL - some wild punches here initiated by harvey
60) CHILLIWACK vs LANGLEY line brawl BCJHL - a five on five melee
61) M PECA buf vs D TUCKER tb NHL - these two lightweights go at it big time
62) G BELAK brg vs PJ STOCK phi AHL - belak lands the shots that bloody pj under eye
63) S CORSON edm vs D MURZYN van NHL - corson scores repeatedly in this beating
64) J MARSHALL hou vs S GAINEY uta AHL - good free swinging bout, both switch hands
65) M KEANE mtl vs R STERN van NHL - big time go with the lefts
66) R POESCHEK tb vs K BELANGER nyi NHL - a fierce battle, poeschek lands some big ones
67) B PROBERT det vs M PETIT van NHL - petit hangs with bob in this marathon, barely
68) G BELAK brg vs M SGROI uta AHL - quick right puts belak on the ice
69) C RIVET mtl vs J RUUTU van NHL - the finn finishes rivet with a left
70) S PENN chi vs B DREGER orl IHL - a quick and nasty bout in front of the net
71) K CLARK orl vs D MORISSETTE hou IHL - another wild exchange, edge to the moose
72) C BERUBE phi vs B WITT was NHL - old dog vs young lion in the battle in front of the net
73) M ANGELSTAD orl vs P CROWE det IHL - 2nd battle, crowe ends up bloody
74) D KIMBLE que vs J KORDIC tor NHL - kimble with rights, kordic with lefts in a doozy
75) S QUINTAL bos vs S CORSON mtl NHL - extended bout, both scoring short rights
76) R FRID lou vs L COLE tol ECHL - nasty bout punctuated by a walk off sucker job by frid
77) C BROWN mil vs J HARDING kal IHL - brown goes to town with left uppercuts
78) S STEVENSON bos vs K BAUMGARTNER nyi NHL - shane gets bloodied by the bomber
79) R McKAY det vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - real good bout along the boards, lefts and rights
80) J DUBE que vs J MIRASTY sor LNAH - extended go with tons of punches and bravado
81) COLUMBUS ?? vs A SRYUBKO tol ECHL - andrei goes to town on a unid chill player
82) R POESCHEK tb vs A STOJANOV van NHL - alex scores early and often with bombs
83) C RUSSELL chi vs D KIMBLE stl NHL - kimble scores early and then gets dumped
84) T LAWSON stg vs J MIRASTY sor LNAH - mirasty ends it with a series of nasty lefts
85) PHILADELPHIA vs WB-SCRANTON line brawl AHL - goalies and lessard goes nuts
86) C COXE van vs J KORDIC mtl NHL - they trade lefts until coxe is bloodied
87) R RAY buf vs S GRIMSON ana NHL - huge shots, ray buckles stu, but cant put him down’
88) J MIRASTY sor vs F BIALOWAS she LNAH - some piston like shots exchanged at center
89) P BROWN kam vs Z FITZGERALD sea WHL - some absolute bombs landed by both
90) B KELLY phi vs R DUDLEY buf NHL - heavy exchange of rights, dudley lands the clincher
91) K BELANGER nyi vs P LAUS fla NHL - laus drops belanger with a big right
92) DAUPHIN #13 vs SELKIRK #9 MJHL - quick toe to toe start in this junior battle
93) J LYNCH spo vs A HUXLEY sea WHL - huxley lands some big shots to dominate
94) R BAWA sj vs T GILL tor NHL - even start but gill lands big left to close the deal
95) G HOWATT nyi vs R KERR chi NHL - old school toe to toe behind the net
96) R POESCHEK bng vs R SIMPSON her AHL - rudy windmills, reid answers with big rights
97) DJ KING kel vs Z FITZGERALD sea WHL - bombs away for dj as he lands right after right
98) J HOUDE sha vs S ROBERGE dru QMJHL - an early eighties marathon bout
99) J KORDIC tor vs R McKAY det NHL - mckay hangs in, kordic scores a couple of big lefts
100) K OLIWA nj vs R THOMPSON cgy NHL - 2nd go, thompson a wild man in this one
101) D TUCKER tor vs C JANSSEN nj NHL - wild go, tucker cracks em with the helmet
102) D TREBOYOVICH cd vs J CUMMINS adi AHL - main event during melee, jim drops ‘em
103) RJ HAND bc vs C TIDBALL que QMJHL - rock em sock em robots time in the “Q”
104) J IGINLA cgy vs F BEAUCHEMIN ana NHL - their spirited playoff go from 05/06
105) B MAY buf vs G MARSHALL dal NHL - a wild affair until may pops the shoulder
106) F ODUYA kc vs G SMYTH chi IHL - scrappy swede gives smyth all he can handle
107) S ROBERGE dru vs S MOMESSO sha QMJHL - some huges punches landed in this one
108) J WOYWITKA stl vs J TOOTOO nas NHL - tootoo scores with some good lefts
109) T FEDORUK ana vs J SHELLEY clb NHL - todd controls bout alternating rights and lefts
110) E LAVIGNE det vs D WOOD kc IHL - lavigne lands nothing as dody goes to work
111) S DUMONSKI ott vs S THORNTON pet OHL - both players pump away with the right
112) C SIMON was vs M JANSSENS hfd NHL - a slugfest with both scoring with the left
113) R STERN lng vs M SAUMIER hul QMJHL - an absolute donnybrook in cooperalls
114) S ROBERGE she vs N MEADMORE mnc AHL - a clean ko for serge
115) C ORR nyr vs E GODARD nyi NHL - after taking some, orr wobbles godard w/ big right
116) M BELL chi vs J GRATTON phx NHL - good punch-up with bell scoring big late
117) C JANSSEN nj vs B McGRATTAN ott NHL - posturing early, some heavy shots late
118) ROCHESTER vs BINGHAMTON line brawl AHL - barrie sucker shot starts it off
119) D VINCELLETE dru vs C RUSSELL hul QMJHL - another dukefest from the “Q”

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01-25-2009, 03:13 PM
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Jesus dude, that's intense.


It's just pain.
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01-25-2009, 03:16 PM
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lol yes thats insane

Ill trade you nyr stanley cup champs 1994 video vhs

for the 322nd video on your list


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01-25-2009, 04:15 PM
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I found this post quite surprising, considering that I thought that dagoon was against fighting in hockey

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01-25-2009, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MortUWary View Post
I found this post quite surprising, considering that I thought that dagoon was against fighting in hockey
that made me laugh so hard I spit water out my nose lol. I love fighting and tough guys . Now you understand why i defend Orr like I do.

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01-25-2009, 04:50 PM
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Damn thats one sick list. Dagoon I got a lot of respect for your opinion on tough guys in the league, you obviously have all the info we need there.

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01-25-2009, 06:19 PM
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Doesn't youtube really make all of this uneccessary? It's an impressive list, but why don't you just put your stuff onto youtube and share it with the whole world? See, look how efficient that is!

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01-25-2009, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by SML View Post
Doesn't youtube really make all of this uneccessary? It's an impressive list, but why don't you just put your stuff onto youtube and share it with the whole world? See, look how efficient that is!
First off I made a lot of these and other people have spent 100's of hours working to make them. Second youtube pulls a lot of the videos because the NHL frowns on the fighting part of the sport. third it is my hobby and i like it this way

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01-25-2009, 06:41 PM
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That is an excessive list for fights. Can you really watch those more than once?

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01-25-2009, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
First off I made a lot of these and other people have spent 100's of hours working to make them. Second youtube pulls a lot of the videos because the NHL frowns on the fighting part of the sport. third it is my hobby and i like it this way
Well you don't have to get pissed about it. It's not like you're asking to get paid for your work, your asking to trade for videos someone else has. And seriously, 75% of this board is under 30. Most of them probably don't even know who half the guys you listed are. Do you really think they're going to have something you don't already have listed? I actually would like to see alot of those fights, which is why I suggested you might want to put them on youtube. I wasn't trying to belittle your hobby.

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