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MLD 2011 Roster Thread (in order, by division)

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07-08-2011, 03:55 PM
Don't waste my time
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MLD 2011 Roster Thread (in order, by division)

Roster thread posts to be in order by division, that is, all the teams in one division will put their first post on the thread before any team in the next division will post there.

(This coordination will make it easier to see all the teams developing in one's division together, and it certainly will make it easier to do regular season ranking evaluations for GMs.)

Note: The teams are assigned to divisions by draft order: odd numbered in one division, even numbered in the other division:

Mickey Ion Division

Iain Fyffe - Brandon Shamrocks
tony d - Garnish Dragons
markrander87 & Stoneberg - Halifax Sleepwatchers
Reds4Life & jkrx - Detroit Red Wings
Dwight & Velociraptor - New New York Awesome Express
chaosrevolver - Belleville Bulls
seventieslord - Regina Capitals

Sir Allan Montagu Division

vecens24 & TheDevilMadeMe - Eden Hall Warriors
Selfish Man - Pittsburgh Hornets
DaveG - Warroad Lakers
Dreakmur - Winnipeg Falcons
BiLLY_ShOE1721 - Philadelphia Quakers
Reen Machine - Montreal Bad Habits
TheJudge - Thunder Bay Twins

All of the teams in the Mickey Ion division can post their roster post now. None of the Sir Allan Montagu Division teams yet.

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07-08-2011, 03:59 PM
Student Of The Game
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Country: Canada
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PP1: Warwick-Golonka-Gingras-Sargent-Roberts
PP2: Gracie-Stumpel-Tucker-Sargent-Gibbs
PK1: Erixon-Grier-Armstrong-Gibbs
PK2: Boutette-Harris (70s)-Portland-Roberts
PK3: Harris (60s)-Tucker-Armstrong-Kampman

1916 or earlier: Richardson, Gingras, Nicholson, Tobin
1917-1942: Warwick, Gracie, Portland, Kampman, Cook, Robertson
1943-1965: Golonka, Harris, Armstrong, Mayasich
1966-1979: Roberts, Gibbs, Sargent, Harris, Boutette
1980-1994: Stumpel, Erixon, Weinrich, Todd
1995-2004: Tucker, Grier
in 2011: Grier

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07-08-2011, 04:16 PM
tony d
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Garnish Dragons

Buzz Boll-Ted Hampson (A)-Pierre Larouche
Tony Mckegney (A)-Nikolai Khlystov -Bill Flett
Shawn Burr-Terry Crisp -Wildor Larochelle
John Marks-Michael Nylander -Jason Pominville
Greg Gus Adams-Veli Pekka Ketola

Garry Galley- Brad Marsh (C)
Leo Reise Sr.-Arnie Brown
Scott Hannan-Genrikh Sidorenkov
Zarley Zalapski

Dan Bouchard
Nikolay Puchov
Martin Biron

Coach: Bryan Murray

Special Teams Units

PP 1: Tony Mckegney-Nikolai Khlyskov-Pierre Larouche-Garry Galley-Ted Hampson
PP 2: Buzz Boll-Michael Nylander-Wildor Larochelle-Leo Reise Sr.-Genrikh Sidorenkov

PK 1: John Marks-Jason Pominville-Brad Marsh-Leo Reise Sr.
PK 2: Bill Flett-Terry Crisp-Arnie Brown-Scott Hannan

Era Requirments:

1916 or earlier: Leo Reise
1917-1942: Buzz Boll, Wildor Larochelle
1943-1965: Ted Hampson, Nikolai Klyskov, Arnie Brown, Nikolay Puchov, Genrikh Sidorenkov
1966-1979: Pierre Larouche, Dan Bouchard, Brad Marsh, Tony Mckegney, Bill Flett, Terry Crisp, Veli Pekka Ketola
1980-1994: Garry Galley, Shawn Burr, Michael Nylander, Greg Gus Adams, Zarley Zalapski
1995-2004: Scott Hannan, Martin Biron
in 2011 (ANY active/nonretired pro player with 300-plus games pro experience regardless of when he began his career): Jason Pominville


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07-08-2011, 05:17 PM
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Detroit Red Wings

Coach: Jimmy Skinner

Andrew Brunette - Earl Reibel - Robert Reichel
Cory Stillman - Thomas Gradin - Doug Brown
Ulf Sterner - Vlad Golikov - Alex Golikov
Danis Zaripov - Sergei Zinoviev - Alexey Morozov
Ronnie Stern - Vladimir Ruzicka

Sergei Babinov - Antonin Stavjana
Rod Flett - Magnus Flett
Frantisek Kaberle - Larry Zeidel
Alex Motter - Jaro Spacek

Honken Holmqvist
Goran Hogosta

PP1: Brunette - Reibel - Reichel, Rod Flett - Babinov
PP2: Stillman - Gradin - Morozov, Kaberle - Stavjana

PK1: Reibel - Doug Brown, Flett - Flett
PK2: Gradin - Sterner - Kaberle - Babinov

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07-08-2011, 05:34 PM
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New New York Awesome Express

General Managers: Team Awesome - (Dwight) Conrad and Cubert Farnsworth (Velociraptor)

Head Coach: Randy Carlyle
Captain: Orest Kindrachuk
Assistant Captains: Dale McCourt, Warren Godfrey, Sheldon Souray
Trainer: Zapp Branigan
Team Doctor: Zoidberg

Jim Riley - Guy Chouinard - Martin Havlat
Darryl Sutter - Dale McCourt (A) - Ilkka Sinisalo
Ron Duguay - Orest Kindrachuk (C) - Don Saleski
Ted Irvine - Christian Ruuttu - Vlastimil Bubnik
Spares: Alf Pike F/D, Mikko Koivu C, Dustin Brown RW

Warren Godfrey (A) - Jocelyn Guevremont
Sheldon Souray (A) - Brent Seabrook
Bret Hedican - Pat Quinn
Spares: Doug Lidster

Eddie Johnston
Jose Theodore

PP1: Riley - McCourt - Havlat - Guevremont - Chouinard
PP2: Sinisalo - Duguay - Bubnik - Souray - Seabrook
PK1: Kindrachuk - Saleski - Godfrey - Seabrook
PK2: McCourt - Duguay - Hedican - Quinn

1916 or earlier: Jim Riley
1917-1942: Alf Pike
1943-1965: Warren Godfrey, Ed Johnston, Vlastimil Bubnik
1966-1979: Jocelyn Guevremont, Ron Duguay, Guy Chouinard, Orest Kindrachuk, Ilkka Sinisalo, Dale McCourt, Darryl Sutter, Don Saleski, Pat Quinn, Ted Irvine
1980-1994: Bret Hedican, Christian Ruuttu, Doug Lidster
1995-2004: Martin Havlat, Sheldon Souray, Jose Theodore
in 2011: Brent Seabrook, Randy Carlyle, Mikko Koivu, Dustin Brown

Awesome Express have qualified for the post-season.

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07-10-2011, 11:52 AM
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Halifax Sleepwatchers
GMs: markrander87 & Stoneberg

Coach: Brian Sutter

Don Smith - Gus Bodnar - Tom Hooper
Nick Libett - Bill Carson - Joe Carveth
Murray Craven - Mike Bullard (A) - Howie Meeker
Randy Burridge - Steve Rucchin (A) - Mark Hunter

Spares: Niklas Sundstrom (W), Danny Lewicki (LW), Ron Schock (C)

Jim McKenney - Bob Murdoch
Curt Giles (C) - Richard Matvichuk
Dan Hamhuis - Marek Zidlicky

Spares: Brendan Witt

Don Beaupre
Niklas Backstrom


Don Smith - Gus Bodnar - Tom Hooper
Jim Mckenney - Marek Zidlicky

Murray Craven - Mike Bullard - Joe Carveth
Curt Giles - Bob Murdoch

Steve Rucchin - Randy Burridge
Dan Hamhuis - Richard Matvichuk

Murray Craven - Nick Libbet
Curt Giles - Bob Murdoch
<1916: Hooper
1917-1942: Carveth
1943-1965: Bodnar
1966-1979: Murdoch
1980-1994: Bullard
1995-2004: Zidlicky
in 2011: Backstrom

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07-10-2011, 11:20 PM
Iain Fyffe
Hockey fact-checker
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Country: Canada
Posts: 3,509
vCash: 500

GM: Iain Fyffe

Coaches: Bob Pulford, Steamer Maxwell

Spares: Hugh Currie (RD), Aaron Broten (C/LW), Frank Mathers (LD/RD)

Notes on why Glover and Fielder didn't "make it".

A lengthy post about why pre-1893 hockey should be considered on par with post-1893 hockey. AKA, "why Tom Paton was the best goalie available".

PP1: Breen - Power - Hergesheimer - Hucul - Siltanen
PP2A: Ahlberg - Fielder - Cammalleri - Newell - Laflamme
PP2B: Russell - Herbert - Glover - Newell - Laflamme
PK1: Sharp - Howard - Stewart - Traub
PK2: Herbert - Russell - Laflamme - Newell

Era requirements:

<1916: Paton, Breen, Stewart, Winkler, Howard
1917-1942: Herbert, Traub, Newell
1943-1965: Hergesheimer, Fielder, Glover, Hucul, Currie
1966-1979: Crowder, Siltanen, Ahlberg
1980-1994: Broten
1995-2004: Cammalleri
in 2011: Sharp

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07-10-2011, 11:34 PM
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Sir Allan Montagu Division

ALL other teams can post their roster post now.

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07-11-2011, 12:18 AM
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Country: United States
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Spares = Matt Cooke, Jeff Carter, Paul Martin

PP1: Ulf Dahlen - Billy McGimsie - Nikolai Drozdetsky - Mike O'Connell - Brian Campbell
PP2: Nick Mickoski - Mike Ribeiro - Marian Stastny - Steve Sullivan - Christian Ehrhoff

PK1: Larry Patey - Dave Tippett - Jack Evans - Garth Butcher
PK2: Sami Kapanen - Roland Pettersson - Walt Buswell - Mike O'Connell
PK3: Steve Sullivan - Nick Mickoski - D - D

1916 or earlier: Billy McGimsie, Bert Lindsay
1917-1942: Johnny Mowers, Walt Buswell
1943-1965: Jack Evans, Nick Mickoski, Roland Pettersson
1966-1979: Mike O'Connell, Marian Stastny, Larry Patey, John Muckler
1980-1994: Nikolai Drozdetsky, Garth Butcher, Ulf Dahlen, Randy McKay, Dave Tippett
1995-2004: Sami Kapanen, (Brian Campbell, Steve Sullivan, Mike Ribeiro, Christian Ehrhoff, Claude Julien, Matt Cooke, Paul Martin)
in 2011: Brian Campbell, Steve Sullivan, Mike Ribeiro, Christian Ehrhoff, Claude Julien, Matt Cooke, Jeff Carter, Paul Martin

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07-11-2011, 12:43 AM
joueur de hockey
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GM: ReenMachine
Coach: Emile Francis & Bob Hartley
Captain: Jason Smith
Assistant: Dave Maloney
Assistant: Brian Gionta

Eric Vail - Jason Spezza - Mud Bruneteau
Carl Liscombe - Alex Zhamnov - Petr Sykora
Bob Kelly - George Gee - Brian Gionta(A)
Stan Jonathan - Daymond Langkow - Ian Laperriere
Spare: Tomas Plekanec , Mike Knuble

Dave Maloney(A)
- Jason Smith(C)
Dale Tallon - Bob Rouse
Brad Stuart - Vladimir Malakhov
Spare:Baldy Spittal

Sean Burke
Hec Fowler

PP1: Spezza-Sykora-Vail-Malakhov-Tallon
PP2: Zhamnov-Bruneteau-Liscombe-Maloney-Stuart
PK1: Zhamnov-Gionta-Maloney-Smith
PK2: Gee-Laperriere-Rouse-Stuart
PK3: Langkow-Kelly
( If Plekanec is in the line-up I put him on the first wave )

1916 or earlier:Spittal
in 2011: Plekanec

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07-11-2011, 01:46 AM
Selfish Man
The Wrong Company
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Country: Ireland
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Pittsburgh Hornets
GM: Selfish Man
Coach: Al MacNeil
Captain: Mike Murphy
Alternate: Morris Lukowich
Alternate: Stewart Evans

Sergei Shepelev - Normie Himes - Wayne Babych
Morris Lukowich (A) - Tim Young - Shirley Davidson
Andre Pronovost - Art Jackson - Mike Murphy (C)
Dallas Drake - Mike Sillinger - Tom Fitzgerald
Spares: Sergei Brylin, John Cullen

Jim Morrison - Rick Smith
Bob Trapp - Hugh Bolton
Stewart Evans (A) - Colin White
Spares: Rocket Power, John Mariucci

Dwayne Roloson
Gilles Gilbert

Shepelev - Himes - Davidson
Trapp - Morrison
Lukowich - Jackson - Babych
Evans - Young

Fitzgerald - Murphy
Smith - White
Sillinger - Pronovost
Bolton - Evans

pre 1917: Shirley Davidson
1917-1942: Normie Himes
1943-1965: Jim Morrison
1966-1979: Sergei Shepelev
1980-1994: Dallas Drake
1995-2004: Dwayne Roloson
now active: Colin White

Hornets have qualified for post-season play.

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07-11-2011, 01:59 PM
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Warroad Lakers

GM: DaveG
Coach: Bill Dineen
Captain: Scott Mellanby
Alternates: Patrice Bergeron, Steve Konowalchuk

Hibbert "Hib" Milks - Herb Carnegie - Carson Cooper
Alexander Skvortsov - Andrew Cassels - Scott Mellanby
Magnus Arvedson - Patrice Bergeron - Paul Holmgren
Steve Konowalchuk - Wes Walz - Wayne Presley

Joe Cooper - Dave Lewis
Sergei Starikov - Igor Stelnov
Janne Niinimaa - Alex Levinsky

Arturs Irbe
Giles Meloche

D/F Frank "Coddy" Winters
C Carl Kendall
D Sean Hill
RW Justin Williams

PP 1:
Carson Cooper - Herb Carnegie - Scott Mellanby
Patrice Bergeron - Janne Niinimaa

PP 2:
Alexander Skvortsov - Andrew Cassels - Paul Holmgren
Joe Cooper - Sergei Starikov

PK 1:
Wes Walz - Wayne Presley
Joe Cooper - Dave Lewis

PK 2:
Magnus Arvedson - Patrice Bergeron
Sergei Starikov - Igor Stelnov

PK 3:
Steve Konowalchuk - Andrew Cassels
Joe Cooper - Alex Levisnsky

1916 or earlier - Coddy Winters, Carl Kendall
1917-1942 - Carson Cooper, Alex Levisnky, Hib Milks
1943-1965 - Herb Carnegie
1966-1979 - Dave Lewis, Gilles Meloche, Sergei Starikov, Paul Holmgren, Alexander Skvortsov, Bill Dineen
1980-1994 - Scott Mellanby, Arturs Irbe, Igor Stelnov, Sean Hill, Wayne Presley, Wes Walz, Steve Konowalchuk, Magnus Arvedson, Janne Niinimaa, Andrew Cassels
1995-2004 - Justin Williams, Patrice Bergeron
in 2011 - Patrice Bergeron, Justin Williams, Janne Niinimaa

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07-11-2011, 04:14 PM
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Send a message via AIM to BillyShoe1721

pre-1916: Bob McDougall, Phat Wilson(technically can't fulfill a requirement because he never played in a professional league)
1917-1942: Alex Smith, Red Green, Charlie Sands, Bill Juzda
1943-1965: Yevgeny Zimin, Alexander Uvarov, Hal Laycoe
1966-1979: Robbie Ftorek, Alexander Bodunov, Anders Kallur, Rick Dudley, Mark Johnson, Jim Dorey, Joe Daley, Red Berenson(coach)
1980-1994: Daren Puppa, Mike Krushelnyski, Michal Pivonka, Tony Tanti, Kim Johnsson
1995-2004: Stephane Yelle
in 2011: Nicklas Backstrom, Drew Doughty

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07-11-2011, 07:03 PM
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Thunder Bay Twins

Coach: Dave Tippett
Asst: Floyd Smith

Jack McDonald - Ivan Boldirev - Mikael Renberg
Steve Payne - Dave Gagner (A) - Mark Napier
Dan Maloney (C) - Patrik Sundstrom - Scott Young
Scott Hartnell - Brendan Morrison - Colin Patterson
Tim Hunter, Jim McFadden

Al Hamilton (A) - Ted Graham
Mark Streit - Marcus Ragnarsson
Dave Hutchison - Randy Manery
Pierre Bouchard

Pelle Lindbergh
Roman Cechmanek

PP1: Jack McDonald - Ivan Boldirev - Mark Napier - Mark Streit - Al Hamilton
PP2: Steve Payne - Dave Gagner - Mikael Renberg - Randy Manery - Scott Young
PK1: Patrik Sundstrom - Colin Patterson - Marcus Ragnarsson - Ted Graham
PK2: Brendan Morrison - Scott Young - Dave Hutchison - Randy Manery

1916 or earlier: McDonald
1917-1942: Graham
1943-1965: Hamilton, McFadden
1966-1979: Boldirev, Payne, Lindbergh, Manery, Hutchison, Maloney, Napier, Bouchard, Smith
1980-1994: Young, Gagner, Renberg, Sundstrom, Patterson, Hunter, Ragnarsson
1995-2004: Tippett, Morrison, Hartnell, Cechmanek
in 2011: Streit

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07-11-2011, 09:31 PM
Snubbed Again
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Belleville Bulls

Head Coach: Bobby Kromm
Assistant Coach: Brian Kilrea

Jimmy Gardner (C) - Skene Ronan - Bud Poile
Dutch Hiller - Billy Barlow - Dave Christian
Jörgen Pettersson - Vyacheslav Anisin - Mac Colville
Rob Zamuner - Stu Barnes - George Ferguson
Loui Eriksson - Erik Cole

Doug Crossman - Arthur Moore
Uwe Krupp - Bob Plager (A)
Jack Ruttan - Frank Eddolls (A)
Keith Carney

Kirk McLean
Ilya Bryzgalov

PP1: Jimmy Gardner-Billy Barlow-Skene Ronan-Doug Crossman-Arthur Moore
PP2: Jorgen Pettersson-Vyacheslav Anisin-Bud Poile-Uwe Krupp-Dutch Hiller
PK1: Dutch Hiller-Rob Zamuner-Bob Plager-Arthur Moore
PK2: Mac Colville-Stu Barnes-Frank Eddolls-Jack Ruttan

1916 or earlier – Jimmy Gardner, Skene Ronan, Billy Barlow, Arthur Moore, Jack Ruttan
1917-1942 – Bud Poile, Dutch Hiller, Mac Colville
1943-1965 – Bob Plager, Frank Eddolls
1966-1979 – Jorgen Pettersson, Vyacheslav Anisin, George Ferguson
1980-1994 – Dave Christian, Rob Zamuner, Stu Barnes, Doug Crossman, Uwe Krupp, Kirk McLean, Keith Carney
1995-2004 - Erik Cole, Ilya Bryzgalov
in 2011 - Loui Eriksson

** Credit to VanIslander, TDMM, Seventieslord and any other GM who helped contribute to the bio's for each player.

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08-16-2011, 07:08 PM
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No-Names from Nowhere

Coach: Terry Crisp

Olli Jokinen - Scott Gomez - Vincent Lukac
Geoff Sanderson - Jason Allison - Aleksander Kozhevnikov
Murph Chamberlain - Todd Marchant - Ken Schinkel
Baldy Cotton - Forbes Kennedy - Shorty Green

Bill Brydge - Tom Bladon
Mike McEwen - Eric Brewer
Bryan Berard - Bert Marshall

Kelly Hrudey
Brian Hayward

Spares: Oren Frood - LW/C, Fred Higginbotham - D, Dave Creighton - C/W, Bryan Watson - D/RW

Olli Jokinen - Jason Allison - Vincent Lukac
Mike McEwen - Bryan Berard

Aleksander Kozhevnikov - Scott Gomez - Geoff Sanderson
Bryan Berard - Tom Bladon

Todd Marchant - Baldy Cotton
Bert Marshall - Bill Brydge

Forbes Kennedy - Murph Chamberlain
Eric Brewer - Tom Bladon/Bert Marshall

Scott Gomez - Ken Schinkel

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